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Supernatural at Comic-Con 2014 - MEGAPOST


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This might be the most amazeballs thing I've ever seen EVER

Osric asks a question

My favourite bit of the panel...oh Jensen you need to stop that (don't ever stop that)

Here's the full panel!

Here's some other links to the full Comic-Con panel - this is a different angle and catches the stage not the screen.

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And another link. So you can pick which you want to watch!

Part 1  Part 2

Here's the full NerdHQ Panel!

And then the guys come back to hug Zach!

Now for some press room goodies!

Here's a press room interview with Jensen via Happy Cool

Another press room interview with Jensen via TV Goodness

And still more from Jensen via dugmonkey2020

Here's Jensen via The Geekiary

Here's IGN's interview with Jensen

And still more from Jensen!

This is in another video earlier - but I like this angle - the lighting on Jensen's face!
Also how Jared slaps his back....

Here's Jensen's sit down with Geek Nation

Here's an interview with Jensen and Jared

Here's Happy Cool's interview with Jared

This one with Jared is via Give Me My Remote

More from Jared

NEW - Here's Jared on the pressline

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Misha via Ficks and the City

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Here Misha talks about handing out coffee to the Hall H queue

Here's Happy Cool's interview with Mark

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And finally, it's Happy Cool's interview with Jeremy Carver

More from The Carver about the boys

And this from Carver about the mythology of the season

FlickDirect caught up with all the guys on the Pressline

Interviews with everyone by Clevver News

TV|Line sat down with Misha and Mark

Here are the (what I hope are) the first of the CW fan Q&A vids - with Misha and Mark

The Chaos of the autograph line!

And here's Jensen looking dreamy...*sigh*  via carpe-armor

Here's a fantastic write up from ScreenFad of first the panel and then the press room.

9.36am – Robbie Thompson comes by to talk to reporters, is wearing a SuperSleepy shirt.
10.03am – Don’t forget there will be a Supernatural retrospective airing on Monday, October 6 @ 9/8c on The CW
10.05am – Jensen comes on stage to thunderous applause and screams to introduce a clip from his upcoming episode (10.03). Robbie Thompson screams “he’s so dreamy! He smells like Baby Jesus!” behind me.
10.06am – The scene is Dean confronting Sam for the first time since becoming a demon (so they won’t see each other again until episode 10.03, folks). Sam talks about hating demons, Dean says “I got a hell of a lot more running through me than demon juice.” Dean has made it back into the Men of Letters bunkers and tells Sam that he knows what he did trying to find him, so which one of them is “really the monster?”. The two are fighting each other in one of the bunker halls after Dean stalks his brother with an axe.
10.13am – Jensen says that Demon Dean will be taking the car, but he doesn’t care about it as much as regular Dean. Mark Sheppard is very sad that he doesn’t have a funko doll.
10.14am -  Dean being a demon will be a huge part of the upcoming season. am, in particular, is focused on how to rescue Dean from being a demon, while Dean struggles with what it means to be a demon. Jeremy says he and the other writers are excited with the brothers “questioning who the real monster is.”
10.16am – What’s it been like playing Demon Dean? Jensen says that Demons usually possess a meatsuit, but this is Dean’s soul that is twisted. It was interesting trying to make it a different character but still make it the same character (but a twisted version of it).  Jensen also reveals that Demon Dean will be “tied up most of the time” in 10.03.
10.17am – Misha says early on in the season Castiel is worried about trying to help Dean, but he’s also “fading” from his grace problem.
10.19am – Mark says no one will ever believe Crowley “didn’t know what was going to happen” and we’ll “have to see whether Crowley has any control at all or whether he’s in charge.”
 10.20am – Jared is talking grammar on the stage. About the 200th episode, Jeremy says it’s “musical-ish”. It’s very much “Supernatural’s own spin on a love letter to the fans.” Jensen also says there is singing and music involved in the season premiere, but he’s being cagey as to what kind. Jensen hints that “Demon Dean likes to karaoke. Or does he?” Robbie says “he does.” Mark jokes (?) “what about the triplets?”
10.22am – Jared wants everyone to know how grateful they are to the fans. He says they just “wouldn’t exist” without them.
10.28am – When asked whether he would like William Shatner on Supernatural, Misha said it would be great, but he would “have to audition like everyone else.”
10.29am – Mark says “Crowley is always right. The world revolves around Crowley. You’ll catch up eventually.”
10.30am – Jensen says that Dean is so popular because he’s the kind of guy you want around in a jam. “Or if you want to jam,” Jared jokes. Jensen says that at some point Crowley is going to say “this was a bad, bad idea” about Demon Dean.
10.32am – Jared says that at the beginning of the show Sam wanted to be a homebody and Dean was the wanderer. The difference between Sam at his core and Dean at his core drove the show at the beginning and kind of echoes during the current seasons. Dean has more relationships outside of Sam than Sam has of Dean. So Dean meets and connects with more people as he wanders the road.
10.32am – Jared says they joke that characters are more likely to come back if they die than if they live.
10.36am – Misha says they’re trying to prepare a “cease and desist package” to stop Constantine from looking too much like Castiel. Misha says there’s talk of aSupernatural spin-off and Misha thinks the strongest move would be to make it Sam and Dean-centric and leave him and Mark behind on the original show. Jared’s joke: “did you hear about the new movie Constipation? It hasn’t come out yet.” Jensen groans “for ten years I’ve listened to those jokes. They’re still not funny.
10.38am – Someone comes up to ask a question in full costume and doesn’t speak. Once he finally rips off his hood we see it’s Osric Chau! He asks when Kevin’s coming back. Mark says “I carry a little piece of Kevin with me at all times.” Behind me, Robbie Thompson says Osric’s appearance was “Tran-tastic.”
10.40am – A fan asks what the characters’ list bucket lists would be. Jared says, for him, it would be “10 more Hall Hs at Comic-Con.” Mark’s is “try not to die in season 10″ and Jeremy says “good luck.” Jared says “that conflicts with Jensen’s bucket list which is kill Mark Sheppard as soon as possible. Not Crowley, but Mark Sheppard.” Misha thinks that Castiel doesn’t have a bucket list. Misha says for Castiel is “stay alive” (Jensen jokes “it’s ‘don’t kick the bucket’”).
10.43am – A fan asks if they can expect any female series regulars. Jared asks “where’s Felicia?” Jeremy says that series regular is just a technical term, but “you can expect a very healthy of new and returning very strong, very powerful female characters this season.” Jared says that “Crowley is ambiguous enough that he could be a ‘she’.”
10.46am – Jensen says this past week Demon Dean fought and killed a guy on Tuesday, beat a guy close to death on Wednesday, and then beat a guy and killed another guy on Thursday. He says he was having a great week because all of his anger and frustration was being taken out on set.
10.49am – Jensen says there was a part of them that thought Misha might retaliate when he was directing but then he thought “he’s not that dumb.”
10.50am – One fan asked each actor to summarize their character’s dating profile and they answered in turn. “Sam Winchester: tall, floppy hair, all past girlfriends have died, tall, call if you’re interested but be prepared to sign an affidavit.” “Castiel: disrespect for people’s personal space.” “Dean Winchester: Rolling through town, no strings attached…interested?” “Crowley: Hello, girls (sexy Mark voice), or Hello, boys (sexy Mark voice).” Jeremy got pity asked at the end and he said his would be “have booty, will travel.”
10.56am – Jensen says he’s been given a false sense of security playing Dean Winchester because he thinks he can kill ghosts now if he ever encountered one.
10.56am – Jared says that Supernatural is about humans, instead of being a guy or girl. He says he cried more on Supernatural than on Gilmore Girls, although Jensen probably cried more on Days of Our Lives. Jared says that the show is about two guys, but there’s still a lot of emotion.
10.58am – The panel is done, but they’re going to show some of the season 9 gag reel.

