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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy of Panicky Feels Preview of Supernatural Season 10 Finale - "Brother's Keeper".

Well this is it people! The season 10 finale! Are we ready? I'M NOT READY! I'm not ready because I don't want the season to end and I'm shit scared what they're going to put us through this year!

The words "game changer" and "change the landscape of" have been thrown around in relation to whatever is going to happen and those things are making me sweat.

I truly have no clue what to expect - where we're going - how I'm going to cope - how I'm going to survive 5 months without knowing what happens next!

GAH! DAMN YOU SHOW! Oh show, I can't stay mad at you. UNLESS YOU HURT ME! Which of course you're going to do! I still can't stay mad at you...


Dean's Mark of Cain has flared up again...making him all killy.
Sam is not going to lose his brother. Nup. No way, no day. So he's hell bent (hopefully not literally), on saving Dean and screw the consequences!
Cas is not particularly happy about Sam's plans, but also doesn't want to lose Dean - even though Dean just beat the snot out of him.
Crowley is seriously pissed at Moose and his mummy - and his red eyes are showing.
Rowena is shifty.


Here's the synopsis.

Brother's Keeper

SUPERNATURAL SEASON FINALE — Dean makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s too.  Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena  face off and Castiel gets caught in the middle.  Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Jeremy Carver 



I love the character of Death. He's a personal favourite - but in this case, I'm extremely worried about seeing him! 

Here's the promo - sneak peek - and Carver's preview....

So...we know Dean summons Death to ask for help to remove the Mark of Cain. But Death has price, what is it?

We know that Cas asks Crowley for help to save Dean. Will he do it?

We know that Rowena wants to keep the codex - which would mean she has the ability to read and perform incredibly dangerous spells. Eeeep.

We know Sam is going to enact the spell come hell or high water - even though he knows that something awful will probably happen because of it, but right now, who cares, because...DEAN!

Other things we know...

Jensen and Jared think this is the most intense finale ever. EVER? I MEAN.... EVERRRRRRR????? HAVE THEY SEEN THE OTHER FINALES????

Jensen and Jared have said that Sam and Dean fight in this finale. Gah!

Jensen has also said a fan favourite will die - and he doesn't know how the writers are going to write their way out of this one. DEFINE FAN FAVOURITE, JENSEN!

Carver in an interview with TV|Line said that the deal with Death came with “a fairly sizable, non-negotiable condition”. WHAT THE HELL IS IT???

I have one thing to say...

(Estimation of how I will look throughout the finale)

I'm not even going to speculate - because I have no clue and any clue I have I don't want to think about! But please feel free to speculate so that I can enjoy and FRET about your ideas!

I will say that hearing Dean call Sam Sammy was somewhat of a comfort...he's in there still...our beautiful Dean. Geesh the guy's had a tough couple of seasons.

I probably won't get to a review of this episode or a podcast for a week or so . I have the Aussie convention this weekend, with Jensen, Mark S, Osric, Richard, Matt and just announced, Tim. We're all going to be missing Jared terribly...but so happy he's home, resting up, and taking care of himself first and foremost. 

I'm sure as we watch, what is bound to be an emotionally fraught episode, we will all be thinking of our Moose of a friend.

Good luck, hold on to your feels and may the force be with us all.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Review - Supernatural 10x22 "The Prisoner"

I started writing this on Saturday. I was at the hairdressers. My hair takes and inordinate amount of time to do…have you seen the colour(s)? So I had a couple of hours on my hands and thought I’d write up my review.

I already knew that Jared was unwell. I already knew he was too ill to attend JIB6. And along with my Aussie friends, I hoped that he’d be well enough to still make it to Australia.

Then Jared tweeted those two scary tweets.

I didn’t know what to do. I instantly tweeted him back and wrote on his Facebook wall, reaching out and taking a few moments like he asked us to. Then I sat there in shock, worrying, trying not to burst in to tears, feeling frightened, feeling helpless.

Like so many of you, I consider Jared family, I consider him a friend. But my relationship with him is unique – unique to this fandom family. Our friendship with Jared is not a traditional friendship and in those moments following his tweets, I felt acutely the real distance between how I feel about Jared and the reality of our relationship. I can’t pick up the phone and make sure he’s okay like I would my other friends. I can only message him via social media and hope maybe; just maybe he sees that I’m thinking of him. Me, being just one voice among thousands that poured love in his direction in the hours following his call for help.

My festive day at the hairdressers suddenly went to shit. I was getting my hair sorted for the Aussie convention the next weekend. But now Jared wasn't coming – but worse than that, and far more important, Jared was in pain and quite frankly, I was scared. Really scared. Scared for my friend.

