Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 11x21 "All in the Family"

-by sweetondean

3 episodes left in the season and shit is getting extremely real! Like really, real! Really, really real! Are we scared or excited? Or scarcited? Or excscared?



Also Amara wants to destroy the world and everything and everyone on it...except for Dean...she just wants to live happily ever after with Dean. Just the two of them...forever...I mean we know...Dean Winchester...sure...BUT STILL!



Awwww poor beat up Cas! Yep, Sam and Dean (and friends/frenemies?) are out to get Cas, err out, (and I guess Lucifer in the process - unless they zap him outta there somehow) back from the clutches of Amara, who was torturing Lucifer (and so Cas) to get her bro's attention.

Let's see what the synopsis says.

All in the Family”

THE WAR CONTINUES – Amara (guest star Emily Swallows) shows Dean (Jensen Ackles) how she’s torturing Lucifer (Misha Collins). Worried for Castiel, Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) come up with a plan to rescue him from Amara’s clutches. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (#1121).

So no mention of Chuck/God or Metatron and we know 100% that they are in there through photographic evidence and the promos/sneak peeks!

I wonder how Amara shows Dean what she's doing. Does she grab him? Or does she show him psychically somehow? In his sleep maybe? Like kinda Voldemorty?

Here's the promo... yep, gangs all here and it's all happening! And Amara is hurting Cas and bad touching Dean! STOP BAD TOUCHING DEAN! (He's doing that eye's closed face cup thing...meep!)

There's also more veiny black stuff, so maybe some crazy fart action, and some unknown fellow in the Impala!

This unknown fellow!

Here's sneak peek #1!

So this is the scene Jensen has talked about a lot and teased a lot. He's said how Dean unexpectantly cries in the scene, and how Jensen took it in an unexpected direction. In his meet and greet in Seattle it was still very fresh and he was super excited by it. He said he chose to play it the not so obvious way. It was one of those scenes where the emotion took him over. He said it surprised Rob! He even told us some of the lines, and in particular the lines that really got to him/Dean. We then had quite a good discussion about the meaning behind the lines and the scene for Dean. It was super cool so I'm really excited to see this scene play out!

One thing though - God has to be at least a little understanding of why some people (like, say, Dean) may have lost faith in him in the years since he bugged out. I mean, really. I thought that was a teensy bit arrogant!

I do love how he goes, "You guys know how it works". about Amara bossing him around. Sam's face is priceless. It doesn't work like that for them anymore though - there's a lot more equality in their relationship. Chuck needs to catch up!

Gee I love having Rob back in the story. I mean... look at him!  

Here's sneak peek #2

Dean told God to cool it! I love it! Gosh I love Dean Winchester. I'm totally looking forward to seeing this scene with the brothers and God.

Entertainment Weekly have been posting some super cute behind the scenes photos with sassy commentary from Rob - head to their instagram to see what he's been saying about these shots! 

(Oh. Excuse me. I was having a moment.)

And check out Rob's Facebook - he did a nice long Live Q&A there you can watch back! So head to his official Facebook to check that out! 

Looks like another great episode - I'm so scarcited to see how this season ends! 


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