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Bromantic Moments - Top Ten Things The Brothers Have Done For Each Other (Excludes Dying and Rescues) Part 2: Sam

by Melissa

Here is part 2 of Guest Writer, Melissa's Top Ten Brotherly things! It's time for Sammy to shine!
Enjoy! And don't forget to let her know your picks in the comments!

In part one, we looked at Dean's brotherly acts, now let’s take a look at Sam, whose random acts of brotherly kindness are easily equal to Dean’s own version of compassion. Unlike Dean and the previous list, Sam does not display many examples of shielding or protecting his brother. His acts of kindness focus more on relieving his big brother of stress and making him feel as comfortable as possible, such as all those times he offers to be there and listen to Dean’s qualms, whether they’re about his guilt over their father’s death, or his experience in hell. Here we go.

Number 1: Sam offering to board the plane without Dean - PHANTOM TRAVELLER

It might not stand out as much, but I consider this to be a pretty notable act in and of itself. Phobic of flying, this disputably embarrassing fear is finally shared with a surprised Sam by an anxious Dean, reluctant to board the airplane that’s currently carrying a demon in the midst of all the unsuspecting passengers. Informed of Dean’s lifelong phobia, it is at this moment that Sam recommends that he board the plane without Dean, leaving Sam to take care of the case on his own. Rather than deride his brother for his trepidation, or respond with exasperation for failing to capably back him up as a levelheaded partner like usual, Sam merely acknowledges Dean’s reservations and opts to work the case solo. People really shouldn’t make fun of other’s phobias (something Dean is admittedly guilty of when it concerns Sam’s understandable issue with clowns!). And it is Sam’s respectful response to Dean’s confession that always made me applaud him in this very brief but informative scene.

Number 2: Sam letting Dean sleep around - THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

Audacious for the third season of our show to actually begin with Dean giddily fornicating with twins, his poor little brother left waiting outside in the Impala with nothing to do but research the potential breakability of Dean's Hellbound crossroad deal. After the trauma of walking in on his brother in the middle of the act (which I never understood. What exactly did Sam expect to find walking into that motel moments after seeing Dean through the window bed these two women!), they ride together in the car in pursuit of another case. During the ride Dean offhandedly thanks Sam for allowing him to indulge his more licentious side, to which his brother responds, practically mumbling, “You deserve to have some fun.” Anyone can tell you that the underlying incentive behind this remark is Sam’s despondent realisation that Dean might have just a year left to live. What kind of brother would he be if he were to deprive Dean of joy during his final year? Similar to someone granting the final wishes of a friend or family member dying of cancer. It's incontestable that Dean does indeed deserve some fun, which makes him lucky he has someone like Sam to make sure he does. Now if only Dean would put up a "Do not disturb” sign on the door...

Number 3: Sam throwing Dean Christmas - A VERY SUPERNATURAL CHRISTMAS

I bet everyone saw this one coming! How can you not? It’s a no-brainer! With his immanent demise ever approaching=, Dean in the final months of his life voices his urge to celebrate the merriest holiday with Sam, seeing as this will be his last Christmas. Mindful of the stark reality that by next year, his brother will be roasting in hell, unsurprisingly Sam isn’t exactly in the mood to string up Christmas lights and chug eggnog. Despite his glumness, however, Sam pushes aside his despair and throws Dean the most impromptu Christmas party ever, where the two exchange gifts and watch the game together. Though Sam’s spirits weren’t in it, he buried his misery and pretended like they didn’t have hellhounds biting at Dean’s heels, giving his brother one last memory of Christmas he’d never forget. Has anyone wondered why there’s never been another Christmas episode since this one? They’ll probably never be able to top it, but I’d still like to see them do another one, wouldn’t you? Just imagine the brothers building a snowman and buying each other something a little more extravagant than oil for the Impala and porn!

Number 4: Sam attending to Dean through his ghost sickness - YELLOW FEVER

Nothing too profuse, but another Sammy act I’ve come to appreciate. Reminiscent of when Dean expressed his terror of boarding an aeroplane, for the most part Sam appears very considerate and understanding towards his brother’s inclination to freak out, as ghost sickness causes Dean to cower at every turn. Sam requests that their motel room be switched to one on the first floor to assuage Dean of his fear of heights. He doesn’t pressure Dean to use a gun when he timidly volunteers to hold the flashlight instead! He deters Dean from scratching at his irritated arm, etc. Derision is once again supplanted with considerable patience and lots of compromising, even authorising Dean to stay indoors while Bobby comes in to serve as Sam’s backup. The only time Sam does allow himself to poke fun at Dean’s unusual cowardice, is at the very end alongside Bobby, long after the ghost sickness has been cured and is no longer a threat to his brother’s life. There’s a time and place for everything, and Sam’s mockery of Dean is very well timed!

