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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on (over excited) Squee Preview of the Supernatural SEASON 11 Premiere - "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"


SEASON 11! 11!

Woo. Gotta calm down!

And that means it's preview time! Yay!

Yep, it's time to get our hearts ready for lots of Supernatural style love and pain, which is the same as love in our fandom, because season 11 is upon us!

So where did we leave our favourite heroes and villains?

Sam did a deal with an evil witch, because Dean's Mark of Cain was making him twitch.
Dean was getting more grrrr by the day, and Sam knew that there was no other way.
So he constructed a plan and started to lie, but he really didn't mean for Charlie to die... :(
She gave her life for her adopted big bro, so Rowena could make that pesky Mark of Cain go.
Then Death got a call to meet Dean face to face, and offered to send him to outer space!
To remove the Mark would let an evil out, an evil called the Darkness, in case there was doubt!
But before Death would let their deal be done, he said Dean had to kill number 2 son!
With Sammy looking up all puppy dog eyes, Dean gave us all a helluva surprise.
He swung Death's scythe away from his bro, and straight into Death, and down Death did go!
Meanwhile Rowena and Crowley and Cas, were concocting a spell that was totally bad ass!
It sent them flying across the room, and out of the window a lightning bolt went zoooom.
Straight to Dean's mark, it made his arm glow, and when the dust cleared he was like, "Where did it go?"
The Mark of Cain totally vanished from sight, and Sam was like, "Cool! It's gunna be all right!"
And Dean was like, "Um I don't think so bro", since when does our luck not totally blow!"
Then out of the ground came great plumes of black, and Sam and Dean were like, "OH. FRACK!"
They ran to the car, but got stuck in a hole, as a big cloud of Darkness towards them did roll!
Meanwhile things for Crowley were not going well, when Rowena hit Cas with an attack dog spell.
Cas all bloody and bleeding eye, charged at Crowley, angel blade raised high.
Back with the boys they sat side by side, just as they should on this epic ride.
Nothing to protect them, but Baby and each other, as Sam reached out to hold onto his brother. 
And as we faded to black we were left with sound, of Sam calling Dean...

I would like to formally apologise for my bad poetry




So, let's check out the synopsis for episode 1 of season 11, "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"

THE WINCHESTERS FACE THEIR BIGGEST THREAT EVER — Picking up where the finale left off, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must deal with the Darkness that has been unleashed. Castiel (Misha Collins) deals with the effects of Rowena’s (Ruth Connell) spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). Robert Singer directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver

The A team! All of our wonderful cast, and Carver and Singer!

So we know that we pickup exactly where we left off season 10 - with Cas going for Crowley and the boys facing down the Darkness. Though according to Jensen, when we rejoin the boys, we don't know exactly how long they were in the Darkness and what happened to them whilst they were surrounded by the black ick! Oooooo!

We've been kind of spoiled when it's come to trailers and sneak peeks and stuff for this episode! Well, I should say for the premiere of the season, because apart from the sneak peek, we know that there's more than one episode represented in the promos that we've been lucky enough to be gifted with. Like the EPIC 2 minute trailer that was produced by the show! it looks like shots from episodes 1 - 4 to me, because I'd say the point of view shot of the boys eating is from the "Baby" ep, which is episode 4.

So here's the very special, secret project, promo that the show put together, just for us!

How lucky are we to have the show itself put together a season opening promo, and a really great one at that! When I saw this promo it reminded me just how dark and bloody our show is. Because this is damn dark, and damn bloody, and damn awesome. And that shot of Jensen driving the Impala at the end is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Ever. Like...EVER.

We also know that the season opener is pretty much a 2 parter. Not sure if that means a TO BE CONTINUED or just that the events of episode 1 stretch into episode 2. We know that from what The Carver has said, but also the synopsis and promo pics from episode 2 feature the same guest cast as in episode 1. I love this. I love that we get a really fleshed out opening to this season and that the first 2 episodes are to be looked at as one piece.

Here's the CW promo. Which has a lot of different shots in it and a very dark and grungy vibe. I like this promo, it brands the show as totally badassed. It looks like a horror show. As it should!