The state of Demon Dean. Last season we saw Dean as a tortured soul, according to Jensen. He lost his sibling relationship and it became very business-like. He had the guilt of tricking Sam into being possessed by an angel and he had a lot riding on his shoulders last season. For season 10, he wanted to do a contrast for demon dean that was Dean without any of that stuff. That Dean is kind of the same guy but without any care in the world. It’s “scary how little he cares about every and anybody. Even himself. Even the car.” Jensen says there’s nothing funny about it at all. Dean is so carefree and careless, he’s just busy doing whatever he wants to do, whether it’s karaoke or having sex with women. He described a scene he just shot with Dean singing karaoke in a bar and everyone is booing him and he doesn’t care and just sings louder. “A lot of bar fights, a lot of booze, a lot of babes, that’s Demon Dean”. He’s a little bit more smirky, has more swagger to him. It wasn’t anything specific that Jensen was going for, it was just a mental state he was trying to get into.
Sam’s search for Dean. Jared says “we get to see fully human Sam doing things to other full humans that we wouldn’t expect. We certainly will no longer doubt Sam’s loyalty and commitment to [saving] his brother. But we do tease morals and ethics and how far one can go before they become a monster themselves. We tease that more this season than we’ve done in seasons prior.”
Cole and Sam. We know about a new character named Cole who is also searching for Dean when the season begins. Jared said that Cole is someone from Dean’s past and Sam encounters him early on before Dean does. Sam isn’t aware of how Cole knows Dean and vice versa, but Sam is in a position when he knows Dean is a demon and tells Cole that he should stop his pursuit. Jared also revealed that Cole witnessed something back in season 1 when he was ten years old and is now searching for Dean because of it.
What will happen to the brothers? Fans of the Winchester brothers’ relationship might be concerned that Dean being a demon will drive a real wedge between them this year. But Jeremy says “I feel like at the end of last season [the brothers] reached a certain good place. Not necessarily a happy place, but a good place. Dean died and even over the course of the last episode, there was a real maturation in terms of Sam accepting that Dean is walking into death and being OK with that.” That good place they were in carries on into season 10. When the season starts Sam has no idea what happened to his brother. He has some suspicions, but he’s not sure. “Sam is very hot and heavy on the pursuit. I think you’ll see the bothers, when all is said and done….I like it a lot. [It's] something a little bit different than what we’ve seen in the past couple of years in the way they react in the aftermath. I think there’s a certain amount of healing that has to go on with it. Both acknowledge [it needs to be done] in their relationship and just on a personal level. You’re going to see the boys really, for lack of a better term, go to ground when this is done and saying ‘we need to get better’. Now, of course, the supernatural always follows them. But it’s not the same bombastic ‘you idiot!’ [reaction]. For everything they go through, they actually end up in a good place.”
What state is Castiel in? According to Misha, Castiel is finding himself getting weaker and weaker as we see him again in season 10. He says that it’s not like a human being getting sick, but his powers are very depleted. He is, however, mentally alright. Despite that, he is trying hard to help with the Demon Dean situation, although we’re not sure how helpful he can be while he’s this weak.
The key to Castiel’s grace. “I think, probably, Metatron is key to getting Cas’ grace back and Cas knows that,” Misha said. “We establish that early on in the season. And we also establish that Cas is unwilling to cooperate with Metatron or ask a favor of him. I would not be surprised if later on in the season it turns out that Metatron does end up rectifying the [grace] situation somehow. Because he certainly is, as far as we know, the one who knows how to do that or where Cas’ grace is? [Is it still in existence?] I don’t know. It seems so.”
What’s happening in Heaven? According to Jeremy, the focus in the beginning of the season is much more what’s happening with some angels on earth. The angels in Heaven have largely gotten their act together, Metatron is in jail and angels up there are trying to work things out. In terms of stability in heaven, its more stable than its been in many years.
Is Cas involving himself in heaven’s politics right now? Misha says that he’s “more grounded on earth,” but wouldn’t tell us more. He did, however, say that we will be seeing Hannah with Castiel (she was introduced last year) early on in the season and a few other new angels.
I thought this was a super interesting quote from The Carver!

