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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 14x06 "Optimism"

  1. 1.
    hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

     2.  thing seldom associated with the TV Show Supernatural.

Welcome to the preview for episode 14x06, the ironically title, "Optimism".  I bet that's a title you never thought you'd see on a Supernatural episode! What's a bet we are left emotionally bereft! I do not trust the show using this word!

Anyhoo...where were we?

Sammy is head honcho hunter
Mary and Bobby are boom chica wah wah


Here is the (probably lying liar that lies) synopsis

WHAT WE DO FOR LOVE - “Sam and Charlie team up to get to the bottom of a string of random disappearances. Meanwhile, Jack believes that he has found a case and convinces Dean to partner-up with him on the hunt. Richard Speight Jr. directed the episode written by Steve Yockey.”

So, Rich last directed episode 2 and Steve Yockey last wrote 13x09 Funeralia.

And I'm just gunna say it.... YAY ANOTHER RICH EP!

I'm also gunna say this... this episode sounds ADORABLE!

For a start with get Charlie back! Okay we don't really, this is AU Charlie and she is going to be different and it's probably going to be a bit weird, because the AU people are a tad weird, but we do get Felicia back and that's super cool! And we get AU Charlie hunting with Sam, and I always loved Sam and Charlie together because of the geek element they shared, and I'm sure AU Charlie is going to be a bit geeky, though probably not Moondoor geeky because angel bombs and spikes!

And Dean is going to be hunting with Jack and we all know how much Jack wants Dean to validate him. Right from the get go, Jack was emulating Dean and just wanting Dean to like him. Now they have a much better relationship (wouldn't be hard) and Dean and Jack have become closer. Dean has given him advice and been there to help Jack understand a lot of the lessons Dean struggled with, and you can see what Dean thinks of Jack is super important to Jack. So yay!


Me when I see Jack

Okay...let's look at the promo!

It looks fun! Did Sam something about a Man/Fly hybrid??? I want to see the Man/Fly hybrid! Also, is this the episode that Jared said there was a spit scene? I thought maybe, not sure, Jared has huge issues with spit though! And there's goo! WHAT IS HAPPENING though is an appropriate response!

So is this going to be a fun episode? Are these more Michael monsters?

Let's look at the sneak peek!

Dean should be used to Jack's behaviour because it's very early days Cas! Seriously though, Jack is so clean shaven and wide eyed! I hope this all goes okay! I really want this to be a good experience for him! I'm really looking forward to Dean dealing with the innocence of Jack!

I wonder how it works out that Sam goes off to hunt with Charlie without Dean, leaving Dean to go on a hunt with Jack? I'm interested to know how this pans out. I remember reading that Jack found a hunt, and he asks Dean to go with him. However it happens, pretty sure I will love it, and whatever happens, pretty sure Optimism isn't going to be an overarching feeling!


Now, I have no idea what's going on here...but here are the pics on Andrew Dabb's tonight on Supernatural tweets! Hero Jack? Lord knows!!!

Okay guys, that's all the crazy for this week!

Enjoy the ep!


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Review: Supernatural 14x05 "Nightmare Logic" - What Horror Lies Within!?

-by sweetondean

I’m not going to lie, “Nightmare Logic” gave me an ache in my tummy, but it gave me an ache in the best possible way! It was a great, big, emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs and a bit of screaming…at my telly! Okay, my laptop, because I was travelling again! The episode left thinking, OMGGGG WHAT THE HELL …WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? Like seriously. I might have even whimpered a little. I definitely yelled on Twitter! Despite the anxiety it left me with, I absolutely love it. It moved at a rate of knots, the Sam and Dean interactions were amazing, as were their interactions with the other players. These men. I’m so proud of the humans they’ve become. There was also so much conflicting emotion around Bobby and Mary, which is exactly how the boys must be feeling, and I like that I was feeling my feels through what I felt Sam and Dean must feel! Relating to the characters in such a way makes the emotional impact all the more, well, impactful! But more on that later!

