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Review - Supernatural 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls" - Love And Souls And Magic.

Well, my bromantic mini-break is over and it’s back to business, because we got work to do!

It really does feel like that, like I had a little respite from the chaos and heartbreak that is the Winchester’s day to day.

We were given 3 episodes where we got to hang out with just the brothers, as they got to hang out and work on their fractured relationship. And it was glorious. The teasing. The joking. The everything! It feels like a reset, a real one. 

In amongst the mayhem that continually surrounds them, the brothers have grown into men. They’ve grown into complex individuals, and their relationship and history mirrors that. We’ve seen them both contemplate and attempt a life away from hunting. They’ve both soul searched as they’ve lost faith in the job and each other. They’ve both been angry with and disappointed in each other on a pretty monumental scale. They’ve both given each other some hard truths. They’ve both faced a world without the other in it. They’ve both faced what they’d do to ensure they don’t have to live in that world. And they’ve come out the other side, looking stronger and more committed to their relationship than they ever have. Because one thing became clear to them and to us, no matter how pissed they might be, they do love each other, that’s the essence of who Sam and Dean are, and they do want to be side by side, fighting the fight, driving down Crazy Street…together. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold. They were given a few episodes to take a breath and learn to be a team again and we took that breath with them. This is the most honest I think their relationship has been. And it feels all the more significant, real and valuable knowing what they’ve gone through (and what we’ve gone through), what they’ve overcome and put aside to get here. It makes their love feel that much more powerful, because we know how much hurt there’s been in the past. Yet here they are, still with each other’s backs and still preferring to be with their brother than anywhere else. It no longer feels like they’re together just because they’re siblings, on a mission that their dad brought them up to follow. There is no big bad, no monster who killed their mother, no hell deal, no end of the world. They’re together because they want to be. It feels different. And I love it. And I love each and ever scar on their hearts and souls that they’ve got on their way to here, because they wouldn’t be the beautiful men they are today without those bumps in their journey. 

But we can’t just live in a Winchester brothers love bubble forever! There’s a story to tell and other characters to catch up with!

I thoroughly enjoyed “Girls, Girls, Girls”. The introduction (or, I guess technically it was the reintroduction) of the character Rowena was delicious and intriguing and the story around Castiel and Hannah intriguing and heartbreaking. Oh and surprising…I so didn’t see that coming!

You know, I’ve often wondered about what will happen with Castiel – mostly because I’ve always thought, when this journey ends, I believe it will end how it began, with just the boys. So it’s made me ponder Cas, and if he had an exit prior to the end of the series, what would that exit look like. I never pictured it how Hannah’s exit played out…but now I am, because that would have been perfect. But Jimmy Novak is presumably gone. Cas has been killed and resurrected multiple times. He’s inhabited the same vessel over and over, even while without Grace. The assumption is Jimmy‘s soul was set free at some point. So I guess, for Cas the ending, if it comes, will be different.

I feel sad that Hannah has gone (if she has, I mean…Supernatural!), because I’d grown to like her character and I liked the blossoming friendship between her and Cas. That Cas may have found an angel friend was a nice thought. Most angels want to stab him in the heart, so it was nice to think he’d found an angel who trusted him and who he could trust in return. 

I really thought the show was heading for a romantic entanglement between Cas and Hannah, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Hannah start to identify the conflicting feelings that she was having for Cas, as Caroline’s complex, human feelings and not her own. She started to feel for her vessel. Feel what her vessel was going through and sympathise in response, and understand that what she was doing was quite possibly wrong. I thought that was all kinds of surprising and wonderful. 

It’s actually a horrid thought. These angels, essentially holding these vessels hostage. Sure, the vessels are devout and said yes, but still – bet they had no idea it would be for months, years, forever! Hannah obviously saw this. Saw that Caroline was a person, with people in her life that missed her. Hannah was able to sift through what was going on and realise that everything she was feeling and experiencing was being coloured by her vessel. She was able to take a step back and realise that what she was doing, was not what of her purpose in this world, which is to love and protect humanity. I was gobsmacked when Hannah released Caroline. Gobsmacked, touched, impressed… I thought that was fantastic. So unexpected, yet so right.

Then there was Cas sitting in the car, so alone - he looked so totally alone in that moment - as he fired up the internet and started looking for clues about his own vessel’s life. Where this is going – well part of it is in the synopsis for 10x09 – but beyond that, where this search takes him, I look forward to finding out. I look forward to seeing what this very personal journey holds for our favourite trenchcoat wearing angel.

Meanwhile, we also properly got to meet Rowena. She’s a super powerful witch with a totally sassy attitude. The Scottish accent helps that! I still don’t really know what she’s up to. She recruited the 2 hookers from the demon brothel, but promptly sacrificed Elle to assist her escape. Then Caitlin showed just how strong she was and wisely punched Rowena in the nose and ran off. Okay, maybe that wasn’t wise – she got Winchester saved there – but at least she could tell that teaming up with Rowena was not a great career move!