"I think something we’re very excited about this year is that the mythology is going to be very personal. It’s not going to be quite as quest-oriented a mythology, it’s going to be a mythology where we are very carefully laying some building blocks that are very personal to each of our main characters, starting with the boys and how they relate to each other and some of the decisions they make once Dean eventually does come back from demonism. Crowley and Castiel are both going to be confronted with some very personal issues. Last year we had people deciding who they wanted to be; if you think back last season everyone had to make that decision somewhere in the season, and this season is ‘I am who I am.’ And that may be a very good or a very bad thing."

The Geekiary got alot of great quotes from various sources together - nice and spoilery - check it out here!

Okay, must be some time for some snaps! I'm going to start with a favourite!
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via Mrs Ackles herself, Danneel

Jared and his sling via @AllyForman  

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Jared and Jensen with Aisha

Aisha and Jared listen to Jensen's skittles story

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via via @ialexgraham 

Mark and his Crowley doll!
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Signing autographs

Misha in the press room
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The boys checking out their Pop Vinyls!


Misha and Mark were the first to head to Comic-Con, along with writers, Adam Glass, Robert Berens and Robbie Thompson and Executive Producer Jim Michaels. Alumni Todd Stashwick and Alana Huffman were also walking the floor and ex-Supernatural genius and now writer for Gotham, Ben Edlund.

The gang all out together!

First up ... Misha! Misha being Misha was seriously digging the Comic-Con scene.

Here's Misha and John Barrowman - John calls him "My Misha" :D

And with Chris Hardwick from The Nerdist

And with Paul Wesely and Robert Buckley

Then Misha posted a lot of photos of him just having fun!

With Mike Tyson!

Here's TVGuide Fan Favourites Panel that Misha took part in.

Part 2

Here's an interview with Misha on the Marvel Livestream

Here are a few panel tweets from Saturday

Mark and Misha! M2 :D

Aisha Tyler is a big fan of the show and she chatted a little about it...

And she wants Jensen for her Girl on Guy podcast! Fingers crossed!

Jared arrived a little later in the night

Fan sighting!

Then Jared and Misha swung by the fans queueing overnight for Hall H and the 
Supernatural panel!

There are hundreds of fans with Jared selfies out there! I seriously can't post them all!

The amellywood/jarpad bromance continued when Jared matched Stephen's earlier photo!

Then they caught up to see each others faces in person.
Here they are with Carina MacKenzie

Jared caught up with Executive Producer and writer Adam Glass

And Supernatural alumni the lovely Todd Stashwick

Then he headed over to Geek and Sundry!

Partying up a storm!

But wait there's more!

Adam Glass caught up with Alaina Huffman - Abaddon.

As did Todd Stashwick!

The ladies from Fangasm met up with Ben Edlund

Executive Producer Jim Michaels also go sucked up into the excitement!

And Jared's manager Dan Spilo got into the fun!

Okay! I'll be back tomorrow with more awesome! Including information from the Supernatural panel, any sneaky video, tweets, photos, any press room interviews, NerdHQ panel and photos, photos, photos!