I wrote off the rest of the day and went home, crawled into bed and Skyped with my friend Hazel. We talked about our beautiful Js, fretted about Jared, were honest enough to say we were also gutted we weren’t going to be seeing him the following week, and supported each other through what was a very strange and emotional afternoon.

When Jensen’s first panel at JIB6 commenced in the evening my time, I was relieved to hear him say that Jared was home and resting. I felt a little better knowing that Jared was safe, and with Gen and his boys. I decided I’d give the review another crack. So I popped on “The Prisoner”. But there was Jared – okay it was Sam – broken and sad, trying to reach out to his brother, tears in his eyes, full of pain…and I just couldn’t do it. It just felt too close to the bone. Hearing Sam saying he’d been the one out there, messed up, scared and alone. I had to turn it off. I was having serious problems differentiating between what Jared was going through and what Sam was going through. I decided I couldn’t face it. I closed my laptop and put on Thor. I like Thor. I was torn between Captain America and Thor, but Thor makes me laugh more, and I wanted to laugh.

Last night “The Prisoner” screened on Aussie TV. I half watched it. I was catching up on JIB vids…in particular that delightful vid of Jensen accidentally flashing the audience his lovely tummy! I ended up watching the back half of the episode, where Dean is killing all the things. I remembered how much I loved this episode. LOVED IT. With a passion. So I decided to give this review business another shot.

So here I am. It will be briefer than usual, my headspace is still a bit whackadoo (how the hell are we going to survive the finale this week), but here are just a few random thoughts I've been mulling over about a stellar outing in a season that has proven to be universally stellar.

Just when you think Supernatural can’t get any more painful, it reaches right into your chest, grabs your heart, drop kicks it against a wall and then gleefully watches as it slides down and slumps to the floor, slowly bleeding out blood made of pure, gut-wrenching, anguished Winchester love. Oh Supernatural, how I love that thing you do.

Call me weird, or possibly just a Supernatural fan, but “The Prisoner” was one of those episodes that was insanely painful, but bloody brilliant and amazing to watch in an oh-my-God-my-feels, kind of way.

The aftermath of the death of the wonderful Charlie was always going to be catastrophically hurty, but the brutally violent and bloody fallout surprised even me. I can’t say it was, but it totally was, but really wasn’t, but kinda was, but kinda wasn’t, but really was, absolutely thrilling…if you know what I mean.

Dean Winchester is almost gone – but not so gone that when faced with blading a friend, he stopped. He didn’t kill Cas (even though for a shocking moment I thought he had), so Dean is still in there. But the Mark of Cain has the wheel – it has taken Dean’s pain and anger and amplified it to the point where Dean is ball of red hot, yet icy cold fury. He’s terrifying…and totally smokin’.

Dean’s angry words to Sam hurt more than any words the brothers have ever said before  - and let’s face it there have been some corkers. They were words we never thought we’d hear, never wanted to hear, and sure as hell don’t want to believe. And they were words we know, that in his right mind, Dean would never say, believe or wish for. Dean is not in his right mind, and thankfully Sam knows that.

I know Dean well enough to also know this. I also believe that some of Dean's anger aimed squarely at Sam is coming from anger toward himself. Don’t think for a minute the thoughts, “If she wasn’t trying to help me, if she didn’t love me, if I didn’t have the Mark of Cain – Charlie would be alive”, haven’t gone through his head. Charlie was trying to find a way to save Dean, and Dean will be painfully and deeply aware of this. That’s how he rolls. I think that some of his anger is coming from this place, not just from a place of fury at Sam for what Dean sees as Sam’s culpability in Charlie’s death. And all of this, every single little bit of it, is being enhanced by the evil and murderous intent of the Mark of Cain – whose power has been coursing through Dean’s blood all season long.

Dean has been on the brink for sometime. Sure, he hasn’t been killing all the things, but I’ve seen his desperation to stay Dean manifesting in different ways.

Dean has been clinging to Sam almost too tightly, leaning heavily on Sam’s belief in a cure, or his belief that Dean can live with the Mark, to get him through. He’s been keeping his relationship with Sam on an even keel, surprising all of us when he’s apologised in moments we thought he’d tear Sam a new one. If Dean doesn’t get angry, if he keeps that in check, maybe the Mark won’t take hold, maybe the Mark won’t flick a switch…

A large part of why I think Dean is so angry is that he was trusting so hard, believing so hard in his brother. Believing that Sam believed in him. All the lies that went before and all the heartbreak and tragedy they’ve caused – Dean was trusting and believing that his brother wouldn’t make those same mistakes, wouldn’t make his mistakes. And so when it turns out Sam has been actively going behind Dean’s back, saying one thing to Dean while doing another, lying and working with someone they know to be evil – an error of judgement both have made - that not only shattered Dean’s grasp on hope, it shattered Dean’s trust in his brother. And that trust is something they've both worked so hard to regain.