I wasn’t totally surprised when Rowena turned out to be Crowley’s mum. We’d all made those kind of assumptions when we found out the new witch in town was a Scot, and being as Crowley was at one point a Scot and he had revealed his mum was a witch…well, it wasn’t too much of a leap. But it was still totally cool! And still exciting that the story took this turn. 

As soon as Rowena said “Wee boy”, the gig was up! Also, “King of Lilliput!” I laughed out loud. I think Rowena might be fun. I’m totally picturing her telling Crowley to pick up after himself! Hey, does this make Rowena the Dowager Queen of Hell?

Then we had our lovely boys. In a season that seems to be rebuilding the brother’s relationship, it was fitting that we kick off with Sam and Dean being classic Sam and Dean! The Sam teasing Dean about the dating app (I still can’t get over the awesomeness of the idea of Dean on a dating app) was just happiness personified. The way he said “Impala67”…. I laughed for about an hour. And I’m never going to say no to some Dean kissy-face, no matter how it turns out. “Sexy rules”, “No cash for ass”, oh Dean, don’t ever change. Seriously though, don’t ever change…because through all the hot and heavy he still saw Shaylene’s pretence about loving her job. *Sigh* Dean Winchester is the best. Oh, sorry…I had a moment.

Then there was the scene between Dean and Cole. 

How many times does Dean get Holy water chucked in his face! It’s become such a great on going gag. Jensen’s face was (of course), perfection. As was the scene that followed.

I can’t help but feel horrible for Cole. He finally thinks he’s got it all sorted. Understands what went on and what’s going on. His nemesis is a demon…except, he isn’t. At least not back then, and not now.

Travis Aaron Wade has done a wonderful job with Cole. So many emotions were flicking across his face as he tried to process what Dean was saying, and tried to find the truth through his bramble of emotions. His need for revenge was costing him everything. It was costing him his life and his family. This is something so very familiar to the brothers, whose father’s need for revenge cost them their entire future. It shows a great strength to Cole’s character that in this moment, his is willing to hear Dean, he is willing to hear Sam, and make the right choice. Cole has been great every step of the way. I’m going to be interested to see what’s left to his story and where he goes next. He’s had his eyes opened…how do you ever come back from that?

Then there was the beautiful fight choreography, as perfect, yet very different to the first fight between Cole and Demon Dean. Dean still had the upper hand here, but not quite as easily. There was one point where Cole slugs Dean in the face and Dean stumbles and catches himself, before shaking his head to clear the fog. Jensen Ackles never ceases to amaze me with these tiny touches he puts into his performance.

Then Dean goes and breaks my heart…again.

Standing in front of Cole, trying his best to explain what happened back when Cole was a child, he talked about love in front of the person who loves him the most. As Sam listened on, ready to protect his brother at a moments notice, gun down, trusting his brother, but totally with the drop on Cole…. He hears his brother say…

“The people who love me, they pulled me back from that edge.”

The brothers rarely say the word love, they just don't say it…they say and show their love in other ways. Yet here, with his brother looking on, Dean actually spoke the word out loud, with the person who put everything on the line to pull him back, listening, but not only listening…hearing. If Sam ever doubted that Dean was thankful for everything he did, he can’t be doubtful now. So much passed between Sam and Dean in that moment. So much said and understood. Dean said love as Sammy listened… and I cried.

Then Dean goes and breaks my heart again…again…

“Now the truth is... I'm past saving. I know how my story ends, it's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun.” 

Oh please, let it not be so! Sam’s face when he hears Dean say these words – and his worried follow up question, which Dean dismisses as saying what is needed in the moment.

But Dean, we see you and so does Sam. The self-hate, the guilt, the shame…so much pain over so many things that he wishes he could take back. I wanted to reach through my TV and hold Dean Winchester tight. 

But as sad as Dean’s statement left me, I was also left with so much hope. I know come what may, Sam will save Dean…because Sam’s got Dean’s back. Dean won’t have to face what’s coming - what’s starting to dance around the edges of his and Sam’s and our consciousness - alone. Because Sammy is there, right behind him. The brothers are a united front and like Charlie once said, "There is pretty much nothing the Winchesters can't do if they work together." 

Yep, “Girls, Girls, Girls” was a good one. Robert Berens wrote a lovely episode, full of brother feels and character moments and story development that propelled this very intimate season forward. 

For a show that’s done over 200 episodes, it constantly keeps me guessing…because right now, I have no clue what’s going to happen next! Ain’t that grand?