From season to season Sam and Dean’s roles go back and forth, both in support of each other and in leadership. It’s always been that way, and it’s something I’ve always loved. In the last episode, “Mint Condition”, it was Sam trying to lead Dean out of a funk, finding a hunt he knew his brother would love and then offering his support and a gentle nudge to get Dean to look forward. In “Nightmare Logic” it was Dean who had Sam’s back, complimenting him on his ideas, like the bodycam for all the newbie AU Hunters, and being openly impressed with Sam’s leadership and management of them. Reassuring Sam, encouraging him, trying to get him to rest, and of course, defending him.

I’ve been loving Sam and Dean so damn much these last couple of episodes (well, all the time, but you know what I mean.) It’s like they’re in peak brother mode with their level of caring and openness, and it goes back to what I keep harping on about with the trust and comfort between them. It truly is what I’ve always hoped they would achieve, through all the horrible animosity that kept popping up, through bad ideas and perceived and literal betrayals. Who they are now with each other, the closeness of their relationship, and yet the independence they still show as individuals within that relationship is pretty much how my Winchester rose coloured glasses was seeing them way back when, except now I see that where they are at this moment, is a much more powerful place! The stronger together thing has set let resin in their blood and I just can’t see them being pulled apart again. Personally, I like that. I’ve always said we can have conflict and drama in their relationship without having deep anger and hurt. To be honest, it’s more interesting seeing them take each other into account and working to be present in their relationship. Their maturity emotionally (and physically quite frankly) has been a beautiful thing to bear witness to.

Sam has taken on the role of leader of the rag tag group of AU peeps who are now becoming hunters and is doing it with his usually commitment and massive heart. He cares so much, wants to protect all of them, and feels a deep responsibility to these people he helped to bring into this world. Why they want to be hunters I don’t know! I’d be so out of there looking at the pretty world or getting a nice quiet job in town where there weren’t angel bombs or spikey things coming out of the ground! I know they need all hands on deck for Michael, and Michael destroyed their world and they want him dead, but, um. I mean, I guess looking at the gloriousness that is Sam and Dean may make hunting seem glamorous in a male model kind of way, but, it would be a big NOPE from me! Sam though, has managed to rally these people and organise them, and in his Sammy way, killing himself trying to do it!

I twigged it was a Djinn as soon as Sam found Maggie connected to that rig, as did Dean when he saw the rig downstairs, it was similar to what he was hooked up to in, “What Is and What Should Never Be’, and getting that call back to a season 2 episode was amazing. That was an episode that looked at the price of hunting, the strength of family and the sacrifices made for both those things; themes that are consistent throughout the series and were at the heart of “Nightmare Logic”.

Dean’s conversation with Sasha about her father was particularly poignant, it was something Dean completely understood, along with her reticence to share, yet how much she needed to share, her feelings. To hear Dean saying that every day he tries to put the past behind him is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Of course, Michael and his atrocities are fresh in Dean’s mind, but Dean also has decades of hurt and pain and guilt riding on those broad shoulders. His choice to focus forward instead of back speaks a lot to who Dean is now, as does his ability to see himself as a good force in the world and in the lives of the people he loves, not just the killer he was believed himself to be. 

I loved how Dean responded to Sasha, so open and straightforward, no pandering, just clear and heartfelt advice, and I love how he treated Sam throughout, not allowing Sam to blame himself, not allowing Sam to slide into defeat, bolstering him up, telling Sam he did this, he was the reason they got Maggie back safely, and he was the reason she wanted to hunt again, “She learned from the best”. Sam’s shy smile at his big brother’s compliment literally killed me. I’m writing this from my grave. So much growth in these guys! GUH!

