Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on the BACK AWAY FROM SAMMY Preview of Supernatural 11x17 "Red Meat"

-by sweetondean

Here we are at episode 17 of the season! Eeeeeep! It's getting horribly close to the finale! OH MY GOSH! Why does the back end of the season always seem to fly by! All of a sudden it feels like it's nearly over! Thank goodness for season 12! Whew! where are we?


Sam and Dean worked a case with a soul sucking out thing - that was not Amara - and Dean was shown Sam dead, which was a huge relief! Because this is Supernatural! And because that means... Sammy is Dean's number one concern and number one worry and number one EVERYTHING! And that was awesomeness. AWESOMENESS!

And then Sam held Dean in his arms....

Let's just relive this for one moment shall we? 
Because we're gunna need it....for reasons of later...



Um. *whelp* Let's look at the synopsis!

“Red Meat” 

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) battle a pair of werewolves who have captured two victims. Just as the brothers are about to win, one of the werewolves shoots Sam. Dean gets his brother and the victims out of the house but learns a pack of werewolves are hot on their tail, hoping to kill them all. Nina Lopez-Corrado directed the episode written by Robert Berens & Andrew Dabb (#1117). 

Written by Dabb and Berens! This should be interesting! Two great writers! And it's exciting to see they both contributed to this one! And this is Nina Lopez-Corrado very first episode as director. One of the few women directors that have helmed this show!

Here she is with Billie the Reaper...who I USED TO LIKE!


Okie dokie....let's look at the promo.... eeeeeeep!

I've always liked Billie the Reaper...but no so much now! NOT SO MUCH! Not going after Sam! 

I mean obviously she doesn't take he either survives, or Sam or Dean do a deal, or Billie changes her mind for some maybe Dean makes her realise they all need Sam to defeat The Darkness or Sam does a deal, and she gets it...and says she'll leave him alone FOR NOW...BUT WILL TAKE HIM ONCE THE DARKNESS IS GONE...OH MY GOD I JUST KILLED MYSELF WITH A SEASON 11 CLIFFHANGER IDEA!!!! 

Whatever it is....I don't like a Reaper going after Sammy, and I don't like Sammy being shot, and I don't like Dean thinking he's going to lose Sam...I don't like it.

And now for the sneak peek.... BE WARNED AND HOLD ON TO YOUR FEELS!


OMG though, that scene is way harsh. WAY WAY WAY HARSH. And, yes, we know Sam doesn't die. Yes, we know for reasons of next week's episode and season 12 and probably 13 and yada yada yada.... BUT THAT'S NOT A GOOD PLACE TO BE SHOT, better than the heart or head I guess, BUT NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD. He's alllllll bleedy. How do they turn this around? Does Dean do some amazing field surgery? I can not wait to find out!

Sammy.... this is for you in case you need it....

Okay. Just everyone take a deep breath (especially me, apparently) and remember SAM WILL BE FINE...though fine in the Winchester's world might not be the same as our fine! Seriously though...I'm mighty interested to see how this plays out! And I'm going to admit this right here...because I'm amongst friends....and you won't judge me....because you probably secretly/not secretly feel the same...seeing Dean trying to save Sam and being all defiant, and panicked and scared and strong and angry and sad and all those millions of feels Dean is going to have when his Sammy gets shot right in front of him, is going to be kind of exquisite. Right? RIGHT? DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING HERE WITH MY BAD FEELS! 

I leave you with these tweets from the evil yet talented Andrew Dabb and Bob Berens....

You gotta love them.. EVEN IF THEY DID SHOOT SAM!


Monday, 28 March 2016

SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Thinky Thoughts on 11x16 "Safe House"

-by Anna

I  really did enjoy this episode.  I love to watch Bobby and Rufus go at it.  I think the boys had it right when they referred to Bobby and Rufus as Grumpier Old Men of Letters, now that's a spin off I would absolutely watch. I thought Robbie did a masterful job with this episode tying the past and present together so beautifully.  Robbie is much like the fandom, he remembers everything, and whatever he might forget, he goes back and researches.   He really does his due diligence and it shows in his brilliant and sometimes complex scripts.  I must admit that I had to give it two watches before I fully understood what was really going on, but wow, once the lightbulb turned on, I was awed at ,how cool a story it really was. 