P.S. I loved this moment with the gun...the little touch Dean gives Cole as the gun passed between them...  I gasped.  This show really is perfect.

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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls"

And we're back for another preview! There's only 3 episodes left until the mid-season finale, so you know shit's about to get real! That nice little relaxing Winchester love filled mini-break we've been having...yeah, I think that's done and done! Not their love of course, just the relaxing bit! we go! 


Well Sam and Dean had a little holiday by the river and drank some beer. 
Sam said, "what she said" and Dean hung the fake Samulet in the Impala.
The boys went old school mystery and Sam likes Dean.
Dean went all Mark of Cain and turned up the radio rather than have to face what just happened.
We all has worry....


Cas and Crowley are back! 
The new ginger in town makes an appearance.
And there's witches and you know how Dean feels about them!

So let's take a look at the synopsis! 

SUPERNATURAL “Girls, Girls, Girls” — Nov. 25, 2014 ROWENA REAPPEARS 

Sam and Dean stumble upon a demon who is running from Crowley. Before they have a chance to shut him down, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) steps in and takes things into her own hands. Realizing Rowena is trying to recruit and train followers in the art of witchcraft, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to catch her before she can do much damage. Meanwhile, Hannah runs into a blast from her vessel’s past, which complicates things for her and Castiel. Robert Singer directed this episode written by Robert Berens (1007). 

Ok, so yay! Bob Singer directed episode. I'm always excited when he directs. He's been with the show since the beginning as an Executive Producer as well as a Director and an occasional writer and co-Showrunner (and Voice Over talent!). I always feel like the episode is in good hands with Bob at the helm. 

Robert Berens has previously written 3 episodes of Supernatural; the Castielcentric "Heaven Can't Wait", the return of Kevin, "Captives" and Sherif Mills' episode, "Alex Annie Alexis Ann".

Okay, so...witches. We've had witches in the show before, but never in any significant way in relation to mythology or the arc of the season. However, we do know that Crowley purports to having a witch for a mother, who taught him a thing or two - which we saw play out in the episode "Clip Show" with his killer hex bags. It makes you wonder if he's going to know Rowena, especially as she appears to be Scottish too. Crowley, at one time was Scottish tailor Fergus MacLeod - or so he says! Is this Rowena character someone from his past? Or doe her history not stretch back that far. And why exactly is she recruiting followers? To what end? Mysterious!

Mean while in Heaven's camp... Who is going to be the blast from Hannah's vessel's past? That's kind of interesting isn't it? I've actually never thought about how an angel's vessel may run in to old friends or work colleagues or something! But it could most definitely happen! I've randomly run into people I know from Australia when I've been on the other side of the world! One time a friend of mine while on holiday OS, went into a pub in a backstreet of London to use the loo and sitting in there were two of our friends from work back home! I mean, the odds are outrageous, but it happens! I like the idea of Hannah having to deal with a person who knows her vessel. Interesting turn! How it complicates things for Cas and her I guess that depends on the direction their relationship is heading or who this blast is to Hannah's vessel.

Right, shall we check out the promo?

For some reason, we didn't get an extended promo this week...or a sneak peek (at least not yet)! Geesh! So we have a whole 21 seconds to deal with...though they crammed a bit in there.

What's a bet Dean isn't really on a dating app. That's got to be something else...but let's just enjoy the hell out of it for a moment! *(see later...)

I'm not sure about the using his real name and putting down the address of his super secret hunter's lair! I've noticed the boys being rather laissez-faire with their names of late! But yeah...I'm betting that what we're seeing here is absolutely not representative of what's actually happening in this scene! We promo producers like to do stuff like that. I love how in Seeking, Dean just has, Women. Bless!

Anyway, that's awesome and I can't wait to see what's actually going on with it...because somehow I don't think Dean Winchester is looking for a date (or would have to look if he actually wanted one). That photo is hilariously hot though!


I can't deny my heart may be racing the tiniest bit. OKAY A LOT! Sam is having way too much fun, Dean is super hot and so damn cute and the whole scene is just... GUH! Oh I love these two so much and even more so when they're all playful like this. AND OF COURSE DEAN'S ALERTS ARE BLOWING UP and..stuff!

"Rolling through town. No strings attached. Interested?" Oh, Dean you make me swoon.

Honestly...just between you and me, I've gone all thing!

Okay - now where the hell was, back to the promo!

There's a bit of kissing going on in this promo! Hannah is kissing Cas. Some girl is kissing Dean! Weeeeee! And is that Hannah nekid!? Hmmm! I'm very interested to see where the show takes the Castiel and Hannah relationship. I've been enjoying their blossoming friendship and I like the idea of Cas having an angel in his life who he can trust and who isn't out to use him or kill him! Hopefully Hannah will turn out to be that angel.