If Dean was in his right mind, he would be angry, but probably get it – he’d do the same thing, and he knows it – but Dean is not in his right mind, nowhere near, because something is taking control of him from within.

In Dean’s eyes, Charlie was another person who died because of the Winchesters, because of Dean. She was family, full of love and life. Dean adored Charlie. I think Dean’s not just furious at Sam, he’s furious at himself, at their family, at their life, remembering all those who have fallen in their aide. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt trying to help him; he didn’t want anyone to die trying to save him and he thought he'd made that clear. 

And the Mark of Cain means that no logical thought will help him see through how wrong all of this guilt and how wrong all of his finger pointing and blame placing is. Because all the Mark wants is blood and all it needs to feed it is rage. Dean was hanging on so tight – Charlie’s death pushed him over that edge.

Of course, not Dean, nor Sam, nor Cas, nor Charlie are responsible for Charlie’s death, that falls solely at the feet of Eldon Styne – but right now, drowning in anger, drowning in pain, drowning in guilt, neither Sam or Dean can see that.

Sam is desperate; he’s terrified he’s going to lose Dean. He’s said more than once that Dean’s all he’s got. Dean really is all Sam’s got. Sure they’ve got friends out there but no one is ever going to come close to what Dean means to Sam. And Sam doesn’t function so great without Dean. We’ve seen before how that manifests. You can see the panic in Sam growing as he sees the tell tale signs that Dean is losing control surface more and more. And now he has the weight of Charlie’s death and his brother’s hate filled words all slamming his heart. But Sam is not giving up. This time he’s determined to save his brother. It’s like he’s painfully aware he’s tried in the past and not succeeded. This time nothing is going to stop him. I’m so in love with Sam’s determination. But in reality, he is as out of control as his brother is…just in a different way.

In the midst of all this is Castiel. Watching as his friend disappears before his eyes. Knowing that if that happens he will have to kill him, or watch him murder the world. Not fighting back as Dean beats him to a pulp, even though he’s a fully charged angel who could send Dean flying across the room with a flick of his wrist. Standing by his other friend as he desperately tries to save his doomed brother. Offering Sam what advice he can, knowing that everything that he’s attempting to save Dean is a bad idea, while also knowing that in the long run he’ll support Sam regardless. Because neither of them want to lose Dean.

And Crowley, who was so desperate to feel the touch of humanity again, he tried to be good…only to be turned upon by someone he had foolishly trusted. When Crowley’s eyes turned red and smoked? Holy cow. I screamed at my TV. I always knew that there was more to him than he’d ever shown us. He’s been playing possum for a long time…not letting on what he truly was…playing the frenemy card! Now he’s been betrayed by not only Sam, but also by his mother Rowenna. Hell hath no fury like a King of Hell scorned! I always knew Sam would have zero issue killing Crowley…but I think it took Crowley by surprise.

Then there’s the wild card, Rowena, who is yet to show her hand. I don’t know what she’s up to, but I’m pretty sure it’s not helping Sam save Dean.

“The Prisoner” was delicious, filled with wonderful words by the wonderful Andrew Dabb, lovely sets, stunning lighting, brilliant directing, captivating character moments, truly shocking scenes and performances that hit it out of the park even for a show that hits it out of the park constantly. Both Jensen and Jared were mind blowingly good in this episode, but I think this was possibly one of Jensen’s finest performances – if not his finest. The moment before he shot Cyrus, the scratching of his head with the gun in his hand before he pulls the trigger…I think that may be my favourite moment ever. Ever. Just for the breathtaking acting of it. Spectaculacular!

Now we’re on the brink of the season finale and I have no idea what’s going to happen. None whatsoever. Season 10 has been remarkable and I’ll be sad to see it finish…but I have a feeling next season will lift that constantly rising bar, again.

And I can't help but think, in amongst all the feels we're bound to be feeling during the season finale, we'll be thinking about our friend Jared, and hoping he's doing okay.

Love ya, big guy. Always Keep Fighting.

 For more of my thoughts on this episode - listen to The Women of Letters Podcast

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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on the Heart Preview of Supernatural 10.22 "The Prisoner"

Oh man. 2 episodes left in the season and I have a bad feeling about this, Chewie! A very bad feeling. Very, very, very bad. Very. Bad.

So let's just get into it and face the heartbreak head on.