There's a lot going on here. Is what happens to this town, because of the Darkness? I'm kind of assuming so. I'm totally looking forward to seeing what happened to Sam and Dean when that Darkness rolled over them. And what the hell with the screaming Sam shots - with his face all pulled in some contraption, and blood running down, and he's shirtless (which I ain't gunna complain about). Man, what is even going on! Eeeeeee! My excitement levels are growing exponentially as I talk about it!

Okay, and we also got a sneak peek!

I love how in sync the boys are. The way they get out of the car together, cock their guns together, raise their guns. together. Sam's little sideways glances at his brother, checking in. Love it. I freakin' love this sneak peek. Seriously though, "show me some skin", should become the show's new catch phrase! Right?

I'm pretty damn excited for this season. Okay, yes, I'm excited for every season! But for the first time in a long a really freakin' long time, we go into a season knowing that both the boys are whole, they're not supernaturally affected, or dying, or on some other plane, or with some random chick! They're not separated, they're on the same page, fighting shoulder to should as brothers, and HOLY SHIT, I mean that alone is bloody awesome! 

I'm also really glad that Crowley is back to being a bastard and that Cas (once he's sorted out that attack dog thing), is a fully charged up angel again - though not sure what ramifications that will have on the story, it's always been an issue, the Winchesters having a high powered angelic buddy as a get out of gaol free card!

But, mostly, I'm just so damn excited to see my favourite bros being bros. I'm sure they have some stuff to nut out, and Winchesters being Winchesters, they will fight and there will be lies and all that stuff that has been part of their functionally dysfunctional relationship from the get go. But hey, they're Sam and Dean, not possessed, wall broken brain damaged, on deaths door, or demonised. THEY ARE SAM AND DEAN. For now. I think. And that's AMAZEBALLS. 

Enjoy the episode. I intend to bask in it. If I could roll around on it I would!

Excuse the language I'm excited. And also Australian....


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My friend, Elizabeth went to Vancon this year and has kindly written up a report to share her wonderful experiences! Don't forget to give her some love in the comments!

The Creation Entertainment Supernatural Convention in Vancouver (#VanCon) is always a very special experience. It is the “hometown” of Supernatural. The show has filmed every episode but The Pilot there so any place you go you can easily stumble upon locations used in the show. It makes the world of Supernatural feel real in a way. I love being able to stand in a place and say “Sam and Dean stood right here.”

This convention was the first weekend of a nearly month long vacation so I am going to try my best to remember the highlights these many weeks later :D

This year the convention was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre in downtown Vancouver. It has normally been held at the Sheraton Wall Centre which is a hotel. You could easily walk down from your hotel room to the convention. This year everyone had to stay off-sight. I thought it was going to be a bigger problem than it was but our hotel ended up being only two blocks from the convention center and an easy walk (even in some of the rainy mornings). The convention center was GIGANTIC!!! I really enjoyed having VanCon here but did kind of get nostalgic when we drove by the Wall Centre later in the week. Though, I count it as a good sign that the conventions are getting so big they have to look for larger buildings to hold them in.

We all arrived in Vancouver on Thursday. There is a small group of us who make this journey (pilgrimage?) (I kid...) (maybe) to Vancouver every summer. For most of us, this is the only time we see each other all year so it is always a great reunion. Registration started around 8pm and even though we were re-upping the same seats for next year we still loved to hang in the registration line with everyone. After we got registered we did a quick recon of the center to familiarize ourselves with the new layout. Even for the size, it was surprisingly easy to navigate. The convention center had its own security that was handling the lines and mass of people. They did such an amazing job. It was great to have them around.


I love Fridays at Supernatural conventions. There are not as many people and the energy is always really high! Louden Swain and Richard are a house band and MC to beat no other. Their chemistry is electric and they play off each other so well. They joked in Dallas that they should record a convention song album with all the songs that have become standard at SPN conventions. Like “Rules and Regulations” and “The Last Question” I think that would be hilarious and I would so buy one (to get autographed, of course) :D

Anywho...I digress...

