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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x20 "Angel Heart"

4 episodes to gooooooooooooooo!


Yep, there are 4 episodes left in season 10...and yep I am going to be counting down each week! I can't believe the season is nearly over! It seems to have whized by so fast...but on the flipside, "Black" seems like a millennia ago! Remember that time Dean was a demon? YES I DO AND IT WAS SCARY AND LET'S NOT HAVE IT EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Even though it was hot. See! I'm selfless enough to put my hotness feels on the back-burner for Dean's soul!

It's the pointy/hurty end of the season now. Every episode will address this season's mythology and character's arcs, and may even set up some game pieces for season 11! Because don't forget, the team had a real early pickup, so they had plenty of time to start to plan the next stage of TORTURE FOR US!

Ugh. And yay! I'm so excited.

Okay, where are we?


Sam's got what he needs to crack the Book of the Damned and save his doomed brother's soul while possibly unleashing a nightmare of biblical proportions.

Rowena's got what she needs to read a book full of the most evil spells in existence. Awesome.

Dean's got no idea about either things and thinks Sammy and him are stronger together.... *sighs*


Cas is back
Claire is back

(this is Claire not Robbie)

So here's where we revisit and possibly wrap up the Cas/Claire Novak story. This has been part of Cas' arc this season, dealing with the aftermath of doing something for the greater good. Dealing with the aftermath of his past angelic missions and the single focus that came with it. This particular aftermath being the destruction of the Novak family. We saw the angel Hannah come to a realisation about what taking a vessel not only does to the vessel, but also the people left in the angel's wake. Cas discovered what takng Jimmy Novak did to the Novak family when he came face to face with Jimmy's now grown up daughter. Cas has been trying to make amends ever since. Let's see how that pans out this week!

Here's the synopsis!

“Angel Heart”

CLAIRE NOVAK RETURNS — When Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) gets a lead on her mother, Amelia (guest star Leisha Hailey), who has been missing for years, Castiel asks Sam and Dean to help her. Castiel feels guilty for what he did to the Novak family and wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mom. However, when they find out what took Amelia, they realize there is a chance Claire may not get her happy ending. Steve Boyum directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1020).

(I guess Dean and Claire made up!)

I love Robbie Thompson, so much excitement that this is another Robbie episode. Steve Boyum has directed 8 episodes of Supernatural - the first one being season 2's "Crossroads Blues"! He directed "The End" and "Swan Song" among others...but I mention these two because they're in my top 5 eps...possibly top 3...depending upon what day you ask me!


It's interesting (and a little weird) that the Novak mum is named Amelia! And it sounds like maybe she didn't simply dump Claire? Which would certainly make a reunion between mother and daughter less fraught with anger issues!

We only got one 20 second promo this week and here it is...

Angelic assasin - teenage girl...which is tougher!? I'd also like to mention to Claire, that age or not...Dean gets damn well better looking every damn episode! Just thought I'd mention it... She's so sassy though. Also, Cas and Sammy in Baby! I love with Cas and Sam get to hang out. And Sammy's knocked out, must by Thursday :P

Okie dokie, sneak peek!

Oh awkward Cas...needing back-up to go see Claire. Bless. You were both troubled teams cracks me up, and I love Sam's little smirk. Super cute clip, which I'm pretty sure means that the episode won't be!

We got The Carver again!

A gut wrenching family episode...well that's sounds like our show! Family is alwasy central to the story of Supernatural, and this season, it's not only been the brothers dealing with family and how that affects every aspect of their lives, Cas and Crowley have also been dealing with family issues - an angel and a demon having to traverse unfamiliar family territory.

I was interested in this tweet from the CW, because it didn't seem to tie into what we've seen so far of the episode, which made me wonder if the secret is about to slip? If not this week...definitely next week. No question.

Oh Sammy...

So there you go. Often when we get a synopsis, promo and sneak peek pointing to one specific aspect of an episode, the episode winds up having something else going on concurrently. What's a bet this one does too.

Alrighty then! As my dad used to say, eyes down for a full house! 

Bring it on!


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Are you a backer of the Kings of Con campaign yet?
 Well you should be!

Kings of Con is an original comedy series written and produced by, and staring Richard Speight, Jr and his buddy Rob Benedict, our Supernatural favs also known as the Archangel Gabriel and God (or Chuck or both depending upon where you stand)!

To get the production off the groumd, Rob and Rich have turned to us to become their partners in producing this show so close to all our convention loving hearts.  Rob and Rich want to make as many episodes as they can and the more money we raise, the more eps we get!

Whether you've attended a Supernatural convention, watched the insanity on YouTube or just like a good laugh, Kings of Con will have something for you!

Click on the Kings of Con image above to see their campaign launch video and then hit UPDATES to see more, including a beyond hilarious vid with Cain himself, Timothy Omundson!

I'm already a backer, so I've also been lucky enough to see the sneak peek of the first episode the guys sent us all, and it's not only damn funny, it's damn clever. Real convention footage mixed with a fictionalised, extreme version of Rob and Rich's convention life. There's even guest appearances from Matt Cohen (who plays such an asshole it's glorious) and Osric Chau, along with Rob's Louden Swain band mates.

Bottom line is, I adore these guys, I've seen them in action at conventions and they're natural comedians and helluva talented. Not only that, they're a couple of the nicest men you're ever going to meet. So I want to see them have this great opportunity to turn something they've created into something amazeballs.

