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  1. Hello Amy,

    I've been a faithful reader of this wonderful blog for a few months now and even if I don't comment often I always read your articles. It's so refreshing to see a fan like you who's always positive about our favorite show and our sweet boys. I just wanted to share the following video with you because it's so touching and the song is one of my favorites... Jensen's voice is so beautiful!

    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Amy!


    1. Thanks so much Isabelle. I love that vid! And I can see you like my blog by the name you have chosen ;)
      Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Hi Amy-Thank you, ThanK YoU, THANK YOU for EVERYTHING SweetOnDean/Jensen....I have a question: Can you recommend some favorite fanfiction authors/stories? There is soooo MUCH out there (most of it shipping one way or another...I'm really more of a SPN traditionalist myself). Thank you! Marcie

  3. Argh I am just catching up with season 9 and have just watched episode 22 which I think may be one of my favourite episodes and I need to hear someone discuss it but I can't find episode 26 of your podcast which I assume would be about that episode! !! Lol are you just teasing me!