Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! New Season 9 Promo!

My excitement level just when up to 11! 

This promo is awesome. The rock music sure doesn't hurt it either! But gosh, all the awesome!

"You and Dean chose each other"



Firstly, oh God... It looks like Dean does give Kevin a hunter's burial, if that's what the opening scene is. I wrote a fanfic with that in it! It's like I write it and it happens! :D That is going to as be painful as hell to watch. Dean looks horribly tortured.

On the plus-side, he looks awesomely scruffy! Doesn't he look more scruffed up than usual Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...  Oh sorry.

We get a Crowley/Abaddon face off! Yes! That's bound to be sassy!

Garth gets hit by a car? Has he been in hospital in a coma all this time or something? 

Sam; "I can make things right."  Oh... Poor Sam, he spends way too much time feeling like he has to make stuff right. Really, can the guy get a break. "Being human is about settling debts." Um. That sounds ominous. The settling debts thing never goes well!

So much action! Running and fighting and who are those hordes? 

*tiny voice* You and Dean chose each other.

Yes. Yes they did.

Hurry up, new episode! HURRY! UP!


  1. :)) I love your enthusiasm!! It's contagious. :D Yes I am excited!! We are in for a wild ride with the next few episodes..lots of angst..and sadness...and brotherly love. So glad to see this extended I just need a preview clip. Only 7 days left..WOOHOO *pumps fist in air*

    1. It's so exciting! And it's going to be so painful! But I can't wait. Heh.

      Thank's for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Dean is actually starting to look more like Jensen on hiatus in some of those scenes but we do love the scruffy don't we. The hunter's funeral is going to be so sad to watch. Getting Gadreel out of Sam looks like it is going to be painful, ouch Sammy! Crowley is definitely up to something but as long as he gets Gadreel out of Sam we'll deal with the rest later, isn't that the Winchester way? LOL Abbadon and Crowely face to face will be very interesting demon angst.