It's win win.

You can back their campaign for as little as 5 bucks! 5 bucks makes you an official Kings of Con backer and would mean you'll get all their great updates! Including the password protected stuff, like the first episode preview!

They're just under 13,000 short of the 200k goal. For 200k, we get 7 episodes and....

YEP! Matt's toning those abs of his in preparation!

The more we raise over 200k, the more episodes we get and the more amazing guest stars! Who knows who might appear in Kings of Con!

So clickety click on this Kings of Con image below, and check it out for yourself.

Become part of something amazing! 


(photo courtesy of Kings of Con site)

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Review - Supernatural 10x19 "The Werther Project" - Stronger Together

I’ve been watching Supernatural for 10 years and I still get surprised by the fact that this show can routinely blow me away! I still get surprised that an episode can grip me to the point where I barely move, let alone breathe for 40 some minutes! It really is astonishing to say, that after 10 years I still don’t feel like I’ve seen everything this show can do.

“The Werther Project” was a brilliant representation of what Supernatural can be, and what I always wish I could convey when people ask why I'm so in love with this show. Episodes like this, that's why!

It was a dark, dark episode, probably the darkest Supernatural has done – or at least, up there. The subject matter is very close to many people’s hearts. Especially now, in this fandom, as the Always Keep Fighting campaign has opened up dialogue about mental health, depression, self-harm and suicide. These issues have touched many members of our fandom, and recently we heard that the Supernatural cast and crew lost someone close to them to depression. This, along with the personal struggles Jared has shared with us, was the impetus behind Jared’s first Always Keep Fighting campaign. Consequently for a lot of us, this episode packed an emotional wallop that went far beyond what’s happening with Sam and Dean, their relationship and their personal journeys.

This week, the focus being squarely on the brothers and only the brothers, gave us the chance to check in with where the Winchesters are emotionally and mentally, looking into the particularly gloomy recesses of their current psyches. And though they obviously want to be together, working and more importantly as brothers, side-by-side in the family business, they are also worlds apart. It was this juxtaposition of their devotion and distance that hit me in the feels the hardest.

Dean is off killing a nest of vamps on his own, to “take the edge off” as he tells Sam - an admission that the Mark of Cain is lusting for blood. He didn't wait for Sam's help because he doesn’t like Sam looking at him like a “diseased killer puppy”. Then twice during the episode Dean apologises to Sam for going rogue and going off to fight the vampires alone, even saying it was selfish and douchey of him! Dean’s raw honesty is almost painful to watch. He makes everything hurt.

I’m in love with this honesty that's sprouting out of Dean. It seems that he’s either learnt that lying to each other never leads anywhere good, or he just needs his brother so badly right now that he’s willing to be as transparent as is possible for him to ensure their relationship remains harmonious, because the only thing giving Dean hope and keeping Dean afloat is his brother’s resolute support. He trusts Sam. I don’t think it’s entered into his head (yet), that Sam could be, would be or is being duplicitous to the level he is. Which makes Sam’s persistent lying to Dean even more gut wrenching to watch.

We all get why Sam’s doing it. His sole focus, his sole mission is keeping his brother from succumbing to the affects of the Mark of Cain and becoming a demon again. Nothing else matters for Sam right now, and he’s willing to lie to Dean to achieve this, repeating the mistakes his brother has made in the past that he himself has hated, making decisions on behalf of his brother that he knows his brother does not want. Somewhere in Sam’s head he must be thinking that when Dean finds out about what he’s been doing it will break the trust and possibly destroy what they’ve spent the last couple of years clambering back, (with a few bumps in their relationship road of course). But like Dean before him, when it comes to his brother’s life, it’s worth all risks.

We’ve seen Sam make great sacrifices before. He’s jumped into the pit to stop the Apocalypse; he’s gone to the brink of destruction to close the gates of Hell, willing to die and only stopping because of his brother's pleads. But this time around, there is no grand world saving plan. This isn’t about that old chestnut the greater good. This is plain and simple all about Dean. All about saving the one person he’s never been able to save (though one could argue, Sam’s love has saved Dean over and over). Suzy died in the wake of Sam’s singular focus. She was collateral damage, and who knows what the spell to disperse the Mark will unleash. But Sam sees only one end game, his brother alive. Sam and Dean are more like each other than either would care to admit. *fan-girl sigh*

We’ve also seen Sam make deals with the “devil” before, but THIS Sam is not season 4 Sam! This Sam is 100% aware of what he’s doing. He knows it’s not a great idea, but he also sees it as the only way, so he really doesn’t give a damn about how bad this idea is! If it gets the job done, if it erases the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm, it’ll be worth it. He’s not under the misconception that Rowena’s helping him to achieve his goal out of the goodness of her heart, he’s not being misled as he was by Ruby in season 4, he knows Rowena can’t be trusted. Yes, I’m sure she has something up her witchy sleeve, but Sam is well aware of who Rowena is and what she is and who she’s connected to. He’s not in league with her, he’s simply using her to his own ends. Which was made abundantly clear as he chained Rowena up, telling her if she wants out, she’d better hurry and crack the code, whilst he walked out the door without even a glance back over his shoulder! Badassed Sam may be my favourite Sam. Or maybe it’s devoted to Dean Sam. Put the two together, as we did in “The Werther Project”, and KABLAMY! SAM FUCKING WINCHESTER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Have I mentioned how much I love season 10 Sam?

