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Supernatural Review: Alpha and Omega - Love, Family and Understanding

-by sweetondean

Supernatural finales terrify me. I’ve been severely, emotionally damaged by them in the past! I’ve learnt, through stupid errors of judgement, that I have to go home and watch in solitude, so that I can immerse myself in the experience as well as give myself completely over to the emotion…because there was that time I watched Swan Song at work and spent about an hour in the loo sobbing, and that time I watched Do You Believe in Miracles in my car at lunchtime, and then couldn’t think or even function, and had to leave work early, and no one knew why I was so out of sorts! 

Of course my acute pain is also having to wait to watch the damn thing…as at 11am my time, the East Coast goes in, and then 3 hours later the West Coast and I’m still HOURS AWAY FROM GETTING HOME! No social media, no going online, no looking at my phone…and hoping against hope that for a change I can get out of work at a decent time, because by 5pm I am well and truly desperate! Damn you other side of the world!

I loved so many things about Alpha and Omega, so many, but the thing I loved most was, in the end, the world was saved by the theme of this show, family and love…and a newer theme…understanding. 

Dean could stand in front of Amara and talk to her about betrayal, the anger and the hurt that family can cause, and he could stand in front of her and say that all of that is unimportant, that family is more important than any of that, because he knows. He and Sam have been down that path together so many times, they’ve had rocky and tough moments filled with rage and disappointment, and yet here they are, closer than ever, because they came to understand that all of that, all of that crap that they waded through and carried around with them for so long, is not as important as having a strong relationship with the person you love most in the world. It’s not as important as family. It’s not as important as each other. When you’re faced with losing that forever, as the boys have been many times, as Amara and God were, all of this becomes crystal clear.

“But no matter how bad it got we always made it right because we’re family. I need him, and he needs me and when everything goes to crap, that’s all you’ve got, family.”

Amara and God and the resolution of their fight, was mirroring what the boys have been through, we were seeing the brothers’ story playing out through these all powerful and estranged siblings, and it was only because Sam and Dean have been through all of that heartbreak, and self reflection that Dean was able to find inside himself what was needed to talk Amara down. He was able to talk her down, through acknowledgement, understanding and compassion. Dean could see her humanity, and spoke to that.

Amara wasn’t an evil being, she never was, she was wounded and felt lost and alone, and just wanted her brother to love her and admit he hurt her – she just didn’t go about it in the best of ways!

Amara resented her brother for wanting something else, needing something else, someone else. Some of the most contentious moments between the brothers have come from one of them wanting someone or something else, which causes the other to feel not enough. God made Amara feel like she wasn’t enough. Dean understands that too…he’s been there.

Sam and Dean have felt all these feelings and have had or tried to have all of the these conversations, sometimes angrily. It shows so much growth in their relationship and so much growth in Dean Winchester that with everything going on, Dean used his smarts and experience to see through it all and recognise in Amara her obvious ambiguity in how she was feeling about what was happening, not only to her brother but to the world. Earlier in the episode Dean said, “If you’ve got something for me to punch shoot or kill, let me know and I’ll do it ‘til I die”, yet here he was, choosing not to kill. He chose to talk…something that he and Sam have done a lot of this season…Dean chose to be emotionally open. 

For me, this scene reflects back to us what was the most wonderful and rewarding thing about season 11, the brothers talking, the brothers nutting things out together, the brothers' emotional availability, the brothers understanding that they need each other, and that that trumps everything else. That led to a more open and honest relationship between them, born out of a confidence in knowing that their brother has their back no matter what. They made it right. When Jeremy Carver took over this show, we were promised a more mature Sam and Dean…and that’s exactly what we got.

Dean was able to get through to Amara to show her that she simply needed her brother, to help her better understand what she was feeling, to understand what she wanted and reach out to God to make things right, because they’re family.

The other theme of season 11 that Alpha and Omega reflected on was based on the conversation that Sam and Dean had in episode one.

SAM: Dean, if we don't change -- right now -- all of our crap is just gonna keep repeating itself.

DEAN: Okay, I-I don't even -- what?

SAM: This -- this "kill first, question later." What happened to us? Hunting things -- we're good at that. Sure, we're great at that. But that's only half of the bumper sticker, man…saving people means all of the people, Dean. Not just that baby. Not just each other. I unleashed a force on this world that could destroy it . . . to save you.