Number 5: Sam refusing their alternative lives: THE FRENCH MISTAKE

This parallel Universe features the brothers as none other than the unbelievably wealthy actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, starring in a television show about Sam and Dean's lives! Wackiness ensues. When Dean contemplates the desirable option of remaining in this safer Universe where affluence and simplicity is theirs, along with the bonus of having fake Ruby as Sam’s wife, his little brother doesn’t appear to consider it for an instant. Because in this Universe, they’re not even brothers (man). It's a deal-breaker for Sam. He would always choose an intangible bloodline over a life of luxury and safety. And that’s enough for Dean to agree with Sam’s counterpoint and decide to return home to their life of poverty and danger where everything wants to kill them...

Number 6: Sam stealing the giant slinky for Dean- PLUCKY PENNYWHISTLE'S MAGICAL MENAGERIE

On a case to solve the mystery of children’s worst nightmares taking form and killing their parents, together the brothers have to investigate a gaudy family entertainment playground/restaurant overrun by Sam's worst nightmare! Clowns! Personally I’m with Sam here, this place looked terrifying! Interrogations of the employees are being held by Sam, while Dean is off scouting out clues, and trying to earn enough tickets for a toy slinky! Wow, Dean really is adorable, isn’t he? The case is solved with both the brothers reuniting in hilarity, as Dean laughs uproariously at Sam’s glittery aftermath with the homicidal clowns (gosh, this was a weird episode. I didn’t even mention the horn-stabbing, rainbow-farting unicorn yet!) Much to Dean’s surprise and utter glee, it’s revealed that Sam actually stole the slinky his brother had yet to win! It makes me wonder how exactly Sam knew Dean was eyeing the slinky in the first place, unless offscreen they ever spoke of this particular prize. But I like to imagine that these brothers know each other so well, that Sam instinctively knew the giant slinky would delight his big brother, and went the extra mile of stealing it for him and delivering it as a present! The brotherly moment is hilariously concludes with Dean also giving Sam a present... none other than a hideous clown doll, which Sam appropriately leaves behind!

Number 7: Sam buying Dean a burger and fries after returning from Purgatory - WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN

Yet another one that might not sound all that noteworthy in terms of benevolence, but the subtlety speaks volumes to me. Fresh out of the warlike zone of Purgatory, Sam offers to share a can of beans with his brother. The meal is turned down, as Dean is still recovering from the rush and trauma of that purgatorial battlefield. Next day Sam doesn’t bother asking this time, instead simply buying a burger and fries and sliding the tray over to a presumably famished Dean. The excitement Dean exudes is the equivalent of a child receiving an ice-cream cone from their parent, where he hardly even hears Sam’s discussion about the case while lovingly biting into the "treasure" burger, something he hadn't tasted for over a year. Afterwards Sam dismisses Dean’s gratitude as it just being a burger and nothing special, downplaying the offering, but I believe somewhere inside, the little brother sensed just how dearly the Purgatory survivor needed this. Serving him the burger and fries is comparable to Dean preparing a sickly Sam soup.

Number 8: Sam extracting the First Blade in Dean’s stead: KING OF THE DAMNED

Haunted by that memory of Dean’s initial reaction to using the First Blade, where he appeared to be in some kind of trance, on the night of the retrieval of this legendary weapon Sam volunteers to obtain it for his big brother. So what’s the big deal with offering to pick up some blade for Dean? It happens to be buried in a particularly ripe corpse of a man they just dug up, courtesy of the morbid Crowley! Forget Sam rescuing Dean from all the innumerable demons and vampires and crazed hunters. No, THIS should go down as one of Sam’s noblest feats! I mean, seriously, he willingly digs his hand and rummages inside the torso of a malodorous corpse, just so that Dean doesn’t have to touch a blade. If touching the blade turned my brother into a stick, I STILL wouldn’t have put my hand anywhere near that corpse!  

Number 9: Sam appearing to have cleaned the dead Dean’s face  - DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES

Stabbed by Metatron, it is mere minutes later that Dean succumbs to his wound and dies in the arms of his heartbroken brother. Unseen was the subsequent process of Sam driving the corpse of Dean home and carrying him into the bunker. Based on the relative lack of blood on Dean’s face once he’s laid out on the bed, we’re left to fill in the blanks as Sam must have gone through the unpleasant chore of washing his brother’s facial bruises and lacerations. For Sam to have carried home Dean and washed him of the blood previously coating his face, it must have been an unbearable process for the mourning brother, which really makes the love behind of it all truly shine through. It wasn’t enough to just transport his brother back home, but to also make him presentable... a courtesy I sadly doubt the newly demonised Dean noticed, let alone appreciated all that much upon awakening.