Then we had Bobby’s attack on Sam. Boo. Here’s what I think about Bobby, he’s supposed to make us feel a little confused and uncomfortable, because that’s exactly how the brothers would be feeling about him. It must be incredibly confusing for the boys having AU Bobby in their life. He looks like Bobby and sounds like Bobby, except he’s not their Bobby. He doesn’t have any history with the boys, he doesn’t know their faces like they know his, he doesn’t see them as familiar as they would see him. They are strangers to him, and really, he’s a stranger to them too, except there he is, looking and sounding exactly like a man they dearly loved. It would be easy for Sam and Dean to mistakenly fall into old feelings in this new relationship. It would be easy for them to think they have Bobby back. I can see how they could get into an easy groove with him, and then get startled out of it when AU Bobby is not as Bobbyesque as they were expecting. It must be hugely challenging, emotionally and intellectually. I understand all this because I’m going through it too! (Of course, I have the added emotional connection to Jim Beaver.) I hated what Bobby said to Sam, how you saw Sam practically wince. I did love Dean arching up though! I was so excited for AU Bobby, because Bobby! Now I’m understanding, I don’t know who he really is, and neither do the boys.

I’m glad we got a bit of AU Bobby’s background and a glimpse at the damage that he has gone through to make him into this man we are now getting to see. I’m also glad he’s found someone in Mary. At the recent Vancouver convention, during something I was saying to Jensen, I said, “And Mary and Bobby… you know” (I practically wink winked nudge nudged), and he looked at me confused, and I said, “You know something, something is going on there”, (I practically boom chica wah wah’d), and Jensen looked at me and did this faked shocked thing, and I said “Oh right, you’ve been away being Michael so you’ve not seen it”, and he said “GOOD!” all mock grossed out!! It’s even funnier now I see Mary and Bobby have gone off to Donna’s, henceforth to be known as, Garden Gnome Love Shack! Going off to give Bobby a break…a-ha, sure guys. The brothers must be so weirded out by it all!

Mary is the conundrum she has always been. I adored her chat in the forest with Sam, I love them spending any time together because I know that was something Sam missed out on and craved so much. It was funny when she caught herself having a relationship chat with her grown son, that she had to remind herself she he probably doesn’t need to know all this. It was also interesting how she remembers John, compared to the John Sam and Dean know, and it’s a persistent reminder that her experience is profoundly different to theirs. She has memory of man she spent many years with (on earth and in heaven), before he became the John Winchester who hunted and raised his boys as warriors. Sam saying, “My dad?” absolutely gobsmacked is reminder of the disconnect that Mary must still feel in this new world, and the disconnect her sons must still feel with her. Mary is complex, and I don’t always like her decisions, but I do appreciate her as a character that is always challenging.

As for the boys, well, their looks as Bobby and Mary walked up the stairs kind of spoke volumes. Like they are resigned to their mother not always being there. Resigned to the way their mum panned out. They’re letting her live her life her way, because they have to respect what she wants, even if that might hurt (like I think it must if they allow themselves to think on it), and really, what choice do they have? It is what it is. The scrubbing of the face, Sam’s nervous smile at Dean, and the look they finally exchanged once the door had closed. Yup…

“Nightmare Logic” left us all anxious and wondering what the hell the Djinn saw in Dean. Is it just that Dean’s nightmares are so horrific that even a monster can’t handle them? Is it that Michael has done something to Dean that wards of monster attempts. Is it that Michael has done something awful to Dean that the Djinn saw, or, was it that Michael….is still in Dean. Any of this is dreadful, but the thought that Michael is still inside Dean, hiding out, is such a hideous violation it makes my skin crawl…it will devastate Dean, and I’m not prepared for that. I will always go back to Michael telling Dean he owns him. There’s more to that. I don’t think Dean is in the clear and I’m dreading it playing out.

I loved this episode, it was a taut mystery, nicely shot by new director Darren Grant, and with beautiful draw characterisations, by Meredith Glynn, especially those of Sam and Dean. Seeing Sam take the leader role and seeing Dean gently watching and supporting Sam every step of the way has been such a joy. Like I said earlier, the to and fro in Sam and Dean’s relationship has always been one of my favourite things. Even with everything going on, there’s a lightness to Dean I’m enjoying, almost like allowing himself to let go and let Sam take the reins for a bit has released something in him. He’s got a lot happening, a lot of vulnerability post Michael, a lot he’s trying to move through, and knowing his brother has got this must be a huge comfort to Dean and is obviously a point of pride. He looks so proud of Sam, and Sam knows it. Love just quietly beams out of those two, and it’s a delight! Awwww, I gave myself feels!