Of course it wasn’t all kicking ass and taking names, we witnessed the super dark side of where Sam is mentally. The spell that protected the Werther box, played on Sam’s doubts, played on his fears about what he’s doing, and what the outcome might be, how far he’s willing to go for Dean and what he’s becoming; “The only one who can stop you is you.” If Sam didn’t feel like this, if he felt like what he’s doing is all hunky dory, he’d be sharing it all with Dean, but of course, he’s not. And when these brothers hide secrets from each other, it’s not just because they know the other won’t like it and will try and stop them, it’s because somewhere deep down inside where they’d prefer not to examine, they know what they’re doing is all kinds of wrong.

The clever twist on what Sam was going through turned out to be, that just like Susie and her family and just like Dean, Sam was infected by the spell that protected the Werther. Cutting himself to get the Men of Letters legacy blood to unlock the box, and continuing to cut himself when the blood spell wanted more and more and more, the spell in the guise of Rowena whispering in his ear to keep going, squeezing the blood out of his arm. Sam doing whatever needs to be done, whatever it takes to get at the answer locked inside the Werther that may save Dean, “If it wants more, it gets more”,  his life slowly draining away into a bowl. Killing himself, without consciously being aware of it and without caring if that's the way it has to be. The spell doing its evil work without Sam knowing it. It was so damn hard to watch. So hard. So disturbing.

It’s when the brothers’ relationship is stripped back like this that you see the desperation under the surface of their devotion. You see how they are each other’s worlds, and even though they have other people in their lives now, even though their Universe is peppered with people who love them, they are so deeply bonded that they cannot bear the thought of a life without the other. Not that I dislike that. And not that I think it’s bad. It’s the product of a long life of having only one person to cling to, of having only one person who truly understands you and the in which you live. The brothers have spent all but a few years of their lives living in close proximity to each other, relying on each other, sharing pain that no-one else can possibly comprehend, knowing that this one person will always, no matter what, have their back. How can they not be each other’s stone number one? How can they not fight for each other no matter the consequence? It always makes me think of Ash’s off-hand comment in Heaven, that some people, those who are soul mates, share their Heavenly experience. And there was Sam and Dean, sitting next to each other in Heaven (glancing awkwardly at each other), so obviously the soul mates Ash was describing.

This is the thing I love most about Sam and Dean Winchester, and I long ago released any idea that their devotion is an unhealthy co-dependency. It’s who they are. It’s what makes them Sam and Dean. It’s what makes me love them with a fiery passion that sometimes, surprises even me. They love each other, they will die to protect each other, they will bleed – literally – for each other. They break and fill my heart all in one. The beautiful brothers.

While Sam was struggling with his own inner demons, the spell showed us what’s going on inside Dean’s mind. Dean’s always been a confliction of dark and light. He kills and admits to getting some level of enjoyment out of offing the bad guy. But he’s never been entirely comfortable with how comfortable he is with that. It’s been a struggle that we've watched him face and analyse over the years. Is he a hero or is he a cold-blooded killer? It’s why Dean found unexpected solace in Purgatory. Because in Purgatory there was no murky morality to examine, it was black and white, kill or be killed. It was pure. So when the curse takes over Dean, he’s thrown back into a place where he feels relief, a place where having the Mark of Cain doesn’t matter, in fact it would probably be an asset!

In this Purgatory in Dean’s mind he comes face to face with an old friend in the guise of Benny. Benny who Dean ironically “killed” to save Sam. Benny taps into where Dean is mentally. If Dean kills himself, he would never hurt anyone again (oh Dean…), he wouldn’t become a demon, he wouldn’t kill Sam or Cas, he wouldn’t put on them the onerous task of having to put Dean down when the Mark took him once and for all, something he knows neither could live with having to do. Benny tries to tell Dean, that killing himself is the right choice, the honourable choice, because if Dean does that, none of the things that Dean fears and dreads will happen.

Whether it was the Mark that allowed Dean to see through the illusion created by the spell, or whether it was Dean himself, his will to live and the knowledge that his friend would never push him to suicide, Dean was able to pull himself free from the affects of the spell and bring himself back to reality.

I have to say it that to hear Dean admit he always loved it in Purgatory was a punch in the guts. To think that maybe he pines for those days when he was trapped in that hellish plain because killing there was the only way to survive and self-doubt was never part of the picture, is so damn sad. But I guess, Dean's a warrior and that’s a part of himself that he seems to have come to terms with more over the last few years. I think Purgatory helped Dean understand himself a little, helped him understand the peace that he gets from doing his job, even if that does, on some level, make him a killer.

The real sockaroony came when Dean, in big brother mode found Sam bleeding out and almost dead. As Dean dropped to his knees to cradle Sammy’s face, it was only then that I put two and two together about this Rowena. When I realised Dean did not see her, I twigged that she was another manifestation of the spell. Call me slow, but I remembered how Suzy was blown out of the way when the Werther box was originally opened, and my mind had just gone in that direction. I was once again, surprised by my show. Then Dean opens up a vein to save his brother and mixes his legacy blood with Sam’s and the spell is broken. So much love for this episode! So. Much. Love.

