Friday, 17 January 2014

Jensen and Jared at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards!

Well my friends, we got suits...SUITS... AND HOW!
The guys walked the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards in style. 

Jensen full on tuxed up with bow tie (bow-legged bow tie) because bow ties are cool, as any Whovian knows and a white pocket square where as Jared stepped out in a traditional tux suit but with smart black tie and black pocket square. And both had very shiny shoes! 

In fact:
Jensen wore - Dolce & Gabbana
Jared wore - Seville Tailors suit, Harry Rosen shirt

Look how pretty they looked!

Oh my gosh. I just had to take a moment!

The boys flew in that morning from Vancouver - would you believe - having to swap the scarfs and beanies for dinner jackets and sweating! Though you'd never know from all these photos and videos below! I mean, they look pretty cool, calm and suave to me!

There's a lot! So sit back and enjoy the pretty!

Here's a little bit of the boys, along with Danneel on the red carpet .
There may be tie fixing involved.

Here's some more tie fixing! 

Honestly, they'll kill us all one day...

Here's the video of their red carpet interview complete with adorableness!

Here's an awesome interview with VH1. Tom who??
Ack! They're so adorable. And funny! The guys need to take their act on the road. Wait. THEY DO!

Here's another little interview with our guys! Gosh they're awesome. Funny boys.

And courtesy of tumblr - some stills and gifs!

Look at them! Bless them.

Um. Freckles. FRECKLES. meep.

Danneel accompanied Jensen. Both of them looking unbelievably stunning.

Nawww! Smish!

Jared went solo - as Gen would have been in Vancouver with the new little one [insert name here].
I hope J and D looked out for him.

Jensen and Jared posed for a portrait shots!

The boys were snapped backstage just before presenting.

(crikey, Jensen...gorgeous much?)

Awesome gif set from backstage!

And some grabs of it...because for face reasons.


Then! They got to present Best Animated Feature.... in front of an audience that included the likes of Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, Robert Redford, freakin' Oprah! I mean they presented in front of a bunch of the most famous of famous folk and some of the most celebrated talent in the industry. Talk about a night out with your peers!


Here's the video of the Js presenting!

And once again, some lovely stills to enjoy.

Nawww... that look... 

Here's a shot backstage with the mum of a fan - the mum was doing Aisha's makeup for the night!

I love that these guys are finally, FINALLY getting to do stuff like this. I know the show was on the CW so it had some of the network's stars on the presentation, but still. This was great. It was a cool and respected event with a kickass celebrity audience and there were our boys...OUR BOYS...up there for all the world to see. Bless them. Just. Bless. It makes my heart zing-a-ling (just like they do)

As more stuff comes out I will post it. Thanks to all the awesome uploaders. You guys rock it!
- sweetondean


  1. Wow, we are seriously the LUCKIEST family in the world! Those two gorgeous boys are ours! I am so so so proud of them and they ROCKED it. Okay, I know I am gushing but I don't care. So glad they were able to do this. (Extra Note: How stunning was Danneel??)

  2. Oh. My. Word! The hotness scale has now been broken as the boys look simply delicious! My favorite look is still casual (Jensen in his jeans... gah) but my goodness these guys rock the swanky dapper look! And Danneel? Stunning!

    And they were so poised and presented so well! It's time the world take notice of these two talented actors and just all-around great guys! What a wonderful night for them and the Show. And us as we watched!

    Thank you SO much for this post!!! Even if it means I'm now cleaning off the drool from my desktop... I'm doing so with my head in the clouds thinking very nice thoughts. :D

  3. The guys looked great and it ROCKS that they are getting some national scale stuff to do now...funny that it happens 9 years in. Jared needed some serious hair fluffing though, haha. Have to say thought that Danneel outshone them both in the 'stunning' department with the beautiful blue dress.

  4. They all looked awesome as always! But holy cow at the photogs all giving them directions! :/ It made me want to drink and I'm still in my pj's having morning coffee... ;) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aw man I couldn't be more proud of them then if they were my own sons. They look wonderful in whatever they wear but the suits always a big hit with me. Danneel consistently so gorgeous and the blue dress was just so so stunning! The red carpet spot was amazing. Love how Jensen is always looking out for Jared (straightening his tie) and showing that off-screen brotherly love that we all adore them for. I love that some of the biggest named celebrities got a glimpse of the two most amazing guys in the business (at least by our standards anyway).

  6. Guh. Just, totally, unbelievably hot. And as always, they are patient, charming and interesting in how they deal with interviews, with very little of the rote and tired industry responses. And I love the shout-out to the fans and the intelligent discussion of the increasing use of social media by Jared. I always forget he's not just a pretty, pretty face.

    Do you think Dean will be rocking such long stubble, since Jensen was filming that morning? Dean with a short beard... am dissolving into a puddle...

    And I can't tell for sure, but I think Jared is in a tux, albeit a vest/jacket combo and long tie, possibly without the satin lapels. I'm not totally sure, so I'm going to go examine the photos in more detail to see if I can tell. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.. ;-)

  7. First this week the great returning episode "Road trip", then the NPR national report on SPN featuring the FANGASM ladies and now the boys are in front of the glitterati of Hollywood? No wonder I've been smiling all week! After 9 years it will be weird if everybody else suddenly discovers our little show, but noone would be minding!

    I think they were both tuxed up - Jared's was a 3 piece with satin lapels so no tucked shirt or bow but they both just rocked the formal wear. Great pics of the boys and Danneel. Thank you so much for putting it all together!

  8. Thanks for posting all the videos & photos Amy. It has been great to see them all in one place this morning because I couldn't watch them yesterday. Jared and Jensen looked great and I loved the interviews. They are adorkable and so funny :)

  9. Wow, that is so cool. Thank you ever so much for posting so many great pictures and videos. I'll have to be sure to check and double-check everything this weekend in the privacy of my own home! Wink-wink, nudge-nudge! But OMG, those guys are so bloody gorgeous.