There's also a lot of demon smoke happening and that means some killing is going to go down...and by Dean...which most likely means MoC problems! That is a very bloody demon blade in Dean's hand there. Eeeep! I figure that Dean's struggle with the MoC is going to play into the mid-season finale and at least the beginning of the back end of the season - especially as Timothy Omundson spilled the beans at Burcon that Cain will be back in episode 14 of the season! How excitement! So I feel that we're going to start seeing the affects of the MoC ramping up now and starting to take hold. Poor Dean... Here's to the bros facing it're not alone Deano, remember that!

I will say, I've been totally enjoying the focus on the brothers and their relationship, it's been so wonderful to spend a bit of time with the Winchesters and I'm loathe to let go of those happy feels - but writing this up and looking at the pics and promo, I'm excited to see what happens next and see where this is all going. And the bros are all good...and like them, I can face anything if they're side by side!

Gah! I love this show so much!

There were some super fun behind the scenes photos released from this episode....

Hey look, Fake!Sam!

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to this one? Any theories on what's going to happen?
Hit me up in the comments! And enjoy the epi, everyone. See you on the flipside!


LATE MAIL! Click here for another sneak peek featuring Rowena - exclusive via TV|Line

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Review - Supernatural 10x06 "Ask Jeeves" - Isn't it Bromantic.

The last 3 episodes of Supernatural have left me with a great big happy. They really have! So much bro love… *sigh*

“Ask Jeeves” was fun! A tonne of fun! I laughed out loud a bunch of times. The cast was great. They played their rolls perfectly! And frankly, the reaction of the two sisters to Sam and Dean is the most realistic reaction ever depicted on the show! I never understand why everyone doesn’t double take when they first clap eyes on those boys! I mean…LOOK AT THEM!

Dean and Baby *sigh again*. I guess all this work he’s doing on her is his way of apologising for the lack of care she got during his time as Demon Dean!

I love that the last two episodes have opened with Dean tinkering with the car. Making her all perfect. It’s helluva sexy seeing Dean working on Baby... I could watch a whole episode of him doing just that! And there have been so many beautiful driving shots, both real and CG. Baby is getting back into form…just like Sam and Dean are.

Seeing the brothers working together and so in-sync…well it just makes my heart swell. Like I said last week, it’s lovely that they want to be together, driving down Crazy Street with their brother, as opposed to just being there because that’s where they always are. It’s just so great. I adored it when the hilarious, pheasant hunting Dash said to Sam about family…

“We don't really like each other... But then what family does?”

And Sam replied, “Mine does. For the most part. It's just my brother and me.”

Zinnnnnnng! There go my heartstrings! Bless you Sam Winchester. I love that they boys actually “like” each other on top of their love. Gosh. That was too perfect. Sammy’s had a couple of cracker lines lately. It’s just wonderful to see him so openly caring for and loving/liking Dean.

The episode had a fantastically sassy and playful script, with LOADS of great one-liners. I loved all the references to Cluedo (Clue) the game – the candlestick, iron pipe, rope, wrench, knife and pistol. The billiard table, attic, hallways, Mrs Peacock and Colonel Mustard – it was all spot on. The score danced around merrily sounding like an old whodunit movie. I guffawed at the dead body outline with its head drawn separately – that was gold and the actual decapitation was amazeballs! I think it’s my favourite decapitation the show has ever done and they’ve done a bunch!

The scenes with awkwardly ogled Sam were a pure joy. “I’m lactose intolerant”! I can’t even type that without laughing out loud! Jared’s comic timing was perfection. Then the scene on the couch as he tested the two women for being shifters as they snuggled into him! Too damn funny! And I gotta say, his “Darlin’” drawled out was… HUBBA! Swoonage all over the place! Dean’s reaction was just precious, “And it’s all going to hell, right here right now”. I loved how amused Dean was by Sam getting chatted up! He was loving Sam sweating! (And I’m not talking about the real sweat…like in the kitchen…Sammy all sweaty……….wait…what was I saying?)

The monster was a Shapeshifter and Shifters happen to be my favourite monsters in the Supernatural Universe. I liked that, similar to the baby Shifter in season six’s “Two and a Half Men”, she was born of an affair between her human mother and a Shifter father. Unfortunately, in the end she made the choice to be a monster. Sure, being locked in the attic most of your life is going to screw with your head a tad (!!), but when Sam said to her that being a monster was a choice, she plainly chose that route. The show since day dot has toyed with the idea of what constitutes being a monster; that it can be a choice as opposed to simply the way you were born or made. I love that we keep revisiting this theme, especially as how this episode ended. Eeep!

Dean going all Mark of Cain on Shifter Olivia was…well it was hot, let’s face it, smokin’ hot…but it was also a bit of a wake up out of my happy Winchester bubble! Sam sort of cowered on the floor as I sort of cowered on the couch! We knew the Mark would make a comeback, and this being Dean’s first kill since he was de-demoned... MEEP! That nasty-ass tattoo is going to need a good feed now. Damn it!