The spell protecting the Werther Box tried to tear the brothers apart. As Dean said, with in an hour of being separated they we at the brink of death, and just to polish each and every one of us off, Dean then tells Sam... “The Universe is trying to tell us something we both should already know, we’re stronger together than apart.”

Amen Padaleski! Together is what makes the Winchester brothers strong. Together is what makes them who they are. They can do anything as long as they’re fighting side by side. It felt so good to hear Dean say that in his out loud voice! But it also felt like such horrible foreshadowing…because though Dean doesn’t appear to know it, they aren’t together, they are apart. Sam is waging a private war against the Mark of Cain and Dean has no idea he’s doing it. Dean thinks they’re on the same page, but at least where the pursuit for a cure for the Mark is concerned, and the continued existence of the Book of the Damned, they most definitely are not.

Robert Berens delivered an episode that gave us so much to chew on, so many wonderful Sam and Dean moments; broments and subtle comedic moments, overlaying the disturbing and the tragic. And isn’t that when Supernatural is at its best?

The end of this season is proving to be better than I could have ever dreamt of. Season 10 has been a wonderful ride and if the last couple of episodes are anything to go by, we’re in for a wild finale. Let’s all pre-emptively group hug!


Bonus cap for reasons...

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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x19 "The Werther Project"

5 episodes to go! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! 

We're getting scary close to the end of the season and after last week's little reveal of Sam colluding with Rowena to decode the Book of the Damned, it all seems absolutely terrifying! 

So what gut ache inducing things are we in store for us this week?


Charlie found the Book of the Damned
The Book of the Damned was gross and evil
Dean told Sam to destroy it because it wanted him to do bad, bad things
Sam did a two-card Monte and switched books
Cas got his grace back and met Charlie which was adorbz
Metatron absconded with the demon tablet
Everyone ate pizza
Sam made a deal with the Devil's mum



Yes, Sam pulled a swifty with the book. No-one knows but Rowena, because he went to her for help with the spell to cure Dean! Eeeep!

Dean is completely in the dark as to all the manoeuvring Sam's been doing over the last couple of weeks...but I have a feeling that won't last!

Let's check out the synopsis for this week's "The Werther Project"!

(Ooooo Purgatory!)


Sam learns that former Men of Letters, Magnus, once built a magical box and Sam sets out to find it in the hopes it can cure Dean of the Mark of Cain. However, what he’s not prepared for is the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box. When Sam opens the box, he puts both his and Dean’s life in danger. Stefan Pleszczynski directed this episode written by Robert Berens. 

This is Stefan Pleszczynski second Supernatural episode, his first one being "Alex Annie Alexis Ann".  Bob Berens' last episode was the totally wonderful, "The Executioner's Song".

I'm so excited to revisit Magnus! Well, you know, not him, because Dean chopped his head off! But the legacy of him. Magnus was known in the Men of Letters as the keeper of spells. So he knew a hell of a lot of magic, we even saw him casting an incantation or two...which totally ties him in with the dodgy path Sam has stepped on to. 

So what is this magical box that Magnus had, and what does it do? Pretty sure it does something that creates this!

BENNY! Even if he's not really real...which it looks like he's probably not by how it all plays out in the promo below... it's so cool to see him! I hope Dean and him can have a bit of closure. Even if he's not real! 

That box sure does something tricky to ward off all comers!

Here's the promo


It's hard to tell in this choppy edit at the end, if Dean sees Sam with Rowena. I don't think so though. It doesn't look like it. Maybe Sam disappears when they open the box or try to crack open the box? It's alarm system looks like maybe it throws them somewhere else. Sam doesn't look well that's for sure. Is Rowena doing something to him, or is the box or the box alarm?

And who the hell is the little girl and the woman? 

Eeeee! It's exciting!

Let's look at the Sneak Peek!

Rowena looks like me trying to find my phone in the morning after I've fallen asleep tweeting!

Sam wants to control the situation, wants to keep the upper hand. I don't think that will last. Whatever happens, Rowena ends up by his side at the I think his plan doesn't go to plan!

This week, we have another preview from The Carver! I love these!

Even if Sam isn't telling Dean, Dean is certainly getting suspicious. He looks helluva suspicious in this clip. And Sam looks helluva guilty!

I hope that when Dean finally finds out/works out what's going on, he's not too pissed with Sam. I hope he remembers having been there and done that and is understanding! I HOPE!

So I'm pretty sure we're at the point of the season where all the bad stuff starts happening, or all the really. really, ridiculously bad stuff! Like really bad! And it feels totally mysterious, because we haven't been fighting one foe so we're not really sure where we're going. But we've got The Mark of Cain to deal with, Rowena, Metatron and the demon tablet - or that could be something we take into next season. What will be Crowley's role? What will be Cas' role? Will the Mark be cured (my bet is yep) and what will be the cost? To Sam, to Dean, to Sam and Dean, to anyone else! TO US?

I'm so looking forward to this episode. Bob Berens writes good stuff. There's Benny and Purgatory and the ramping up of the Sam dabbling with witchcraft thing, which we've all been predicting. I think it's going to be good! I think the end of this season is going to rock! And possibly break us...again!


