Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Supernatural season 9 (non) spoilers - courtesy of Jeremy "Obi-Wan" Carver!

Ahhh Carver, how you do that voo doo that you do so well. It looks like your telling us stuff about the upcoming story lines of the Show. You're using your words. But somehow, you manage to say nothing at all! You are truly the Obi-Wan of showrunners *waves hand* these aren't the spoilers you're looking for....move along.

Welcome to the wrap-up of today's (non) spoilers courtesy of our show's spoiler-phobic fearless leader! And some of my thinky thoughts about bits and pieces to go along with them.

So what did we find out today? Not bloody much!

Via Clarissa at Screenfad

"I think Dean’s going to do whatever it takes to track down Gadreel and eject him from Sam. I don’t think [there's] any question. He is coming off what he – I think – [believes] is one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made. Suffice to say that Dean is going to be pretty much pedal to the medal when it comes to saving Sam.”

Ummm yessssss. Of course! Nothing new here... move along.

Clarissa asked about Sam and how he'll react to what Dean did...

“I think Sam is going to react to this perhaps a bit differently than folks might expect. This is how Sam would react to any eventual rescue, as it were, being rescued from Gadreel. [But] I think what the brothers have to wrestle with is…Dean has made a couple of big decisions at the end of last season [and] at the beginning of this season. I think the boys aren’t just struggling with the small problems of ‘you lied to me about this’ or ‘I lied to you about this’, it’s more about what are these incidents saying about where these two brothers are at this point in their lives? It’s something we touched on in season 8, at the beginning of that season with some of the decisions that Sam made. I’m speaking to a bigger issue here, it becomes something of a theme for how we carry out the rest of the season. As these brothers grow older and more mature, it’s becoming more and more evident that they view each other and their life’s work and where they fit in this world in vastly different ways. I guess what I mean by all this is I think some of the decisions made these days cut a lot deeper than just a single argument and I think these things are having a profound effect on the underpinnings of the boys’ relationship.”

This is pretty interesting, because when Gadreel was faking Dean out as Sam, he did say some stuff about Dean making decisions for "him", being Sam, that rang true for Real!Sam. One assumes the angel was tapping into Sam's consciousness.

I tricked you into saying yes. It seemed like the only way.

(sighs) So... Again. You thought I couldn't handle something, so you took over!

No, I did what I had to do! You would've never agreed to it, and you would've died.

Well, maybe I would've liked the choice, at least.

I think this, right here, even though the words are spoken by Gadreel, this might be where the bone of contention lies for Sam. Not the angel business, or even the Kevin business and I think Sam will totally understand why Dean did what he did. But this Dean making big life changing decisions on behalf of them both is something that Sam has struggled with for years. Sam has asked over and over to be treated as an adult. Dean has said over and over that he knows he needs to treat Sam like the grown; over-grown man he is. But for Dean, the roll of the big brother is something that he's played for so long that it's ingrained in him. It's proved impossible for him to break this big brother behaviour. It's who he is and he doesn't try to hide that. He's even told Sam outright, looking out for Sam is who he is. It's like parents. I mean, my mum still talks to me like I'm a child sometimes, because I am her child and though Sam is Dean's brother, Dean raised Sam and their sibling relationship will always be underpinned by a parental dynamic. It's history. But that doesn't help Sam. It also doesn't help Sam or Dean that Sam has been in peril a lot of the time which just throws Dean into uber big brother protection mode! Gah! It's a vicious circle!

Carver has spoken several times about the brothers having grown up and matured into different men. This isn't a bad thing. It's an interesting thing. How boring would it be if they never grew or changed? But they both need to learn how to live with each other and accept each other as these grown men and with one of them either soulless, or in hell, or in purgatory, or torn apart by the trials, or inhabited by an angel, let's face it, they haven't had a lot of solid time together when they've been able to concentrate on their relationship and who their brother has become. They've both had major life changing experiences over the last couple of years, but they haven't had a lot of time to learn to understand each other, because there's always something nasty breathing down their necks that takes precedent! 

We know they both want or see different outcomes to their lives. Sam sees a light that Dean doesn't. Sam wants them to fight together to get to the light. Dean just sees his eventual death, bloody. Maybe this is what Carver is talking about here, coming to terms with each other as adults and not just as big brother, little brother. Understanding that they must make decisions together. Understanding that they both have different hopes and dreams and that's cool. Understanding that they are a team on equal footing. And if they can actually manage this...it'll be be a Supernatural miracle! But I'm onboard for the journey for sure.

What else... 

Now that he’s an angel again, is his mission different? Has he changed somehow, having that experience of being a human?

"Yes, it is different — in a way that I can’t completely go into now. But there is no question that his time being human will affect his thinking going forward. And he’s going to find himself in the angelic fray, as it were, more than ever. And he’s going to find himself at a point of decision that he never considered a few short months ago. It’s going to be a little bit of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for [situation] when it comes to Cas and what’s in store for him as a newly reminted angel."

Once again, we really didn't get any new insight into Castiel or where he's heading.

From TVGuide we hear about the new and interesting alliance forming in pursuit of rescuing Sam. 