The breathtaking Mr. Gil McKinney kicked off VanCon with his solo panel. Gil is in New York trying his hand at singing and acting there. He shared some stories about his dogs not liking NY. Pretty funny. Of course, a fan asked a singing question and he broke into As Time Goes By from Casablanca. His (what? Oh sorry)

Tyler Johnston was up next. I was able to see Tyler at his first convention appearance in Vegas in March. He is such a stage presence and ridiculously funny! He also tells a version of the classic Kim Manner’s Bee Story from the episode Bugs. It is also interesting to hear him talk about the difference between working on the show in Season 1 and then again in Season 8.

Osric’s panel was amazing as always. We had heard there was going to be an epic cosplay but when he arrived on stage he was just dressed in his normal street attire. He shared the story of an amazing fan who had worked so hard on his cosplay (and even drove DAYS to hand deliver it) but Osric could tell that he wasn’t satisfied so he told him to keep working on it and Osric would premiere it at another convention. Aww! *heart clench*

It was so fun to have Erica Carroll at her first convention appearance in VanCon. She was a little nervous when she got on stage (she confessed to reading some fan reactions to Hannah) but she was so sweet and amazing and the crowd just loved on her. She brought cupcakes to hand out to the people asking her questions. Her panel was amazing. Fun fact: When Hannah is naked in front of Cas (10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls) that isn’t actually Erica. She used a body double for that scene because she has made the choice not to be naked on film. I really respect her courage. The sensational Ruthie Connell also made an appearance at the end of Erica’s panel. The two knew each other before Supernatural so it was neat to hear them squee about being on the same show.

Those were the panels for Friday. My friend Jilly and I had decided to do a Louden Swain photo op together last minute. I had done one before but she had not. When we got up to the band, Jilly said “This is my first Louden Swain photo op!!” All the guys were like “YAY!! We have to do something special!!” Mike offered her his bass and Billy, Rob and Mike all squeezed in around her. I wanted to hug Steve (because drummers need love too!!). It was a great photo op and when we got them to sign it on Sunday they all cracked up seeing it. Side note: when we did another Louden Swain op in Dallas two weeks later (yes, we were addicted), Steve remembered me and said “More hugs for the drummer??” when we were leaving the op. He gave me an extra hug. Love him <3

photo by Chris Schmelke

We skipped karaoke because some of us were sick and all of us were tired with a few more weeks of vacation left but from all accounts it was a great night!


Saturday opened with high expectations! There had been some rumors about a certain person showing up to Saturday Night Special.

Ruth’s panel was up first. She also brought gifts because she didn’t want to be outdone by Erica. But she confessed to not being as on top of it as she could have been so she just brought all the free toiletries from the hotel to hand out! It was completely hilarious. She is a gem of a woman. Strong and so capable. She might be my new girl crush (she totally is). I can’t wait to see Rowena again this year.

Theo Devaney (who played Crowley’s son Gavin) made his first convention appearance. He was sincere, funny and completely stole the crowd. Plus...his accent is really sexy. Sexy. Like a lot sexy...
where was I?
Oh yes. Theo is sexy.

Osric and Gil did their joint panel has as become tradition. They love to tease and play off each other. It is very fun to watch. Osric was teasing Gil that he needed to find a Jasmine costume for him to wear sometime after Gil admitted in his solo panel that he kinda liked Jasmine as a kid.

Always one of my absolute favorite panels of any con weekend is Mark Sheppard’s. He is so snarky, witty and hilarious. I love how he roams the crowd. This time he found a little girl wearing the “I Wuv Hugs” shirt and she matched wits with him for a couple minutes. It was EPIC! Find the video on YouTube. It is a must watch. Mark always closes his panel with a sincere thank you to the SPN fans. He is such a huge supporter of us just as we are of him.