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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 14x05 "Nightmare Logic"

Welcome to the episode 5 preview! After a little bit of escapism last week, with lots of Dean smiles and general hunting shenanigans, it's back this week to something that looks a little bit darker. But we're used to the emotional rollercoaster that is Supernatural, right? RIGHT?


Novelty socks
Big smiles
Exploding Scooby lunch boxes
Hilarious halloween stories
Thelma and Louise


Yep, it sounds like some nightmares ahead for our favs, as they race to rescue hunting newbie, Maggie!

Let's have a look at the synopsis...

“Nightmare Logic”
DARE TO DREAM – After a hunt gone wrong leaves Maggie’s (guest star Katherine Evans) whereabouts unknown, Sam (Jared Padalecki) Dean (Jensen Ackles), Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) and Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) race to find her, but what they find are their own worst nightmares. Darren Grant directed the episode written by Meredith Glynn (#1405).

Meredith Glynn wrote 4 episodes for season 13, the last being 13x20 "Unfinished Business" She's been writing for the show since season 12, this will be her 9th episode. 

This is Darren Grant's first outing as a director for Supernatural! He tweeted some cool shots when he was helming the ep.

via @dgrantdirector

The synopsis really doesn't give us much information, but the thought of Sam and Dean ending up on a hunt/rescue mission with Mary and Bobby is kinda awwwww, right? It's like the boys with mum and their step dad! (I'm totally convinced there's something going on between "Sunshine" and "Old Man" btw 😆) I hope Maggie is okay, because it would be really mean to kill her.... I also hope that her misadventure is not on a hunt with Cas and Jack, that would be super sad, because those guys are due a win, and definitely don't need that kind of guilt! But.... 

Hey, let's have a look at the promo! 

So...I don't know, looks kind of creepy and mysterious! Are people's monster dreams coming to life? Or monster nightmares? Or monster fears? Are we going to see our favs fears? Will Dean remember something from his time with Michael? Is it a bit Dream A Little Dream?

One thing we'll see is these pair ups and it makes me happy! Especially Sammy and his mum!

Mary and Bobby's wardrobe though? Mary looks like she's wearing Cas' coat ... well I guess she's just wearing a trench, but a trench is very Cas! And Bobby looks like he's wearing Michael's cap! What the hell is going on with their wardrobe! I can only assume it's part of their cover? Or is it......

What is happening!

Okie dokie - here's the sneak peek!

Well nothing much to see here except a salty Bobby! I love that Bobby and Mary have teamed up, and I love so much that Bobby is back again, even as AU Bobby, he's still Bobby! I can't wait to see the rest of this conversation!

So this episode is a bit of a mystery! Which is cool! I feel like I'm going in knowing virtually nothing.!But Davey Perez has some words for us...

We all love feeling the feels!

Enjoy the episode, guys!


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Review: Supernatural 14x04 "Mint Condition" - Sweeter than Halloween Candy!

-by sweetondean

Oh show. You are the best. “Mint Condition” was a Halloween GIFT. As sweet as Halloween candy. The treat part of trick or. It was delightful, delicious, goofy, and as usual, it was poignant. It was an observation of the brothers’ ordinariness in the midst of them being their extraordinary selves. It was a celebration of being a fan, of the things that bond fans together, of finding people who love the same thing as you, and the crazy conversations we have about those things we love! Plus, it was all kinds of funny and off the scale delightful. I freakin’ loved it. A lot.

It’s episodes like “Mint Condition” that flesh out these brothers we adore so much, giving us a deeper look at a layer we know is there but just don’t get to see that often, those little things that make them just like us. We get to see them through other people’s eyes; having the Winchesters interact with strangers so often reveals or explores a part of their personality, often by mirroring them, as in this case with Sam and Samantha, and Dean and Dirk. Episodes like this also give the brothers space to be brothers away from the pressures of biblical catastrophes! They get to be goofballs, to razz each, which invariably leads to openness because when they are in a good place, even briefly, it’s easier for them to share and encourage their brother to do the same.

