Sunday, 15 May 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Thinky Thoughts on 11x21 All in the Family

 -by Anna 

I have always seen Supernatural as "the big picture" type of story.  I've postulated on many a post that everything happens for a reason.  I've most recently noted that Chuck/God is not disappointed and disillusioned with humanity, that He, on the contrary, has always been about protecting it.

I remember writing a post in the recent past which I had theorised that God had known, since the moment Lucifer betrayed him and the Mark was transferred to a human, to Cain, that Amara's release was inevitable. God couldn't or wouldn't  kill his sister, so trapping her was his only other option. He'd entrusted Lucifer with the key, but Lucifer betrayed God and was corrupted by the Mark.  Lucifer then gave the Mark to Cain.  Still God tried to protect his creation, by declaring Cain not to be killed, as a matter of fact, Cain had become immortal. Yet still, this wasn't foolproof that Amara would stay locked away.  So Chuck/God came up with Plan W....the Winchesters.

It was Heaven that commanded that John Winchester and Mary Campbell fall in love. The Winchesters who come from a  long line of MOL and the Campbells, their counterparts, who were hunters.  Sam and Dean had to be born. Yes their childhood was a tragic one. It was unfair to have lost their mother.  Yet it was her loss that started their heroic journey as hunters and then as Men of Letters.  The Winchesters have endured loss and tragedy along the way and it sucked for them, sucked big time.  Yet they have also experienced love and family and friendship and heroism.  Everything the boys have been through, from the Pit, to Leviathans, Purgatory, the Trials, the MoC to Demon Dean have not been for nought.  It all happened for a reason.  The journey hasn't always been easy for the boys, but what heroic journey is?  Each and every moment the boys experienced has taught them, gave them strength and fortified their mantra of never quitting, never giving up, not on each other and not on humanity.  Yes, Dean had to fall in order to rise.  He had to experience his own darkness to see the light inside him, to eventually see himself the way Sam does, to understand that he is good.  Dean had to be the darkness in order for him to be able to eventually defeat the Darkness.

Chuck/God might feel some disappointment over his creation, there are after all some rotten apples in the barrel, but at no point did I believe for a moment that he'd been disillusioned to the point of giving up on us.  How can I believe such a thing?  After all, he never really left did he?  He was hands on in the beginning and still with all of the violence and evil that still existed among the few, he still sought to save this world, to protect it...I mean he did give the world Sam and Dean Winchester.   He did confirm what I've always believed, that he saved them because it is the boys who will once again protect God's creation, it will be Sam and Dean Winchester who will help defeat the Darkness. After all God told Dean "you are the firewall".  God had always known it would come down to facing his sister again. He may have even always known that in order to do it, he would have to sacrifice himself.  It seems to me that God doesn't really trust Amara though, deal or no deal, which is why God once again enlisted the help of the Winchesters. But it's not just the Winchesters.  The Winchesters have this gift of getting those who one would never believe would help humans, actually help humans.  It was the Winchesters who turned Cas around.  It was the Winchesters who even turned the King of Hell around.  It's the Winchesters who just saved Lucifer himself thus changing his tune. The Winchesters even managed to change the tune of Metatron in a way.  All of these individuals will play their part in defeating Amara. It's Sam and Dean Winchester who will lead the charge.  It's their love for each other and their love of humanity that will once again give them the strength to not give up, to always keep fighting.  It's why they always win and why God/Chuck created them in the first place.

Metatron had read the pages, so did he not know that he'd sacrifice himself for the greater good?  Perhaps Metatron will earn his wings back after all.  I was surprised to see him go, but I have a feeling we might be seeing him again one day.  My hope is that we see him back as an angel, rewarded for his sacrifice.

This was a good episode and it always makes me smile a little inside when show validates one of my theories.  Everybody did a wonderful job.  I still think God has a plan within a plan and I'm still hoping for some kind of twist in the finale.  I'm hoping the Amara story will come to it's conclusion, but perhaps the boys learn some knew information that will lead them into a more personal storyline next season.  

We shall see soon enough.