Always makes sure to go pee before the R2M (Richard, Rob & Matt) panel. You will regret it if you don’t :D The highlight this year was when someone brought the hamster from ComicCon and they did a whole rift with it again. THE LAUGHTER TEARS WERE REAL!! They are so spontaneous and are the best of friends. I loves them <3

Last panel of the day was Misha’s. This panel at VanCon was probably the best Misha panel I have ever seen. Of course, everyone teared up when he come on stage because this was the first time he had appeared since he was mugged in Minnesota. Everyone was so glad to see him looking so good. The love was obvious in the room.

We were able to have a nice long break to run back the hotel and freshen up before the SNS that evening.


This amazing night that Louden Swain puts together every convention is...honestly, there are no words to describe it. The energy and passion is perfect. I look forward to the SNS every convention. There is nothing like it.

When we arrived and took our seats I spied Clif over to the right side of the stage. I laughed and said “That can only mean ONE thing!” But as the music got started, I kinda forgot about the extra treat we were expecting. Louden Swain is magic on that stage. They pull in the talented cast of SPN and of the Creation staff and put on a DAMN good show. Gil singing is always an epic highlight! He sang a Maroon 5 song this time. That boy...he really can sing anything.

After Louden Swain and Rich sang Seven Bridges Road (personal favorite, btw), Rob turned to the curtain and invited a “new to the convention tour” guest. He then broke into this huge grin and said “J-dawg, will you get out here?!”

Nothing prepares you for Jensen Ackles jumping up on stage dressed in dark green pants and a black t-shirt with a 6-string slung around his neck. Nothing...NOTHING I TELL YOU!

photo by Karen Cooke

I was in Vegas when he sang Sister Christian at the SNS but just adding the guitar to this performance made it 500 times sexier. Shew! Okay...

Jensen sang Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd with Louden Swain, Richard, Mark Sheppard and Adam Malin. It is pure joy to watch Jensen 100% enjoy something. When he sings he is in this bubble of happiness. He is a rocker at heart. I could watch him forever. (If you somehow missed this 8th wonder of the world ;-) is the link).

After Jensen, Louden Swain and Gil lead everyone in Carry On Wayward Son. It always gives me chills to sing that song in a room of fellow SPN fans. CHILLS!


Bright and early Sunday is the J2 Gold panel. I don’t usually remember much from this panel because JARED AND JENSEN ARE 20 FEET AWAY!!! I usually have to go watch YouTube afterwards (shoutout to the awesome fans who record these panels for us so we can relive memories!) But some of the things I do remember is the beautiful discussion that the boys had about balancing families and work. They talked lovingly about their wives and how they are so patient and forgiving about finding that delicate balance.

They also expounded on the snake story from Yellow Fever and how Jared was the one freaking out about the snake even though it was coming over the couch on Jensen’s shoulder. Of course they demonstrated :D

They also told a story about driving from Vancouver to L.A. after the season one year in separate vehicles but together [Jensen: “It was a convoy. I’m not going to lie.”] They had walkie-talkies and demonstrated the conversations between vehicles. “What’s your 20?” “I’m still right behind you!” Boys <3

After the panel, it is always a blur of J photo-ops. I loved all my photo op experiences and I love how they take a minute each time to make you feel special, heard and loved. The one experience I will share is in Jensen’s solo photo op, I had just done a op with a friend and him. She was walking away and Jensen held my arm because we had told Chris as we walked up that it was a double and then a solo. I stood there with Jensen holding my upper arm and looking at me and I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t doing the pose idea I had. It felt like a minute but I am sure it was just a few seconds before I realized I hadn’t actually told him the pose idea! I started laughing and was like “I need to tell you my pose!” Jensen laughed and said “I was waiting!” By that time I had forgotten the pose so I just asked for a hug. He said “Absolutely.” and hugged me really tight. Later when I picked up my op from the photo table, I burst into tears. WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE, MIND YOU! It is my favorite solo op.

photo by Chris Schmelke

An extra special treat this year was having the promo of the Supernatural Fan Movie at the convention. Clif and his brother Mitch and Jason Fischer did a short Q&A about the making of the movie and their hopes for the future of the project. Their love for the fans was so evident that I am tearing up just writing this. They wanted to put into words and video the magic of the SPN Family and judging from one of the best 8 minute promos I’ve ever seen, they have done just that. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place as we all watched this tribute to the lightening in a bottle that is our family.