DEAN: And I told you not to.

SAM: And I'd do it again. In a second, I would do it again. And that is what I'm talking about. This isn't on you. It is on us. We have to change….you do what you do. But you've got to let me do what I do, too.

So here we were, with Dean taking a soul bomb inside him, because it was their only chance to save all of the people, and Sam letting him, because it’s what Dean does, it’s what they both do. He’ll back Dean’s play, just like Dean did with Sam in Swan Song, even though it goes against everything they feel is right. 

They pledged to each other that that they would do this in episode 1, and though you knew, and could see in every part of their being neither one wanted this to be the choice, they also both knew it was the only choice – it was plan B right through to Z, and they committed to this 22 episodes earlier, they committed to saving all the people and letting the other do what they do.

This is what made the season 11 finale such a wonderful piece of story telling, it was almost circular…rounding back to where we started, and through the God and Amara arc, and everything that was happening, everything was a reflection of what the brothers have been through and overcome, and a celebration of who they now are, of what they believe in their every fibre. It was a celebration of what makes them Sam and Dean. This has been the strongest brother season in years.

I’m so happy that Amara wasn’t killed or locked away again for all time. And I was also surprised! The whole finale was surprising! It was a totally different direction to what I was expecting and it was so rewarding for that reason…no big war, no big battle, just a conversation that allowed healing – brought about by healing. Such a massive, beautiful, elegant surprise!

I’m glad Dean told Cas that Sam and him understood his decision, and that they felt it was the right thing to do to allow Lucifer in. In the end they did believe that Lucifer, along with God would be their only answer – of course they weren’t because the only answer was always going to be the Winchesters. It always comes down to them. But Cas, who has felt valueless, needed to hear that it was the right thing, and he needed to hear that he is important to Sam and Dean. Dean was open and reflective enough to recognise and admit that sometimes Sam and he are so focused on their own world that they forget about everyone else. For Dean to call Cas their brother is the ultimate compliment Dean can give. His brother is the most important person in the whole world to him. Hearing all of this from Dean will hopefully be a salve to the angel’s broken spirit.

Seeing everyone in weird team free will just sitting around, contemplating their own demise, frozen by despair and defeat made me feel so sad. You could see how everyone had given up; you could feel the weight of it resting wearily upon them, on everyone of course except for Sam Fucking Winchester!

Seeing Sam arc up at everyone’s inability to pull themselves out of their end of the world funk…he looked so huge! He filled the space with his anger and frustration. It was Sam who forced everyone to think beyond the inevitable to another way…it was Sam who made them all snap out of only seeing futility in trying to stop what they were facing. Sam never, ever gave up…and he is why they could fashion a plan to save the world.

A round of applause for Jensen and Jared. Their performances in this episode, in a season that was filled with astonishing performances, was some of the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen the two of them do.

The Winchester brothers have come such a long way – it was reflected in how they went about hunting for the souls in that sanatorium. Fighting like a well oiled machine. It was water off a ducks back. Just a bunch of ghosts! And there was something about them walking out of the building side by side, shoulder to shoulder that drilled right into my heart – how unified they have, how instep - two halves of one whole.

When it became apparent that it would be Dean who would have to be the one to carry the bomb, you could see Dean’s “of course it is” weary, small smile. When it became apparent that Dean would not be carrying the bomb, he would be the bomb – well, that’s when I felt like time slowed down.

Every emotion that Sam and Dean were feeling played out on their faces – from Dean’s realisation of what it all meant, and the tears starting to prickle in his eyes, to Sam’s realisation and horror, followed by the same beginnings of tears. Once again they faced one of them sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Once again, Dean faced dying, once again, Sam faced losing Dean. I swear to you, time started to stop around me. All I saw was Sam and Dean. I know Billie was there, I know everyone was there, but if you asked me where anyone else was in the room, I couldn’t tell you, because my heart was switching between stopping and beating so hard I could barely breathe…and all I saw were two heart broken brothers.

