Saturday, 4 January 2014

Supernatural Wins Big in the Best of 2013 Awards!

The Supernatural fandom is brilliant at so many things and one of those things is voting! 

Once again the challenge went out and once again our voting fingers went into a frenzy as the fandom supported its favourite show in the Best of 2013 awards.

Guess what? We won 3 categories! Best Fantasy/Supernatural Series, Most Dynamic Duo and Most Lovable Monster!

And just for giggles I've included the 2 runners up so you can see how far in front the Little Show That Could was.

Way to go fandom! The SPNFamily really can move mountains when we work together for the thing we love!

This wasn't even a contest!

Everyone loves the junk in Dean's trunk!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Supernatural for continuing to create a show that inspires us all and congratulations to the Supernatural fandom for being awesome! You rock, guys!



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  1. Hoping, hoping that these results mean more positive things, like PCAs, are also coming to the show. I don't want to sound greedy, but I AM greedy when it means awards that can be shared with cast, crew and everyone else connected to the show.

    I saw on the SuperWiki that the PCA show doesn't have space for the Js to be presenters. Okay, but do they have enough votes to get them awards to take back to Canada?! Aaargh! The waiting is killing me! Clif says they're back to work on the 6th, but I'll be thrilled with a remote feed acceptance speech on the 8th. Fingers crossed!

    Anyway, congratulations to the show for all the love they get, especially after 9 seasons!