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'sweetondean' (AKA Amy)
Owner, Editor-in-Chief, Principal Writer

sweetondean writes episode previews and reviews, news and spoiler articles, as well as various articles celebrating all aspects of Supernatural, its cast and crew. 

sweetondean, also known as Amy, is an Aussie writer and a TV professional, working as a senior promo producer and creative manager in Network TV. She's a dedicated Supernatural fan who is also one half of the Women of Letters podcast team, which she hosts with Jules Wilkinson from the Supernatural Wiki.

sweetondean started watching Supernatural in January 2006, which is when the show began airing in Australia, and was hooked from the very first moment. The journey of the Winchester brothers captured her heart, soul and mind and she has never looked back.

In 2009 sweetondean discovered the Supernatural fandom, attending her first Supernatural convention in 2010. Suffice to say, her world was forever changed. She now attends several conventions a year - in Australia and the U.S.

After habitually writing ridiculously long comments on other fan's Supernatural blog posts, sweetondean was encouraged to start a website to share her views on the show she loves. And so, fittingly, for the 100th episode of Supernatural, the sweetondean website was born. 

sweetondean is honoured to call herself a fangirl She is a regular convention goer, proud fan fiction writer and enthusiastic con photographer. 

Though she's particularly sweet on Dean (and that guy who plays him), sweetondean loves both Winchester brothers, and the entire Supernatural cast, and crew. In fact she loves everything about Supernatural...unconditionally actually. 

sweetondean lives in Sydney, Australia with a dog named Buffy.

sweetondean also runs a convention tips tumblr where she answers questions and tries to help fellow fans navigate the convention world. Check out spncontips.tumblr.

sweetondean was formerly an admin at Winchester Daily, and managing editor/senior writer for The Winchester Family Business.

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Contributing Writer

Anna writes a weekly Think Tank article where she not only looks at a specific episode, she also examines what ramifications may follow new story points and speculates where storylines are going.

"My name is Anna Napolitano and I was born in Brooklyn, NY.  I now live on Long Island, in Wading River.  I have two jobs.  I'm a nanny for two boys that I've been watching for the last five going on six years now.  I also work in customer service.   

I've been watching Supernatural since day one.  I saw the promos during Smallville and I already knew Jensen. I've always been into genre and these two most definitely caught my eye.  I'm a Samgirl thru and thru though I do go out of my way to defend Dean Winchester especially when he pisses me off. 

I've been to five cons now and although I was always a Samgirl, I truly fell in love with Jared when I met him in person for the first time.    I've been a part of the fandom since about season 2 I think and I'm so very proud to be a part of it.  I've made a few new friends who I enjoy talking to....being a part of the fandom is like being part of a special private club....

I am constantly amazed at how this show and these two boys have created such a dynamic family which I am so grateful to be apart of."

Anna can be found at @spnfangirl15.  

Leylin Vixen
Contributing Writer

Leylin examines each aspect of a new episode, from locations to set design to wardrobe, and researches new characters and mythology for any real life/historic references. 

"My name is Leylin Vixen (alias of course). and I live in southern Finland among many lakes and forests. I am working as a graphic designer at the moment which is my dream job. I am married and have two furry children (dogs). Most of my time goes to writing, drawing, playing games, watching tv shows and movies (too many) when I am not working. I have positive attitude and I try to spread that around as much as possible.   

I saw the pilot of Supernatural when it aired in my country by accident on tv. I had seen Jensen in Dark Angel and Smallville and liked him already because of those shows. Still, it aired in a really bad time and I forgot it for a long while until Netflix arrived. Needless to say. I finally watched all the seasons in a very short time and the impact the show has had in my life has blown my mind. I am a Supernatural girl by heart. Every character and piece of it matters to me.

I am amazed how much good the fandom has done and more and more I have been focusing on that aspect and will continue to do so. Supernatural fans are pretty talented in different fronts and that is a joy to watch."