"In the vein of the best buddy-cop comedies, it's zany. I think that's one of the alliances I'm speaking to,and it is predictably tense and funny at the same time [because] in having such unlikely cohorts, it cant help but spill over into fighting and sarcasm. But on the deeper level, it's a very interesting thing because Crowley is going through his own thing this season. So, a lot of our major characters this season are going through something of a personal crisis. And to watch these guys puff themselves up almost playing the roles they're accustomed to playing with each other, that fa├žade drops away eventually and we get some really really interesting interactions between some characters that wouldn't normally open themselves up to each other."

Okay, I can't wait to see the "really interesting interaction". With Crowley dealing with the lingering residue of his humanity courtesy of the trials, how will that play out and will it alter his relationship with Dean? Probably not. But opening themselves up to each other? I can't wait to see that happen!

TVGuide also had another cool little piece of info.

Now that Kevin's dead, will we encounter the new prophet this season?

"That will be addressed. There's this outstanding question of when one prophet goes, another is sent in his or her place. So it is addressed."

Interesting! Though... sad too. Because, Kevin.

Really, I have to say though, we found out very little at all from The Carver today. He is notorious at giving away practically nothing. He says outright he doesn't like spoilers. In these interviews, he simply reinforced some things we'd already been told or had already figured out...

We know Dean well enough to know he's going to be destroyed by what happened with the Gadreel fiasco and will fight tooth and nail to get Sam back whilst kicking himself and feeling like shit. He's highly skilled at both those things. We also know he'll carry that guilt for sometime as he seeks retribution.

We know that now Castiel is graced up, he's going to get sucked into the angel war in a big way.

We know Crowley is still being affected by his humanity and that he's going to have to face off against Abaddon, most likely for control of Hell. I'm looking forward to their snarky interactions!

We know Dean's going to make dodgy alliances, we've already seen him doing a deal with Crowley.

We know we're going to see Garth and the Ghostfacers again. 9.12 is the Garth episode.

We know that the character of Cain will be appearing and that this will reflect on the brothers and their legacy/history. Super cool. I'm busting for this one too.

And we know Sam is going to have issues with Dean making the decision he made. 

I've always believed from day one that Sam will not be furious with Dean. I've always believed he'll understand where Dean's decision came from, but I've always thought he'll be hurt by Dean's lack of respect for what was Sam's choice for his future. Sam confessed that he feels like he's always let Dean down and that he doesn't feel Dean believes in him and Dean making these kind of calls...no matter where they come from emotionally speaking, would reinforce those feelings for Sam. Like I said, I think this most likely is where Sam's problem with the whole thing will lie. I think this is the thing the brothers will have to deal with. It goes back to what they said to each other in Sacrifice. They did choose each other, but the playing field, from Sam's perspective (I'm guessing) is still not even.

I don't have a problem with the brothers growing up, with them having different ideas about the future, with them feeling differently about the job, with them being different men. I like it. To me the brother's bond is shown through the fact that regardless of what they've done to each other, the lies and mistrust, the betrayals, they still fight to be together, they still fight for each other, they did and always will, choose each other. To me, this is their bond. That eternal battle to stand side by side no matter what and no matter how they may be feeling about their brother to their right. It's not bitch/jerk. It's the fight to preserve what they have. Each other. Family. I never see that ending and I never see it wavering. They still keep each other human, they are each others stone number one, they will never leave their brother out there alone, they will never put anything past or present in front of each other.

Hey, that's just the way I sees it.

You can read the full interviews with Mr Carver - and there's more, though it really doesn't tell us much - via the following links:

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I'm sure there will be some additional snippets coming out after the new episode...but I bet they still don't tell us anything! 

Guess we're all in for a whole lot of surprises! Woohoo!




  1. I'm with you all the way on your speculations. I think it's natural for them to mature and have a different relationship. Maybe because I'm older and have 3 sons that I have seen do just that. They are all in their 20's now. And though I love to reminisce about their past, I love who they have become and enjoy seeing their new relationships they have built with each other. It is the natural order. And they do NOT see the world the same, but still manage to have some close moments. They go visit each other without mom planning something and that is what makes me so happy. I know their relationship will continue to evolve, as it should. I will enjoy watching.

    I think it's unreasonable to expect the show to stay the same for 10 years. I love watching it evolve like you. I think Carver is doing a great job. Anxious to hear about a season 10 soon. Hope they renew sooner rather than later.

    As always I enjoy your comments.

  2. I'm with you Amy that the boys should be individuals and it's alright for them to have different ideas and goals yet still be on the same page for the whole fighting evil thing. I have 3 kids also and each of them is their own person with their own goals and ideas and each is special in their individual ways and I wouldn't want it any other way.

    The acting in this episode again just puts me in awe of all of them and amazes me at times at how lucky we are to have gotten such a great bunch of actors to carry us through this journey. My heart was breaking for Dean and I felt his pain in every scene and Sam, wow the roller coaster he has been on. I'm just so thrilled they got that angel out of him and how about the special effects with the angel out and Crowley in then out again. Like I've said before, this is an amazing show with just amazing people in every aspect of putting it together and like you am anxiously awaiting the word that we get season 10. I mean how could they not renew us? Fingers crossed here. Thanks again for your thoughts Amy. It's always a pleasure to read your stuff.