Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Review - Supernatural 12x08 LOTUS - The Midseason Finale!

Oh hellatus…how I don’t like you, like at all! Just over one week without a new ep and I’m already whimpering a little! Doesn’t help that we were left with a WTAF cliffhanger! Doesn’t help that I watched the promo for the next ep and went “WHELP!” It made me sad and a little panicky! 

But hey, this is not a preview! 

(Also, sorry for the lateness…I was dragging it out!)

Okay, I’m going to be honest here, on first watch through, I wasn’t crazy in love with the idea of Lucifer jumping into the President. I kinda wished it was a really powerful senator, or even the Vice President, because I found myself being dragged out of the moment with random thoughts about Presidential security, and how the boys could get close enough to the President to draw Lucifer out! Or how a President would be able to talk his security detail into driving him to a motel no-tell to rendezvous with his girlfriend…at least in this day and age of hyper vigilance. But hey, they let him fly a plane and fight aliens in Independence Day soooo…..

Monday, 19 December 2016

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - LOTUS


Opening words

I guess this is it. The last Supernatural episode for this year, the next will air in January. Time flew by fast this year and the midseason finale was upon us before we even knew it. This season has been great with Mary returning and the stories we have gotten. I mean come on! We got Sam and Dean in leather jackets and Hitler. We were introduced to the mysterious Mr. Ketch and an interesting hunter named Asa Fox. There was a lot more also so I can’t wait what we will get in the future episodes next year. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 12x08 "LOTUS"

One of the things I'm grateful for is not only the opportunity to write up a blog for Amy, but that this blog isn't bound by any particular format.  I don't write reviews, that's Amy's domain, though I will express my feelings for an episode, what I love about it, what might not have been that awesome, and of course I always make sure I include accolades to the cast.  Basically, my blog consists mostly of random thoughts that pop in my head.  They can be interesting to some, have deep meaning for others, or can be completely off base in some people's opinion.  Most of the time my ideas come out of left field, but alas that's just the way my brain's chaos😵 I'm not putting myself down, sometimes I actually have deep meaningful coherent opinions that actually make sense.  Then of course there are other times where my theories can be totally "say what"? 😱 Can I have whatever it is you're smoking right now?😹 And then there are times like this where I simply have no coherent thoughts what so ever, but just lots and lots of what just happened moments that leave me like this😲.  It's these types of eps where I come to you for answers, as my mind is spinning with all sorts of speculations and I'm truly at a loss of what will happen next....and that my friends is what I like to get from a midseason finale. 😀

Friday, 9 December 2016

The Light on Spoiler, Heavy on Squee Preview of the Supernatural Midseason Finale - 12x08 LOTUS

-by sweeondean



Ugh. I really can't believe it's the midseason finale already. It is a little earlier than usual, being episode 8. Most often it's episode 9, or even 10. But it will mean a nice full back end of the season!

But still....

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - Rock Never Dies

Rock Never Dies

Opening words

Well, that was it for the short hiatus and we are back and I guess heading to Los Angeles. We will have two episodes before a longer vacation and holidays! This year I will especially enjoy the holiday spirits, although I will miss my show. For this episode we had the return of Lucifer so let's get on with the show!

Review - Supernatural 12x07 Rock Never Dies

Rick Springfield’s Lucifer, I will miss you - and I’m sorry you ended up looking like a piece of old fruit from my veggie draw!

Rick’s Lucifer was scary. A wild card that you had no idea what he would do. I remember season 5’s Lucifer was like that. There was a menace about him; you didn’t know what he had in store for anyone - kind of a slow burn that was frightening. Quietly menacing - until he exploded, like in Hammer of the Gods. But then he became funny, and even camp; more often than not he was evil comic relief. I haven’t found Lucifer scary for a long time - except when he had his hands on Sam, then I my fear was for Sam. But even with Sam in the cage, Lucifer was still yucking it up.

This is the reason I liked season 12 Lucifer a lot, because he was a surprise, he was different, and I enjoyed his bitter, maniacal energy. The way he realised he could manipulate people into doing his bidding because they idolised his meatsuit. Lucifer too, has had his followers, but like Vince Vincente, he’s kind of washed up, he’s been out of the limelight for awhile, he’s pretty much forgotten - that’s why Vince was such a perfect vessel, the has-been rockstar and the has-been would be deity. 

It was interesting to see Lucifer spreading his wings again…so to speak, just being damn evil! It felt like Lucifer was a formidable force of evil, and I like that, but in revealing his ongoing issues with being rejected and abandoned…again, and how that disappointment has affected him, he also appeared to be totally unhinged! Which I guess I always thought, but now, yeah, I think he might be a tad cray cray! All those years in the cage maybe.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on 12x07 Rock Never Dies

I'm going to be honest with you.  I enjoy MOTW episodes more than I do the myth arc eps.  I'm not saying I don't enjoy the myth arc stuff, I'm just saying that I'd rather spend my time watching the boys save people and hunting bad things that go bump in the night.  When I watch a MOTW ep, I compare it to sitting in my nice comfortable warm den that has a soft couch, a big tv and it's small enough, but not too small, that you just feel cozy in it.  When I watch a myth arc ep, it's more like the "for show" living room that has nice comfortable furniture in it, but it's just basically used for company.  It's bigger, cooler and has no tv.  A  nice place to be if you want quiet or want to read, but not really as cozy as the den.  It just doesn't have the same warmth.   I'm not saying I didn't like this episode, I did.  It's just that I found myself, by the hour's end, ready for another MOTW episode.  I just find that those eps not only have more of the boys, ( I totally get that these eps give them time off) but I feel there's more of an intimacy to them. There are more broments, there's more emotion, it's just, for me, more of everything that I love about our show.