I'm not my usually optimistic self, am I? Well - I'm optimistic that this is going to be fantastic, and believe me I'm so damn excited to see what happens and how everything plays out, but I'm so frightened to see what happens and how everything plays out. And I'm freaking out about the hurt. After last season's ending, I'm a little gun-shy! And by a little I mean a lot. I will never in this lifetime get over seeing that angle blade going into Dean Winchester's chest like it was sliding into butter. Never. Ever. I've made myself all sad! So let's look at the synopsis for the penultimate (who says penultimate) episode of season 10 - "The Prisoner".

DEAN IS ON A RAMPAGE — When it comes to the Stynes, Dean decides to take matters into his own hands. Sam tries to come to terms with his decision. Thomas J. Wright directed this episode written by Andrew Dabb.

Shortest synopsis ever, which is incredibly troubling. The less they say in these things, the worse the outcome of the episode usually is.

10x02 "Reichenbach" was the last episode Thomas J. Wright directed and Andrew Dabb has written 3 episodes this season: 10x02 "Reichenbach", 10x09 The Things We Left Behind and 10x17 "Inside Man".

Okay, enough stalling, let's look at the promos - we got the after show promo and an extended promo. I'll move straight onto the extended promo.

I think most of you know I'm a promo producer - so making these things is what I do for a living. I tend to look a promos as a viewer, but also as a producer. This one, I looked at very much as a producer! There's a bit of slight of hand editing going on here which is pretty nifty. For example, the cut between Dean kicking out and the bunker door blowing in. Pretty sure those are two totally different scenes! Also, I'd bet my bottom dollar (whatever that is), that Dean is aiming his shiny silver gun at those people who end up dead on the bunker floor - not at Cas as the cut suggests. Of course I could be wrong...

Is that the Stynes scattered over the bunker searching for the Book of the Damned?

Now, I do think Crowley is in a spot of bother and I think that's probably going to be Sam making good on his promise to Rowena. Will Sam actually kill him?! To be honest, I wouldn't put anything past this show.

Dean sure has the upper hand. Super strength and immortality. The Stynes are in trouble and I'm so very happy about that. Kill them all I say. Or certainly at the very least, Eldon.

But I don't want Dean to lose control and I don't want him to give into the Mark. I don't. I really don't so damn much.

Oh and I'm pretty sure Cas punches Dean in the face - I pulled this promo apart frame by frame. It's a quick cut (only 10 frames) but here are a couple of those frames - that looks like Dean to me.

And I think this is Sammy

And I'll never get over these faces....


Ack. It's going to hurt so much! The funeral of Charlie is going to destroy us all.

Let's look at the sneak peek.

Oh Sammy. "Me".  Oh Sam. *sobs*

Dean may have asked Sam to shut it down - but I doubt very much that's going to happen. Sam will find Charlie's email, he'll find that she cracked the code and it'll all go from there. There's no way that Sam will let that work Charlie did and sacrifice Charlie made for Dean go to waste.

Let's also take a minute here to remember Eldon killed Charlie - not Sam.

Okay...if you haven't watched Carver's preview yet, hold on to your guts, because you're about to feel like someone just punched you in them, and you may not be able to breathe for a bit...

Of all the angry things the brothers have ever said to each other, I think this one hurt the most!

Of course we know that Dean is not just angry, but in pain - and we saw how Sam lashed out at Dean when he was angry and in pain last season. These two know what hurts the other the most and aren't afraid to go there. We also have to remember, and this is important, Dean currently has all the rage and ferocity of the Mark of Cain pumping through his veins. He's been holding it a bay for such a long time - not any more. The Mark of Cain has the wheel and Dean Winchester is on the verge of being lost.

Regardless. That was just damn heartbreaking and I can't stand the pain of those words or the look on Sam's face.

I know that Dean would not rather it were Sam up there, I know that and I don't doubt that for a single second. Dean would never, ever wish his brother dead. But right now, he's blinded by hurt, anger, hatred towards the Stynes and a rage that is about to consume him driven by the Mark of Cain. And yeah, he's as angry as hell at Sam for what he sees as bringing Charlie further into Dean's mess. Charlie died trying to help Dean, and inevitably he'll end up putting some blame on himself, just like Sam will be blaming himself now - never mind who did the actual killing - this is the Winchester way. But regardless of what is driving Dean right now... Sam will be cut to the quick by those words, even if logically he puts some, or all of it down to the rage of the Mark of Cain eating Dean away. Sam'll already be feeling like shit and now... 

I'm so sad... These two hurt too much! Damn you, Show.

And will Sam kill Crowley? Dean going off on a merciless, Mark of Cain rage will fortify Sam's need to cure his brother even more. It's going to make Sam even more focused on saving Dean. He'll do anything. He's come this far, nothing will stop him now.

