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Supernatural Think Tank - Thinky Thoughts and Theories on the Supernatural Season 11 Finale

-by Anna

I liked this season finale, granted, for me it wasn't as emotionally intense as other season finales have been, but what it lacked in intensity, it totally made up for in emotional satisfaction. There were awesome brother moments, awesome Sam moments, awesome Dean moments and of course there's Crowley. He is delicious. Most importantly it was a fitting end to a story that began all the way in Season 5. 

If you all don't mind, I would like to elaborate on the emotional satisfaction I felt by the hour's end. I have posted for years now how I had always believed that God had not abandoned his creation, but had been around this entire time. I've also postulated time and time again, ever since learning that Heaven commanded Sam and Dean be born in My Bloody Valentine, that God not only was still around, but that he created the Winchesters as a gift to all of humanity. While God was no longer hands on, he still gave the world Sam and Dean and has often saved them and provided for them when they needed it the most. God created angels. He created Castiel, the apparent spanner in the works, yet who turned out to be an ally to the Winchesters, betraying the angels, to help Sam and Dean stop the Apocalypse. Cas has been the Winchester's guardian angel, and if one were to think about it, it was Chuck/God who created Castiel in the first place. The square peg in the round hole. 

I've always believed Chuck was God, way back in Swan Song. It did make total sense to me after all. Chuck pretty much admitted in when he flat out told the Winchesters, I must be a god. Chuck was the one writing the Winchester Gospel. Who else but God would declare these books as such? Cas told the boys the books were the Winchester Gospel but why did he think that unless he was meant to? Chuck admitted at the end of Swan Song that the boys were being tested and they passed. They chose love, they chose humanity, they chose family and isn't that the point? Think about God's words.. and then put them in this season's finale.

I had noted in the last few thinky thoughts as well as years ago, that everything that the boys have been through, even the horrible, all happened for a reason. The life these boys have lived, the torment they suffered through, the loss, the guilt, the fear, hell, Lucifer, purgatory, the mark, being a demon, the loss of friends and family, as awful as it all has been, there was a purpose to all of it and some good did come from it. Sam and Dean, in spite of these terrible things they've had to endure have become stronger. They never quit. They never stop fighting the good fight. Their bond has become stronger than ever. They never stop believing in each other. They never stop fighting for each other. They never quit on each other. They never quit on their friends and they never quit on humanity. I had postulated that God created the Winchesters, because it is the Winchesters who have always been His greatest weapon. His weapon against evil. His weapon against monsters. His weapon for all of his creation. Chuck validated my theory and made it a reality when he responded to Dean's "What about the world?" with, "don't worry Dean, they have you", as in Sam and Dean Winchester.

I had noted above that this finale was a fitting end to a story that began all the way in s5. I wrote last week, which this episode pretty much corroborated, that God had a plan within a plan. He never wanted to hurt his sister, so his only move was to leave the fight in the hands of his greatest weapon...the Winchesters. So let's really look at the big picture here and why it is my opinion that I feel that this was such a fitting end. We learned that God has a sister. Not only does he have a sister, but his sister is the Darkness, the destroyer of creation. God loved his sister but he wanted more. He wanted new life. The problem was that every time He would make a new creation, Amara would destroy it. In order to save his latest creation, humans and the world we live in, God locked his sister away. He didn't stop loving her, he just loved us as much. God entrusts Lucifer with the Mark, which is the lock and key, but the Darkness corrupts the Mark and with that Lucifer. Lucifer then transfers the Mark to a human, to Cain. Amara has tainted God's creation. God declares Cain not be killed and is made immortal, but even with that God knew that one day Amara would be released and he would confront her again. So, God commanded Sam and Dean had to be born. I've stated the obvious reason above, but after thinking about it, I think God created the boys for another reason as well, a personal reason. 

Why do we love these boys so much? What makes us love them? They are strong, perseverant, faithful, and flawed. They love each other, they would kill for each other, they would die for each other. They fight for each other and they fight with each other. Nothing that they have done to each other could ever break their bond. They never give up...not on each other, their friends, their family or humanity itself. They get knocked down, they get up again, if one can't the other carries them. They support each other. Sam and Dean Winchester literally make me, a fan, want to be a better everything: a better sister, daughter, friend, person. They are inspirational. They are everything family is all's everything one wants in their own family or to have one like that some if I feel that way about Sam and Dean, then perhaps God/Chuck does too they . Maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons that God commanded Sam and Dean be born, why he has watched over them, saved them and chose them to stop the Darkness, is because God himself is inspired by them, they are everything he desires for himself. This is the kind of relationship he wants to have with his own sister.