The goodbye at the graveyard was my complete and utter undoing. Sam standing away from everyone else, separated and different in his grief, because it's his brother. Dean, as always, trying to put on a brave face, joking about his funeral – Sam saying "Done", without even looking at Dean. And even when faced with his own death (again), it was his brother’s safety that was Dean’s priority, because Dean knows, Sam does not do well without him – so he asks his friend to take care of his little brother, because as huge as Sam is, he seemed so small and lost in that scene.

When Dean finally went to give Sam the keys to their home on four wheels, I was struck by how neither could look at the other. Sam shaking his head slightly like he was saying no, like he couldn’t even believe this was happening, tears welling in his eyes. Dean eyes filled with tears too, trying to be strong for Sam, trying deflect the moment, “Come on, you know the drill, no chick flick moments, come on”. Sam with the perfect reply, “Yeah you love chick flicks”. Dean with all he had left, “Yeah you’re right I do, come here”. And they fold into a hug, or not even a hug, they fold into each other and simply hang on each other, burying into each other’s shoulders for their last moment together. This was one of the most lovely, most painful and most powerful scenes I think the show has done. It was brutal in its rawness and honesty. I swear neither of them did anything but glance briefly at each other throughout the whole scene, because if they actually looked at their brother…they would break,  they would fall apart, and they can’t do that, because they’re the Winchesters and they’ve got work to do.

My beautiful, beautiful boys. They destroy me and fill me to over flowing with love all at the same time. 

The performances by both Jensen and Jared in their scenes together, and then Jensen with Amara, were exquisite. The nuances in every look, in every moment, in the way they held their bodies. Bravo. (They fill me to over flowing with love too.)

And in the end we were left with a surprise double banger cliff-hanger (Oooo I rhymed). The Lady Penelopesque Woman of Letters - Toni, possibly having shot Sam, and Dean facing his no longer dead mother lord knows where!

Where we pick up in season 12 is anyone’s guess quite frankly! Mary was a what the hell moment, as was that English broad shooting at Sam – who I’m pretty sure couldn’t have cared less, the way he said Dean was dead broke my heart.

And now we have five painful months to come up with theories as to what it all means! Where is Dean, what does Mary's return mean, what is going to happen to Sam, will he get to see his mum (I hope so with all my heart), where did Cas get sent to, will Billie be coming to reap, will we find out more about the Men of Letters, will we discover more of the chosen, how long before Toni pulls her head in and realises that she wouldn't be still here if it wasn't for Sam and Dean saving the world, will the brothers be separated....after everything...again? (Please nooooo).

Alpha and Omega was written by our new show runner, Andrew Dabb; and for me this finale was a representation of the heart of the show. This was the show I fell in love with, and now love more than I can ever put into words. It was the essence of Supernatural, played out at a gut wrenching pace that allowed every little agonising glance, every little agonising realisation play out in our hearts and in Sam and Dean’s hearts with shattering power. It was a finale that belongs to a mature show that understands it doesn’t have to have explosions and gunfire and running and fighting and killing to be gripping. It just has to be true to the two characters that drive the story; it just has to be true to the core of what this show is built on and what makes it great…love and how family is everything.

So that's it for season 11! I want to thank you all so much for coming here week in week out to read my thoughts and join in the conversation in the comments. Your support means the world to me. I'll be around during the break posting things; I promise not to disappear completely!

And now the countdown to season 12 begins! Stay strong through hellatus! GROUP HUG!

-sweetondean xxx

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  1. I'm so glad someone shared my view of this episode. I really liked it, it's going to be up there with one of my favourites. I'm so used coming away from a finale absolutely broken and this just gave me such happiness. I was so worried that all the progress they had made would be damaged by a stupid sacrifice or some dumb secret and none of that happened. It was like their journey wasn't wasted. I am a happy bunny

  2. Posted on behalf on Lilah - sweetondean

    Your review is a nice read for anyone that wants to feel better. It did for me. :)