Number 10: Sam watching Three Stooges over a grilled cheese sandwich - THE THINGS WE LEFT BEHIND

New as this scene is, I already consider it a classic. Worried about his brother’s mental state while under the influence of the Mark of Cain, out of the kitchen comes Sam, serving Dean a grilled cheese sandwich. Amused by Dean apparently falling into hysterics over watching The Three Stooges, Sam soon accepts Dean's invitation to sit down, laughing together at the slapstick. As someone who routinely bugs my brother to watch my favourite shows alongside me, this resonates as a significant act on Sam’s part! Trivial as it may seem, sometimes just sitting down and watching TV with someone, sharing some laughs, can greatly appease a troubled person. Escapism is an attribute of television, allowing someone like Dean to momentarily ignore his problems and focus on the mindless shenanigans of three comic performers. What reinforces such escapism is being able to enjoy those shenanigans with a loved one. Thank goodness Sammy makes himself available to share this broment with Dean (even though I personally would’ve preferred to watch Buster Keaton classics.)

There you have it. Do you agree with this list? Are there other acts of kindness, excluding rescues, the brothers have carried out that you feel deserve to be mentioned?

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Spoilers Sweeties! Official Synopsis for Supernatural 10x15 "The Things They Carried"

As we suffer through a stinking mini-hiatus, at least we get something to mull over and tease us for the next episode!

Here's the synopsis...remember, it's going to be on a Wednesday (or Thursday if you're me!)

Supernatural - Episode 10.15 - The Things They Carried

COLE PAYS A VISIT TO THE WINCHESTERS — Despite Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) directive to forget about looking for a cure for the Mark of Cain, Sam (Jared Padalecki) continues to do research. Dean suspects Sam is hiding something but decides to focus on a new murder case where they run into Cole (guest star Travis Aaron Wade). The three team up and learn a Khan worm is infecting men and turning them into murderers. Unfortunately, the worm makes it’s way into Cole. John Badham directed this episode written by Jenny Klein (#1015). Original airdate 3/18/2015.

"The Things They Carry" sounds like the companion to "The Things We Left Behind". Everyone in this show carries a buttload of stuff!

KHAN WORM???? Is this left over from Eve's visit? That was the nasty thing in season six's "...And Then There Were None" that got into Dean, Bobby and Grandpa Campbell. And please don't tell me they kill Cole! I like Cole! Which probably means he's curtains! And go Sammy! Though like Charlie said, dudes, dudes, secrets are bad. AND IF THEY HAVEN'T FIGURED THAT ONE OUT BY NOW! Guh! But we all knew Sammy was going to do whatever he needs to do to try and find a way to help Dean, even if Dean is intent on just getting on with life as best and for as long as he can. I like that it sounds like Dean doesn't confront Sam about his possible late night researchy activities...let's hope this new found way of approaching each other without defensive anger and judgement, holds! Bahahahaha! Ooops, did I just laugh out loud? No really, I hope it does hold because I like the brothers talking, and respecting each other, and supporting each other and all that bromenty stuff...I don't want them all yelly and not trusty again...though I've been watching this show for 10 years, so you know...I ain't that stooooopid! week down, three weeks to wait! BUT I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

What are your thoughts? Let's kill some time. Throw some theories my way!

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Bromantic Moments - Top Ten Things The Brothers Have Done For Each Other (Excludes Dying and Rescues) Part 1: Dean

by Melissa

Here is the first part in a two part series from Guest Writer Melissa. She put together what are her Top Ten favourite things that Sam and Dean have done for each other over the years. She decided to exclude the big dying/rescuing type things and concentrate more on the moments that gives us fans the feels. Here's her first list, she went with Dean first (most likely for my benefit) but never fear, she has an equally bromantic list for Sam. Because they are both totally awesome and love each other like crazy! 

What would you add to the list? Let Melissa know your thoughts in the comments!

Often when people want to cite examples of how altruistically brotherly one is towards the other, they bring up the big heroic events. There’s Dean going to hell for Sam or Sam indulging his satanic hallucinations to rescue Dean in Repo Man, etc. etc. etc.! There’re a lot of incidents of the brothers saving or sacrificing themselves for one another. But what I want to highlight are the intermittent occasions when a Winchester is simply kind or caring or, plainly put, brotherly to the other. Because in real life, siblings show their love not through rescuing the other all the time (I hope!), but by simply being a pal, giving them a friendly call on the phone, treating them out to the Cheesecake Factory (my favourite!). So first I shall list in chronological order ten random instances where Dean is kind and brotherly to Sam, and will follow up with a subsequent piece highlighting Sam’s random acts of kindness towards Dean!

Ready? Let’s start!

Number 1: Dean letting Sam drive Baby - WENDIGO

One of Dean's characteristics the show conveyed pretty much immediately was his total love for the Impala, handed down to him by the boy's father. By the second episode it's ingrained in the viewer’s mind that the Impala is Dean’s most precious possession, his Baby, for it acts not only as vehicular transportation, but also as a home symbolising. Needless to say then, that when Dean listened to his little brother’s request to drive the car, I was surprised he tossed him the keys! Though this may come off as a trifling act on the surface, in reality this scene illustrates Dean’s ability to trust Sam with what matters most to him (in terms of material possessions anyway), and to begin looking at his little brother as an adult. God knows my big brother would never let me drive his car! So I think Dean is a prince for giving Sam this privilege!

