Sunday, 28 August 2011

Talking about the Supernatural anime...

So, I've seen the whole Supernatural anime series and it was....ok. To be honest, I'm not a big one for anime, I've not watched anything in that vein since I was a kid and there was a lot of Japanese animation on, like Speed Racer and Battle of the Planets.

The main thing I found about the Supernatural anime was I really didn't like their interpretation of Dean. Sam I thought was good, but Dean, he was pretty ridiculous. The faux Jensen did a decent job on the voice, but the character lacked the depth Dean has. Also, the script here and there was horrible and everyone wore hats, Bobby, John, the YED, which struck me as odd. It was a little peculiar to hear Jared, who voiced all 22 eps as Sam, bouncing off faux Jensen/Dean. When they brought Jensen in for the final 2 eps of the season, it improved out of sight. I know I'm one eyed, but honestly it did! He is a damn good actor and it just brought the level up. One thing I liked though was the visuals...they were pretty dang cool and over the top.

Anyway, here are a couple of compiles of interview grabs of the boys talking about the Supernatural anime, prior to it's release.

New tattoos...Supernatural style!

So, this happened today...

I added to my tattoo collection. These two make 6 and 3 Supernatural themed tattoos.

I got my first Supernatural themed tattoo, 'faith' after LACon. I got it for a couple of reasons. I believe you have to have faith. Faith in yourself, faith in the people around you and faith in what makes you happy. But that's not the real reason I got this. At LACon I had a lot of people telling me not to be too excited about meeting Jensen. That he was standoffish, that he never smiled, that he wouldn't touch. I had so many people telling me this, but I just wouldn't listen, because I had faith. I had faith that the man that I'm crazy about would live up to my expectations. I had faith that all the wonderful things I had read about him, all the wonderful things his co-stars had said about him, his commitment to his friends and family, I had faith that all these things would shine through and be reflected in who he is and I would be able to see this. My faith was reward a million fold, because Jensen was more than I could have ever hoped for. He smiled, was warm and friendly, hugged. His heart and soul simply shined through. He was even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside, if that's even fathomable. Also, and in no way insignificantly, Faith is my favourite episode of Supernatural. So it works on a lot levels.

The two I got today are; Japanese script of Supernatural and the quote "We keep each other human"

I loved the idea of having the show title cut into my skin. It's just that important to me. I loved the idea of sitting it next to faith. But I'm one for the obtuse, I didn't want an obviously Supernatural inspired tattoo, so I got this created and I adore it. It says Supernatural, but no-one will know. It's my secret Supernatural tattoo!

"We keep each other human" is something that Dean says to Sam at the end of The End. I loved this quote from him, because beyond everything, the Angels, the Devil, the fact that they were both vessels, he is still all about his brother. Heaven and Hell were ripping them apart, but in a moment of clarity, Dean knew, no matter what, Sam and him had to stay together. Whether he thought it was a great idea, whether he thought he could trust Sam, it didn't matter, because in the end, all that's important is their relationship, his brother, his family. Without each other they are lost. Two halves of one whole.  They are all they've got. They keep each other human. To me this quote defines Dean and defines the brother's relationship. The fact that it's also a favourite episode written by Ben Edlund my favourite writer, just adds to it's meaning.

So there we go. One thing I can guarantee you, these will not be my last! In fact my friend Hazel (who also has 'faith' and will be getting the Japanese script of Supernatural) and I will be getting a little something something while we're in the States, for Chicago con, seeing our boy Jensen, who bought us together and is responsible for so much pleasure and a little bit of pain in our lives.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jensen the golfer....

When Clif tweeted a new photo today, of him and Jensen playing golf up in Whistler over the weekend, it got me to thinking, geeze I have a lot of photos of Jensen playing golf! We all know he's serious about it. We've heard him talk about it. It was even referenced as a gag in Exile On Main Street when Sam found Dean had golf clubs in the hall closet. Apparently, he's a good player. Last week he shot a one over par 37, 9 hole round with Clif, which was his best score to date.... I have no idea what that means, even though I've played a bit of golf in my day, including having lessons from a pro and competing in the Warner Bros charity event, which I'm invited to again this year. I'm pretty crap though. I just like to hit the ball hard....