    I am so glad that we finally got a happy-ish ending and I can well see the potential it could have. Introducing Toni was no different than Delphine, the french MoLin the vessel. I HOPE they are not turned to be the bad guys though and I have hope Sam can show the error of their ways. (Yeah, I think he wasn't harmed in any way in the end) I think Castiel popped back pretty fast to guard Sam or she shot a warning shot past him. Also when Sam said Dean was dead she reacted to that so can't wait how that will go. The reaction was like she doesn't want them dead? That they are more than just strangers to her. Also she told us about "The old man" and I think that will be a huge character reveal in the next season. For some reason I saw William Shatners face in front of my face. Anyway, I loved Delphine so giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    I know there was a lot of scenes that should have taken place. I know fans can imagine quite a bit but still it is getting ridiculous. That is what I have loved with fans. Do you know that we have great imagination and ideas? I can't deny that for some ideas I would have hoped that they would have gone as complex and detailed as they thought of it. Some of the fan fiction is as good as what the writers do. I sometimes hate the shame they are shadowing on them. That is what I have loved to read on the different sites. The real speculation and the bumping heads in a nice way.

    In Afterbuzz review (with Lisa and Alaina as quests) they really pulled an idea that I have not heard from anyone else. That where Dean was with Amara was "The Garden of Eden" and the pigeon lady Amara talked with was actually Eve. Just with a Supernatural twist again and it made me blow my mind with ideas.

    The finale which had a strong family theme also mirrored the brothers in a way. For me it was rewarding and also it rewarded Sam's faith even if it wasn't said. Chuck and Amara was the story of light and Dark. Two sides that were needed to make the world whole or it would be destroyed. For me Sam is Chuck, He prayed, had faith. Rallied everyone for the last battle. He is the light. Dean is Amara. Bonded with her because he has lost his faith and has always had that darkness in him. He doesn't trust in GoD and felt betrayed by him. Dean still had faith in his brother and love that Amara didn't see herself to have anymore. That is why I understood why the world is safe because Sam and Dean are there. They are the balance. This doesn't mean I think Sam is only good or Dean is only "evil" Amara wasn't evil. The boys are just human and complex and that is why the world is a better place.

    I am intrigued about Mary. Does she recognize Dean? Has she lost her memory? Does she remember where she has been all this time? Has she been in the Empty and Amara brought her back? Is John there too and they will try to get him back too? Will Supernatural actually end that Sam and Dean will have their family back fully in the end? Will they be rewarded like that and then the show "ends" when they all continue the hunting life together? Or Mary and John on their own and Sam and Dean on their own but they return always to home after their hunt? That would give me so much joy.

    All in all I can't WAIT to find out everything where we are headed. I think Dabb mentioned he would like to bring "The Kraken" (Not meaning the sea monster but something else) as bad guys to the story. I think we haven't been introduced to the main nemesis yet because I still hope it is not MoL but it is something they are up against. The MOTW were so great this season and I do hope they step down to the grass level with their story and make that complex. You can't really top the sister of God now can you?

    Boy... Didn't mean to write this long... :)

    Thank you for your review and can't wait for the podcast!

    - Lilah

    1. Thanks! Had little bit trouble posting it as you saw. :D

      - Lilah

  3. I absolutely LOVE that it looks like we'll be delving further into the Men and Women of Letters. I'm really intrigued by Toni (and it helps that I really like the actress) so I can't wait to learn more about her and the people she works with/for. I don't think she shot Sam, but just fired a warning shot to let him know she was serious. We didn't hear him crash to the ground or even cry out, so I don't even think he's injured. I wonder how long it will take before Toni becomes an ally. I'm tipping they won't leave US shores, lol :)

    I also loved this finale because it was so different. I had remained completely unspoiled (for once), so I did not see the ending coming at all. Even when Amara said she'd give Dean what he wanted, I still didn't make the connection. In hindsight, I should've known something was going on when Sam & Dean said their farewells at Mary's gravestone. But it's another wonderful development. Who knows where they'll go with it. I wonder how long before Mary realises that she's looking at her son (who is probably older than her at this stage???). So weird.

    Like you, I really hope that Sam isn't waylaid by Toni for too long. If he misses the opportunity to talk to Mary, he'll be destroyed (as will I, *weeps*). I really want to see the conversations she will have with both her sons... so badly.

    I never get tired of watching Jared & Jensen as Sam & Dean... such beautiful work, every single time. The whole scene in the cemetery was perfect. From Sam kissing his fingers and touching his Mum's gravestone, to Dean asking Cass to look after Sam, to the boys and their 'non-chick flick' moment. So much love!!