Now that all that has been needlessly said, let's get to it shall we. 😋

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x07 "Rock Never Dies"

- by sweetondean

I swear I typed Rick Never Dies like 5 times before I managed to type Rock! Heh. Welcome to this week's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Memes Preview!

This is the 2nd last episode before the 6 week midseason break. 6 FRACKIN' WEEKS!



Jody didn't die
Mary didn't die


Sam and Dean are legendary legends



Lucifer is back...and rocking out!

Okay - let me ask you a question, how come when I go to gigs, NO ONE EVER LOOKS LIKE THIS! LIKE EVER. Seriously. Ridiculous looking humans.... IN T-SHIRTS AND LEATHER I MEAN GOD DAMN DEAN IS IN A V-NECK HOLY FREAKIN' COW I CAN'T EVEN USE PUNCTUATION I'M SO OMGGGGGG!

Let's check out the synopsis!

Rock Never Dies 

RICK SPRINGFIELD ROCKS OUT AS LUCIFER – Lucifer (Rick Springfield) realises that as rock star Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, Lucifer arranges to play a secret VIP concert in order to kill all of them. Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) enter the underbelly of the music industry to try to stop him. Eduardo Sanchez directed the episode written by Robert Berens (1207).

Great director, great writer! EXCITEMENT! Eduardo Sanchez - best know for The Blair Witch Project, last directed the awesome The Chitters. And Robert "Bobo" Berens has been with the show since season 9 - and is one of Supernatural's senior writers. This is his second episode this season, having written the soul crushing, The Foundry. mind boggles at Cas entering the underbelly of the music industry!

So far, I've loved Rick Springfield's Lucifer (maybe not when he looks like this, but you know.) I feel like Lucifer is truly evil again. Rick said he never watched any other portrayal of Lucifer on the show, because he didn't want to be influenced by another actor's performance. And this Lucifer definitely feels different and definitely feels like he's scarier. I think we got complacent with Lucifer - now he feels like more of a wild card, and I like it. His deep and meaningful with his dad mustn't have helped him any!

Obviously Lucifer doesn't remain looking like something from the movie Slither... He gets his rock star groove back! So let's check out the promo....

Hmmmm. I'll try not to pass judgement on the promo.... (she says passing judgement by saying she's trying not to...)

This is not the first time Dean has complained about hair rock! I mean, he's already teased Sam about his brother liking Vince Vincente's third album....then there was that time back in season 2...

Dean: REO Speedwagon?
Jo: Damn right REO. Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.
Dean: He sings it from the hair. There's a difference.

But of course, that led to this... (before Jensen was told that Dean wouldn't be a good singer...) Me thinks Dean doth protest too much!

I wonder if we'll hear Rick/Lucifer sing? I wonder what that glowy blue knife is that Lucifer is holding. I wonder if Cas gets a better outfit to enter the underbelly of the music industry....

It's forever going to weird me out that we seem to be hanging with Crowley now...  Guys, KING OF HELL AND A RIGHT (albeit lovable) BASTARD! *sigh* I think everyone's forgotten....

So....of course, we all know what comes now...


I'm super excited for this week's episode. I missed our show last week! I feel like we're just getting into the swing of the season and BAM! IT'S NEARLY BREAK TIME! Though it does mean we have 15 episodes in the second half of the season which is exciting!

Okie dokie - be back laters with sneak peek awesomeness! Please stare at this until then....

Or maybe this....

I'm back!

With a sneak peek that gives us nothing about the episode but is one of those moments in the bunker that I love! Just hanging out! Being boys! I really do want a whole ep in the bunker. Like Baby was all in the car - we could have a bunker episode! YES/YES????  Just following the boys around the bunker. YES/YES/YES????? Oh the things we might see! Might need a bit of work on the story..... BUT REALLY, JUST HANGING OUT WOULD BE FINE! We could be like flies on the wall. Sigh. I'd love that episode.

Dean and his mum playing fake Words with Friends. ADORABLE. I like. Notice that the letters that show up for Dean after his twerking play, spell Lucifer.... LURIFEC.... Nice one! And Dean uses a devil face emoji. I CAN NOT EVEN WITH DEAN WINCHESTER RIGHT NOW! Also, Dean knows what snapchat is? DOES HE HAVE AN ACCOUNT, BECAUSE SERIOUSLY HE WOULD LOOK ADORABLE WITH SOME OF THOSE FILTERS! Can someone make some of those up for me? Pleasssseeeee and thank you!

Enjoy the epi every one!