Opening on Dean lying across his bed (guh), surrounded by empty food packets and chowing down on pizza while watching scary movies, gave us all we needed to understand where Dean was emotionally. He’d locked himself away, struggling with the emotional fallout of Michael’s possession, and the weirdness of coming back to a place full of people he doesn’t know – “the house is full of strangers”. He’s hiding out in his little bubble. To be honest, Dean is me! Because this is exactly what I do! Junk food, scary movies and cocooning! But thinking of this Dean we see in “Mint Condition”, and tormented Dean of the past, these days Dean is much more emotionally available to dusting himself off, and much more emotionally available to sharing his feels with Sam. I mean, remember when he locked himself in his room, dealing with the aftermath of the Mark of Cain? How different Dean is now! The honesty and comfort that he has finally reached with his brother, that deeper level of trust between them, and in what he has around him, the family they have both built, has changed Dean so much. Gone are the days of “I’m good” when we know damn well he’s anything but, now both Sam AND Dean say what they are feeling, and on the flip side, are able to get how their brother is feeling out of them, because they know, they’ve seen it/lived it themselves, and they know each other so well they can see exactly what’s going on inside. They know when to press and they know when to just leave it be, and they know exactly what the other needs to get them to move forward! Dean is more open about his feelings now than ever before, and it still surprises me what a breath of fresh air is it! (Even if we know it can all be pulled away from all of us at a moment’s notice, and probably will be.)

The entire scene in Dean’s bedroom, complete with novelty socks and dolphin “belleh” (because that’s how he says it), and the mutual teasing was off the charts squee inducing. I mean, seriously, the novelty socks alone, because DEANNNNN d’awwww! I love seeing the brothers have moments like this. I absolutely adore seeing their life away from hunting. Any tiny little moment of their everyday, ordinary life gives me massive heart eyes! Dean may have been hiding out on this occasion, but we know damn well that he loves his movies and that he would definitely lounge around his room watching his favs as an escape from his real world, any time he has down time from saving the real world that is. Oh for a whole episode of them watching TV, doing the laundry, working out in the gym (THAT WE KNOW THEY HAVE, AND THEY NEED TO USE FOR US), cleaning their guns, running errands at the supermarket, Sam reading up on serial killer stuff, Dean watching the latest Halloween. Oh my gosh how I would love that episode! I’m really hoping we get a little of that in the 300th as Comic Con teased. Until then, Dean in “Send Noods” noodle socks and my imagination will hold me over!

Sam knows his brother so well. He probably had other more serious cases that needed attention, some Michael Monsters causing mischief, but Sam knows to get Dean truly engaged, a Thundercats toy come to life is absolutely going to do the trick! He knows that will be irresistible and get his brother out of his funk. The way Sam plays the video waiting for Dean’s reaction, and his smirk as Dean jumps into action is hilarious. Bless him for always knowing how to get to the heart of Dean. Bless these two. UGH! I love them!

“Mint Condition” is not just an homage to slasher movies, it’s also an homage to the Winchesters themselves and to this show; with references to the boys’ past – as in Thundercats, which we know they used to watch in motel rooms, to Sam’s hating of Halloween which was established in the Pilot! There were references to Hell Hazers, which was the movie at the centre of the case in season 2’s Hollywood Babylon and loads of little nods for the fans to catch, from the Red Hood outfit, to the House of Wax poster, and so much more (seriously, check the Wiki!) But what this really was, was a good old fashioned Sam and Dean ghost hunt, and that always feels so very good.

It’s amazing that this style of hunt that the show was really built on, still feels fresh every single time. Even in the 14th season, a straight up hunt is my favourite thing. They never get old, and I always look forward to them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the myth arcs and I love all the characters, and I love having so many favourites back. I love Cas and I love Jack. But there is something so magical for me about Sam and Dean hitting the road together to take on a ghost, because this is where we started, and this is why I fell in love. 

