Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promotional Photos - Supernatural 9.10 "Road Trip"

It's only a week... A WEEK until the new episode! Praise be to Chuck!

Today we got an epic new promo with vision from the next few episodes and now we have promo pics from the hellatus-buster...which is bound to be as painful as Hell! And we all know how painful Hell is! Because we're Supernatural fans and we know that stuff!

Anyway here are the promo pics for the next ep - 9.10 "Road Trip".


This angel talking to what I assume is Gadreel, looks like an extra from a Michael Jackson music video! Dude, 1980 called, it wants its jacket back! Angels.

Did you ever think you'd see the day that these three would be walking down the road together! What's with the jerrycan? Did Baby run out of fuel? 

So Castiel had the trench somewhere? I didn't see him take it with him from the laundromat, but I guess he did! Or it's a different trench. Which is kind of odd. Going casual without the tie though. I love that he popped the trench back on. Damn, Crowley is a sharp dressed man... err demon.

OMG. Where is Baby? WHERE IS BABY. See this is another reason to hate on Gadreel, he took both of Dean's favourite things! Also, one day I want them to steal like a Corolla or something.

Hilarious. They put Samdreel in a tall chair! Crowley's looking straight at Sam's navel! 
Dean's fist are balled. Angry Dean is angry and hot. Also, shades of Silence of the Lambs or something with that head gear on Gadreel.

I love Dean's shirt. It's one of my favourites on him. I love the colour combination and that particular plaid. It goes super nice with the blue jacket and jeans. Actually Sam's shirt is one of my favourites too. The Winchesters are stylin'!

I'm starting to feel seriously sorry for Crowley for having that thing around his neck for so long. Lucky he's a demon and doesn't suffer from chafing!

Serious Castiel is serious...

This must have been an awesome day on set; having all four of the guys there. I bet they had a blast! Tricky scenes and all.

You have to wonder where they got this chair arrangement - where are they exactly? It's not the bunker dungeon.

See now, no. I don't like that they're jabbing things into Sam's head. I mean, sure we know they're trying to get the angel out of him but... Sammy... *frowny face*

Read above comment.

Sammy...  He's still got things sticking out of his head! Is this so the angel is neutralised and they can get to Sam and tell him what's going on, so that Sam can then boot the angel out? This is what I'm surmising...or did I read that somewhere? 

Dean's hair, shirt, face. Damn. How dare he be so pretty.

Um. So yeah, stream of consciousness finished!

I can not wait! I'm always excited for every new episode of Supernatural and I'm always particular excited for the hellatus-buster...but I think I'm even more excited than usual, if that's even at all possible!

Not long now. Hang on to your feels!


  1. It all sounds so exciting, I can't wait and you make it sound so worth this long wait. I love the way your enthusiasm just bursts forth, makes me smile. Lynn

  2. Wow...Sams bottom lip in that pic....what???????!

  3. Oh friend how I love your posts! They make me laugh on a frowny day :) "How dare you be so pretty." Classic!