Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Supernatural Spoiler-palooza! Season 9 Finale spoiler round up.


Once upon a time I used to flee from spoilers. I used to hide out in the panic room and stay entirely spoiler free for the last 3 episodes of the season!

That was then. This is NOW!

Now I devour spoilers like a Leviathan devours people who irritate him! And the spoilers for the season 9 finale, "Do You Believe In Miracles" have me feeling tingly all over. Actually, maybe it's lack of oxygen from hyperventilating! Whatever, I am EXCITED (or passing out.)

So because I'm excited to infinity and beyond, I thought I'd bring together into one place, a bunch of the best spoilery bits we've been given over the last week.

So here we go, welcome to the Supernatural Spoiler-palooza!

For the specific purpose of this post, please call me sweetonspoilers! (Thanks for that one Angie!)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of the Supernatural Season Finale! 9.23 "Do You Believe In Miracles"

*runs around screaming*

Well. This is it. The season 9 finale. Ahead us lies unknown horror followed by 5 months of hand wringing! Remind me why we watch this show again? Oh yeah...because IT'S AWESOME!

So let's take a quick look at what's been going on....



Sam was dying after going through the trials and stopping short of closing the gates of Hell. To save his brother, Dean did a deal with an unknown angel, and tricked Sam into saying "yes" even though he knew that Sam would not be on board with his plan.

The angel Dean let inside Sam turned out to be an impostor and not the angel Dean thought him to be. When said angel, (revealed to be Gadreel, the angel who let Lucifer into the garden), teamed with Metatron, in order to demonstrate his allegiance, Metatron made him kill Kevin. So Gadreel, wearing Sam, burned Kevin out of his body while a helpless Dean watched on. A-wahhhh!

When Sam was finally released from Gadreel's possession, he let loose a world of angry hurt onto his brother, implying to Dean that he no longer felt that Dean was a brother to him and allowing Dean to believe that Sam would not save Dean if placed in the same situation.

This, along with Dean's own guilt over what he did to Sam and what happened to Kevin because of his actions, made Dean flee and in a desperate state, team up with Crowley who managed to manipulate Dean, which led to finding Cain, taking on the Mark of Cain no questions asked and agreeing to kill Abaddon if Crowley could bring him the First Blade. The tragic play was set in motion.

Dean is now infected by the Mark and all that comes with it - a terrible burden. Every time he uses the First Blade, he becomes more bound to it and addicted to the power that surges through him. Every kill seems to make him stronger. He can even move the Blade with his mind!

Sam, even though still pissed at his brother, has put his feelings of hurt to the side for the time being, as his concern over Dean's behaviour increases. Sam is worried. As well he should be.

Regardless of all of this, the brothers remain together, even with everything said and done and through their emotional estrangement.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promo photos from Supernatural season 9 finale! "Do You Believe In Miracles"

Well. This is IT! The season 9 finale. I am full of scaredness! Everyone is freaking me out...particularly you, Jensen! Sush! You're frigtening us! (Never sush, we love listening to you.)

So here are the promo pics for the SEASON FINALEEEEEEEEEEE. *insert echo echo echo*.

Ready? Let's flip out together! Weeeeee!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 9.22 "Stairway To Heaven"


(Nobody says penultimate)

Well, we're nearly there. Nearly at the finale. I don't know whether to cheer, scream or cry!

Last week Abaddon was dispatched by a Mark of Cain activated, First Blade wielding, moving things with his mind, the power of The Force, Bloodlust filled, uber hot Dean!

So one down...one...or maybe two...to go!

Now that Crowley is, I guess, back in charge of Hell...it's the war for Heaven that will have everyone's attention. That and the Mark of Cainnnnnnnnnn! MARK OF CAINNNNNNNNNNN!

Let's check out the synopsis...shall weeeeee?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Women of Letters Supernatural Podcast - "King of the Damned"

In this latest rather epic edition of the Women of Letters podcast, Jules from the Supernatural Wiki and I talk all about Supernatural episode 9.21 "King of the Damned".

About recurring mythology, the Mark of Cain, problem kids, timey wimey stuff and important issues like epic bow legs and Padahair!

You can download the podcast here or via iTunes here.

If you want to contact us to discuss anything in the podcast or about Supernatural, ask us questions or suggest podcast topics for the impending hellatus, you can email us at wolspn@gmail.com


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Spoliers Sweeties! Sneak Peek Supernatural 9.22 "Stairway to Heaven"

Ohhhhhh I love this sneak peek. Every single second of it. Every. Single. Second.