And then the final scene in the Impala as Sam, his brow all wrinkled with concern, asks Dean about what happened, was it the Mark or demon residue that made him shoot ALL the rounds into Olivia? I don’t think Dean’s mind even wants to go there. We know he’s concerned about the Mark of Cain – remember he mentioned still having it on his arm in “Paper Moon” – but I think he’s just not even remotely ready or willing to face the possibility that what happened to him in season nine, could happen to him all over again. So he turns up the denial along with the radio. What a very Dean reaction. Maybe if he doesn’t face it, it won’t happen. Frightened Dean makes my heart hurt.

But at least we know that come what may with this damn Mark of Cain, that the brothers are determined to face it together. This time around, I know that Sam will be right by Dean’s side doing whatever he needs to do to save his big brother. Epic yay! Epic *sigh*!

I’m going to be straight with you guys; one of the things I adored about the last three episodes was the focus on Sam and Dean. Of course, this was purposeful. Sam and Dean need to reconnect and get to know each other again out side of all the crap they’ve been piled under, so the focus had to be on them and their relationship to give the feeling of them rediscovering each other and remembering why they stay together through thick and thin. We needed to see them talking, working together, finding some harmony in their relationship again, LIKING each other even above their love. They needed to live it and we needed to be there living it with them. If they’d have simply jumped straight back into working side by side without the awkward conversations and the obvious gently-gently attitude they’re taking to their relationship, it may have felt jarring and untrue, but this way…it’s like we’re on the road to recovery along with them.

But I can’t lie…I HAVE LOVED IT. I know we all watch the show for different reasons, but this show is about the brothers for me and always will be. And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t love Cas and Crowley, I do, like, a lot...but…and like I said, I’m going to be straight with you guys…I don’t seem to miss them when they’re not around (and I feel a bit guilty about it.) When they’re in an episode I always enjoy them. Crowley is fantastic fun and Mark Sheppard has infused him with so much awesome, that I love him despite of the fact that Crowley really is a total bastard! And Misha has made me care for Castiel even when I haven’t much cared for his storylines! And I love the interplay of these characters with the boys and I’m very much onboard with the show’s perspective that these characters add another wonderful layer to the story and to the brother’s relationship (plus on a practical level, allow Jensen and Jared a bit of time off which I think has helped with them remaining so committed to the show.) But when Cas and Crowley are not there…when it’s just the brothers…I don’t wonder what they’re doing or what’s been happening in their worlds.

I think this show juggles the storylines of the three main characters super well…and yes I am calling Sam and Dean one character for the purpose of this statement – don’t yell at me, I know they’re individuals and have individual arcs too, but everything that happens to one, happens in some way to the other, so we usually have The Brothers, Cas, Crowley. Yeah? Okay… So, I think the show handles these 3 different storylines exceptionally well; the story always feels cohesive, but there’s something lovely about concentrating on just the one story for a bit.

I’ve been shockingly relaxed during the last three episodes! There’s been an old-school vibe I’ve loved and I’ve loved being able to concentrate solely on the aspect of this show I love the most…the boys. 10 seasons on, their journey still grabs me, keeps me interested, makes my heart race and jump out of my chest and swoon with love. I’m still rooting for them, I still care about them every single step of the way and I’ve appreciated having a bit of time to do that without them having to save the world, or worry about what the King of Hell is up to, or fret over all the Heaven crapola poor Cas has to constantly deal with. It’s been a lovely breather for them and me! 

Aaaaaaand…I think all that is about to end! Next week’s episode brings in the Rowena character and Cas and Crowley are both back and you know that the brothers are going to be sucked back into those worlds and those worries (along with us) and that damn MoC is going to be worrying us all as Dean kills again, and my nice little bromantic mini-break will be over! And I’m cool with it, because whatever happens next I’m on board and feel emotionally ready! Because the brothers seem to be a team again and the balance has been restored to my Universe!

But when my Supernaturally inspired stress levels start to sore, which undoubtedly they will, I’m going to close my eyes and remember my happy place of Dean working on Baby and Sam liking his brother and beers and the green cooler and “what she said”… 

I feel like the show has fortified me for moving forward just like it’s re-fortified the brother’s relationship. So I’m ready. Bring on the feels!


Oh and did you see this great pic that the actress who played Amber, Clare Filipow, tweeted? Looks like they had as much fun making this ep as I had watching it!

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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x06 "Ask Jeeves"

So, here we are at episode 201! I still haven't got over the awesomeness of 200 yet...and I doubt I ever will. But the season marches on...





Can we keep talking about THEN?