Firstly of course I'd love to give praise where it's due.  Jared and Jensen were amazing as always and I'm still smiling two days later from their hug...and yes it was most definitely a hug.  Love the boys banter and love that Sam won at RPS, (I actually find that comforting).  I loved the back and forth from past to present.  It was done so fluently.  The ep made me laugh and I love eps like that, the ones where I can put aside any worry and just enjoy the funny.   It managed to be creepy as well, which I always love.  Steven Williams and Jim Beaver have an awesome chemistry and Rufus and Bobby were such a delight to watch.  I find it quite humorous that Bobby, who has seen the boys dig graves, has never mentioned using a mini excavator to do the job for them.  Watching Bobby dig with no effort and then switching to the boys digging with shovels was priceless.  I do so hope we get to see those two again in some form or another in the future. 

I will say that this ep had me thinking.  I know, that's a scary thought....😂  There they were, these random thoughts swimming in my brain, so of course I had to share them with you.  

I thought Sam's comment about feeling comfort at what Dean saw in the Nest was quite telling.  It seemed to me that one saw their worst fears in the nest.  One of the victims saw her husband dead and Bobby saw the boys.  I found it comforting as well knowing that Dean's greatest fear isn't Amara or her control over him, but it's what it's always been.....losing his brother.   Regardless of what Amara or the Banshee or the Qareen might have told Dean,  Sam still comes first and foremost in his brother's thoughts.  Sam's hold on Dean is stronger than anything else, including God's maniacal sister. That is a comfort.

Speaking of Amara, did anyone else see the parallel between Amara and the Soul Eater?  They both eat souls.  The Soul Eater lived in the Nest.  Do we know where Amara has been banished to before the removal of the MOC released her?  She wasn't in Hell.  She wasn't in Heaven.  Was she in the Nest?  Is the Soul Eater Amara's creation?  Why did the Soul Eater know of Amara and what Dean supposedly wants?  Did it read Dean's thoughts when it entered him?  Was the Soul Eater channelling Amara?  Could there be a connection with Amara and the Soul Eater much like the connection between Eve and her children?   When the Soul Eater was killed all the souls were free.  If Amara is killed, do the souls she consumed become free?   What about the Nest?  Billie had mentioned the Empty to Sam when they first met.  She told him that no one comes back from the Empty.  Is the Nest a parallel to the Empty?  Will the boys' knowledge of the Nest be a reminder that the Empty is out there and it may just be the solution to trapping the Darkness forever?  

Yep this is the kind of stuff that runs through my head.  LOL.   Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?  I would so love to hear what you all think. 

I'm totally psyched for this upcoming ep.   I'm interested to see what Billie is really up to.  I'm not worried about her taking Sam, but I do wonder what it will be that will stop it....or who?

That's it for this one.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday....hope there's lots of chocolate....

Til next time...


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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Review: Supernatural 11x16 "Safe House" - Finding Comfort in the Dead...

-by sweetondean

What an excellent comeback from hiatus. “Safe House” may not have thrown us headfirst back into the season’s mythology, but it did give us an episode that is reflective of season eleven as a whole. An episode that looked to the show’s past, happily bringing back much loved, dead characters as only Supernatural can; referencing storylines from seasons ago to connect to and parallel the present. The way this show embraces and uses its history so affectively is a rare treat. TV shows just don’t do that…but Supernatural is not scared to look to its own past to keep the show consistent and fresh in the present. Supernatural understands that the show’s history is important and season eleven has embraced this in a way that has made the season feel new and nostalgic all in one. Every episode captures an old school vibe, without ever feeling stale or rehashed. Bravo, Show – this season is an absolute treat!