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Review - Supernatural 10x18 "Book Of The Damned" - I Can't Do It Without My Brother

Are you legally allowed to marry a TV show? There was that woman who married the Eiffel Tower a few years back, so maybe... Of course, I’ve been shacking up with Supernatural for 10 years now, and I’ve most definitely wanted to pop the question before, but “Book Of The Damned” made me want to drop to one knee and finally make it official! We could play Carry On Wayward Son as I walk down the aisle, and Highway to Hell as we leave the church! Because that is most certainly what we’re now on, a highway to hell, built on good intentions, wrapped in lies and deceit, coming from a place of love. Everything is Winchestery and everything hurts…so…good.

“Book Of The Damned” was just damned wonderful. It’s rare these days to see fandom collectively cheering, but this episode managed to have even the most jaded of fans rallying in its corner and waxing lyrical about a certain Robbie Thompson and his ability to absolutely capture the heart and soul of this show and every character in it. The episode left me elated and full of squee and terrified and full of dread, my heart thumping from love and excitement and hurting from love and sadness. It was that collection of feelings that only Supernatural can balance so perfectly, and that extraordinary “something” that made me fall in love with this show in the first place. “Book Of The Damned” was a thing of true beauty.

I love Charlie and it’s been such a pleasure to watch her morph from this geeky, scared, hacker girl, to someone kicking ass and travelling the rocky path of heroism with all the greys that comes along with it. Charlie wanted a quest, something epic, like in the books and games she loves. She went to Oz and had an adventure while at the same time discovering the truth of what being a hero means, the choices that have to be made that aren’t always easy on the soul or the conscious. She came back to our realm tougher, wiser, a fighter. She eagerly agreed to help Sam and Dean and set off on a new quest, one all about family, her new family.

I love that Charlie is slowly, by osmosis really, becoming a hunter, understanding what that means, understanding Sam and Dean and their world. It’s sad and awesome. Sad because, like she said, she didn’t want that life, didn’t expect it, she had very different plans, but awesome because it’s great to see these kick-ass female characters! Heroic without being stereotypical. Able to have a full range of emotions. Charlie should struggle with what this all means for her, it’s new and unknown, she should still be scared, and it’s great to see her written like that.

And of course Felicia Day is so perfectly, wonderful as Charlie. I love this character, what she’s brought into the boys’ world, the relationship she has with them as brothers and as individuals, the things she can reflect back to them, comments she can make that can broaden their view of each other and their relationship. The brothers need these people in their lives, people who can look from the outside in and give a different perspective. All Charlie had to say was “Brothers!” to Sam and the whole perspective of what Sam said and did and was feeling bad about, changed. Outside views are so damn important in this show, so damn important for Sam and Dean and their insular world. Yay for Charlie, may she forever live!

And though I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but let’s not kill Metatron for a while either! Cas and Metatron’s road trip was unbelievable fun. BAMF Cas smacking Metatron about when he just couldn’t take the incessant yabbering any more was gold! There was some damn funny interplay going on. Like a buddy movie, without the comedy, or the buddies. Go Cas! Every so often he gets humour!

I was so busy loving the back and forth between these two that I missed that the master manipulator was doing his thing and distracting Castiel so that Cas wouldn’t see the twist coming. Like I didn’t. Curtis Armstrong eats up and spits out every single word of Metatron’s dialogue with such aplomb that I got totally lost in his performance! I never saw the blood sigil thing happening, and really, we should all know better! There he was bleeding! The only weapon he really needs as an angel is a little bit of blood and a little bit of finger painting! I nearly slapped my forehead for not thinking of it! What he's got planned for the demon tablet...well it can't be good.

I cheered when Cas got his Grace back. Huzzah! He figured out the quote because Metatron had stuffed him full of all the references, which was delicious irony. The books exploding as he powered back up, the light, the burning blue eyes, the broken, tattered wings, destroyed by the fall. My favourite Cas is fully-charged, kicking some ass, tough mofo angel Cas. Yay! I’m so happy he’s got his mojo back…let’s hope he puts it to good use!

And I’m pretty sure Metatron was speaking for all of us, and for Cas too when he asked Cas who he was and what his mission was. Cas has seemed lost for a long time now, trying to figure out his place in the grand scheme of things. He’s been the good guy, the bad guy, a human. He’s forever on the outs with Heaven, destined to wander amongst humanity, never really fitting in. He’s cleaned up most of the messes he’s made as he's tried to redeem himself. He really never had his heart in the whole rogue angel thing anyway. He’s all Graced up again, so that’s done and dusted. So what does he do next? An angel without purpose is a sad thing. Sure, he can focus on helping Sam to save Dean, and I’m sure he will. I’m also sure he’ll try to fix the broken Novak family. But he’s an angel without wings, without the backing of Heaven, without Heavenly intent… I think Metatron’s words hit a nerve with Cas, and I think we’re going to see that unfold somehow. I think we’re going to see Cas have an existential crisis of the who am I, what am I, why am I here kind of level! It makes me wonder what path he will take the rest of the season, and what sacrifices he might make.

In an episode that had so many delicious character moments with characters other than the Winchesters, Sam and Dean were very much front and centre.

Oh Sam Winchester, you’re going to be the death of me. There is heartbreak etched all over Sam’s face. Even in the moments when he’s smiling at his brother goofing off and wistfully dreaming in the car. You can see that under it all, Sam’s desperate and sad.

