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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 14x06 "Optimism"

  1. 1.
    hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

     2.  thing seldom associated with the TV Show Supernatural.

Welcome to the preview for episode 14x06, the ironically title, "Optimism".  I bet that's a title you never thought you'd see on a Supernatural episode! What's a bet we are left emotionally bereft! I do not trust the show using this word!

Anyhoo...where were we?

Sammy is head honcho hunter
Mary and Bobby are boom chica wah wah


Here is the (probably lying liar that lies) synopsis

WHAT WE DO FOR LOVE - “Sam and Charlie team up to get to the bottom of a string of random disappearances. Meanwhile, Jack believes that he has found a case and convinces Dean to partner-up with him on the hunt. Richard Speight Jr. directed the episode written by Steve Yockey.”

So, Rich last directed episode 2 and Steve Yockey last wrote 13x09 Funeralia.

And I'm just gunna say it.... YAY ANOTHER RICH EP!

I'm also gunna say this... this episode sounds ADORABLE!

For a start with get Charlie back! Okay we don't really, this is AU Charlie and she is going to be different and it's probably going to be a bit weird, because the AU people are a tad weird, but we do get Felicia back and that's super cool! And we get AU Charlie hunting with Sam, and I always loved Sam and Charlie together because of the geek element they shared, and I'm sure AU Charlie is going to be a bit geeky, though probably not Moondoor geeky because angel bombs and spikes!

And Dean is going to be hunting with Jack and we all know how much Jack wants Dean to validate him. Right from the get go, Jack was emulating Dean and just wanting Dean to like him. Now they have a much better relationship (wouldn't be hard) and Dean and Jack have become closer. Dean has given him advice and been there to help Jack understand a lot of the lessons Dean struggled with, and you can see what Dean thinks of Jack is super important to Jack. So yay!


Me when I see Jack

Okay...let's look at the promo!

It looks fun! Did Sam something about a Man/Fly hybrid??? I want to see the Man/Fly hybrid! Also, is this the episode that Jared said there was a spit scene? I thought maybe, not sure, Jared has huge issues with spit though! And there's goo! WHAT IS HAPPENING though is an appropriate response!

So is this going to be a fun episode? Are these more Michael monsters?

Let's look at the sneak peek!

Dean should be used to Jack's behaviour because it's very early days Cas! Seriously though, Jack is so clean shaven and wide eyed! I hope this all goes okay! I really want this to be a good experience for him! I'm really looking forward to Dean dealing with the innocence of Jack!

I wonder how it works out that Sam goes off to hunt with Charlie without Dean, leaving Dean to go on a hunt with Jack? I'm interested to know how this pans out. I remember reading that Jack found a hunt, and he asks Dean to go with him. However it happens, pretty sure I will love it, and whatever happens, pretty sure Optimism isn't going to be an overarching feeling!


Now, I have no idea what's going on here...but here are the pics on Andrew Dabb's tonight on Supernatural tweets! Hero Jack? Lord knows!!!

Okay guys, that's all the crazy for this week!

Enjoy the ep!


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