Number 2: Dean hooking Sam up with Sarah - PROVENANCE

The majority of season one was spent depicting Sam’s grief and guilt over having lost his girlfriend, Jessica, (in flames on the ceiling, just as happened to the boy's mother, Mary). Much of his despair was indeed buried, but the evidence was always there bubbling along under the surface of Sam’s heroic facade. Celibacy was one of the practises he seemed to adopt during that year, detaching himself from Dean whenever he suggested they flirt with their waitress or converse with women at the bars. Flirtation and the possible hookup is sheer innocent fun for Dean, but Sam refused to allow himself to go there, when still very much haunted by Jess’ death. Then comes along Sarah. Chemistry is evident between her and the rather bashful Sam, so Dean takes it upon himself to nudge his little brother in her direction. He recommends that he take her out to dinner, ostensibly to gather information on the case, pretends to lose his wallet so that he can set Sam up with her, even giving him money for a fun night out! All this matchmaking business seems pointless and ridiculous to Sam, but Dean insists that spending time with a beautiful and charming girl would do him some therapeutic good. Dean’s not wrong, though he is careful not to cross a line by disrespecting the memory of Jess. He tells Sam, that he doesn’t know what it feels like to lose someone like that, but also doesn’t consider it a crime to move on and meet other people in the future, not necessarily to get married, but just for some social 'recreation'. The reason I consider this so considerate of Dean is because he’s making an effort to help Sam heal from his loss and overcome his guilt at moving on and his fear that everyone he comes close to will inevitably die. We’ll just ignore the small detail that, yeah, Sarah did eventually die from her connection with Sam, but hey, at least Dean’s heart was in the right place! Right? 

Number 3: Dean offering to shoot Madison so Sam wouldn't have to - HEART

Grab those tissues, because we’re about to talk about that infamous ending we all love to sob over! Our lovely Madison is a werewolf, whose monthly changes cannot be controlled. Afraid that she might unconsciously kill again, she entrusts Sam, her new found lover, to put her down. (On second thought, maybe Sam’s paranoia that all the women he hooks up with die horribly isn’t entirely unfounded!) Moments before the deed, Sam retreats to the hallway in tears, followed by his supportive big brother. Instead of lecturing Sam that it’s their job to kill the monster, or that he needs to suck it up, Dean very gently proposes to the heartbroken Sam, that he’s got this one. Nowhere inside does Dean truly want to kill some poor innocent woman that they’d been trying to protect all episode long, yet he offers to take on this burden to spare Sam the unimaginable horror of the responsibility. Naturally Sam turns down the offer and does the job himself, knowing that Madison would be more comfortable with him pulling the trigger and ending her life, but that doesn’t negate the nobility of Dean’s earlier proposal. Sometimes big brothers are there to do the dirty work in your place. There, have you run out of tissues yet?

Number 4: Dean playing Bon Jovi - NO REST FOR THE WICKED

Now I know what you’re saying: Didn’t he play that song for himself for his last night on earth? Well, not really. In the seconds leading up to that song, Sam broke the silence to try to deliver Dean a heartfelt conversation in the event that they fail to rescue him tonight. Immediately Dean stops him, claiming he doesn’t want his last night to be "socially awkward". However, I see it as his way of diffusing the tension and actually reassuring Sam. Instead of freaking out about his imminent demise, Dean is there to calm Sam through levity and music. He plays the song and encourages him to sing along, covering the fact that Dean is just as terrified as Sam is. Part of being a big brother though, is masking your own trepidation in order to soothe the other. Why fret when we can sing off-key and laugh at ourselves! That song wasn’t played for Dean’s sake, but for Sam’s.

Number 5: Dean trying to detox Sam - WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS

It was tough love and definitely one of the harshest acts of kindness Dean has ever displayed, but kind nonetheless. Another part of being a big brother is making your loved ones undergo difficult or even painful challenges, if in the end they are bettered as a result. When Sam was discovered to have been honing his powers through imbibing demon blood, this sent the horrified Dean on a mission to lock him up and cleanse him of all such poisons. Addiction is a nasty thing, as demonstrated when Sam began to exhibit signs of withdrawal that had him hallucinating, screaming in agony, and being hurled across the panic room from his residual traces of demon power. Despite Bobby’s pleas that they discontinue the lockdown before they inadvertently kill Sam, Dean heartbrokenly insisted that they persist with the treatment, believing it was the only way to save Sam, regardless of the outcome. However difficult these scenes were to watch, I always admired Dean’s unwavering resolve to cure Sam of his addiction and return and separate him from the demon influence. Lots of times when people suffer through addiction/withdrawals, their friends distance themselves so as not to have to witness the ugliness of it all. Your family or closest loved are often there to act as your caretakers and motivators. As pissed as Dean was at Sam for his secrecy, he never abandoned his little brother and intended to watch over him until he was completely cleansed. Of course, in typical Winchester way, it didn't go according to plan, with Sam breaking loose and accidentally releasing Lucifer and all... but that’s television for you . . . AWESOME television! 

