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SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Thinky Thoughts and Theories on 11x12 "Don't You Forget About Me"

-by Anna

I liked this episode. I know it was your basic MOTW vampire episode, but I felt it more than that.   This episode managed to tie in with the current myth arc as well as focusing on what this show has always truly been  Show did a wonderful job paralleling the family theme of Jody and the girls with Bobby and the boys, although Bobby was missing, I felt his presence throughout the episode, after all it was Bobby who coined and epitomised the notion that "family don't end with blood".

I love Jody. Since the day we met her, I found her to be a wonderful and important presence in the boys lives.  She even had meaning for surly old Bobby who actually envisioned a life with her when all was said and done.  She's a strong character who, like the Winchesters, has suffered loss through the supernatural.  She has a connection to both of them, most especially Sam, that is organic and special and very much needed. I always look forward to her visits. She provides the boys with  a much needed maternal presence that they never really had and often can use. It's a reciprocal relationship too. The boys have not only shown her that monsters exist, but they've shown her how to take care of herself.  She's also learned from watching the Winchesters, not only how to fight but to fight for family, a family she now has, in part because of Sam and Dean.

I loved how the episode began.  It wasn't Sam searching for a case, it was him goofing around on the computer, giving the impression that it's not all about hunting 24/7. A quick mention of the Darkness and Cas and then the boys were just being the boys, acknowledging other important things like a heart attack inducing burger. Much to my amusement this anomaly had Sam appalled and not daring to risk his life on a calorie induced death sentence after managing to survive a life time of monster attacks, while Dean just sat in awe of mind blowing meal named after the "King" himself. I always love the moments when the guys get to be just guys.  It really was a treasure of a broment in my book.

I found it quite telling that Claire called on the boys without a moment's hesitation. What's more is how instantly the boys responded to her call. The entire dinner scene was the high point of the episode.  It said so much.  It was funny yet in a way a little sad. Bittersweet I think is a good word. The simple joy of a home cooked meal brought such humour and yet a little sadness too. It was just a reminder of what the boys never got to have as kids. When the conversation went to talking about sex, I laughed so hard I might've peed a little. LOL. No seriously, it was funny. It was tender too and not just in Jody's attempt to guide Alex, but in Jody's inclusion of the boys. They wanted to bolt, but she made them sit and stay in her best mom voice, and they did. It wasn't all about getting the male perspective here and a little backup, it was more that Jody considers them family and they should be part of the conversation. They opted for being excluded, and she wasn't having it.  Again, the family motif that family doesn't end in blood.

I loved the conversation between Jody and Dean in the kitchen and I really appreciated Dean when he told Jody he'd get Sam to talk to Claire. It just felt like recognition from Dean that if anyone can understand Claire it's Sam, because Dean acknowledges that Sam has been through it himself.  It wasn't that Dean was passing the buck, he just knew that Sam could relate with Claire more in this instance.  Kudos Dean, you are getting wiser as you get older.

I also adored the conversation between Sam and Claire. He is always so patient and empathetic. He can get anyone to talk about anything, well almost anyone. Yes I'm talking about Dean LOL.  It may take a little longer but yes, even Dean Winchester isn't impervious to the magic of Sam Winchester and his ability to listen and understand and get people to talk to him. If anyone gets Claire it's Sam. He gets it, he lived it and I thought he handled her perfectly.  He didn't try to talk her out of hunting, he just reminded her that hunting is all consuming.  It's like the Mafia, once you're in you're in for life.  There's no getting out.  Even if you try, it always pulls you back in. He just wanted Claire to consider what she has right now,  school and a family, and to treasure it and keep it, because once you choose life as a hunter, that simple life is gone. She didn't roll her eyes, she really listened to what he had to say.  It was a very touching scene.

As in for the tie in to the myth arc. Did anyone else see the parallel between Sam and Alex?  Alex had really got herself together.  She was doing great in school, she was dating the high school hottie, she really changed for the better, putting her past mistakes in the rearview mirror.  Then her mistake comes back to haunt her and try to take everything she's worked so hard to achieve away, by manipulating her into once again feeling her buried guilt for her past mistakes. Isn't that what Luci tried to do to Sam?

Sam of course had the strength and courage to see Luci for what he was truly doing and didn't break. Luci did manage to bring up Sam's long buried guilt though. Sam managed to face this demon though, he didn't run from it or bury it deeper, he unburdened himself of guilt and with the love of his family, his brother, he no longer  bears that weight. He's free. He gave both himself and Dean a gift by bearing his soul. Another broment  which exemplifies what family is truly about. I hope that Alex can do what Sam managed to do and I hope that she recognises that she now has family who understand and forgive her for her past mistakes.

I enjoyed the ending as well, the joy in life as simple as leftovers and extra sauce because Sam wasn't sharing. I guess some things are just too good. It was an ending with hope.  Hope for Claire and hope for Alex.  t also was a pleasant reminder that family isn't necessarily something you have to be born into to have.

Hope you guys enjoyed the ep as well.  Til next week.

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  1. I loved this episode for the way it highlighted how Dean and Sam value their family. And when I say family, the boys have always seen Jody and the girls more as family than just friends. I agree Sam is good at understanding and sharing his thoughts, worries etc but I think Dean is also so good with Claire. I think in essence that they are kindred spirits, so alike that's why she seems to take notice, even when he's giving her dressing down, which was so overdue! The dinner scene, I laughed so hard at the boys faces. Big, strong hunters wanting to bolt at the mention of birth control and sex, lol!!
    Also Jensen's facial expressions, omg he was hilarious!! Also the Dad Dean stare at Alex's boyfriend so funny, Jensen nailed it! All in all, a solid episode with great family feels. Sorry Anna, once again I rambled on, love your thinky thoughts and always look forward to them! :)