Okay...I know I have to move on.



Sam and Dean are going to play Cluedo!  (Or Clue for my American friends!)

Let's have a look at the synopsis!

DEAN GETS A SURPRISING MESSAGE FROM BOBBY’S CELL PHONE — Dean is surprised when he checks Bobby’s cell phone and hears a message that says Bobby or his next of kin have been named as a beneficiary in an heiress’ will. Hoping that means extra money, Dean talks Sam into hitting the road to claim their fortune. However, what they encounter at the house is far from a treasure chest. John MacCarthy directed this episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (1006). 

John MacCarthy is Johnny Mac, one of the show's first assistant director. He works on the even numbered episodes. He has also previous directed, "The Girl With The Dungeon and Dragon Tattoo" and "Rock and a Hard Place".

Last season Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder wrote "Dog Dean Afternoon" and "The Purge". I freakin' love "Dog Dean Afternoon"!


You know what else I love, the references to all the people in the boys lives that the show always remains true to. So many other shows, when someone dies, it's like they cease to exist. But whether it's John or Bobby or someone else, if they've been important to the boys, an important part of their lives, they stay in their lives, even though they're no longer there. I love, for instance, that they still talk about their dad. Because they would. And it's nice to see that recognised.

But here we have a Bobby reference, and it makes my heart happy. And maybe we might find out even more about Bobby's mysterious past! That always seems to be fun!

Let's check out the promo!

See! It's Cluedo! It was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the conservatory!

Have they done a murder mystery style episode before? I don't think they have. I can't deny it looks like fun. And I also can't deny that I'm enjoying just hanging out with the Winchester brothers for a bit. It's like, as they find each other again, I'm finding them again too. Not that I ever lost them, but you know what I mean. It's like rediscovering that gorgeous thing that these two have between them, at the same time as they do. I love it! And Dean's reaction at the end there? Just bless his horny heart. I love how he isn't ageist!

Okay...we also got a sneak peek this week (I'm rhyming now!)

I really love this clip and I don't even know why! Okay, maybe I do. Dean still tinkering with Baby. Sam bringing him coffee - a foofoo one at that. Dean knowing way to much about Tori Spelling (I love that Bobby watched that show)! Even the music is all sunshine and puppies! I played this clip about 3 times in a row, grinning just from the shear peacefulness of it! Like, how often do you watch a sneak peek and don't feel a bit freaked out. And Dean is wearing a gorgeous shirt! He's been shopping again.

Of course, I know this Winchester brotherly love fest can't last. We're only a few episodes away from the mid-season hellatus (booooo!), and the shit has to hit the proverbial soon. And we need to see what Cas and Crowley have been up to while Sam and Dean have been re-epicing their epic bond. And that nasty tattoo on Dean's arm has got to start rearing its ugly head, and Carver has said that will test the brother's reforged relationship. Then there's that Rowena chick out there about to do who knows what. 

But until then...I'm going to enjoy watching these two take this road trip, happy to be sitting next to each other again...the two of them, alone, but together…against the world.

I'll just be over here...lulled into a false sense of security.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Review - Supernatural's 200h episode "Fan Fiction" - "Keep Writing, Shakespeare"

It’s a rare show that makes it to 200 episodes, and an even rarer show that celebrates its 200th milestone by celebrating its fans. But that’s what our show did. Because it’s just that damn awesome.

I was excited about the 200th episode, everyone knows that! I took the damn day off work! I made sure that I was home and situated in time for the East Coast viewing. I closed twitter – even though I knew the Padaleski would be tweeting – because I didn’t want anything disturbing me. I wanted to immerse myself in the episode. Bask in it. I didn’t want anything interrupting this moment. This moment I’d waited 199 episodes for. Because this was my moment as much as the shows. And as the episode played out in front of my heart filled eyes, I realised that was exactly the message the show and everyone associated with the show was sending me, this is my moment, this is my show and any way I choose to love it and celebrate is okay with them. Just when I thought I couldn’t adore Supernatural any more… I fall head over heels for it all over again.

I started my journey with Supernatural in 2006, when the pilot first aired in Australia, and I’ve stuck with it through hell (no pun intended) and high water as Aussie TV bumped it here there and everywhere, took it off air, broke up the season, delayed its return and played it woefully late. It was before episodes could be obtained “elsewhere”, so we were at the mercy of the TV programmers! Then during the hellatus between seasons 4 and 5, I found the fandom. I’d been dabbling in the, now defunct, CW forums and then one night, on an old Supernatural Facebook page, while playing a game of name that Dean Winchester quote, I happened upon a couple of fellow Aussies, who introduced me to their friends, who introduced me to twitter, and KABOOOOOM! My life changed! 