Let's take a good look.

Things to ponder...

DEAN IS NOT SLEEPING. This fills me full of worry. Does this mean The Mark/Blade combo is affecting his soul? As in Soulless!Sam never slept either. Or is he just so jacked up with power, he's running on adrenaline and doesn't need sleep? Or is this a demon thing? Demons I assume, like angels do not sleep. So whatever the Mark is doing to Dean, it's changing him on a pysiological level. Kind of like the trials were doing to Sam. I wonder, and I assume not, did Cain sleep? Oh man... my stomach hurts.

This takes place 2 hours after they got home from "King of the Damned". I like this timeline, it gives a real sense of urgency. The last 2 eps must happen over days.

I love getting a glimpse into the boy's bedrooms. It makes me feel good and a bit gooey to see that they have that space. Nawww.

Sammy is sleeping fully clothed on the bed. Exhausted I assume, but also, ready? Looks like he was sleeping with his hand on his gun, that's odd. It was hard to tell because Dean's hand was in shot, but it was such a quick draw, I'd say his gun was under/in his hand under the pillow as opposed to simply stashed under the pillow. Maybe what Dean said in the car about nothing getting in his way has put Sam's guard up even higher, because they are in the bunker where they should feel relatively safe. It gives me feels and not the good kind.

The whole waking Sam up and tossing his shoes on the bed thing made my inner, well my outer, Winchester brothers fangirl squee because we rarely see that kind of thing between them. That close proximity comfort...what is that, like a casual intimacy (not that kind!) that comes with being brothers. Even though it was not coming from that place I guess, more Dean being on bloodlust remote control and just wanted Sam up, but, I don't know, I just liked the whole concept of that little scene. Also, Dean being a brat and waking his bro with blaring music. I feel like he would have done that with or without the Mark!

Sam didn't even have enough time to get real bedhead. He looks pretty all single layered, snoozy and ruffled... mmmmm snoozy, bed ruffled Sam.

I love that Sam goes and grabs a coffee. Once again, it's those little things in the bunker that make me squeeful because it's homey and I like that they have this place.  :')

Dean talking about Cas being a weird, dorky little guy and making Sam laugh and smile. Bless. Dean is still in there making jokes. Dean is still in there... DEAN IS STILL IN THERE (she says with hope and fear).

Magic this powerful comes at a price.

Magic this powerful comes at a price.

Magic this powerful comes at a price.

Thank you Captain Obvious. And yes, we have no clue what that price is. Can someone pin Crowley or Castiel down and see if they know? UGH! They need to know what the terrible burden is. I NEED TO KNOW!

Hey, I wonder if Tessa knows...

If it wasn't so clear that The Blade/Mark combo is doing something to Dean, that ugly assed thing would be going with them everywhere, but I love how Sam broaches leaving it behind for Rage!Dean reasons. He doesn't TELL Dean, because that would never work, he poses it as a question, "Do you think we need the First Blade, why don't we just leave it here?" Nice way to gently open the discussion without force.

"You don't have to have it with you all the time, right?" I loved this too, clever, because what's Dean going to say... yes? Because, right now yes he does, but that would mean openly admitting that to himself, which Dean never likes to do even when he knows it's true, and worse, admitting it to Sam. Nice work there Sammy.

I hope Sam didn't believe Dean when he said he was "fan-friggin-tastic". I sure hope Sam doesn't believe that for one second.

And you know, the minute Sam's back was turned that blade went straight in Dean's duffel....

And here's the evidence...

Great clip. 


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Spoliers Sweeties! Promotional photos from Supernatural 9.22 "Stairway to Heaven"

It's the penultimate episode! (Who says penultimate). OH MY G'

Here are some photos to set your brains a whirring!

Ohhhh Tessa! I love Tessa. I love the Reapers. Don't kill her. Usually I'd say Dean would make sure she was okay, because they have history and he likes her...but right now, I don't know, what with Dean having activated the Mark of Cain!

Mmmmmmmmmm.... pretty. 

I think I'm going to like this scene. I like this photo! I like how Dean is all reaching out across the table.

(Don't kill Tessa)

Deano sweetie, put the angel blade down! Does that blade look a bit well used or is that just the lighting?