Anyway, as I said, Clif's latest tweet got me to thinking, I have a lot of photos of Jensen playing golf, about to play golf, just played here are a few....

Of course he doesn't just play golf.....

He plays tennis


And as we all

And how could I not include....

Photos are not mine, various credits including Clif Kosterman, Jason Manns and Mikey Roe

Monday, 22 August 2011

Supernatural night shoot - 7.04

Here are a few photos from a night shoot on Fraturday - the Friday night that stretches into Saturday, August 19/20.

Some of my Aussie friends, in town for the Vancouver Supernatural convention, caught a bit of the action from this shoot. They also grabbed a few photos with the Impala and handed their Ducknation ducks to Clif personally! They only saw Jared that night, Jensen was there but not in view.

Apparently in this scene, an actress is attacked and Sam rushes in to save the day.

Original source: Just Jared

Supernatural Season 7 episode titles - episodes 1 - 9 if you don't want to know the episode titles for the first 9 episodes of Supernatural season 7 look away now!

7x01: Meet the New Boss
7x02: Hello, Cruel World

7x03: The Girl Next Door
7x04: Defending Your Life

7x05: Shut Up, Dr. Phil
7x06: Slash Fiction
7x07: All in the Family
7x08: The Mentalists
7x09: Season Seven, Time for a Wedding

Well...what do you think? I am busting for episode 5 because that's the one with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters....oh yeah!

Jensen and Jared (and Jensen's arms) onset with E! Online

So I woke up this morning to a 3 part video interview with Jensen and Jared on the set of Supernatural. E!'s Dru Moorehouse visited the Vancouver set recently to get the scoop on season 7 from the boys.

They were in a pretty chatty mood....and a pretty spoilery mood, so if you know nothing about the upcoming storyline for season 7 or that particular Angel, beware....there be some spoilery spoilers ahead.

I have to say, it took me about 3 watches to even absorb anything that Jensen or Jared were saying  because I was obsessively staring at Jensen's arms! Holy sweet jebus take the boy is looking buff! I reiterate my previous freely stated belief, that he should only be allowed to wear t-shirts that cling to his biceps in that manner. In addition, Jared, who I thought was looking leaner but just as lovely, should only be allowed to wear v-necks. If I was the new President of the CW I would have that written into their contracts. 

As someone on twitter said today, Jensen's arms must be really something to distract you from his face. But I objectify...a lot. The boys are adorable and funny in these 3 little clips....they make me feel all warm and gushy inside. I seriously can not wait to be in their presence again come October!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kiss Your Cas Goodbye...

Well, didn't this little promo cause a wave of disent and disharmony across the fandom, when it screened during the re-run of Mommy Dearest yesterday. Me personally, I think it's a rockin' promo. I thought the CW did an awesome job for a change, I thought wow great line....kiss your Cas goodbye! I thought, bring it on, I can't wait! What I didn't think was, oh no, they're gonna kill Cas, the show is ruined, it's over. I didn't think that because, I think that's horseshit. Maybe I should just give you a second to watch the promo.....

Well? Good huh? It does leave me with a little sick feeling in my stomach though....not because of Cas and the fact that he's obviously in a high degree of peril here, not because of the change in his character, which I prefer to call plot development, but because I saw the chatter on twitter and tumblr and it did two things; it made me a bit pissy and it made me groan. Pissy because, as someone who's been a fan of Supernatural since the first moment it aired on TV back in 2005, I don't believe Castiel, no matter how marvellous he is, is the centre of this show. Groan because I thought, geeze, if they kill him what the hell is the fallout going to be? I'm going to have to stay offline for a couple of weeks for fear of taking out a minion or two!