All of a sudden I discovered a new world, with a whole lot of people that thought exactly like me! Loved the things I loved, didn’t make me feel like a weirdo and were happy to talk for hours about my favourite subject; Supernatural and my favourite brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Then, after my comments got longer and longer on my friend’s blog posts about the show, they encouraged me to start writing for myself. So the night before the 100th episode I started my sweetondean.tumblr, dedicated to Supernatural and Dean Winchester, and I started writing…

And here I am 100 episodes later writing up the 200th episode! Who woulda thunk it! I feel so damn bless. As Calliope would say, I can’t even!

When I heard what the show was planning for their 200th episode, a love letter to the fans that would be musicalish and set in an all girl’s school, I wasn’t worried. I’d seen them tackle the most meta of meta episodes in “The French Mistake” and somehow make it into a mythalone ep! I’d seen them cross a particularly tricky line in showing a Supernatural convention and yet somehow keep it context to the story of the season. I mean, I’d seen them discuss fan fiction and slash fiction and somehow keep it in context of the story, for heaven’s sake! So I had no doubt that whatever they chose to do with the 200th episode, they would knock it out of the park. This show is smart and self-aware and they’ve never disappointed me. 

And they sure as hell didn’t this time either!

I was in love with “Fan Fiction” from the THEN. From that typed page with Kripke’s name on it. It seemed like the most perfect way to start. And then the perfect just kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming.

I laughed, great big hearty out loud laughs. I cried, great big wracking, sobbing tears. I clapped my hands. I yelled out random things into an empty room. I whispered “Oh my God”. I clasped my hands to my heart. I balled my fists into my face. I grinned until I hurt. I had all the feels! Every feel there is to be had, I had it!

Every single moment was perfect. Every single reference. The little things, like Fake!Dean complaining of the Samulet hitting her in the mouth, mirroring Jensen’s own complaints about the amulet chipping his teeth! To the bigger commentary around shipping, both Destiel and Wincest, and how there’s room for all interpretations of the show in fandom. We may not always agree. For example, I’m not a shipper, but you have your story, I have my story, and the show has its story…and that’s the way it should be and we should all be able to respect that and enjoy it how we want to, because this is our show and how we interpret it is personal to us as individuals. I loved that message, it’s a good one to be reminded of, and I loved that though Dean was initially so hell-bent against everything Marie had interpreted for her version of Supernatural, by the end, he was okay with them having a different view. “Keep writing Shakespeare”, was as much for us as it was for Marie. And Sam playfully trying to figure out new names for “ships”! Bringing the fun back into shipping! It was just too perfect.

“Fan Fiction” was like a treasure trove of fandom Easter Eggs. Surely that robot head was a shout out to “It was a robot head!”, Misha’s much meme’d line from “Stonehenge Apocalypse”. Then there was, Fake!Dean’s fan fiction blonde hair! Real Dean turning Fake!Cas’ tie around before she goes on stage. Marie explaining the term Samulet to Dean. We even got an Adam mention! And Marie saying, “reasons” and Calliope saying, “I can’t even”…the episode was even written in our language! Robbie Thompson sure is in touch with this show and this fandom. Bless his heart. 

And then of course there were epic shoutouts, like the opening sequence with Dean tossing a gun into the trunk of the Impala and saying, “We got work to do”. Honestly, could that have been more amazing? We saw that scene with Sam tossing the gun at the end of the Pilot, and we saw it again but with Dean tossing the gun at the end of season 2. 

That whole scene with the brothers… Dean all greased up working on Baby. And surely the single layers were just for us! The show knows how we heartily complain about these beautiful men being layered up all the time! T-shirts and v-necked tops showing off everything - including perky nipples - to perfection…excuse me while I objectify…

I may have rewound and replayed this scene an embarrassing amount of times!

Every performance was a cracker. The all female cast did a stellar job

Marie and Maeve where as funny as all hell, Maeve in particular. Man, she was so dry with those deliveries! The singing was wonderful, everyone had lovely voices. And the songs! My gosh, how catchy are they? I already know all the words to The Road So Far and Single Man Tear – which makes me bawl. The rendition of Carry On Wayward Son was so gorgeous – and also makes me bawl - and I loved I’ll Just Wait Here Then! Flawless, the whole lot of it. And you know what I loved about these schoolgirl characters? They were smart and capable. Smart as a whip. Could stand up for themselves. And in the end, it was the girls who really saved the day! Marie killed the scarecrow and without Maggie and Mrs Chandler’s quick moves, Sam was looking like dead meat! 