It was nice to see the characters in “Mint Condition” treated with respect and as stereotypical as they were, they weren’t lampooned. We see that the nerds the boys think they are nothing like, turn out to have a lot in common with both of them. Sam and Samantha being all smart and problem solving, complete with Scooby lunch-box explosives, and adorable “cool”. Dean and Dirk and that classic best death in horror movies conversation, (who hasn’t had that conversation!) I love that Dean is such a badass tough guy, but also such a huge pop culture nerd (and totally softy, let’s face it), it’s one of my favourite things about his character, that he can be so tough, and yet so dorky! Even Stuart, who is a bit of a dick let’s face it, has people who can see that he’s got good points and who care about him – Dirk is his genuine friend. I appreciated that he was given more colour than just a dude living in his mum’s basement yelling at video games. As usual, the show respects the people who love the show. Us. These three are all of us, and they’re also Sam and Dean. 

But really, bottom line, this ep was just a great time. I watched it 4 times in a row. I just kept playing it over and over. It was so much fun. So much fun to see Dean smiling as much as he was (lots of great teeth action…don’t judge, it’s a thing). So much fun to see Dean talking about his favourite movie in a franchise and getting to live out some wacky fantasy taking on his favourite horror villain – even if it didn’t quite go his way. It was so much fun seeing Sam making explosives and quipping about having a messed up childhood. No kidding! I loved the horror moving inside the episode, cutting from the movie to our reality with the security guards as the anchor. So clever and beautifully put together. 

Oh, the other favourite thing was the boys trying to lie down in the car to hide from Stuart’s mum! OMGGGGG I WATCHED THAT SO MANY TIMES! Hilarious. One of my favourite moments ever! And did I mention Dean in glasses?

Then we have the absolute perfect car chat. Oh my gosh. The ease with which Sam told Dean he’s really going to have to come out of his room. The easy honesty Dean gives his brother in return when he says he’s not going to just get over Michael, but he understands he needs to get back into it and he’s there for Sam for whatever he needs. The “chief” thing just being the icing on the cake! 

This is the Sam and Dean that I love seeing, and I love that we have them like this. I’ve said it before I know, but it’s been such a journey with them, we’ve all been through so much together, and it’s so rewarding to see this level of ease between them. I’m forever thankful that they got here. 

Then 13 years on, we finally find out why Sam hates Halloween and it’s brilliant and so not why I thought he hated that particular holiday! Dean’s fake vomiting was great! I wonder if that was an Ackles adlib? Then to round out all of this perfection, we finish on a ridiculous parade of matching Halloween outfits ideas that, well I couldn’t even with any of it! I was giggling with glee. The Js comic timing was amped up to 11 in this episode! They’re such talented guys. 

By the end I was actually aching from smiling so damn hard for 43 minutes. Even though the boys were working apart for most of this ep, everything in every scenario was just so wonderful it simply popped off the screen with rainbows and sunshine! Too much? I DON’T THINK SO!

I love this show. I love that I can fall in love with it all over again. I love that I can fall in love with Sam and Dean all over again. “Mint Condition” was smart, funny, sweet, rewarding, and oh so very, Supernatural. It’s such a special thing this show we have.


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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 14X04 "Mint Condition"

So....hi.... how have you been? Enjoying the season? Me too! It's super awesome and this week's episode looks like tonnes of fun! Which is about what we need at this point in the season right? A little bit of a lighter load after a lot of drama and beards of grief! So shall I preview? I think I shall!

Dean was abducted by Michael
Sam was so sad he couldn't shave
Cas was bonding with Jack
Jack was wanting to hunt
Mary and Bobby...well I don't know (boom chica wah wah)!
Michael put a tux on Dean and I was cool with it
Michael bugged out (yay!)
Nick is a hammer wielding murderer - guess that's why Luci dug him
Monsters are more monstrous
Our little Nougat is coughing up blood (eeep)
Dean is back and does not like Sam's beard!