Here is the link to the promo and the fundraising page for the project. Check it out.

One of the cool things that happened on Sunday (I don’t remember when it exactly happened. Sorry...fuzzy brain) Richard and Rob were on stage talking about how someone from Entertainment Weekly had done a piece about Jensen singing the night before and had mentioned everyone performing with him EXCEPT for Louden Swain!! It was their concert and they weren’t even mentioned!! So they asked us to all tweet them and tell them to credit the band. I believe the hashtag was #dontforgettheband Less than an hour later, they came back on stage to share the tweet that EW had posted on their official account giving credit to Louden Swain. They were VERY impressed by our fandom influence! It was a great moment.

The boy’s afternoon panel was a lot of fun. I loved Rob and Jensen’s back and forth about how they showed up both dressed alike. Rob did this pantomime about he and Mike climbing a ladder and looking into Jensen’s window to see what he was wearing so he could dress the same. Hilarious!! :D Then there was the running gag about Jared’s fake quote about volcanoes being mountains that are volcanoes and Jensen’s “comedy elbows” They were in a great mood.

Things became more serious when they were asked to describe each other in 3 words. Jared called Jensen “Talented, loyal to a fault, genuinely caring.” Jensen called Jared “A good friend.” The sweetest moment was when they were answering a question about their favorite moments on set and Jensen said his favorite was watching Jared fall in love with Gen. (awwwwwwww!!!!!) He told this funny story about Jared interrupting Gen reading on set between scenes (which apparently she doesn’t like) and trying to start a conversation. It was a beautifully precious.

photo by @jillyrulz

They wrapped the panel with the standard last question song. Rob gave Jared his own cow bell that had JPAD written on it in case he wanted to join SNS in the future!


I am know there were so many other things that happened but this re-cap is already nearing novel length. Thanks for bearing with me.

I am so grateful that I am able to go to conventions. I will never take it for granted. The opportunity to meet and talk with our cast and crew. To meet and develop amazing friendships with fellow fans. These conventions are like huge family reunions.

Thanks to Amy for letting me relive the awesomeness <3 I will be back in a few weeks with a DenverCon recap! I am so excited they are FINALLY coming to my home city!! I still have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming the whole thing!


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SPOILERS SWEETIES! Promotional Photos - Supernatural 11x02 "Form and Void"



Let's look at them!

*The following quotes from episode may or may not be correct.

Dean internally: "Oh for goodness sake, I have one maroon shirt, ONE! And she goes and wears the same colour? I mean. Really?"

Girl internally: "Damn him. He looks way better in this colour than I do. Stupid pretty-boy hunter."

Fandom internally "Is he still wearing the murder shirt? How many days in a row has Dean Winchester been wearing that shirt? It must be starting to smell. Mmmmm Dean Winchester smell...."

Guy internally: "Is that a damn moose coming down the street after me?"

Sam internally: "I can't believe how glossy and fluffy my hair still looks, even after the Darkness got all up and in it."

Guy internally: "Stupid pretty-boy hunter with his glossy and fluffy hair. Or you know, hair."

Crowley internally: "Excellent"

Dean internally: "OH COME ON...NOW CROWLEY'S WEARING A PRIEST'S OUTFIT? That's totally mine and Sammy's look!"

Crowley internally singing whilst gazing at Dean: "Misty water colour memorieeeessss of the way we wereeeeeeee. Sigh."

Cas: "PUDDING!" Ha ha ha. Oh." 
Cas internally: "Damn it. I hate it when I'm hilarious and no one is here to see it"


Random Demon 1 internally: "Well, this is awkward."
Random Demon 2 internally: "Huh. That thing about them being junkless is obviously so NOT true."

Cas internally: "I bet this never happens to Dean Winchester when he drops his pants."



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Spoilers Sweeties! Sneak Peek - Supernatural 11x01 "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"


I felt compelled to post about it



Here's the first FULL sneak peek for season 11...where we see the boys, still in their clothes from the season 10 finale (MURDER SHIRT!), and Sam sporting his Dean inflicted facial wounds, fresh from whatever went on with the Darkness, coming across a (possibly) Darkness inspired event!