Speaking of lighting. Check out the next series of images featuring Sam and Cas who obviously team up while Dean tries to get information out of Tessa the Reaper. The lighting is so pretty in these scenes.

Cas looks like he's modelling. Sam looks startled by the chic.

Oh this is a glorious shot of Sam...

They swung by the local disco ;D

Where does this door go?! 

What's Metatron up to now? A night out with his bowling league?

Oh hey's Gadreel. Are you secretly working against Metatron now, or are you just as dim as you were when you first decided to join up with him. (He's so dim...)

Metatron is my favourite evil character in a long time. Not counting Crowley of course, who I have to remind myself is evil! Metatron is just so annoyingly perky with his evilness. He's gleefully evil! You know he's all powerful, you know he knows it, but he toys with everyone like a kitten with a bug. Pat, pat, pat around the room. It's genuinely scary and also makes you hate him. But I'm enjoying hating him! And Curtis Armstrong eats up every scene he's in. But I do want Metatron to get what he deserves. You know what would be cool? If he was stripped of his angel powers and he became just an odd little guy who read a lot. I bet he'd hate that. I think he has a bit of a complex...

So there you go peeps...a sneaky look at the second to last episode of the season. All angelic by the looks. I wonder where the Crowley/Abaddon situation is by this point.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 9.21 "King of the Damned"



Sorry...but this title gives me fearful feels for some reason.

Hi and welcome to another squee filled preview! This one might be a bit more squeeful than usual because oh my gawd...ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON!

And we have...

The brothers still not on solid ground (hey, what's new)...but they're working together and seem to have fallen back into their go-to relationship of simply working together and not facing anything... Yeppers.

Dean has the Mark of Cain and he's getting more and more gnarly as time goes on.  He also gets hotter. So I think we might be in trouble as he's going to get darker for sure...which means hotter...which means... KAPOWEEEE AMY!

Sam now has worry, you can see it in his swirly worry lines on his pretty forehead and also in the occasional, um Dean about that beheading the vampire thing, attempt to talk to his even-more-closed-off-than-usual brother. Gulp.

Crowley has the First Blade and some nefarious plan for Dean.

Abaddon is still an angry ginger.

Castiel is leading the rebellion against the Empire... wait, no it's against Metatron.

Gadreel is lurking like an angel who lurks with intent to do something we don't know what yet.

Metatron is trying to write the story of his life with him as an epic hero. But as Chuck once said, writing is hard!

Heaven is closed. The veil is chockers. Hell is, well even more hellish.

Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria. Okay that's not really a plot point of the season, maybe season 10.

So those are the things that are all about to intersect as these things do in Supernaturaland!

How about the synopsis for this episode....

ABADDON BLACKMAILS CROWLEY — Castiel (Misha Collins) captures one of Metatron’s angels (guest star Gordon Woolvet) and asks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help with the interrogation. Dean eagerly accepts, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam. Meanwhile, Abaddon (guest star Alaina Huffman) demands Crowley (Mark Sheppard) help her kill Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). When he refuses, she reveals her shocking bargaining chip. Also, Castiel (Misha Collins) sets a meeting with Gadreel (guest star Tahmoh Penikett). PJ Pesce directed the episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (#921). 

PJ Pesce is new to Supernatural. He's directed a fair amount of TV, including Fringe and a few others...and notably to me, he directed Lost Boys 2! HA! I will seriously watch anything Lost Boys... Eugenie and Brad are well known to us. They have been markedly improved with their episodes in season 9, but I know a lot of fans see their names and get a little wobbly. "Blade Runners" was their last episode and that was bloody awesome! Just sayin'.

Okay, so the boys go and help Cas interrogate an angel. Oh, so we're torturing again? Just channelling 2009 Dean here! Oh hang on... there's this too.

BAHAHAHA! Cas is obviously happy to see the Winchesters. Dean's face tho.

Okay where was I. Oh... lookit here, is that Gavin MacLeod? Ye olde son of Crowley? Is that Abaddon's bargaining tool?

I don't know if the Angry Ginger's plan is going to be very successful! Though as a fan said to me, with Crowley's humanity in play, maybe he'll feel differently about seeing his son this time around (remember when Bobby summoned Gavin in "Weekend at Bobby's"). Though I think Crowley's humanity is well under control and is only in play when he needs it to manipulate Dean. Whatever happens, I'm sure Crowley will work this whole thing to his advantage.

Let's check out the promo from the CW.