Perhaps that's why the bond existed between Dean and Amara. It wasn't about getting Dean close enough to Amara to blow her to bits. It was about Dean getting to Amara by using his bond and love he has for Sam. Sam's role in the finale wasn't just about his unending faith and optimism. He wasn't just there to get everyone's asses in gear after they've all (seemingly) given up. Sam's role was imperative, vital to Dean getting through to Amara. It's their bond with each other, their faith in each other, their love for each other, their need for each other that engulfs Dean every day, and it's this feeling that enables him to reach out to the part of Amara who loves. Amara does love Chuck. Family is pretty much the only one who can you that angry. If Amara didn't love Chuck, her anger wouldn't be so great. She felt sorrow when she could feel her brother losing the light. She knew it would be the end of them both, of everything. Amara was starting to break, but it was Dean who literally made her see the light. So in the end, as Sam and Dean have always done, Chuck and Amara chose family. Isn't that the point? Isn't the very basis of this show family? 

I thought Jared and Jensen were amazing. Crowley was awesome. Everyone did a great job. Loved the brother hug. Loved that Sam and Dean kept with the current theme of respecting choices, especially for the greater good. They both put humanity first, as Chuck knew they would. I'm glad the Amara storyline has reached its conclusion. I wasn't too fond of Amara I admit, but I did like the way they ended the Chuck?Amara storyline. I loved that they ended it with the theme of family. It's always been what show is about. I also liked the family theme that played throughout the episode. Dean letting Cas know that Sam and he think of Cas as a brother. There was even a bit of family bonding between Crowley and Rowena, even if they didn't see it themselves. The cast and crew did a great job.

Now....the end. I must admit, rumours had spread about Mary showing up so I saw that coming. I do wonder what her purpose is? Could she be there to warn Dean about something? Could it be Mary who sends Dean back to the bunker because Sam is in trouble? Maybe Mary is there to advise Dean against trouble? I have no idea, but I look forward to finding out.

Did anyone else have this thought flowing through their brain? Sam you don't tell a British chick with a gun that they're not going to shoot you...hello Bella ring a bell? I don't know if this woman shot Sam or not. I know she didn't kill him. I do wonder if she clipped him or just fired a warning shot. I'm kind of not sure on whether Sam was looking for a bullet. I know Sam was willing to respect Dean's decision, but he made no promise to live with that decision. Now Sam might not hurt himself, but I wouldn't put it past him to ensure that he does something that can get him killed. The boys might have come to the agreement of putting people first and kept that agreement, but neither one promised the other that if they went they wouldn't be far behind. We've seen Dean twice now ready to die when he thought Sam was dead/dying. I see Sam doing the same thing. Guess it's something to speculate this summer.

I do find it interesting that other MOL have been keeping tabs on the boys. I do kind of wonder why they haven't helped at any point. I wonder if fellow MOL will be friend or foe to the Winchesters. This too is something I'm anxious to find out. I'm glad show has wrapped up the end of the world type scenarios. I look forward to smaller and more personal next season.

Before I sign off, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Amy for allowing me to share all my thinky thoughts with all of you. I'd also like to thank all of you who take the time to read them. I appreciate your input as well. It's such a pleasure chatting with you about the eps and hearing your thoughts. 

I hope everyone has a quick and painless hiatus. Enjoy your summer.


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I just wanted to thank Anna for sharing with us her great insight this season. Her posts always make you think and I love the different angles of the story she examines. Thanks Anna! -sweetondean


  1. Thanks for your thoughts Anna, these boys are so wonderful and I adore that the finale with rich with the theme of this show - that it was all about family and the power of love. It was just a shining reflection of our story and what makes the Winchesters so damn beautiful.

    I want to ask you, you know when Chuck said the Earth has Sam and Dean (NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING!), did you notice anything in Dean's reaction? It was big time - what the hell - kind of like when God said he and Sam are the firewall. Very similar expression. I mean sure, if God says something like that to you, internally your reaction is going to be "whaaaat" (said kind of like fake Misha about to be killed in the French Mistake) - but I don't know. The camera went to Dean's reaction twice, and it was really a what the hell do you mean kind of reaction. It intrigued me so much I had to play it back a few times (and not just for the pretty!). I agree, the boys were essentially created to be the fighters for this world, but I wondered if this moment and the firewall moment will play into something bigger...or is his just part of the boys' journey of acceptance or their place in the cosmic plan?

    1. Gah typo "was rich with the theme of this show"

    2. Okay... man I needed to proof read this better (it's early). "or is this just part of the boys' journey to acceptance of their place in the cosmic plan?"

      There. Phew.

    3. I was thinking about this in the shower. Maybe it's about MOL. From what we've seen so far there seems to be rankings in the MOL. A power basis so to speak. So what if there's a faction in the MOL, with a leader somewhat like Cuthbert Sinclair. Someone like the Smoking Man from XF. You know what I mean? One who thinks he has the power and the right to rule all, make all the decisions...that kind of megalomaniac.....what if one of those exists in the MOL. Sam and Dean's role in the future may very well be to be the next power base of MOL. Maybe they have to stop X and maybe show will end with the boys becoming the epicenter of all MOL. They will fight and hunt for as long as possible and then they will become the legacies they were meant to become...mentors for future hunters/MOL who will take over where the Winchesters leave that way God has entrusted the world to the boys.

