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sweetondean is a website created to celebrate everything about the TV show Supernatural, bringing you news and weekly episode reviews.

sweetondean delivers original dialogue about Supernatural, including episode reviews and previews, opinion articles, convention reports, news articles, spoilers,  and various other pieces covering all aspects of the show Supernatural and its fandom.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our content and of the respectful tone we always endeavour to embody.

sweetondean is a safe haven for Supernatural fans who like positive, constructive commentary and want a place to come that is all about the joy Supernatural brings into their lives. 

Team sweetondean believe fandom is fun and that is reflected in our writing and our attitude towards the show and everything about it.

We all love Supernatural and just want to able to share that love!

Basically, sweetondean is powered by squee!

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  1. Loved the quality of content and blog pictures, I'm super fan of Supernatural has always, since its debut on TV! Congratulations on the wonderful work.