    Speaking of love, thanks for all your awesome reviews this year Amy. I love coming here to enjoy the squee before and after the episodes (even if I don't always have time to comment). Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks :)

  4. I loved your comments. It mirrored what I was feeling. What some of the "fans" were saying after and during the ep really surprised and disappointed me. How could they not get what was happening? Everything about this finale was on point and consistent with the whole season. I truly feel it was chuck's plan for the brothers to figure everything out. He kept saying the world will be fine because it has Dean and Sam to take care of it. But who are the other chosen? That conversation between Sam and the English woman reminded me of Dean and Bella's scene when he said she wouldn't shoot anyone and then she shot him. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your writing talent to summarize a complicated and beautiful show.


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  6. Thank you, Amy. Your reviews have been a delight to read all season long. You always nail exactly what I'm thinking and point out nuances that I've missed. I loved the entirety of Season 11. It's now counted as one of my top 3, if not #1. Baby and Don't Call Me Shurley share the favorite episodes ever spot. After 241 of them, that's saying a lot. I can't wait for Season 12. So many possibilities! What a wonderful, awesome delight and a testament to the incredible talent of the cast and crew. There's no slowing this train! Not even for a minute!

  7. Amy you think mary is back from the dead? I just figured mary was a ghost. I figured she was meant to just warn Dean. I thought she would tell him to be careful, not to trust anyone and then warn him that sam was in go home. then I figured she would then ascend to heaven, for good this time.

    as for your review, I agree. As a matter of fact, my thinky thoughts article took a similar approach.

    Not sure what to make of lady b. She clearly has been watching the boys for some time now, but is that her own personal interest or is that as a WOL. She didn't seem too keen on her mission. She asked if it was wise to waste their resources like automatic response to that was....does she mean sam and dean? are they the resources she's referring to, especially given that they were trying to save the world.

    also wonder why the MOL England chapter just sat idly by and didn't offer to help in any way. also wonder if being a WOL is Lady B's only commonality with the boys. She has a kid, so is she a bevel by marriage. Could she be a Winchester? The Winchester's have been legacies for some time now. They might have travelled worldwide as well. who knows....? LOL.

    I too felt like Sam might've provoked that gunshot. Sure the boys promised to respect ea. other's choices and put the world first, but they didn't either one agree it's a choice they were happy to live with. Twice Dean tried to kill himself when he thought sam died. I don't see Sam being any different. I think Dean knew that which is why he wanted Cas to look out for Sam. Sam might not hurt himself, but as he tried to do in s4 with Lilith, I can totally see sam putting himself in a situation that would get himself killed.

    My guess is that show will start where it left off, they've been pretty good with that of looking forward to see where the season will take us.

    thanks for all your wonderful reviews this year. Looking forward to reading next season's.

    1. Hey Anna - I kind of thought Mary was real, because Amara said that she wanted to give something to Dean that she knew he wanted - I guess after seeing the photo of him and Mary in his room when she was creeping and going through his stuff ;P So that's why my first impression was that she was corporeal. She looked super surprised though...which is very interesting! What on earth that's going to mean I have no clue!

  8. After all the complaints and confusion to be heard/read after the Finale, it's so good to read a review that actually digs deep enough to get to the core of the episode, and the whole season (the show...). I agreed all season with your point of view on the main arc being the brothers' relationship (or siblings'/family relationships); and that's probably why this Finale, even if ending with a hell of a cliffhanger (as always) and practically leaving us wondering if there even still IS a relationship to celebrate after the shot fired at Sam...why it left me strangely happy (as far as "happy" goes with this show). Thanks for always being the positive voice, the nuanced critic, the one to show your (our) love and respect for the show, the actors, the writers with words that are on the spot - and never shying away from admitting the emotional turmoil/trauma a fictional story can throw you/us in. A million kudos!