Desperate enough to make a choice to save Dean that he knows Dean does not want. Mirroring Dean’s desperation and bad decision-making at the beginning of season 9! Putting his trust in someone he knows he can’t trust because he won’t, he can’t let his brother go, no matter the consequence of what he has to do to save him. Here it is, the journey these two have been on over the last couple of seasons, as they learn to understand each other’s choices, because they are now facing the same. Facing, understanding and accepting each other’s mistakes and their own. How I love this mirroring of each other’s paths that we’ve been privileged to watch play out through season 10.

Dean is facing being destroyed by the Mark of Cain, but stopping this from happening may destroy far more. He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want to die, but he doesn’t want to live if the ramifications are biblical. It’s not worth it. His life is not worth more than others. Sam faced a similar thing when closing the gates of Hell, he could choose to live, but at what cost to the world?

Dean didn’t want Sam to sacrifice himself for the greater good, just as Sam now doesn’t want Dean to sacrifice himself either. Screw the greater good when it comes to my brother, should be these guys’ motto!

It’s selfless and selfish all in one. Both brothers are willing to sacrifice anything they have to, to save each other. But it’s as much about not wanting their brother to die for their brother’s sake, as it is not wanting their brother to die for their own sakes. Neither can live without each other. It’s always been fandom’s perception that it was Dean’s dysfunction that he could not live without Sam, that he could not let Sam go, but time and again we’ve seen how Sam can also not live without Dean. In "Mystery Spot" as he tried everything, and anything to get his brother back. The lengths he went to and the alliances he made to try to stop Dean going to Hell. He even admitted to Dean that he tried to make deal after deal to rescue Dean from the pit. Sam’s not good when Dean’s not around. We've seen how lost and anchorless he becomes. He’s not whole. Just as Dean isn’t whole without Sam. They may have both tried to live a life without each other, but neither of them could, or in the end, wanted to. They are Yin and Yang, two halves of one whole, they balance each other out, and they absolutely keep each other human.

“You know when Dean came to get me at school I told myself “One last job.” You know? “One more job.” And then when I… um.. when I lost Jess I again told myself “One more job.” It was always “One more job.” You know? One more job. One more job. Then I was gonna go back to law and then my life. I guess I really understand now that this is my life. I love it. But I can’t do it without my brother; I don’t wanna do it without my brother. And if he’s gone…”

I’m so passionately in love with season 10 Sam and the fierce love he has for Dean. That love is always there, but it’s so wonderful to see it in full flight like this. The way these brothers are each other’s world is what drew me into this show, it’s what keeps my rooted to the spot week in and week out, it’s why I write thousands and thousand of words about them, it’s why I have their words and initials tattooed on me. As much as what’s happening now to Dean and to Sam makes my heart ache in pain and tremble in fear, it also makes it soar and fill to the brim with love, pounding out of my chest, as I watch the tears form in Sam’s eyes as he contemplates life without Dean. OKAY, I JUST MADE MYSELF CRY!

And then there’s Dean, trying to pretend that everything is going to be okay. Hanging on to whatever tiny shred of hope comes his way. Not seeing what’s really happening to him, not seeing that his brother can see more of Dean than Dean can. The image of Dean walking on the beach, the sun shining on his face, free from the affects of the Mark, with his brother by his side, “Sand between our toes, Sammy. Sand between our toes.” Not “my” toes, “our” toes. I want that for Dean so bad that it hurts. I want that for the both of them. I can’t even with the love I have for these characters (and the men that play them, I might add.) The absolute joy they bring me, even amongst all the pain.

Jensen said in a meet and greet that Dean can’t see what’s happening to him. He thinks he’s doing okay, but he can’t see the changes brought on by the Mark of Cain that Sam's seeing. That wonderful shot with the gross nun-skin book so beautifully illustrated this. One minute we’re looking at the book in Sam’s hands, the next minute we’re waking up in the kitchen with Dean, dazed and confused. One of the many perfect, and beautifully directed scenes by PJ Pesce. He can come back over and over!

Of course, Dean’s hope was shattered when the consequences of the cure were alluded at. We can’t have fist-pumping Dean for too long now can we! But my sadness got sidetracked because I was suddenly too distracted by the ridiculous amount of pretty going on in the Gas-n-Sip scene!

Why is it that everyone who talks to Dean seems like they’re flirting with him? Oh right, BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE THIS!

And then he does this!

HOLY CRAP! He's so damn badassed.

The introduction of the Styne family is super cool. Jacob Styne was fantastically menacing with that dripping with honey, southern drawl…but Dean… Yeah, thank you everyone for that moment!

And as if we hadn’t had enough heart-wrenching blows to the gut, we have the bunker scene. Why do I feel like this is the last happy moment Dean is going to have? Surrounded by his family, all of whom are only focused on one thing, his survival. Sam trying to smile as he clinks bottles with his brother, but knowing he has a terrible secret, a deceit that is growing exponentially with each lie he tells. Now he’s not only lying to Dean, he’s lying to Charlie and Cas too. He's made a deal with the Devil's mother and nothing, absolutely nothing good is going to come of it, and you know that inside, he knows that too.

And The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” hauntingly plays over the montage of what, on the surface, looks like such a joyous gathering. The lyrics so perfectly punctuating the emotion...