Number 6: Dean welcoming Sam back to the hunt - THE END

Can’t blame a guy for hurting over, losing his trust in and wanting to take separate paths from a brother who lied about drinking demon blood for over a year, beat your ass and strangled you and took off with the demon chick you distrusted from the beginning... Last week I was angry at my brother for just coming into my room without knocking first! Attempts to work through it were faulty, so early on Dean agreed to Sam’s suggestion that they split off for a while, at least until they could mend their trust issues or Sam felt more in control, less of a danger to them both. Unbeknownst to Dean, the angel, Zachariah, had plans to transport him to a possible future where Lucifer took possession of the consensual Sam, and the Croatoan virus devastated the world. The intended lesson was for Dean to consider saying yes to the archangel Michael, but he experienced a much different epiphany! Thus was born the immortal line, “We keep each other human.” What Dean took away from that trip to the future, was that he and his brother were stronger together, they needed each other and Dean needed reach out to Sam, giving him a chance for redemption. In families, it’s big for us to apologise, but sometimes it takes the even bigger person to accept the apology.

Number 7: Dean buying Sam a wedding present - SEASON 7 TIME FOR A WEDDING

Okay, this one might be debatable, but I always found this to be cute! In Vegas Sam marries super fangirl, Becky, much to Dean’s disbelief (and our envy!). Knowing Sam better than anyone else, obviously Dean’s suspicious of his behaviour and abrupt attraction towards Becky, so he conjectures it must be the result of a spell or deal. When he has enough leads, he knocks on Sam’s door to try to bring him onto the case with him. First though, he agrees (or lies) that he’s going to be more supportive, demonstrated by his delivery of a wedding present! A waffle iron! Now... some may argue that Dean bought that present and gave it to Sam purely to weasel his way into their home, but I see an underlying sense of brotherly affection here. Clearly he wants Sam back on the case with him, but I do believe a small part of him can't help but consider that this quicky marriage could be legitimate, and if so, then of course he’d be obligated to buy them a present!  Waffle irons are useful, I suppose, plus I thought it was just sweet that Dean would supply his now married brother with such a domestic gift, as opposed to something more suitable for a hunter! Wouldn’t put it past Dean that he was also hoping that Sam or Becky would eventually use that iron to make him waffles for breakfast whenever he came to visit! Gift that keeps on giving!

Number 8: Dean making soup for a sickly Sam - THE GREAT ESCAPIST

There’re multiple instances of the brothers cooking or buying sustenance for each other, but this particular occasion stands out to me. The trials to slam shut the doors to Hell weaken and debilitate Sam to the point of sickliness. Luckily for him, he has his big brother to take care of him! Out of the kitchen Dean strides with the freshly brewed soup he’s prepared for Sam, even more adorably based on their father’s recipe. The way Dean brought him the soup, how he jested about using the airplane spoon manoeuvre to feed Sam, scolding Sam when he turned down the meal... I found it especially endearing.

Number 9: Dean hiding his childhood sacrifice from Sam - BAD BOYS

Big shocker here, but Dean was a stupendous brother to Sam even back when they were adolescents. Need I bring up that scene of the cereal when they were mere tykes? The "Bad Boys" episode revealed to us that when Dean had a shot at a normal life taking girls out to dances and  . . . I guess, mowing the lawn or something . . . he gave it up the instant he remembered his commitment to little Sammy. Noble enough, I suppose, but what really moved me was the epilogue of that episode, when Sam figured out what Dean had sacrificed for him, and thanked him for it. Sam's appreciation was dismissed when Dean feigned ignorance and pretended like he didn’t have any idea what Sam was referring to. It’s one thing to dedicate your life to one person’s wellbeing, but it’s quite another to reject any possible gratitude for it. But Dean doesn’t do it for thanks. He doesn’t seek Sam’s admiration or words of commendation. He’s content with Sam being oblivious to his sacrifices, and that’s a true hero.

