Friday, 20 May 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Thinky Thoughts and Theories on 11x22 "We Happy Few"

-by Anna

As I began reading posts, I had begun to notice that the title of this episode seems to describe the fandom more than it does the episode.  I've been reading a lot of negativity towards this episode, more than I would've thought to be honest. Now of course this is a safe zone, one where we come to read about the positive, especially after swimming in all the negativity and my post is a positive one. I will say this much coming from a neutral standpoint, I can understand and see where most of their frustrations lie. As much as my perspective is positive, I will admit that I had higher expectations given where we are at and who penned it. We didn't get half the amount of emotion that I truly had expected and in all honesty, the episode was rather confusing. Then again, I have a different way of looking at things, so the things that bothered so many didn't really bother me. I guess the way I see it, is from an entirely different perspective....but then again, that's pretty much standard.

I liked the episode, I didn't love it and, personally, I didn't find it all that exciting, but I enjoyed it for the most part. I must agree and admit that it felt somewhat choppy. It really did feel as though a lot of important conversations happened off screen. Then it hit me, the more I thought about it the more this episode had a "French Mistake " feel to it. I hope you don't mind if I elaborate on that!

This entire episode felt orchestrated. As a matter of fact,since God's arrival in Don't Call Me Shurley, every ep has felt orchestrated and Chuck is the maestro. I really believe that Chuck has a plan within a plan. I think he is playing possum. Chuck admitted that humanity would step up.  He told Dean that he and (Sam/Chosen) were his firewall. Yet the boys feel this is God's fight and that he is the one who needs to stop Amara. What I dont think they are getting is that that is what Chuck is doing. He is using his greatest weapon....the Winchesters. Amara thinks Chuck is down for the count but I think that is the trap. She's so focused on Chuck that she doesn't get that her undoing will come from the Winchesters, God's actual weapon. The French Mistake feel of it all comes from the fact that Chuck is playing the role of Balthazar, as Sam and Dean unknowingly play the decoy. As Cas had noted, as unfortunate as it was for the boys, Balthazar's  plan was a good one. What it basically boils down to is I don't think what we saw was the real plan.

So how does what I say make sense?  Well when one looks at it from this perspective.....

Spoiler Alert:  Here come's my theory!!!!
Why Metatron? I think Chuck went to Metatron for a couple of reasons.  First off, to get him to understand why he created and why he put his creation, humans, above all else. Metatron not only saw this but in the end wanted to fight for it. Secondly, Metatron then went to the Winchesters with God's supposed plan, thus enlisting their help free will is in the kit...and the boys need to want to do this out of their own choice. Metatron in the end takes one for humanity and is thus for Chuck.

Why is it that God supposedly can fix Luci but not Michael? He is God after all.  My answer to that is simple. Chuck doesn't want to. Why?

God fixing Michael, bringing his archangels together was the  original plan and I think God would probably figure out that Amara wouldn't fall for that again. Besides angels were never his real plan anyway. God said to Dean that he, Sam, and a few chosen were his firewall. God lied about being warded from Amara as well because he was laying out his strategy.

Then we have Lucifer, another wayward child, that God ultimately gets to fight for humans...another child redeemed. That's two for Chuck.

God plays meek cuz as we all know..the meek shall inherit the earth.

Crowley and Rowena fighting for humanity...the King of Hell himself fighting on God's side. If you ask me, that alone is worth the pat on the back Chuck can give himself...even the most twisted of human souls retain humanity on some level...again why God chose humans. I also can't help but wonder if there's more to that as well. I wonder if Rowena and her back in time spell won't be of use in the near future.

God seemingly down for the count, Amara believing she won...when all along God's aces in the hole, his greatest weapon, the Winchesters, will be her undoing.

Now for the speculation portion of our show

Perhaps Dean's bond with Amara was meant to be for this very reason...God's  plan has always been Sam and Dean, it's why he created them in the first place. Amara wont be undone by God, but by his creation.

Maybe Dean's attraction to Amara exists because he's the one who will trap her. Or perhaps it's Dean because he's toxic to her and when she tries to consume him, it'll be fatal. Maybe Dean is actually poison for her...or maybe it won't be Dean at all and in some twist at the end, it'll really be God, and consuming his light abolishes her darkness. 