And then there was Jensen and Jared and their astonishing comic timing. I know Jared always says he doesn’t do comedy, but the guy is damn funny (in real life too), and he can do Sam playfully pushing Dean’s buttons like nobodies business. Every single reaction was gold. Jensen, of course is some kind of comic genius! I was gasping with laughter at his uncomfortable Dean! I loved his awkward bow onstage. The way he was with Marie – loved his “Oh it needed to be burned” comment about the scarecrow. Dean treats everyone kind of the same, whether adult or teenage girl. I love that about him. And I love how he just rolls with a situation. He may be thrown at first, but somehow, he ends up fitting right in there. It’s a part of who he is that I adore (that and all his other parts…which sounds kinda dirty…oh well!). Oh and Jensen’s classic look to camera. Yes Mr Ackles, we know what you did there!

But for me, my favourite thing about “Fan Fiction” was Sam and Dean. Okay, that sounds like a “D’UH” moment! Sorry!

How I’ve waited for Sam and Dean to reconnect in a meaningful way. Sure there's been moments of harmony but since the events of season 4, the brothers have been torn apart again and again. Whether through trips to hell or Purgatory, or near death or actual death…one damn thing after another. In the past couple of seasons, though they have more often than not been at odds, they’ve also managed to tell each other some truths. Whether it was Sam opening up as to how he’s always felt, or telling Dean he’s a brilliant hunter, or Dean telling Sam he’s is and always will be his number one priority and of course, “I’m proud of us”, the brothers have really been getting some stuff out there! For good and for bad.

Personally, and this is my interpretation… I’ve felt the honesty, whether heartbreakingly brutal, or heartbreakingly beautiful, has all been part of the brother’s journey to understand each other as adults, as individuals, and bringing them to a place in their relationship where they remember why they are together…not just because of the job, but because of the love. They’re starting remember they WANT to be together. They want to be driving down Crazy Street with their brother. Because that is where they’re meant to be. Not out of fate or destiny, but out of love.

We saw that beginning of this reconnection in their lovely moments of honest communication in “Paper Moon” and we see more of it here in “Fan Fiction” as they continue to loosen up and recapture the fun side of their relationship. These guys have always been great at teasing each other, but when you’re pissed at someone, the last thing you want to do is affectionately poke fun. But here we are, with them poking fun with great big grins, left and right. “It’s not a Tulpa”. Oh my goodness…my love runneth over! Sam and Dean, being Sam and Dean…our Sam and Dean, the Sam and Dean who love each other beyond anything else, fandom’s Sam and Dean in fandom’s love letter. My heart was exploding.

The brothers always benefit from seeing their relationship reflected back at them through other people. It’s often the role of guest characters on this show to do that. To give the boys some home truths, or mirror the brother’s current situation. In “Fan Fiction” Sam and Dean got to see their entire lives mirrored back at them! And it was through the eyes of people who thought they were wonderful and heroes and who thought their journey was epic. I’m getting teary just thinking about it! 

And so we have Sam and Dean hearing their Fake!Selves talking about how they have to get back on the road…

Fake!Dean - You're right Sammy, out on the road, just the two of us.
Fake!Sam  - The two of us against the world!

Sam then turns to Dean… “What she said”


Then Sam and Dean, listening to the words of Carry On Wayward Son, a song that means so much to the Supernatural fandom and which words reflect our dreams of some form of peace for these brothers we love and adore… Their faces as they listened… feeeeeels! 

And the brother’s final moment. In the car. Silent. No words needed. As Dean hangs the Samulet on the rear-view mirror. Sure, he doesn’t need an amulet to remind him how he feels about his brother…but that one action, told Sam anyway. Then they drove off into the sunset…the two of them, alone, but together…against the world. I WAS BAWLING MY EYES OUT! Like sobbing. Uncontrollably. I might be crying now. Okay, I am!

Then just to kill us all, we end on Chuck! CHUCK! And don’t tell me it wasn’t all the more powerful because we know what Rob has been through and we know that we could have lost him. Seriously, I wanted to hug my TV…and I would have, if I weren’t in a ball on the couch crying my eyes out!

Oh man…this episode. I love it to the moon and back... (that's for my Batcave girls ).

In the end, it was the monster of the week that completely nailed why I love this show so much and why it’s so successful. Why Supernatural, a genre show on a tiny network that spent years on the bubble of renewal or cancellation, which has been moved so many times it’s literally been on every night of the week, which never gets any kudos from its peers, which until recently got virtually no media or press coverage or even promotion on its own network. Why this little show that could, has outlived so many other shows that we were told were better. Why this show has a fandom that has formed a family that includes the cast and crew…

Calliope - “Supernatural has everything. Life, death, resurrection, redemption -- but above all, family. All set to music you can really tap your toe to. It isn't some meandering piece of genre dreck, it's... epic.”

Yep. Epic.

I could go on and on and on about this episode, all the wonderful lines, all the kickass (kick it in the ass) moments...I really could, but I'll just end on...

Congratulations Supernatural, and thank you. I love you. 

And fandom, thank you too...