Leylin can be found at @Ultio_Cruenta

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Guest Writers


Elizabeth is from the wind-swept high plains of northeastern Wyoming, USA. She is a reference librarian for the county public library and a part time writer, piano teacher and interior decorator.

Elizabeth accidentally discovered Supernatural in the fall of 2010 when she was flipping through channels. She binged watched 5 1/2 seasons in 3 weeks and has never really stopped binge watching since. She counts the Winchesters as family and no one can tell her otherwise.

Elizabeth's guilty pleasure is going to Supernatural conventions. She thinks she may have a problem but then decides she doesn't really care. They are like huge family reunions. She met her best friend through the fandom.

She is also a lifetime Denver Bronco fan (American football).

Other Places You'll Find Elizabeth:
Twitter - @cleverlylemon


"Born and raised on the northern rim of the Alps in Europe. 

Early yodelling experiences within my musical family are to blame for at least some of the craziness inside my mind I suppose.

Part time teacher, musician, writer, artist, singer, dentist's assistant.

Full time mum to four boys.

Fell down the Supernatural Rabbit Hole...never really came back, never wanted really to."

Other places you'll find Aggie


"My name is Melissa. I was born in 1991, and my chief ambition is to become a professional writer. 

Genres I prefer tend to gravitate towards contemporary fantasy, with a frequency towards horror and suspense. 

Greatest fault would be that I'm a TV junkie, wasting untold hours of my life marathoning the craziest of shows. Personal favourites would be Buffy, Death Note, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Cowboy Bebop, Sherlock . . . pretty much anything that captures my imagination and has a strong emotional overtone (no, I have not yet seen X-Files, and I am ashamed, but it's on my to-watch list). 

But by far the show I have come to adore most over the years is Supernatural; unique in how it purports that family is more important than the usual trivial things other shows tend to focus on, such as romance, being popular, becoming rich, etc. 

I worked as a supervisor and was just recently promoted to a manager at a retail store, but grew so tired of it that I quit and am now waiting for the fall to go to school to become a teacher. 

In the meantime I'm hoping to get back into being a film or television critic professionally, as I used to do back in high school. 

In conclusion, the things that make me happiest in this world are the simplest: reading, writing, hiking, taking care of animals, eating Chinese takeout, and of course, watching Supernatural."


Lindsey is your atypical Midwestern gal from Indiana who dreams big and loves the small town life. With a career in wealth management, she spends her days bridging that gap between financial advisers and clients while watching the stock market. Her evenings, however, are spent indulging her obsessions. One such obsessions is being a Supernatural fan.

Much like her personality, Lindsey’s journey into the Supernatural fandom was not typical. After years of her sister telling her about the show (and admittedly, thinking it sounded crazy), she finally took the plunge and watched the pilot episode. The show was indeed crazy, but it was also wonderful. And there was no going back after that. She fell in love with the Winchester boys, an angel of the Lord, and the king of Hell.

When she’s not perusing the corners of the internet, Lindsey stays busy in everyday life. Music is a big part of that, and she is an avid reader as well. Her summers are spent at the baseball field; she is also a soccer fanatic who bleeds red for Liverpool FC. Lindsey is addicted to coffee and is a self-professed accessory junkie who says that you can never have too many sunglasses, handbags, or pieces of jewelry. 

She can be found on Twitter at @offbeat_lindsey


"I'm middle aged and Supernatural caught me very off guard. I never expected a TV show to capture me in it's grips like this show did.  My sons are grown and have flown the coop.  I guess it filled a void, that I didn't realise I had!

The Winchester boys kind of broke my heart and my mother bear came out. Plus my inner geek. I have loved Star Trek since I watched the original series. So the fact that William Shatner is now tweeting about Supernatural just brings my life full circle and it's crazy fun. I can remember watching those original Star Trek episodes and finding the deeper meanings when no one else gave it a thought at my young age. That similarity to Supernatural struck me from the first episode I watched.

Life happened and I became responsible and lead a pretty serious life, working in medicine and social work. So now having the opportunity to totally let my fangirl emerge has been a journey." 

spnmom can be found on Twitter at @spnmom3

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