“Safe House” was genuinely creepy. The idea of having your soul sucked out and trapped in an alternative universe outside time and space is hideous! The sad people were horrifying. Damn creepy and damn sad! But it was also a genuinely funny episode! A bright and sassy script from the brilliant Robbie Thompson balanced the horror, pathos and humour so beautifully it was a perfect reflection of what makes this show particularly great. Lovely moments like Dean going for another rock-paper-scissors win, only to see him declare they’re never solving anything that way again - as his winning streak of one came to an end! Hearing Dean bemoan that there must be an easier way to dig graves, only to cut to Bobby and Rufus in the past with an earth excavator! Dean saying, "Come and get me, you son of a bitch" while Bobby said "Stay away from me, you son of a bitch" was beyond perfect. The humour gave what was a dark episode, nice warmth, and the characters we love gave it a powerful heart. For all of Bobby and Rufus’ cantankerous back and forth, it’s still obvious how much they genuinely care about each other. Thrown together through circumstance, they became colleagues and friends – even though they both may be loathe to admit it!

The episode was also incredibly clever with how it tied the two timelines together. The seamless transitions between Bobby and Rufus, and Sam and Dean in the same space, a handful of years apart, were amazing. The direction and editing, of what must have been an incredibly challenging episode, was first rate. I also thought it must have been a nightmare to schedule, and to design. Each set would have to be used for both sets of hunters – scheduling the locations and the actors at the locations must have been particularly tricky – knowing that each set had to be used twice. And each set had to be the same but different. The hospital for example, was totally redressed for the present, but it had to look enough the same to make the concept of the two time periods work smoothly. It was so damn clever. The sharing a hotel room - the looking up the lore at the same table - the cars driving off at the end - even the fact that the first victim served tea to both sets of hunters – a handful of years apart - was a lovely little addition. The mirroring of the scenes was just so good! It was another episode where the creative team pushed the boundaries in all areas of the production. It’s lovely that this show is not content to rest of its laurels.

In Bobby’s time period we were in the midst of season four, in the midst of the Apocalypse looming, of Lilith and the 66 seals. Bobby was worried about “his boys” (heart clench! I literally grabbed my chest and whimpered when he said that), worried about them facing down the end of days. Of course where his boys are now is in exactly the same place! And that was another nice thing about “Safe House”, it didn’t just parallel the case at hand, but rather the season arcs of the two time periods the episode straddled. Once again the boys are facing the end of the world, once again a biblical evil is threatening to destroy everything, once again Lucifer is in play, and once again, one of Bobby’s boys is up to his neck in it! The more things change, the more they stay the will always end up here.... Eeep! Bobby was worried for his boys back then – but that worry is just as relevant now. He’d be worried sick for them, and probably so damn frustrated with how they got themselves into another fine mess! Those boys need Bobby to fill out their world and give them a different perspective. They need his gruff love. It makes me so sad that they don’t have him in their lives anymore…

It was a delight to have Bobby and Rufus back revelling in their particular kind of relationship. We never got enough of them back in the day, because Rufus was taken from us too soon, and then of course, we lost Bobby. It was a joy to see them working the case, bickering back and forth; Rufus using the Sabbath to eschew any heavy lifting in the hunt, the obvious bond these two gentlemen had, the way they worked as a team, while fighting that at every turn! But all those wonderful moments also brought so much sadness, because we know what their futures hold in the not too distance future, we know the sacrifice they would ultimately make in the fight against evil, in Sam and Dean’s fight… And that sadness is compounded by the loss of what we could have had…and what the boys could have had. Wouldn’t it be nice for Sam and Dean to still have these elder statesmen of hunting in their lives? The isolation of the brothers seemed even more profound knowing that the two men, whose hunt they were following, and who meant so much to them, were gone…memories and over exaggerated journal entries all that was left behind to hold on to. Epic sadness. I never realise how much I miss Bobby, and how much I miss him in Sam and Dean’s life, until we get him back for a bitter sweet, brief moment. But thank Chuck we have a show where the much loved dead can return in an effective way that doesn’t minimise their sacrifice or demise.

I couldn’t help but feel nervous about the continued use of the term “oldest rule”, that rule being that you can’t save everyone. With what the boys have in front of them, with Cas currently inhabited by Lucifer, with Dean tied to the Darkness, with Sam the only thing in the way of the Darkness claiming his brother, the “oldest rule” felt like horrible, terrifying, stomach churning foreshadowing! The boys have sacrificed themselves before. Both have died for the cause. Who is it this time that they won’t be able to save…is it Cas, or is it each other? Or was Rufus’ final words, “Forget the oldest rule, Bobby”, another show of defiance that goes hand in hand with the, “We’re going to win this” attitude that kicked into gear at the end of the last episode; that the brothers will not let anyone die in this fight, for the greater good or otherwise – that they will save Cas and they will save each other… It’s on the table, they will both do anything, over and over for each other…is it going to come to that…again? When something is said so many times that you start to break out into a flop sweat of worry….that usually means something on this show. This show does that stuff for a reason. So consider me officially panicked!