Number 10: Dean hanging up the Samulet replica in the car - FAN FICTION

Doubtless this is the most sentimental of all Dean’s brotherly actions. After watching a condensed version of their lives being interpreted musically onstage by a bunch of talented high school girls (again, AWESOME television), our jaded Dean is given a replica of the dearly missed Samulet. According to Dean, that necklace was nice and all, but was unnecessary. Some necklace didn’t need to remind Dean of how much he loved Sam. That all seemed to splinter, however, when Dean actually hung up the replica on the rearview mirror of his car. Without exchanging any words, both brothers exchange a slight smile at each other and ride on, their every destination through the windshield now crowned with the accessory. It might not be an outright act of kindness towards Sam, but I think, that act nevertheless is one of the most loving Dean has ever done. It reminds me of when I used to draw my mother pictures, and she would hang them up on the refrigerator in pride and gratitude. It might not seem like much, but seeing my artwork up on the fridge meant the world to me. That replica represented the necklace Sam once gave to Dean for Christmas, and represented something between the brothers not forgotten. And though, no longer around Dean's neck, its image is with the brothers in the front of their car.

Next I’ll be doing a corresponding article on ten different acts of brotherly kindness Sam has done towards Dean. Hope you enjoy!

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Review - Supernatural 10x14 "The Executioner's Song"

-by sweetondean

“The Executioners Song” was my favourite episode of the season. Yeah I know I’ve said that before this season, but season 10 is so good, that every second episode is my favourite episode! But now it’s this one…for the moment!

I LOVED it! Every single, gasping for breath, clenching my teeth, holding my heart, desperately sad, wonderfully bromantic moment of it. Every single tear that fell down my face was packed with pain and passion and lurrrrrrve. So much love. So much pain. Damn this show. I love it with all my heart.

Spoiler Alert: Squeeful gushing ahead.

From the opening scenes in the jail, “The Executioner’s Song” was a visual and emotional feast. Cain walking down the hall, lights flickering out as he wanders by, almost meandering was a stunning set up. Cain himself is a damn visual feast! Timothy Omundson’s hair, beard, bluest of blue eyes, all add to the powerful image of a powerful man. But Tim also instils in Cain a sadness, an inevitability, that's manifested in what he’s now doing and what he’s once again become. We know Cain once stopped killing. We know he fell in love, so to see him fall off the wagon so completely is tragic, even if his reasoning for the massacre, the genocide he’s hell bent on committing, is twofold; feeding the Mark and freeing the world from, what he believes to be, his poisoned bloodline. You can’t look at Cain and think of him as evil, Tim Omundson makes you think of him as a man. No matter what you know is coming down the line, you can’t help but care. I didn’t want Cain to die. Knowing how long he resisted the lure of blood and the lure of the Blade, I didn’t want to see him fall so catastrophically. That’s a cool character, beautifully crafted both the writer and performer. Cain is most definitely one of my favourite characters Supernatural has ever created. It's hard to believe he was only in two episodes.

Crowley and Rowenna finally became truly interesting! I still have no clue what Rowenna’s end game is. I certainly don’t think it’s purely to have her son help her take out that other witch. But in this episode her role was absolutely pivotal. She being the person to finally open Crowley’s eyes.

Crowley’s relationship with the Winchesters has become far more friendly than adversarial of late! Even before the human blood, he was softening on the brothers. He once said that everyone underestimated those denim-clad nightmares, but that’s something he began to do himself. He had began to relax his guard around them.

For Sam and Dean, I think it’s always been better the devil you know. If Crowley can serve a purpose, the brothers will use him for that purpose. But for Crowley, I believe he began to have feelings for Moose and Not Moose that have put him in a mighty perilous position. Sure, for a brief moment in time, Dean and him were besties, but he seemed to be under the illusion that his relationship with the brothers was far more functional than I think Sam and Dean have ever thought it was! But I don’t think Crowley is under that impression anymore.

Firstly he was slighted by Dean, not once, but twice. Dean dismissed Crowley instantly when Crowley arrived on the scene, stating straight away, “There is no us”. Dean drew a line with himself, Sam and Cas on one side and the King of Hell on the other. Then of course, he didn’t give the Blade back to Crowley as promised, and he also straight up told Crowley that he lied to get him there. Dean needed the Blade, Crowley had it, Dean said what he needed to say to get Crowley onboard. There was no remorse in Dean’s words; just disdain and you could tell that smarted Crowley. Mark Sheppard did a wonderful job of showing that flash of hurt on Crowley’s face.

Then his mother lays into him for being a numbnuts, because he foolishly allowed himself to believe that Sam and Dean were friends. In some way, Crowley had indeed appeared to have become the Winchesters’ bitch! I don’t think that will be the case any longer. It will be interesting to see what happens next, now that Dean has truly turned his back on his once ‘friend’, and so openly pushed him away. I think Crowley will become the enemy again, and I’m glad, because that’s what he should be.

As for Rowenna, I was so happy to hear that her son had not fallen for any of her shite. He saw through her manipulations from the get go, but regardless, she’s his mother and something in Crowley wants that connection, pines for that connection. I think Crowley is a lonely guy ruling a kingdom that no longer holds any real charm for him. Having a mother, no matter how transparently conniving she is, he can’t help but crave her love and approval. I think Crowley will listen to Rowenna. I think they will become a formidable duo. Until she shows her true hand. 