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

No one knows what it's like
To be hated
To be fated
To telling only lies

But my dreams
They aren't as empty
As my conscience seems to be

What an amazing scene. The power that these images have for us. The incongruity of them in the Winchester’s world. How rarely we see smiles, let alone laughter...even if we know all of it is fleeting.

And then the scene changes into the action sequence where we see Sam hide the book, where we see Jacob Styne acknowledge that he knows the book didn’t burn and that his family will continue to seek it out, and then we have the reveal of Sam asking Rowena for help.

So much goodness. So many emotions. This show. These brothers.

“Book Of The Damned” was one hell of a special episode. It left us on the precipice of doom! And I just can’t figure out who’s in more trouble. Sam or Dean? Or us! Probably us. Yeah us. I think we’re in big, BIG trouble!


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x18 "Book of the Damned"

It's over! The last hiatus is over! And you know what that means don't you?  NO MORE BREAKS! We have 6 episodes left in season 10 and 6 weeks to go! So this is people. THIS IS IT! THE BEGINNING OF THE END...of season 10. DON'T ANYONE PANIC!

Okay I'm panicking a little. And by a little, I mean a lot!

So where are we?


Sam didn't tell Dean that he was going to meet Cas.
Dean didn't tell Sam that he used Sam's toothbrush to comb his armpit hair.
Sam didn't tell Dean that he contacted Bobby.
Dean didn't tell Sam that he made $200+ dollars and a watch hustling pool.
Sam didn't tell Dean that he cracked Metatron out of Heaven.
Dean didn't tell Sam that he appears to be immortal.



Charlie is back and she's got the book of the damned....but what does that mean!

Let's look at the synopsis!

“Book of the Damned”

FELICIA DAY RETURNS AS CHARLIE — Charlie calls Sam and Dean to tell them she found the Book of the Dead which could help remove the Mark of Cain. The Winchesters race to her after she tells them she’s been shot by a man named Jacob Styne (guest star Jeff Branson) who says the book belongs to his family and he won’t rest until he gets it back. Castiel and Metatron take a road trip to find Castiel’s grace but they hit a couple road bumps along the way. PJ Pesce directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1018). 

ROBBIE! YAY! I LOVE ROBBIE! I love Robbie's episodes. PJ Pesce directed "King of the Damned" last season. I feel like we're in good hands.

Let's check out the promo!

Now as this was a promo before a week's hiatus, I'm not sure that there aren't shots from more than one episode here. I guess we'll know that when we get to see the ep! Whatever, it looks super exciting and the whole idea that the book is enticing Dean to do bad, bad things is super interesting!

Also badassed mofo Cas rules.

Ok, how about the sneak peek!

Awwww nerds of a feather! I love how Charlie and Sam relate! I love how different the relationship is between Charlie and Dean and Charlie and Sam. They both have a very different vibe. One's more protective, big brother. The other more peers. It's cool.

This is a special sneak peek from ET!

Awww that's pretty sad. Sam is sitting there relating the hell out of that conversation. Did I mention how much I love Charlie and Sam's relationship and interactions? I love them.

What the synopsis and promos didn't mention, is this!

HOLY CRAP SAM WINCHESTER! This can only lead to bad things.

So, basically I have zero idea what's going to happen. I have vague ill formed theories, but long ago I figured out that just when I think I have this show figured out, it takes a left turn to I-so-didn't-see-that-coming-ville! So I just ride the crazy train and go with the flow, silently screaming on the inside in terror!

What do you think is about to go down? Hit me up in the comments.

Enjoy the episode!

WAIT! Here's a preview from The Carver! 

Inside: Book of the Damned
Dean might finally have a way out of damnation. Executive Producer Jeremy Carver teases TOMORROW'S all new #Supernatural!
Posted by Supernatural on Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dean's hopes up mean's heartbreak all around, and yes Cas, you can kill him!

Sunday, 12 April 2015


- by Melissa

Guest Writer Melissa has started a series on the Supernatural villains. She's started with one of my favourites, Azazel! Let's encourage her to write some more in the series! Let her know your thoughts in the comments.

Our very first villain ever introduced to us on Supernatural was a demon known as Azazel, first glimpsed upon in the pilot episode where he is ominously visiting the infant Sam. Unidentified for over two entire seasons, for several episodes we in the audience would alternate between nicknames for the fiend, such as the Ceiling Demon or the Yellow-Eyed Demon. With such prestige being our first actual adversary in the show, we owe him the respect of looking deeper into his character and possibly uncovering interesting tidbits from his historical background.

We know, in accordance with the show’s mythology, that Azazel was a high-ranking demon who earned the favor of Satan, so much so that he was bequeathed with the honor of leaving hell in pursuit of the entrance to Lucifer’s cage. Doorway to that cage was located in 1972, when he took possession of a priest and slaughtered all the nuns inside for the inauguration of some satanic ritual. Massacre resulted in his ability to then communicate with Lucifer himself via one of the dead nuns, where he learned in order to break open the cage, they must first release Lilith. Only a chosen child can release her, so Azazel sets out on an arduous task of bargaining with particular women, waiting ten years for the birth of one of their children, and systematically bleeding into their mouths to properly taint and empower their future warriors. Upon coming of age, these anointed children would be faced off in a Battle Royale style melee, after which the lone survivor will use the colt to unlock the gates of hell, thereby releasing the demon, Lilith. Only once this child has killed Lilith, will the final seal be broken and Lucifer can roam free on the earth.