There was something weirdly comforting about Sam being comforted by Dean seeing him dead! They’re right…their lives are ridiculously screwed up! But Dean seeing Sam means that Sam is still his number one priority – that the Soul Eater showed Dean the most important person to him, dead, and it was Sam, is comforting all around! God forbid that it was Amara! I’m pretty sure that’s where Sam was coming from (internally) when he was comforted by Dean’s vision…and also coming from the fact that he’s still Dean’s number one concern. That’s gotta feel nice, even if you get there in the weirdest of ways! Personally I loved it and I loved that Sam got it! The brother’s relationship this season is a thing of magnificence – that they can even have a conversation so strange, yet so filled with an undercurrent of love and acknowledgement, is a wondrous thing. 

The way Sam held his big brother and told him he had him at the end of the episode, made me make involuntary squeaky noises of pure unadulterated joy! Dean needs that, he needs to feel that his brother has his back…after everything, through all the lies and hurt that came before, Sam is still and will always be, there for Dean. This is why Dean can be so open and vulnerable with Sam, because Sam is openly and honestly showing his love and support for his brother at every turn. This is why they can be who they are this season, because those doubts and fears have been put to rest – through words and actions, they have both recommitted themselves to their brother, leaving no doubt where either of them stand. Man I loved Sam holding Dean like that. I loved it with a powerful Winchester kind of love! I’m so thankful for where the brothers are, it’s my favourite thing about the season…the brothers’ obvious love, the brothers being stronger together than ever before; and I’m totally thankful I got to discuss with Jensen Dean’s openness and the brothers' relationship, in the couple of meet and greets I’ve just done! That was an unbelievable treat. Talking to Jensen about Dean is my favourite thing to do. Ever. 

I always say this – but it’s worth repeating - Robbie Thompson gets us. No one writes a broment like he does. No one taps into the show’s history like he does – the addition of the bottle of Johnny Walker, with the note from Rufus…that’s the bottle Sam and Jody drank in Bobby’s honour, when Dean was in the past with Eliot Ness. That touch alone made this episode soar to the heights of one of the best of the season. And Dean and Bobby seeing each other in the nest, that moment where they locked eyes – my God Robbie, you kill us with moments like that. I’m super glad they saw each other, even if they weren’t sure what was happening…it was a moment Dean at least, can hold on to…as can we…

“Safe House” was a snatched instant in time with lost loved ones, alongside another beautiful expression of this new and improved Winchester bond. It’s an instant favourite in a season of favourites. I absolutely loved it. "Safe House" felt like a warm hug.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on THE HIATUS IS OVER (again) Preview of Supernatural 11x16 "Safe House"

-by sweetondean

It's over! Again. Hiatus is done...and hopefully now, it's clear sailing through to the finale...hopefully!

I've been on holidays, doing Vegascon and Seacon, so I have to say this hiatus didn't seem tough at all! Hee! Also, I feel a bit out of whack with everything! I just got home I'm still a little discombobulated! But it was an AMAZING couple of cons - which I will podcast about with Jules on the Women of Letters podcast!

But enough of the cheap plugs! To the preview!


Dean: Keep grinding. No matter how much it hurts, how hard it gets, you gotta keep grinding.
Sam: Right.
Dean: And that's how we're gonna win. And we're gonna win. We're gonna save Cas, we're gonna ice the Devil, and we're gonna shank the Darkness. And anyone that gets in our way. Well, God help 'em.
Sam: Damn right.
Dean: Damn right.


Bobby and Rufus are back!

Yep Bobby and Rufus are back - but as they're both dead (wibble), this is done with flashbacks. As the boys look into a case in the present, we see Bobby and Rufus looking into the same kind of case in the past. I heard Jim talk about this at Vegascon; he said it was a particularly tricky production for that reason, as the locations had to be used for Rufus and Bobby, and then the locations with identical shots used for Sam and it looks like all 4 are at the same place, doing the same thing across time! Sounds fascinating and so Robbie T, who likes to push the boundaries of what this show can do! Here's the synopsis!