I like my Cas caring and bad assed and we got the best of both Cas’ this week. Cas’ opening shot, standing in amongst all those graves was fabulous. It had such scale. It was incredibly beautiful and set an epic scene for Cas’ initial confrontation with Cain, which was itself, wonderfully understated. I always love when two supernatural entities come together. There’s an instant understanding there which seems so damn interesting. You saw this link between Cain and Castiel. Cain and an angel. Two ancient, otherworldly beings. I loved it. Just think of it too, there Cas was standing in front of the first born human, a product of Adam and Eve, his Father’s first human children; that must have been mind blowing! Cas as is his way, tried to reach out to and reason with Cain. But he was also badassed when he tried to stop Cain, (only ending up in foofing Cain’s hair) all bright blue eyes and angelic burst of light! I love me some badassed Cas. He’s my favourite.

Dean giving the First Blade to Castiel to care for was of course, no small act. Dean asked his friend some time ago, to finish him if he ever went full blown Mark of Cain/demon again. Here Dean handed his friend the one thing that he knows for sure, if required, will kill him. He trusts Cas to do this for him and I do think Cas would do it, if he had to (I sure as shit hope we don’t go there though!) And in entrusting the Blade and that act to Cas, Dean saves Sam from having to make that choice and also keeps him out of harms way. Dean keeps Sam away from the First Blade. I’m sure that was on Dean’s mind as much as anything else.

Oh Dean Winchester, how I heart you. Strong and heroic and sad and scared and brave all at once. And Sam, standing by his side, galvanising his brother with love and faith. This right here is Sam and Dean. 

There was so much love between the brothers in this episode, so much being said without anything being said at all. They knew the odds were bad, but Dean had to do what he had to do. Sam reasoned with him, but never tried to stop him. And the looks that passed between them as they both acknowledged this fate were packed with words and emotions that did not need to be uttered.

I think Sam’s unwavering support and belief in Dean has gone a long way to helping Dean come to terms with having to try and live with the Mark of Cain…even if that means he’ll die trying. He had found some peace in this, with finding the answer within himself, with fighting it as long as he could, with going down swinging. But when faced with the possibility that the going down swinging part could come to pass a lot sooner than he expected, Dean did something that a couple of seasons ago would have seemed unimaginable, he admitted to Sam he was scared. 

We’ve seen Dean admit fear to Sam before, but not for a very long time. But here there was no bravado, there was no covering up his feelings, there were no lies. Dean was doing what he knew he had to do, because he’s the only one who could do it, and though he had to face Cain alone, he was never for one single moment truly alone, because he had the people who loved him enough to pull him back from the brink, by his side. And he had Sam 100% behind him. For the first time in a long time, there would be no doubt of that in Dean’s mind, and it’s given Dean strength. You can see it in him. As frightened and as fatalistic as he was, you could see knowing that Sam believed in him, fortified him.

The silent moments between Sam and Dean as Dean made his way to face Cain, were devastating. So much passed between them in those moments. Those moments that they both knew could have been their last. The small smile Dean gave Sam as walked up the stairs nearly killed me! 

To be honest, no one else existed for me in those moments. It was just Sam and Dean. Just Sam and Dean and their epic love. I adore them with everything I have. These are the brothers I fell in love with. Season 10 Sam and Dean are everything I want them to be, everything I knew we were working towards as they each faced their own demons on the bumpy journey we’ve all taken over the last couple of seasons. The reward for us, and the reward for them is immeasurable. OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE I JUST MADE MYSELF CRY.

The fight between Cain and Dean was mesmerising, like a ballet. The power of the performances of Jensen and Tim Omundson left me breathless. I swear I didn’t breathe for like 10 minutes! Watching Dean try so desperately to not give into the Mark while fighting Cain, and then knowing that this had become a ploy by Cain, to have Dean deliver his Blade back to him…GUH! The whole thing was torture.

And then we come full circle, as we hear that it’s Dean’s destiny to kill his brother. Dean has lived under the spectre of having to kill his brother since John whispered in his ear at the beginning of season 2. Is this where we’ve been going all along? Remember Michael once said to Dean that it was in his blood, going back to Cain and Abel. I love it when Show does stuff like this! Now, once again, a horrific shadow hangs over Dean. First Crowley, then Cas, then Sam and when that happens, Dean’s humanity will be forever gone.

Except… For Dean the Mark of Cain came about in an entirely different way to how Cain received his Mark. For Cain, it was a punishment. And though in Supernatural’s twist on the Cain and Abel lore, Cain was in fact protecting his brother from Lucifer, he still killed him. He didn’t trust that Abel could overcome Lucifer. He didn’t trust that his brother was strong enough to resist. So he killed him, to protect him, committing the first murder and receiving the Mark of Cain in the process.