How can a damn TV show hurt so much? I have hardly stopped thinking about Dean's words since I saw that clip this morning, when I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. Just completely and utterly shocked.

Wow. I can't wait for this episode - horrible pain and all. I'm excited for the end of this epic season, because I'm baffled by what's going to happen. 

I just want the brothers to be able to get through this and start to heal... Oh heys look, there's that optimism of mine! HAHAHAHA! Nup.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Review - Supernatural 10x21 "Dark Dynasty" - Goodbye our Queen

Charlie is dead and that’s as sad as hell. So very sad. But like many before her, she sacrificed herself so the Winchesters – or in this case, Dean Winchester could live. Like the two men she loved and called brother have done, she chose to sacrifice herself for family. And as she stood facing down death, knife in hand, knowing that her final choice would probably save Dean’s doomed soul, her ultimate act of brilliance, of genius, of strength, became an act of selfless heroism. She did for a man she had grown to love, what she knows he would have done for her. Charlie is a hero.

I wanted to start off this week by getting that off my chest and making it clear that this is how I feel.  By making it clear that this is how I see Charlie’s death. And I think to say, or to conclude that she was only killed because of her gender diminishes not only that death and the focus and power we were witness to her mustering in the final moments of her life, but also who she was as a character. She was more and deserves to be remembered as more. She was Charlie Bradbury, she was brilliant, and damaged, and intricate, and loving, and funny and so many other things. She was a character many of us related to, I related to her, but she was much more than simply a representation of me, or of my fandom, because once again to say that was all she was, and that was her sole reason for being, diminishes her.

Did she die to progress the Winchester’s narative? Yeah, I’m sure she did. Just like every other character close to Sam and Dean who has died before her. Because this is the story of the Winchesters, and no matter who the other characters are, no matter how much we love and adore them, no matter how much they may become personal favourites, they are satellites in the Winchester Universe and their stories circle, intersect with and are ultimately driven by the journey of Sam and Dean Winchester, because that is where this story starts and ends.

Charlie Bradbury wove her way into the Winchesters' hearts and lives...and in the end, she chose family, and isn't that kinda the point?

“Dark Dynasty” was once again all about families, and it had me on the edge of my seat from the first moment – probably because I was expecting Charlie to die, but also because of the damn lie that was festering and hanging over Sam’s head. Every time Sam said Dean was getting more out of control, I thought to myself, “No Sam, it’s you who is getting more out of control!”

As we’ve seen in the past when Sam has been focused on saving Dean, he loses himself. This time around, he’s not sleeping, he’s sneaking about, his lies are getting harder to cover, his judgement is getting worse and worse – bringing Charlie in, no matter the good intention behind it, no matter the angelic security he installed around her, when he knew her connection to the Book of the Damned and the fact that she was already being hunted, put her in further danger. 

It was only a matter of time until Dean caught on to Sam’s deception. He was already getting suspicious. Cas and the one-armed Styne just accelerated the process.

When Dean finally confronted Sam I think I stopped breathing for a moment. Man, Sam’s worried and “Oh God, he knows” face, Dean practically growling, waiting to see if Sam would come clean, pushing on, practically taunting Sam…his “Sam you answer that so help me” when the phone rang…holy cow that man can be terrifying. Big ups to Jensen and Jared for that scene, it was damn well amazing.

The rush to Charlie’s aide – I knew by that stage they were going to be too late, I just knew it – but when they found her – well by now I had stopped breathing. Sam’s reaction was so visceral, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen for ages – he nearly threw up. After everything they’ve seen and done, seeing Charlie like that, was too much for even Sam Winchester to stomach. And Dean’s plaintive “Charlie?” broke me. I sat and stared at the TV for quite some time after the episode finished. It was a hard damn ending. One of the hardest.

This is what the brothers lying to each other does. It’s more than the damage it does to their relationship; it’s the collateral damage to the people who trust them that is the real price. Sam for Charlie, Dean for Kevin.

But it's also important to remember the real culprits. Eldon killed Charlie, Gadreel killed Kevin. That's where the blame truly lies.

But I have to say – other than the yelling in the bunker, I felt like it was a different Sam and Dean we saw here. The confrontation was angry and frantic sure, but Sam telling Dean that Charlie loves him, that they all love him was so very unexpected. And I loved it so much. Dean Winchester has been told he’s loved a lot this season – we know he’s heard it, I hope he had his ears on this time too. I can't stand the thought of another emotional rift between them - I feel like we've worked so hard to get to a place where the brothers seem like they actually like hanging out together!

