Thursday, 24 January 2019

Dean Winchester 40 at 40 - A Celebration in Pictures


I could write something about Dean Winchester. 
About how much he means to me. About what a spectacular character he is. 
A brother, a son, a friend, a hero, and everything in between. 
A complex man who continues to reveal facets of his rich and complicated personality. 
I could write about how he fills my heart and soul and how I've never loved a character as much as I love him. 
 How his voice feels like home and his very existence in the Universe makes it a better place.
How his rare happy moments make my heart soar and his every tragedy breaks it.
I could write about how he means the world to me, and how for me he's as real as the wonderful man who plays him.
I could write about all these things and so much more.
But I don't think I could ever do this man, or my feelings for him, justice.
So instead I offer up a pictorial celebration. 40 photos of Dean for his 40th.

Happy Birthday, Dean Winchester, you magnificent human.



  1. i love dean Winchester and all the photos. happy birthday dean. i dont think iv ever loved or cared about a character as much as dean winchester.

    1. I feel the same way. Jensen makes the character so real. I really do love him and care about him. I will watch this show until the very end. I do not watch much TV but I never miss my Supernatural. Thank You for the tribute to his 40th BD. Margie