Successful in all these multifarious and intricate ordeals, Azazel was denied his chance to celebrate his accomplishments, instead being shot with the colt by Dean. Hurray for Dean! Despite perishing, no one can argue that Azazel performed his tasks magnificently and managed to set off such an epic chain of events, that to this day the Winchester family is still dealing with some of the repercussions. In fact we wouldn’t even have a show if it weren’t for Azazel, as he was the one who provided John Winchester with the motivation of hunting all that is unnatural and wicked in pursuit of avenging his wife, consequently also raising his sons, Dean and Sam, in the life. But is there more to the demon?

Older translations of the Bible do include the word Azazel in its vocabulary, meaning something equivalent to a scapegoat. Yes, a scapegoat. Yeah, not all that terrifying. Further research into Judaism tells us that the term scapegoat pretty much emerged from the tradition of serving God a goat and offering it as a sacrifice. By slaughtering the goat in God’s name, we are then forgiven our sins, thus turning the sacrifice into a scapegoat. Perhaps we could then interpret the killing of Azazel as a means for redemption for the Winchester legacy, as it was Mary’s choice (admittedly out of the love for her boyfriend) to deal with the demon that cursed her offspring in the first place. Sure, I’m reaching here, but I see Dean killing Azazel as him righting the wrongs done to his family.

Then there are the teachings of Islam, which also reference Azazel. In their religion, Azazel is the name of an entity who disobeyed Allah by tempting Adam to eat the apple and become the world’s very first sinner. Might sound familiar for those fans of Gadreel. Much like how the Azazel in that story lured Adam to the transgression of eating the apple, it was our Yellow-Eyed Dmon in the show who persuaded Mary to bargain with him and seal the fate of her family, in exchange for John’s life. Had it not been for that original transaction, the Winchester family would never have been harmed, Mary’s noble intentions notwithstanding.  

Skip ahead to the Book of Enoch, where you will find a handful of references to Azazel. Depending on the translation and edition, some versions depict him as a fallen angel who copulated with human women. These forbidden relations led to the birth of the Nephilim, which are angel/human hybrids. Look to some other passages and you will see that Azazel is described, not as a fallen angel, but as a mere human being who enticed people to sin. Scriptures specify that Azazel taught mankind the art of war, while also tutoring women in the ways of witchcraft. Between the warfare and sorcery and the abomination of the Nephilim (all of these atrocities influenced entirely by Azazel himself), God flooded the earth and wiped out the majority of mankind. So in a way, you can attribute a certain past apocalypse to Azazel himself. If we were to attach this piece of theology to the character in the show, it would make sense why Azazel was deemed so valuable in the underworld, given his reputation for having been such a contributing factor to the eradication of past generations relating to the biblical flood.

 If we were to cross out the depictions of him as a fallen angel, and take into consideration the opposing passages that portray him as human molding others into the perfect sinners, we could then imagine his subsequent damnation, leading to the eventual demonization of his soul down in hell. Or perhaps, within the constructs of the show, it is possible that he was once an angel, who was then cast out of heaven and reborn as a human, much like Anna. Should an angel lose their grace and be reborn as a human, could they then earn a place in hell in death and thus be turned into a demon? For all we know, Azazel’s grace could be buried away in some tree, just waiting to be excavated.

Time to reveal my true nerdiness, as we now turn to the X-Men mutant of the same name. Summarizing this long and convoluted story the best I can, there was once this army of demons from another dimension who breached earth and raided. Before the demonic soldiers could be pulled back in and sealed forever, their leader, Azazel, used his powers of teleportation to remain on the planet. From there he sired a number of children with only the most unique (basically mutated) women, one of his sons being the popular Nightcrawler.

Years later his legion of children were summoned to an island, where they, including Nightcrawler, were to sacrifice themselves for the sake of opening the portal to Azazel’s dimension and unleashing an army of demons. Needles to say our heroic X-Men team saved the day and prevented the demons from crossing over from their dimension, in the end trapping the malicious Azazel back in his own world. Obviously much of this story arch would remind us of Yellow-Eyed Demon gathering his special children and preparing them to unleash his own army by opening the Devil’s Gate in All Hell Breaks Loose.

All these different parallels remind me of just how well researched this show truly is, in how it’s able to pull from all sorts of source material and give the foundation of these characters true gravitas. As for why his eyes are yellow . . . ? Well, I don’t rightly know. Any theories out there? Although if you do notice the pictures of Azazel in the X-Men comics, he is sometimes illustrated with yellow eyes as well. Connection? 

Lastly I’d also like to mention just how wonderfully this character is portrayed by the assortment of actors they’ve had playing him. We’ve had Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lindsey McKeon, and Rob LaBelle all play him, yet no matter how many different performances I see, I always believe it’s the same character. Two performances in particular I love would be Mitch Pileggi, who was memorably creepy in that scene with Dean during the death of his grandparents, and my absolute favorite, Fredric Lehne. Check out Firefly if you care to see Lehne play another standout villain in a kickass show. There is certainly a lot of history behind Azazel, which makes him all the richer. Whether or not Azazel is your favorite villain, he will always be remembered as our first in Supernatural.