  9. Love your review Amy, you are the only site I come to about Supernatural now because of how your positive views are and total love of all characters! I have to admit this episode threw me a bit because of how different the tone was. Now I love Andrew Dabb's writing and upon first viewing I didn't think it was bad, I was I not sure what I thought of the direction the episode went in. Now anybody who knows me will tell you that I love all Supernatural episodes, I think I was thrown by how quiet this episode was. So after 5 more viewing's, I realised I totally got it, the beautiful nuance's, family feels and of course Jensen and Jared's amazing acting!! I know, I'm slow, lol!!
    Scene's such as Dean accepting his fate to be the bomb(Jensen's face OMG), Sam realising Dean's fate(Jared OMG), the graveyard scene,OK this broke me, I admit I sobbed! Dean trying so hard to be brave in front of Sam and Cas, Dean asking Cas to look after Sam, STOP!! I'm sorry but Jensen and Jared are so damn good!! After 11 seasons, Jensen and Jared still bring it, and as fan I'm so damn proud of them!! If there is one nitpick I have it's with the MOL England woman, I think I'm going to work hard to like her, if she's going to go with the toffee attitude and all hunter's are apes tune! Also SHE SHOT SAM, what the hell lady, back the hell off our boy's! Mary's appearance, I'm not sure about, is she alive, a ghost? Is Dean on earth, in heaven?? AAhh, too many questions, my head hurts!! Anyway, now the long wait for Season 12, is it here yet, lol!! Once again Amy, thanks for all your fantastic thoughts, and insight's over the season, also Anna's fantastic Thinky Thoughts, your site is the only one I post on, catch you next season!!

    1. Thanks so much for your support for mine and Anna's thoughts on the show! :)

  10. Something that still runs through my head rewatching the Finale: Toni's reaction when Sam told her that Dean was dead... This tiny moment of ... Whatever it was! Where she lost her cool (and man, she seems to be one tough, focused, cool woman). Interesting. And her mentioning a "HE" , someone waiting in the background pulling the made me wonder if, after all, Dean's famous quote "demons I get, people are crazy" would come to life in season 12. The "Kraken" not being monsters, supernatural beings, but... Humans. We've seen the best humans can be this season, loving, supporting, sacrificing beings. Maybe we'll see the worst in the next. Because...let's be honest, the MOL are a bunch of humans loaded with knowledge and means that can save the world- but it can also destroy it, and it definitely can be used to pull powerful strings in it (we saw a glimpse of it in the wayward MOL who was banished from the bunker). The thing that's most dangerous to mankind is - mankind.
    I love how the show has grown up and matured to make us even think in directions like that. How it seems to me, for a few seasons already, to be a way of talking about real problems, even complex political or societal issues, in a fictional way. it's a sign for really great writing if everyone can read so many things into a tv show that calls itself "science fiction". But then, science fiction has always been a way for writers to approach humanity's deepest fears as well as its biggest strengths.
    I love how it still stays true to itself nevertheless and makes us cry and laugh with the characters. That it is still telling a story we want to hear the next part of, like little children waiting for their parents to read them the next chapter at bedtime.

    1. Something else she said as well.....she said to whoever it was on the phone ordering her to capture/kill the Winchesters.....with what's happening right now are you sure you want to waste our resources? I immediately thought she was referring to Sam and Dean..she considers them resources. She didn't look to happy about her orders either if you look at her face as she's on the phone.

      I also kind of wonder if all the photos of the boys on her wall are WOL/MOL related, or more of a personal interest.

      Kind of also wonder why, if the MOL knew what was going on, they didn't offer any kind of assistance....

      they seemed to want the boys right when they were trying to stop it all....

      kind of makes you wonder, as with Cuthbert Sinclair, are all MOL good?

    2. I feel like - as that actress has a recurring role apparently - that Lady Toni will become an ally. Kind of reminded me of Henry, as she kissed her son goodbye to head off to go do MoL stuff. Hopefully she'll get back to him!! It'll be interesting if the MoL - or a bad egg, power-hungry, arm of the group - are what the boys have to butt heads with next season.

  11. Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments, and wonderful insight that you share here in the comments. It's so great to see everyone's theories and what really hit home. I hope we can do it all again for season 12 (in 5 damn months time!!)


  12. I saw some crankiness on Twitter about how the finale was as explosive or shocking as some of the past finales have been, but I found myself disagreeing. I thought the pace, acting, and overall storyline for this finale was excellent. We have a more mature Sam and Dean, hence we get a more mature finale. I don't think Lady Toni seriously injured Sam as much as she may have clipped him as a warning (perhaps in the shoulder so the sling can make a comeback). I loved the juxtaposition of Chuck/Amara as Sam/Dean and I loved the exchange between Dean and Cas. Cas really needed to hear he wasn't an utter failure and the fact that Dean called Cas his brother warmed my cockles.
    With Dabb at the helm, I'm hoping for season 12 to be amazing despite the show losing my favorite writer, Robbie Thompson.