Safe House

JIM BEAVER RETURNS A dangerous creature is accidentally released into an old house, attacking a mother and her child, leaving them both in a coma. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) learn that Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) and Rufus (guest star Steven Williams) once tracked the same entity so the Winchesters look to the past to come up with a plan to catch the monster before any one dies. Stefan Pleszczynski directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson. (#1116) 

How awesome does that all sound? And we get more Bobby and Rufus banter! I love how we can get time with dead friends on this show....and I love how season 11 has been looking to the show's history with cases and monsters and memories. It's so cool! is the promo... the promo is more a back end of the season promo, not a promo for this specific episode. So let's move on to the sneak peeks! There are 2...which show Sam and Dean and then Bobby and Rufus arriving at the same house and talking to the same woman...except years apart! Cool idea is cool!

This is going to be so fun! Fun to see the case being worked by 2 sets of hunters at different times, fun (and probably poignant) to see Sam and Dean working one of Bobby's old cases, and fun to see Bobby and Rufus doing their cantankerous old dudes act! We never got to see enough of them together before Rufus was killed, so this is going to be such a treat!

So enjoy our show being back, enjoy two of our favourite characters being back, enjoy the boys working a case together old school, and enjoy all of this knowing that we have season 12 - and that Jared has said they dearly want to get to 300 episodes which means season 13 (which they've signed on for) and at the least a truncated 14 to hit the big number!

Enjoy the episode! Have fun!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Review - Supernatural 11x15 "Beyond the Mat"

-by sweetondean

The Winchesters hanging out together, laughing, elbowing each other. The Winchesters reliving childhood memories. The Winchesters having a coffee over the breakfast table while talking about a case. The Winchesters teasing each other and actually smiling. The Winchesters talking about their dreams while lying in the car. The Winchesters forgiving each other. The Winchesters not judging each other for keeping secrets. The Winchesters being emotionally honest and open with each other…. 

Welcome to season eleven!

"Beyond the Mat" was another glorious example of this rebirth of the Winchester’s relationship. Actually, rebirth is not the right word – because no matter how we adjust our rose colour glasses, they’ve never been this emotionally solid with each other. We seem to remember them, from the early seasons, as being in some kind of broment love bubble – but that’s not the case. There was always conflict; there were always secrets – big ones! So what we’re seeing now is not a rebirth so much as an evolution of their relationship. An evolution that has come about through painnnnn, erm I mean, maturity, experience and years, and because they understanding each other on a level no one else can. It’s come about because of shared knowledge of what each other has gone through, and an acceptance of who they are, what they’ll do for each other, and what they mean to each other. They put it on the table at the beginning of the season…they will BOTH always put their brother above everything, that’s not going to change…with that admission from both brothers, it seemed like a breath of fresh air blew through their relationship. They are both the same…they feel the same about each other…they know it’s probably screwed up, but that’s it, that’s the way it is, no more fighting it, that’s who they are. It’s like a load lifted from both their broad shoulders, and the result is what we are getting, and loving... LOVING now. Brothers on the same page…and relaxed around each other. It’s so nice that neither is waiting for the other shoe to drop…even if I can’t help but hold my breath in case the whole thing blows up in all our faces! 

I couldn’t love season eleven more if I tried. For the brothers of course, but also for the amazing storytelling. We’ve been blessed with kick ass mythology episodes, and kick ass monster of the week episodes, one after the next. We’ve been blessed with a couple of the most amazing episodes the show has done – all inside Baby – all inside a damn sub. It’s totally astonishing that a show of this vintage can manage to reinvent itself in a way – and keep fresh – and keep telling better stories. There doesn’t appear to be a slowdown. No one is resting on their laurels. Instead, eleven seasons in, Supernatural is getting better. It blows my tiny mind.