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  1. Anna, once again you make me think about thing's in a different way and I love it! I have long believed Dean getting the Mark of Cain and becoming a demon were for a purpose. The fact he was saved from Hell, was Michael vessel then a demon has always made me think he was being tested to see if he was worthy for something larger! By this I mean, the extremes he has been put through,and I know Sam has to, but the Mark is so pervasive and twisted, it corrupts so completely that I still wonder if there is anything left of it's power within Dean! Maybe God was testing him all along because he knew Amara would break free? Is the Mark, the cause of Dean and Amara bond really, or is it maybe just destiny? I know I tend to reach alittle in my thinking, and I'm sorry if I'm not coming across clearly, very tired work,lol! Once again, thanks for your thoughts! Ps Jensen was fantastic, amazing in this episode! Damn you Ackles, you made me cry, lol!!

  2. It's not so much the constant amount of times the boys have been saved as much as my belief stems from heaven,God, commanding their very existence. And you could be right, the mark might have brought them together, in that you freed me kind of way...but reality is that it was a group effort. So perhaps when dean was created he was tagged to attract amara, because it would be this attraction to him that will enable dean to lure her into her final trap.

    Thanks so much for reading...appreciate your feedback as well.

  3. Which theory in particular was validated? You have so many theories, it's hard to keep track. Also, do you think that Chuck was always God, or was Chuck a real person whose body God borrows? I'm sad that so many people think that Sam will get no POV in the next two episodes and beyond. I'm hoping that is not true. I love Dean, but making the show all Dean, all the time would be a mistake. Even Sweetondean, his biggest fan, can't want that. I love him best when he is reacting to Sam, not other people. I don't like Benny, I resent him being in the story almost as much as I do Amelia.

  4. Hey Mallena,

    It's true I have lots of theories, but the one I am referring to I posted quite awhile ago. I can't remember if it was under the name sugarhi or annan. In either case, it would've been a long one as I tend to ramble on. I had postulated awhile ago that God had created the Winchesters specifically to save the world. I had noted that all the way back in s5. That God had not abandoned the world as many believed, but he in fact had a hand in saving it when he gave the world Sam and Dean Winchester.

    I did always believe Chuck was God, and I have always believed that he'd been helping the Winchesters all along....he has been in all the pivotal episodes, and he is writing the Winchester Gospels..a legacy for all of humanity.

    When Amara was introduced at the beginning of the season, I had written a post where I believed all along that Dean's fall and rise was meant to happen all along. Everything that has happened with the boys happened for a reason, all leading up to the rise of the Darkness, which I had postulated God saw as inevitable once Luci betrayed him and the lock was transferred to a human. I believe that this is why Chuck/God commanded the Winchesters be born in the first place.

    Chuck gave me validation, when he confessed to Dean that "you are the firewall between light and the Darkness". You meaning not only Dean, but Dean and Sam and the rest of the chosen...the humans who will play their part in helping the Winchesters defeat the Darkness. I've said quite a number of times that God never abandoned his children or his creation, that he in fact has shown great love for his creation, by creating the Winchesters in the first place.

    Sam and Dean Winchester are the epitome of what humanity is all about. They will once again be the ones to preserve it. God isn't abandoning the cause, he's using his most powerful weapon against the Darkness....Dean and Sam Fucking Winchester.

    As for Sam POV concerning God, I happen to think that conversation is meant to come from a writer who is better equipped to handle it, so I'm not ruling out a conversation between Chuck and Sam either coming from Berens tomorrow or Dabb next week. robert berens has done well in the past following up on Robbie thompson's eps.

  5. Things get so timey-wimey on this show, my head spins. There is free will, but God/Chuck did what he could with Sam and Dean to help them along without saving them from everything. Sounds like what parenting a young adult is like. Amara is a big meany, she shouldn't want to destroy everything Chuck creates. I look at her as a force, like nature, that just is. She is destruction. Why is that all she is? I have no idea. God always being Chuck just makes watching the early seasons challenging, but I like to follow the story, and not get all hung up on every detail. Sam not confronting Chuck or discussing the Amulet that Dean just casually stuck in his pocket is hard for a lot of people to ignore. I'm hoping for some good Sam POV soon. It's funny to me that some reviewers can look at Sam's face, and say that he is feeling all these emotions about Lucifer, or whatever, while other people are so upset that actual words are not being spoken. I have to admit, I'd prefer some actual dialog. Thanks for responding.