    1. A typo in the first line!! It should say "wasn't as explosive or shocking." Stupid autocorrect.

  13. I loved this episode so much. I've watched it at least three times and as much as I love the show, I don't normally do that again so fast. I can't wait to see what Mary being back means for Sam and Dean and for herself. I hope she sticks around. All that Sam and Dean have given they deserve to have their mom and Mary deserves to have the life she was robbed of.

  14. I also really loved Dean telling Cas exactly how much he means to them. It was definitely something he needed to hear. I found myself nodding when Dean said about how he and Sam get so caught up in what's going on, they tend to forget about everyone else. I like this new maturity to them. I know they've always cared about more than just themselves but it's so nice and refreshing to hear them expressing it.

    I love Rowena so much especially her "so that was a gun in your pocket" I hope she'll be around for a long time as a frenemy to Sam and Dean. Dean's impersonation of her had me cracking up. I like that their allies aren't black and white, but fall into a gray area. Makes me miss Meg though. She was imo the ultimate frenemy.

  15. I'm so happy your review was positive! I really, really enjoyed this season finale, and I read so many negative comments from other sites, I was just flabbergasted! So thank you for this. Now that the season is over, I'm going to binge watch it next weekend. Disconnect the phone, takeout, the cats can fend for themselves (well, not really), I will be MIA for my ultimate Supernatural binge.

    All these new possibilities for season 12, I just can't wait!

    Have a great summer.

  16. This is such a good site to visit when one wants to feel the love for our show. I really appreciate it, Amy. Keep up the good work.

  17. Amy,again...SPOT-ON.❤❤❤
    We are so sharing one heart for this show/Family!
    The 2 new plot twists are ingenious.
    Now I believe we'll get back stories on Mary- WHY she was targeted to die, and on MOL-will they be Sam & Dean's opposition and the Boy's will be like rouge agents??!!
    5 months is going to be the DEATH OF ME.

  18. I love love love reading your reviews and thoughts on this show. Thank you SO much for being so positive I such a negative world and sometimes negative fandom. A few years back I gave up so many of the SPN sites because they spent so much time worrying about who got the best storyline, etc instead of just enjoying this amazingly special show for what it is, a true rarity in television. I've been a fan of many shows, but none have latched onto me like this one has, and it's because of the wonderful cast, the talented writers and show runners through the years, the directors, the lighting, the everything. You don't see this in TV anymore...and maybe we won't ever again. SO, as I try and tell those who only want to bicker over Sam's story line or Dean's story line...stop worrying over little things and just enjoy this show. It's not gonna last forever, and that it's been on now going on 12 years is simply amazing. So, I flock to your blog/twitter to see your thoughts on SPN and am never disappointed.

    I love that the finale this year wasn't a knock down drag out death match. That it was more emotional and low key. It means that this show can do it all and do it so well. And that they aren't afraid to do the unthinkable when it comes to storylines. I so enjoyed the finale and am excited to see where the twisty ending is taking us in Season 12. I don't know how Jared and Jensen still have such strong devotion to these characters after so long, to play the same role for 11 years and still make it seem to real and fresh...they both are incredible. The goodbye scene was so heartbreaking and I'm not sure if it was a J2 decision for the boys to NOT look at each other during that scene or not, but wow, it made it SO hard to watch. But just WOW.

    The show ended the season with that theme that has run with it from Episode 1... family. It's always about family. Be it the brothers or God and Sis or's always there and never more so than in Alpha and Omega.

    So, it's official, Season 11 goes down as my favorite ever. Finally a season bested out S5 for me, though I've loved every season. 11 was amazing in so many ways, but esp having the boys on the same page and so mature. Someone on Twitter said something to the affect that for everyone Jeremy Carver did well for SPN as show runner, the best thing was that he allowed these boys to mature into what they are now. And it's true. They've come a long way and S11 is the pinnacle of that.

    So, love me some SPN and love me some Sweet on Dean reviews. I'll always be a fan of both :)