    4. That would be super interesting because that pits them against a human or humans - which makes their job very tricky.

  2. Wonderful thoughts Anna. I loved everything you said. I went for a rewatch after reading your review and I have to say I was more emotional than the first time. Can you believe I haven't had time for a rewatch until now. But I have a good excuse. My son got married yesterday!

    I agree with all of it. God works in mysterious ways. LOL.

  3. And something I noticed on rewatch because someone on twitter I think mentioned it. What was up with that wink Dean did at Mary's grave? HMMMMMMM.

  4. Congrats Kathy on becoming a MOM IN LAW. Thank you so much for reading and most especially for your thoughts as well. I must admit, I missed the wink. I will have to look out for that on rewatch. Hope you have a wonderful summer.....don't worry only 3 more months left of hellatus....:P

    1. Totally missed the wink too. Will have to go back and have another look!

  5. That was just lovely. Thanks.

  6. Thank you for reading. You know what, after the finale I started over again. But before I started over I watched Baby. I was listening to the speech NOTJOHN gave Sam in the car. I listened very carefully. How he told Sam this wasn't the life he wanted for him. Telling him that it would be up to him and dean to stop the darkness. and most importantly he told him that God helps those who help themselves. this was a very poignant speech and I believe without a shadow of a doubt that this speech came from Chuck.

    I know luci told Sam the visions were from him and I don't doubt it. The visions from form and void, where Sam saw visions of hell, yes those were absolutely from luci.

    but the vision from baby, that vision came after form and void. This vision was not of hell or torture or anything associated with luci. The vision in baby was one of love. The vision in Baby was actually opposite of the visions from luci, as though God was warning Sam. Trust only ea. other. it will be only you two that can stop the Darkness.

    Listening to that speech again, made me smile. So much criticism on other sites is that God didn't acknowledge Sam's faith. But in Baby God acknowledged Sam's whole life and was sorry for all he went through. So Chuck and God did kind of have that heart to heart, only at the time, Sam didn't realize it.

    if the last four eps are fresh in your head, watch Baby again...I think you just might see it with new eyes.

    1. Sorry Anna as much has it would be nice to think God sent that vision . I think as so do many others that it was from Lucifer. He is the master manipulator and it was all about getting Sam in that cage.

      I do not think God and Sam had the interaction Sam,s faith should of had but accept that others see it differently :)

    2. It's ok that you feel the vision is from Lucifer. I promise I'm not trying to change anyone's mind..LOL...The reason I believe that this vision is not from Lucifer is because it was different from all the others. The other visions were all of Sam in the cage. It stands to reason those are from Luci because he wants out and he's trying to get Sam to believe the answer is him...It also makes sense that he intervened on Sam's prayer to God. But the one from NOT JOHN was a verbal message. Unlike the rest of Sam's visions, this vision did not show the cage at all. This message came from a father figure, which God is...God is the father...This message was a warning and the others weren't. This vision told Sam that only he and Dean can stop the Darkness...a message that came when Sam was starting to believe he was meant to go to Lucifer. The message also reminded Sam that God helps those who help themselves...another indication that Sam should rely on only Sam and Dean to stop the D. This ep was also written by Robbie Thompson, another reason I believe this particular vision came from God and not Luci. I have a theory I'm writing up now... but in out of the darkness, into the fire, I do believe God answered Sam's prayer by sending Billie. Billie is the one who gave Sam the cure to save himself. Billie was there in Red Meat, saving him by telling him that Sam was not dead, so Dean could fight to live. Billie helped both Dean and Cas get into hell when Sam was trapped in the cage.....Billie was there in the finale, releasing all the souls from the veil to help the boys, especially Dean defeat Amara. I think Billie worked for God this entire time.

      I really want to thank you for reading and for your feedback. I love to hear what others think and I so appreciate that you take the time out of your day to read my ramblings.

      enjoy hellatus.

  7. Anna - Thank you for your thoughts. I always enjoy reading them though I've not commented previously. Your thoughts were dead on with mine about what Season 11 was and what SPN is all about, and has always been about. There's no show like and never will be again.

    I am so curious about Season 12. It was a beautiful wrap up of the Chuck storyline here, and what the heck is in store for our boys next? London Chick means business and Mary? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? And what was that moment with Billie and Crowley in the finale? they have a history? I hope and am certain we will see Billie again. Can't wait to see how Andrew Dabb does as show runner, he's been with the show for so long and I think we're in good hands. Can't wait!

    Thank you again for all your thoughts during the season. Always a joy to read.

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rambles. I really appreciate that. I'm very excited for s12 as well. I look forward to show being less end of the world and more personal. I have faith in Andrew Dabb, as he's been with the show since s4. I love that the boys are still excited after 11 years as I am excited as well. Here's to a quick and painless hellatus...enjoy your summer.

    Thanks again for reading.


  9. So I have not seen this asked....Since Chuck has touched Sam and Dean are they now the hands of god?