Outside of Charlie, and the lying – which I’m so glad is over and I’m so glad Dean knows everything now, I dug the Styne reveal – even if when one-armed Eldon said Frankenstein, I couldn’t help thinking, FRANKENSTEEEEN! (Really, if you haven’t seen Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, you should!) But that aside, I thought oooooo, I didn’t see that coming! I like the introduction of this other supernaturally connected family. I wonder if they have a form of Doc Benton’s science going on – but better, because they don’t look all weird and stitched up!  Well I guess Eldon’s tummy didn’t have the finest work!

The thing with the Stynes, which makes them so very different to the Winchesters, is that with the Stynes, their loyalty and sacrifice comes via fear, ambition and pride, where as with Sam and Dean, it comes via love and devotion. And that right there is the winning difference.

I think the Stynes are in deep shit. Dean Winchester is going to go Mark of Cain on their preppy clad asses and they’re not going to know what’s hit them. Arrogance and pride can be blinding and I think they’re about to be side swiped by one very angry, immortal man.

It was good to have Crowley back in the mix, and damn if I don’t love that hamster witch! I love that Crowley still has her in her little cage and that he apparently speaks rodent! I want to know whose name is on that piece of paper and what happens next for Crowley – I must admit I fear a little for his life – whether at Sam’s hands or at Rowena’s.

I’m also fearful for Cas’ life. The whole “what’s your purpose now” thing makes me worry that his purpose may well be linked to Dean’s survival. He’s going to feel horribly guilty about Charlie. Though it’s not like he could simply zap to her side, he would have to have gone in the Cas-mobile and as he had no idea where she was, unless she was actively praying to him, how would he find her? And as Charlie and Cas had only just met, she probably didn’t know the ins and outs of how to contact an angel.

I did wonder when Rowena said that she read Charlie from the get-go did she read more than just who Charlie was, but also what was going to happen to her? She put it rather succinctly that loving the Winchesters would be Charlie’s undoing. That was the moment I knew they’d kill Charlie, when I saw that clip in Carver’s preview. 

I’ve grown to like Rowena. She’s less annoying and far more interesting now and I’m just waiting for the big reveal of what’s up her epically draped sleeve – because I’m pretty sure she’s been playing Sam to get her hands on something in that book.

Yeah, I thought “Dark Dynasty” was a cracker, even though the ending was brutal. It upped the stakes another notch and still left me wondering where the hell we’re heading. And by wondering, I mean panicking!

And yes, Charlie died, and sure, I wish she didn’t. And I sure don't underestimate the impact that has had on a lot of people who love this show. I liked Charlie, and she meant a lot to all of us in different ways. I will miss her and her wonderful personality, and I will miss what she brought to and out of Sam and Dean – that honest mirror she held up in front of them, and the gentleness she brought out in them. And of course, I will miss Felicia Day. But if Charlie’s death means that Dean lives to fight the forces of evil another day, I’m pretty damn sure Charlie would be cool with it. We’ll just have to wait and see how her sacrifice plays out - because we don’t know what’s coming next, we don’t write this story and we can make assumptions and predications all we like, but until it’s happening before our very eyes, we don’t know.

Anyway as Sam said last week, in their line of work, death isn't always goodbye.

Here’s hoping.

Peace out, Charlie.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x21 "Dark Dynasty"

GUYS! I'M GETTING REAL NERVOUS! We have 3 episodes left in the season and I don't know what's going to happen! Which is the way it's supposed to be. The only prediction I have is that it's going to give me feels and I probably won't like it! I'm serious though, my tummy started to hurt when I began to write this. I don't think I can handle anything like last season ever again, and Jensen and Jared seem to think it's worse! Or more intense. Which sounds worse! I'm nervous!





Right. Now. Let's just crack into this impending mess of dooooooooom!


THE WINCHESTERS MEET THE STYNES — Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate a bizarre murder and realize the killer bears the same tattoo as those from the Styne family. Eldon Styne (guest star David Hoflin) attacks Dean and a brutal fight ensues. Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) acts as referee when Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) are forced to work together on the Book of the Damned. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) discovers his mother is missing and knows she’s up to something so he turns to an old enemy for help. Robert Singer directed this episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (#1021). Original airdate 5/6/2015.

Ooooo Bob Singer directed this one! Neat! Eugenie and Brad last wrote, "Paint it Black". This is their fourth episode this season! That's a big slate! They always have ALL the characters in their episodes, with a few different arcs going - but at this end of the season, we know all the arcs are intersecting. With the Cas/Claire storyline now wrapped up, we can focus totally on the Mark of Freakin' Cain (its full name), but we still have the Crowley/Rowena threads to tie, and it looks like this might take place, or at least begin to, in this episode. Who do you think the old enemy is? 