Perhaps Amara does somehow end up in the Empty. Or maybe Amara is destroyed and the Empty was mentioned not as a place where she can be sent, but in fact because it's where Mary has been trapped all this time. It's why the boys couldn't find her in Heaven. Perhaps whatever sacrifice the Winchesters are willing to make, Mary's rescue from the Empty and rise to Heaven will be the boys reward...and perhaps this new character that will be introduced will provide the next more personal storyline for our boys...

I have no idea...but it's fun to guess.  As much as I don't know what will happen next week, I really do believe there's more to what we saw this week than meets the eye.

Here's to hoping.

Til next week.


  1. Anna, as usual your thoughts are fantastic! I think I'm going to say that it was an ok episode. I was dissappointed a bit in this episode, which for anybody who knows me is highly unusual! I think I was expecting so much more. I do agree it felt controlled, choppy and in some spots off kilter. I don't have a problem with the start of the episode so much as I do with some of the later scenes. Sam deciding he'll just take on the Mark of Cain without even telling Dean after all season they have been pushing the brotherly communication and being open and honest? Dean being almost shamed by God, Sam and Lucifer about his inability to kill Amara and even going back to the Mark of Cain after all the trouble it's caused, Why????? Sorry mini rant over! As to predictions, I still think Dean will end Amara, whether he is poison to her,interesting thought but I think she's going to try to blackmail Dean, since she hasn't been able to persuade him. I think though, she really does care, almost love Dean in her own way, even God knew it, the look on her face said it all! I could be way off base, but as usual, that's part of the fun, guessing what will happen!! Only Supernatural can do that to me and I love it. Until next time! :)

    1. There was a lot that went on that didn't make much sense. I was confused as well. But then I got to I feel this is being orchestrated by Chuck....that some of the ways that the boys are trying to go about handling Amara are meant to fail, because that's not God's original plan.....I feel like he's orchestrating everything so that the boys can come to their own conclusion the real solution to trapping Amara.

      I still feel like there's a plan within a plan here....

  2. I cannot be postive over this episode if others find that then all power to them. We are fully well aware what Lucifer did and has done to Sam and this episode was just a no .
    I generally like Berens episodes but I do not think this will be one I will revisit .

    1. I understand. I had just read a tweet from Jared and JIBcon because a lot of people share the exact notion. Jared had said that Chuck said they would be safe. I can see how Sam, even if God hadn't said that, would be able to see the big picture and put aside his personal feelings for the sake of saving the world. I do however think that a few words should've been put into the episode where Chuck tells Sam, it's ok he'll be safe. I think that would've made a heck of a lot of people feel a little better about it.

  3. I sure hope you are right and there is a master plan at work. Chuck and Metatron died or almost died awful easily, didn't they? Sam taking on the mark was very dramatic, but didn't make much sense. Hopefully also part of plan. This episode had problems, no one is denying that, but if one lets go of their personal expectations and tries to go with the flow of the story, it had some good parts. Dean was teasing Sam about apologies and Sam made a bitchface. That made me laugh. Sam knows Dean loves him, he doesn't need a vocal sorry, though us the fans seem to need it. Sam being funny about Lucifer being in his room was fine. Can't Sam be strong and have gotten over his fear of Lucifer? He did flinch when Lucifer looked like he was about to zap him and Chuck stopped it. The full house comment was also funny. S & D being the peanut gallery also was good. I thought we wanted Sam and Dean to get along, not be mad/sad with each other and the world again. Since God can't solve all their problems and angels/demons have gotten boring, time for a reboot. This episode could have been much better. Time wasted on the front half should have been used to make the back half more emotional and exciting. I'm scared for the finale, if it doesn't meet fan expectations and it isn't epic, the outrage is going to be epic, itself.

  4. 'What it basically boils down to is I don't think what we saw was the real plan."

    I've been saying this all week. IMHO Chuck has known all along that this shock and awe plan wasn't going to work (He's God!!) and this is all a way to get the Winchesters to realize its up to them not God. I actually enjoyed the episode. I had my issues with a few parts but nothing that spoiled it for me. I know a lot of people didn't like that Sam looks so comfortable around Lucifer...but I think A) When he said no to Lucifer in the cage I think he became a lot more secure B)He is trusting Chuck to not let anything happen. I also think it helps him that Lucifer has Cas's visage.