Now before everyone gets all angry with me, I understand the allure of Cas and of Misha. Misha in particular. I've met him twice and when I go to Chicago Con in October, he's the only person outside of the Js I've booked photos with. I find him not only unbelievably pretty, but inspirational and downright naughty and as an Aussie, I love someone with a bit of cheek. It's just, well, I get super offended when it's implied that the show sucks without him. Like SUPER OFFENDED. Because you know what, it doesn't and it never will, because the show is more than that. This basically, is my only gripe, that those kind of things are said, "oh without Misha the show is boring" "oh without Castiel there is no Supernatural." Good God, my blood is starting to bubble under my skin just typing that. It's just bollocks, as our friend Crowley would say.

I never expect this fandom to be moderate, I know we all get our knickers in a twist about the smallest of things, but this attitude offends not only the fans who dearly love the show for all it's parts, but also the people who spend long hours making it, including, but not in isolation, the Js. Let's face it, it's their show. They're the stars. It's the story of the Winchester brothers and their journey. How must it feel to have people saying the show might as well just go off the air without that one character. It's hurtful, disrespectful and unappreciative.

What do I want in regards to Castiel? I want the best possible story for him and for Supernatural and if that means he goes out with a bang, then he goes out with a bang and I'll be there, watching, to see how that pans out. Sure, if he goes I want him to go out a hero. I want him redeemed. I want Dean and him to have some sort of relationship restored. I want all those things like everyone else. I have a lot of love for Cas. But if after that, Castiel is gone, I will be cool with it, because if it's handled well, if it's the best thing for the story, then I'm behind it. Because this is a TV show, with a story to tell and as much as we feel we are a part of it, I would hate for the show to fall into fan service. It's better than that. If the story is better served without a beloved character, if that character has had his arc, then so be it. I want Supernatural to be daring. I want it to push my buttons. It always has and I hope it always does.

I'm not a great believer that the status quo is always the best way. Sometimes we've got to take risks. Throw it all to the wind and see where everything falls. Change is part of life. No point fearing it. People change. Characters change. Shows change. And yes, our allegiances change. I just hope that if the creative team behind Supernatural have decided that the Angel storyline has run its course and there's no more room in the Winchester's journey for the character of Castiel, that those that are particular fans of him are respectful. That they give the show a go regardless and even if they don't, that they understand those of us that are cool with, if heartbroken by, this change. I understand it's going to be very painful for some and I promise to be respectful in return. I get it. I think he's awesome too. But if the show is being trashed on this one point, without even being given a fair go, then my mother lion will rise up and I will protect what I believe in ferociously. Justsayin...

You know, the great thing about TV is that if you don't like it you can shut if off, unlike some people. If you don't like it, I'd rather you did just shut if off than spoil the experience for those of us who still have a vested interest.  Like I always say, most of us watched the show before Cas and I know I will have no problem watching it beyond Cas....that is assuming they kill him off....and surely if there's one thing we've learnt from Supernatural, you can never assume anything...right?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

First post...

I've been thinking for a while now, (yes that's the rattling noise you've heard), about moving my blog over from tumblr to blogger. I haven't really decided to do that yet. I love my tumblr. It's been active for a couple of years. I have nearly 800 followers. I've 'liked' nearly 11,000 posts. I have blogged 1.5 seasons of Supernatural on there. I have written various pontifications on the show. I have constructed bad Haikus, counted down to the new seasons and more importantly, counted down to LACon, which is by far and away the single best experience of my entire life. So you see, giving up tumblr, moving away from tumblr, starting up a new blog here....well it's a tough decision.

So, essentially, let's say I'm still thinking about it. I've had this blog sitting here ready to go for about 2 months as I try and decide what to do.

So why am I considering the move?

I guess by starting a new blog, it frees me up to talk about other things. I've been pretty strict on myself on sweetondean.tumblr. I've tried to keep it as pure as humanly possible. But maybe if I start a new blog I can branch out. I can talk about things surrounding Supernatural instead of just Supernatural. I can talk about other shows, (there are other shows?), I can talk about Jensen Ackles rather than Dean Winchester. Wait. What? Well to be honest, on sweetondean.tumblr, I've only ever talked about the cast in relation to the convention.

Bottom line.... I'm considering it. Keep my tumblr for pretty pictures and reblogs and move my writing to theory that does sound pretty awesome.

So yeah, new season, new blog? In that case maybe I should have called this one sweeterondean!