Friday, 22 July 2016

Supernatural at San Diego Comic Com 2016

-by sweetondean

Welcome to sweetondean's 2016 San Diego Comic Con coverage...and no, I'm not there...I'm basically Ariel in this scenario! But even though I'm home in Sydney, I will be keeping an eye on goings on and trying to collate as much Supernatural news as I can, right here!

This year, in addition to the Supernatural panel on Sunday in Hall H, press interviews and Nerd HQ panels, a whole host of Supernatural alumni will be there with new shows and comics and cool stuff!

Past showrunners Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver will be there with their shows - Timeless, The Magicians and Frequency; Writers Ben Edlund, Robbie Thompson and Adam Glass will also be there with their projects, The Tick, Spiderverse/Marvel and Brik.

Felicia Day will be doing panels at Geek and Sundry, Nerdist and NerdHQ, and the Gishbus will be in attendance, with Misha doing a special panel on Saturday.

And Big Daddy John Winchester - AKA JDM will be in attendance with a nasty baseball bat for The Walking Dead!

There will also be other past cast members attending panels with their new shows. So lots of stuff to look forward to!

So I'll be pulling together, photos, panel videos, press interviews and all sorts of goodies!

Let's kick off the coverage of a huge 4 days!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Writing on the Wall - A Study of God's Role in Supernatural Season 11... Part 2 - The Redemption Angle: Metatron, Gabriel, Gadreel, Cas and Lucifer

- by Anna

I had postulated in part 1 that if Chuck/God had been the one to send Sam's vision in Baby, then why didn't he warn Sam about Lucifer as well?  My belief is that not only did God want to save his sister, but he wanted to save his children as well, to offer them a shot at redemption.  Family, that's what this show has always been about and it's my belief that Chuck/God wanted to save his family, and at what point did God put his plan to do that into effect?  My guess, the moment Heaven was commanded that Sam and Dean Winchester be born.  Chuck/God kept talking about the Chosen and it got me thinking of who that could possibly include, other than the obvious, so I went back and compiled a short list of those of God's children who redeemed themselves.  I can't help but believe that God had known all along that all of these children would eventually seek redemption.  Perhaps God had known this to be the case all along, and why He chose them to begin with.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Writing on the Wall - A Study of God's Role in Supernatural Season 11 - Part 1

- by Anna

When Season 11 came to its conclusion it became clear to me what its true meaning was all about, what Show has always been about really, and that's family.  Sam and Dean Winchester, created by Heaven, at God's command, who would come to represent what Chuck/God wanted for himself. It is through Sam and Dean Winchester that God finally achieves his goal. From the moment Chuck appeared in Don't Call Me Shurley, I started to believe I understood what He was really doing, how he had carefully orchestrated the situation so that it came to the conclusion he so desperately desired. As I watched the final four episodes, it occurred to me what Chuck/God had been trying to achieve, what he wanted to achieve all along. He wanted his family. Personally, I think the writing on the wall has been there long before the beginning of Season 11. I can honestly go back to the Pilot, when it all began, but that would be more of a novel than an article! I thought it would be fun and a nice time killer during hiatus to go through the episodes of this season where I found evidence to present to you all examples that would go toward proving my theory, that Sam and Dean were in fact Chuck's/God's weapon for not only saving the world, but for saving Chuck's/God's family. I hope that as we go through the eps that you might be able to see, as I do, that the writing has been on the wall all along and it's at the conclusion of the finale that one might see the big picture.

As this is a bit of a length study - it will be presented in 2 parts!  So I will now take you on the first part of a journey through Season 11 and what were the moments for me, that provided evidence of the big picture, of not only what Alpha & Omega was all about, but what Show has always been all about since the day it began going on 12 years ago.