Will we see Sam shave? (Please say yes - though I dig your beard, Sammy)

Yep, Dean is back and the grief-beard is about to become a thing of the past, becoming not-so-grief-stricken-stubble. In other news, the brothers are about to look like this!

I'm writing this while looking at pictures of Jensen dressed as Red Hood for Halloween, next to pictures of Jensen as Dean in a bad 80's suit and nerd glasses in the Halloween ep...and to be honest, I'm not sure which is hotter!

Nope. Can't decide. It's like a before and after secret identity shot!

But...I digress! Because that's what I do. Let's have a look at this week's synopsis!

“Mint Condition” 

HALLOWEEN HORROR – Dean (Jensen Ackles) continues to struggle. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) must think fast when action figures come to life, and our heroes find themselves living in a real-life horror movie. Amyn Kaderali directed the episode written by Davy Perez. (#1404).

Davy's last episode was 13x17 "The Thing" TENTACLE PORN (not that there's anything wrong with that), and Amyn last directed 13x18 "Bring 'Em Back Alive".

Here's the our post production crew for tonight's episode. Mary doesn't work on the show anymore, so super sweet of her to do this for tonight's episode.


This looks like a good ol' hunt gone wild for Sam and Dean, and from other things I've read about this ep (which I am epically failing to find), the horror movie come to life is one of Dean's favourites, starring Hatchet Man. So it seems we are about to find out a little bit more about Dean's taste in movies (other than Braveheart) and his geeky pop culture knowledge (and what he was really watching all those nights left alone minding Sam in motel rooms), all while Sam rolls his eyes adorably, no doubt! Plus they're dressed in really bad suits that they look really fabulous in (of course they do!) If that's not enough, in amongst all this, Dean's still struggling with the fallout from Michael taking possession of delicious angst, and hopefully some bro chatter! I am looking forward to seeing Dean smile though - even if only briefly - it's always lovely to see the man geek out, and I can't wait for the Winchesters doing their Winchester thing together for the first time this season. FUN!

Here's the promo!

So full disclosure, I'm a massive horror movie fan, and my favourites are 80's and 90's slasher horror. My favourite Jason is Jason X - JASON IN SPACE for obvious reasons, of AWESOMENESS, gosh that movie is all kinds of schlocky, gory delights! My favourite Halloween is H20, my favourite Freddy movie is either the first Nightmare on Elm Street, or Freddy v Jason - though I get so mad in that movie because I think Jason would absolutely slaughter Freddy. No doubt. (Also, I kinda love Jason 😍). So chances are pretty good, that I would love this Hatchet Man guy and his movies too! As an aside, I've always wished I had a noise that followed me around, you know, like ch ch ch ch ah ah ah ah. Before you come into a room... ch ch ch ch ah ah ah ah. Stepping into a ch ch ch ah ah ah ah. Right?! How good would that be?! I WOULD LOVE THAT!

This guy is my favourite though...he's my little dude! This is Sam from Trick 'r Treat. He is adorbs! Also, evil.

Anyhooooo I digressed, again! Here's the sneak peek!

I can't even with Dean in those glasses. I CAN NOT EVEN. And how dare they wear short sleeve shirts like that just sitting there with biceps poking out....AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WEARING SHORT SLEEVED SHIRTS. Who wants to know why Sam knows what MIRL means?


I've been excited for this episode since I heard about it! I've loved all the drama and feely feels of the first few episodes of season 14 as they set up the story, it's been fab, but I love seeing the boys hunting together, and even having a little fun, well at least it looks like Dean does, albeit briefly, until he's fighting of an axe wielding horror movie legend! 

By the way, Jules and I did a whole podcast on our favourite horror movies if you're looking for some recs! It's here.

Now the elephant in the I back to writing about the show? Well that's the plan, but I'm taking it one day, or episode at a time! I hope you understand! Hopefully I'll see you back here soon for more 😊 Until then...ENJOY THE EPISODE!