Dean did not receive the Mark through committing any crime. He received the Mark to put a stop to an evil force. And yeah, sure, he was careless in his acceptance of it due to his emotional state at the time, but his purposeful intent was to do the right thing, to kill something, someone who was a threat to humanity. The Mark was passed onto him without him having to kill for it. To me, it’s a totally different ball of wax! And I was totally yelling that at Cain! I also wanted to tell Cain that Dean had put his faith in Sam when Sam was facing Lucifer. He stood by his brother, he didn’t leave his side. He didn’t try to stop Sam, because he believed in Sam’s strength, and believed he could overcome the Devil. Cain didn’t believe in Abel. Dean did believe in Sam. It’s different. And of course, like Charlie said, Dean has somethng Cain didn't, he's a Winchester. SO SHUT UP CAIN, YOU’RE WRONG. But Dean’s plaintive, “No. Never”, broke me.

Then I broke again as Dean pleaded with Cain, to not make him kill him. He pleaded with Cain to say he would stop. He pleaded with Cain to say he COULD stop. Because if Cain could stop…then there was hope for Dean. Instead he’s left with no hope and having to do the one thing he did not want to do, to kill using the First Blade. Something he feared he’d never return from. The sheer agony of it all!

The whole thing was so desperately sad, from Dean’s need to hear that he had a choice and chance to live with this thing on his arm, to Cain’s submission, bowing his head, waiting for execution. My hands were over my mouth, I was as far forward in my chair as I could get without falling off, tears were already streaming down my cheeks. The tragedy of the situation etched in pain across Dean Winchester’s magnificent face. Jensen Ackles is a master. No one does emotion like he does. Silent. Powerful. Devastating. He takes my breath away.

Then just to kill me a little bit more, as Dean comes down the stairs broken and tortured by what he’s heard and what he’s done, once he’s dismissed Crowley and handed the Blade to Cas, he turns to Sam and falls into his brother’s arms. Sam in all his glory is already moving forward to catch his brother even before he starts to fall. And he holds Dean whispering encouragement to him as Dean seeks comfort in the arms of the person he’s just been told he’s destined to kill. Two brothers, clinging to each as they have so many times before. This is Supernatural. To its very core. This is its heart. These two boys.

And just to finish us all off, we go back home to the bunker, with Dean putting on a brave face, trying to reassure Cas with a pat to the shoulder, trying to reassure Sam by agreeing with him – until Dean is out of the room and it all drops away, and we are left to see Dean, face dark, the Mark and fear festering in his soul. I groaned from the anguish of it all.

But it was Sam that finally destroyed me. His total and utter understanding of Dean in that moment. As hard as Dean tried to put on a front, Sam, the one person who knows Dean better than anyone, saw straight through it. When Cas asked Sam how Dean was doing, and the tears welled in Sam’s eyes, and the words “Cas, Dean’s in trouble” caught in his throat…well I was gone. Sobbing mess. Again. Geesh. There have been a lot of feels lately! I love with a fiery passion that Sam knows Dean well enough to know that all is not right. Sam looked so scared and utterly lost in that moment. Jared and those damn eyes of his that can floor you! It was wonderful and heart wrenching all in one.

“The Executioner’s Song” put simply, was a tour de force. Writer Robert Berens did a fabulous job in capturing exactly what Supernatural has always been about. Heroism. Sacrifice. Love. Family. Every character was perfectly drawn. Every word packed a punch. Everything was said for a reason. It felt real and true to character and I never doubted anything or anyone for one second.

Phil Sgriccia painted a stunning canvas for us, with grand scenes, which gave the episode a cinematic scale. He constructed interesting shots, which pulled us into the moment, like the wonderful backseat of the Impala shot where we got to listen in on the brothers talking and teasing. His camera angles in the fight scene added to the intensity and intimacy of the moment. Phil was totally on fire. This episode, even more than usual, was like a mini movie.

“The Executioner’s Song” is one of those episodes where you go, why doesn’t this show get awards? It’s so bloody good! If it wasn’t about monsters I’m sure it would, which gives me the shits, because it’s better than most shows on television! It looks better, it sounds better, it tells a better story and the actors are something else. Every week they turn in mesmerising performances and then there’s weeks like this where they turn it up to eleven! Stunning, stunning work from the entire cast. I guess, this is why Supernatural is still on the air where other shows have come and gone. Not one person phones anything in, not the cast, not the writing team, not the crew. God love them for being so committed and so damn awesome. We are truly blessed.

So here we are with a horrific four-week hiatus! I’m fully tortured by what went down in this episode and not knowing where the hell we go next. If Sam is this worried, I’m freakin’ terrified. I get to see that Ackles guy in a few weeks and I think I’ll have to get him to tell me Dean is going to be okay! Again! He had to do that last time I saw him! It’s becoming a thing!

Yep. Brilliant episode was brilliant. I’m so proud to be a fan of this show.