Oh and did I mention I'm pretty happy we get to see Charlie again! DON'T KILL HER, SHOW!

Let's check out the promos, we got a short one and then an extended version...

OMG. That line of Rowena's is the best! So funny. What's not funny is Dean's face when he's trying to remain composed and it's just sunk in that Sam's been lying and he didn't destroy the book. GAH! 

What's the deal with these Stynes? How come they seem super human. I feel like that's one of them jumping out of the window.

Also, Sam is so busted. SO BUSTED. That's Sam's I'm so busted face when he runs into Dean in the bunker. Like his so busted face in the car last week. This time I think Dean's going to take a bit of a different tack. HE IS SOOOOO BUSTED.

Charlie is smiling at the end there - just before someone bursts in on her - someone Styneish I assume. Does that mean she was on to an answer? Are they going to take the book just as it's about to be cracked, leaving no hope? That's what I think is going to happen. That's what I think is going to push Dean to make some kind of drastic decision regarding the Mark of Cain. Eeeeeeep! But, oh please show, don't do anything to Charlie, that would be too much. Too much for everyone. Dean would be destroyed. Sam would be destroyed and riddled with guilt. And I can't see Dean ever forgiving Sam for bringing her into this mess if something fatal does indeed happen to her. So no, don't do that show, because that would be just the worst. Just. Don't.

Oh and one more thing... WET WINCHESTERS! This is the second time this season we've seen the boys out in the rain, dripping wet! I likes it!

Sneak peek!

The Death Star! Bless Charlie. And I love how she dresses like a hunter these days. Plaid and khaki! (Don't do anything bad to Charlie, show!)

I love how Sam has to turn around when he admits to not burning the book. He can't face Charlie. He can't look at her when he tells her about Rowena either. He has to look away. He so knows everything he is doing is wrong-town, regardless of the reason he's doing it, and I support the reason wholeheartedly.

I also think he's become a little obsessed/one-eyed about the whole thing, because it's not that Dean's given up at all, it's that he sees no way out that isn't going to hurt the ones he loves or possibly the entire planet, and so he's fighting it on a personal level, knowing he'll eventually lose, but choosing to face that loss on his own terms, fists flying in defiance and without taking anyone down with him. I think that's a long way off giving up, or even giving in. 

But Sam can only see one thing right now, saving Dean, above everything else, including the well being of anyone who might be able to help. Because that book is bad news bears, and doing a deal with Rowena, regardless of the desired outcome, is never going to turn out well. But asking Charlie to work with this evil witch? Yep, not good. Not good at all! Probably a really bad decision. Definitely a really bad decision!

Don't get me wrong here, I love that Sam is willing to do anything, try anything to help save his brother. One, because I love their love - dysfunctional as it may be, I love and adore their love, and I love that Sam will do whatever it takes for Dean. That he knows he just can't let him go, he can't lose him, he can't live with out him. Oh boy, I love all that with a fiery passion. The other reason I love it is because it's exactly how Dean would react in the face of losing Sam. In fact it is how he reacted, and the mirroring of the brother's paths in season 9 and 10 has been so great. I've loved it.

I have one question though... If Rowena is chained up all the does he go to the loo? Or maybe she can sort that out with witchcraft. Enquiring minds need to know! It's important stuffs!

Okie, dokie, what has the Carver got to say?

I do not like Rowena's last line ONE LITTLE BIT. Not a bit. Do not let that be foreshadowing. Nope. Nope. Dean's getting worse, Sam's getting more desperate, Rowena's getting more devious, Charlie love the Winchesters like brothers. She's in deep SHIT!

So how are you all feeling? What are your thoughts? Mine are screaming in the best possible Supernatural way. Remind me why I love this show again, seeing as it gives me PAIN, PAIN AND MORE PAIN? Oh yes, because it's AWESOME!

Sound off in the comments! Enjoy the epi! Here's some boys to take the edge off!

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't got to the "Angel Heart" review yet. I got distracted by my muddy boys post and also, I'm writing a book I hadn't touched in about a year and I suddenly got all inspired! So that's been taking up my time. But I promise I will get to the review!
-sweetondean (again)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Those Supernatural Boys Are Tough Mudders!

Oh joyous, happy day, fandom! For today we were treated with a spectacle none of us were expecting. Wet and muddy Supernatural boys!

We knew that Jensen and Jared were training for something, they'd teased that in one of their videos to promote the Always Keep Fighting campaign...the first...but not the last time we'd be seeing Jensen resplendent in a sweat band.

Then the first of the photos started to drop and suddenly we all knew what those boys had been training for, the Central Texas Tough Mudder.