That little flashy edit in and out of Dean's face as he's having Mark of Cain feels... unf quite frankly. That should make me feel all worried but it makes me feel rather differently! Still...objectifying and overshares aside, that does look terribly troubling. I'm so very frightened and yet excited for what's going to happen with Dean before the end of the season.

So... questions raised.

Who do you think the title relates to? *whimper*

Do you think Cas can talk Gadreel, the not the sharpest tool in the garrison angel around to betraying Metatron?

Who does Abaddon shoot? Looks like it might be whoever is in the chair in the buttoned down shirt and cardy. Who is that dead man/some other entity?

Is Crowley doing the old triple cross here? Playing Abaddon off against the Winchesters.

And here's a doozy... do you think Dean kills Abaddon in this episode and that sets off a chain reaction in him with the Mark of Cain that leads us nowhere good in the next two episodes? Because her name does not appear in the last two synopsis!

And...do you think Sam will be able to bring Dean back from the brink?

What do you think will happen to Dean if he does get to use the First Blade on the last Knight?  Will he become immortal like Cain, destined to live forever as those he loves and knows die around him? Wouldn't that be Dean's worst nightmare? Not being able to die, even when he wanted to because the one person he lived for was no longer alive. ARGH! FEELS. FEEEEEELS.

But who knows, right? I just watch this show and I don't attempt to ever figure out where the writers are going to take us.

Supernatural is like a rollercoaster. You know there's going to be ups and downs, that you're going to have your heart in your mouth and your tummy is going to flip. You know there's going to be twists and turns you didn't see coming. You know you're going to scream and laugh and your eyes will undoubtedly water at some stage. And then when it comes to a halt, you know you're going to feel a bit wobbly, a bit scared, but excited and exhilarated and you're going to turn around and get right back on! So just pull down that safety bar, keep your hands inside the carriage at all times, HOLD ON AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

There is no sneak peek yet. I DON'T KNOW WHY! But if one happens, you'll know where to find it. Same goes for the CHCH promo.

So what do you think? Are you excited or scared out of your wits?

Enjoy the episode...enjoy the show! And thank Chuck for season 10!


OKAY! Here we go with the sneak peek!

Wow. Castiel's hub of operations is rather impressive! The nerd angel has been busy. Probably easier when you're an angel to set up something like this I guess, but colour me impressed.

I love that the boys give Cas the blokey pat on the back hug, very different to the Winchester, hang on to your brother and never let go hug that the boys give each other. But hey, at least they now hug Cas back! Even Dean, who is less than effusive about, well anything except the opportunity to torture the information out of an angel. And on that, I must admit my hackles went up a bit along with how Dean's seemed to (until he embraced it), when Cas said he brought them on board essentially to do just that, torture information out of an angel. Geesh. For some reason that gave me a frowny face. I love how I can feel indignant for my boys! Ha! Though Cas does let them know they don't have to if they don't want to... but Dean's right, he called them in to be his heavies! Maybe he thinks they could get the information out of him psychologically. Um.Yeah. Dean's response tho. UGH. Flat, cold. UGGGGGH. So scary. (And hot). I'm so scared for Dean. So scared. And I hope Sam uses is outside voice soon to convey what's on his face. He be worried about his bro.


Hello CHCH promo...giving us what we need! See, now, if I was doing the promos for this show (I WISH), this is how I'd go. I think the Mark of Cain is the big hook at this stage and most of us are jonesing for more on it like Dean is jonesing for The Blade. This promo gave me thrills and chills, thrills because...IMPALA TALK. Oh my gosh, do the brothers actually have a bit of dialogue about how The Blade and The Mark are making Dean feel? Is Dean actually telling Sam stuffs? Not that he looks terribly troubled by the fact that once he touched That Blade he knew that he wouldn't be stopped. Also, any time Sam yells DEAN gives me lovely feels. I believe he's the only person who can get through to Dean in any significant way. Dean beating the snot out of someone. Fist all bloody. Sam yelling his name. Hair all epic. YES.

I must say, I am properly terrified about what's going to happen, especially reading Jensen's reaction to the season final when he read the script (as reported out of his meet and greet). I think this is going to be threat level red! I can't even prep my feels because I can't imagine where this is all heading. Well I can, but anything I concoct freaks me out so I push it out of my brains!

Anyhoo, on that rather dour note, this episode looks stuffed full of awesome! Enjoy!