The thing I loved most about "Beyond the Mat" was seeing Sam cut loose. It occurred to me, we don’t often see this side of Sammy. We’ve seen Dean geek out plenty of times, but not really Sam…not like this. Seeing him ringside, thoroughly enjoying himself, slapping his brother on the arm, yelling at the ref, jumping to his feet…was totally joyful. Seeing Dean seeing his brother doing this…was even more joyful. The way he looked at Sam as Sam got lost in the moment…the way they looked at each other, while the other wasn’t watching. Man I loved watching them watch the bout. I could’ve just had a whole episode of that! Seeing them have fun together like this.... GUH!

Sam got it…right from the get-go when Dean said he was fried and needed to get away, Sam got it. Dean needed this - they both did. Dean’s face when Sam jumped in at the funeral, and suggested that they go watch the wrestling was a mixture of surprise, happiness…and maybe it was just me…but I’m pretty sure I saw a big dose of love. There have been many times this season that I’ve wanted to reach into my TV and hug Sam Winchester…and this was one of them. Big time. 

The episode was about reflecting the brother’s lives and choices back at them…especially Dean…so that they can refocus on, and find the strength for the fight ahead. I love it when the show does that! For Dean, to hear that his childhood idol had made the same kind of mistakes as he had made in the past, might allow him to stop kicking himself a little in the future. So much of this season has been about acceptance and forgiveness…acceptance of what you've done and can't change, forgiveness for those things, and moving on.

The message was clear, you do what you do, what you love…whether a passion or a calling, you keep doing it, regardless of the challenges, regardless of whether you’re getting your ass kicked – you do it, and you keep doing it, you don’t give up, you keep moving forward…you keep grinding. This is something the brothers are all too familiar with…but in times when they’re feeling particularly beat down…it’s great to get a reminder. 

Dean got a reminder. A reminder that him, Sam, Cas, are not the only ones who make mistakes. And a reminder that making a mistake doesn’t mean you can’t set it right. Like he said, he has to believe it's never too late to do the right thing – he has to believe you can turn bad around into good.

Meanwhile - while Sam and Dean were geeking out and having fun – and being reminded that they will win, because they won’t give up and they won’t give up together – Crowley was busy being Crowley and escaping Lucifer’s clutches!

I never for a moment thought that Crowley believed that the demon Simmons was on his side – at least he wasn’t going to believe it or not believe it - he was just going to use it. She served him the purpose of getting free, where he could do a little sleight of hand and manage to zap Simmons and threaten Lucifer with the Hand of God weapon. It turned out to be a one shot again – but I think that’s a good thing – you don’t want God’s power to be continuous in some weapon in the wrong hands! And as Crowley does, he managed to wiggle himself out of that bad situation – he’s free – and on the run – and maybe heading Winchester way. I'm glad we don't have to see him as a dog anymore, that made me uncomfortable!

The end scene was another one of those “wow” moments when I forget that Dean actually says how he feels these days! It was a tough case and he’s not okay, not even a little bit, and he’s says so – another one of the things I love about this season, no “I’m good” from either brother. If they feel shitty after a case – they say so. It’s refreshing! But…they are refocused and they are determined and the Darkness and the Devil better watch the hell out. The brothers are stronger together – and this is the most together we’ve seen them for a hell of a long time, if ever.

There were so many delightful moments in Beyond the Mat – from Dean fanboying (knowing that Jensen was pretty much being me in front of him – he’s had some pretty good experience!), to drunk, farting Dean, to blushing in front of his first crush Sam, to Dean bouncing around in the wrestling ring, to worried Sam and smart Dean, to every second of Casifer – I love how Misha is channelling Mark Pellegrino and making Lucifer fun and scary all in one - to the cool throw backs to crossroad demons and Hellhounds. So much good stuff!

But mostly I just loved the brothers actually out together, actually having fun, actually taking a moment away from their crappy lives (even if they did end up stumbling into a hunt). They bought merchandise for God’s sake! They had t-shirts! Bless them. Seriously…just bless them! I love them to pieces.

My apologies for being ridiculously late with this – I’ve been busy and busy getting ready for Vegas! I’m Vegascon and Seacon bound tomorrow! Keep an eye on my twitter for photos – and Jules and I will be podcasting for sure! I’d say I’ll write up a report – but I know I’ve promised that before and have never done it. I’m on the road and on holidays and at cons and it all gets a bit busy! But I will give you details via the Women of Letters podcast!

So I’ll see you back here soon! Hope the hiatus isn’t too bad!