Jensen, Jared and Osric were wearing Kings of Con t-shirts...Team Kings of Con, in support of Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr's comedy, that they're currently crowd funding through Indiegogo
(via @shannonalexis17)

Then the Kings of Con themselves posted a photo! 
It seems this Tough Mudder was a real SPN Family affair!

After that, the photos with fans started flowing!

There were the post race before cleanup photos - of wet and muddy Jensen and Jared.

Cleaned up Jensen, Jared and Osric. Jensen's muddy hair is particularly epic

Post race beer tent Team Kings of Con where we also see Jason Manns and his beard were part of the team. I believe Jason's beard paid a separate entry fee and had its own t-shirt and sweat band...
via @Myles_Herzog

Then Jared treated us to a wet and muddy team shot. 
Note Jensen, as usual, truly committing to the photo-op pose!
"@jarpad This is how @JensenAckles @RobBenedict @dicksp8jr @OsricChau @jasonmanns #AlwaysKeepFighting "

A zoom in for reasons.

Robbie Thompson had thoughts about Jared's photo!

This fan, got an incredibly drippy, completely drenched Js photo - bless her!

More mud. More epicness. More Blue Steel.

In this photo we got to see that Danneel and Gen were also at the event. 
They are behind Jensen, Gen with the hat, D in the shorts.

Jared's turn! Bet the Js took each other's pics here as they look like the reverse angles!

The Js looking clean - yet quite beardy with a Super-fan!

This fan's year was apparently made! We get it.
Thank you @JensenAckles for taking a pic with me and a friend! You dont know how much this means to me! Made my year! 

Thank you so much @jarpad for taking a picture with me! I know you were tired after that race, but this made my year! 

Jensen, Jason and Rich hanging out post race.

Jared and a fan

Jared and Gen
source unknown

Jensen, Rich and a fan.
source unknown

Jensen muddy, with a fan

The Js (and Osric peaking through in the background) post race. Jensen looking mighty pleased with himself, the guy next to him looking mighty pleased that he's next to him!

Jensen wasn't the only one having an epic hair-do day! How about Jared's high man-pony?
And I have no clue what Jason and his beard are up to.
Also, is that their ages on their backs?!!

More muddy, happy, Jensen and Jared with some fans!

Jensen kindly shared a photo of him and his buddy Jason after the race
"@JensenAckles What did you do yesterday? "
Well Jensen, yesterday I mostly talked about what you were doing yesterday!

Then Jason tweeted a photo of him, Rich and Rob the day after.
Looks like they're on the plane heading home.
 "@jasonmanns Day after the #toughmudderATX & our faces are smiling but our muscles cry out in agony. @RobBenedict @dicksp8jr "

It was wonderful to see the Supernatural family in action. Our gorgeous and fabulous cast, all hanging together on their time off, raising money for charity, supporting their buddies' creative endeavours, and obviously having a tonne of fun. It's days like this I feel so lucky to have this show, these people, this family in my life...and not just because Jensen looks ridiculously good covered in mud, hair sticking on end, resplendent in a sweat band (though I feel pretty damn lucky to have that too!)

It was a fun day...totally distracting to the point where I did little else but talk on twitter about our gloriously muddy boys! I can think of worse ways to spend my Sunday!

Now Osric, where's that GoPro video!


MERRY CHRISTMAS SUPERNATURAL FANDOM! Okay I know it's not Christmas, but it sure as hell feels like it!

The Supernatural tough mudder boys in action!

Here! Have some muddy bowlegs and peeking out from under the mud, Saxx undies! It's the Js in full glory, in full action, side by side, wet and muddy, possibly with a Priestly mohawk created in mud, did I mention wet and muddy?

Oh...and they're wet and muddy.

All pics are from here


JENSEN - 66911
JARED - 16617
OSRIC - 66910
ROB - 66909
RICH - 16620
JASON 16619

Apparently this is call the Pole Dancer!

Oh heys, is that you Priestly?

Oh heys Osric!

And here's Rich!

Awwww Rob <3

Next we have the Kiss of Mud

Jensen and his adorable headband - okay, sweatband - wiggling through the mud

 Jared and his man pony wiggling through the mud

Apparently this is called the Dead Ringer...because it leaves the fandom...DEAD!

Epic bowlegs are epic AND muddy


And here's Team Kings of Con, post race!

Close up for reasons


How about these late additions!


This is just too much. #strongertogether

Jensen talked about this one at AHBL6 in Sydney. 
Lot's of hanging live electrical wires! Os got zapped a beauty. Jensen acted it out!
Jensen did not much care for this one but he said he and the guys just charged through! Boys!