Things I love




I do love that we get another female Sheriff. Let's keep her!
Then the boys will have 3 kickass female cops to call on for back up!

But really, could Carver not make the signs that these people have been attacked by something be like an all over the torso thing, so the boys had to strip their shirts off instead of just flash their necks? Geesh!

Wait. Did I just say that in my outloud voice?


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Supernatual Season 11 - SPOILEPALOOZA!

Um. Hi! I'm back, after a...errr rather unexpectedly lengthy hiatus! 

And what better way to make a comeback than with a SPOILERPALOOZA post for season 11!

So without any further a doo doo....


(part 1 probably)



Now, Jensen gave us a few spoilers on this one during his meet and greet at Dallascon - which I attended. He said, the premiere episode picks up where we left off, except we're not sure how much time has passed since the Darkness enveloped the boys in the Impala, and we're not sure exactly what happened during that time. Oooooo!

He also said, this promo is misleading (big surprise). That the black veins on Sammy are not reminiscent of the demon blood like in When the Levy Breaks, but is caused by something going on in the town that they're in. That Sam is affected by this, but doesn't tell Dean (DUDES, DUDES, SECRETS ARE BAD), and that he cures himself, but still doesn't tell Dean! *UPSIDES BOTH OF THEM IDJITS!*. 

Jensen also said, that there is something pursuing Sam - sort off - but it's not necessarily a bad or evil thing... (He was all cheeky grin and mischievous eyes...swoon). He also said both boys are unafflicted by supernatural forces for the first time in a long time and that they are very much on the same page. That they have a common goal and are working together to fight evil and hunt things and save people. 

Jensen said that so far he felt the season had a very season 1 Kripke era feel and that Carver should be congratulated for taking the show back there. 

I'm paraphrasing obviously because when Jensen talks there are a lot things going on in your brain. But he seemed very happy, and very impressed with where the show has been taken this season. Yay!


This just dropped today! THE CARVER talking a little about what to expect in the first two episodes of Season 11!


Ooooo I get all tingly when they show us bits of the show we haven't seen! And I love the idea of the first two episodes being the set up arc for the season! So excitement!

Here are the titles that we know...

Supernatural - Episode 11.01 - Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
Supernatural - Episode 11.02 - Form and Void
Supernatural - Episode 11.03 - The Bad Seed
Supernatural - Episode 11.04 - Baby

Who else is peeing their pants over The Baby episode...and not just because Jared said he walked onto set and saw more of Jensen's inner thigh than he ever wanted to! CAR WASH SCENE! WOOT!

Here's what Jared had to say about episdoe 4 - "Baby"

"It's done in a very clever supernatural way, mind you, but episode four is a very cool episode. It's all about the Impala. We've had this third lead character for 10 seasons strong and, we're not revealing a personality, but we see just how much a part of Winchesters' lives it is... You kind of see the Impala in work in all these scenes from seasons past where we haven't necessarily known where it is or known how it got there. You see just how crucial a character is.... It will portray an essential story, You kind of see the Impala in work in all these scenes from seasons past where we haven't necessarily know where it is or known how it got there."


While we're talking episodes...what about the synopsis for the first two episode to air? Yes? 
Okay then! 

"Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS:  THE WINCHESTERS FACE THEIR BIGGEST THREAT EVER — Picking up where the finale left off, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) must deal with the Darkness that has been unleashed. Castiel (Misha Collins) deals with the effects of Rowena’s (Ruth Connell) spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). Robert Singer directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver (#1102). Original air date 10/7/2015. 

This episode was shot 2nd, after Jensen directed the first episode back after hiatus, which will run third.

“Form and Void” 

DEAN AND SAM FACE THEIR OWN BATTLES  — Dean (Jensen Ackles) helps Jenna (guest star Laci J. Mailey), the nurse he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely and then sets off to help Sam (Jared Padalecki) deal with a town infected by a mysterious and deadly gas.  However, when Jenna falls into dangerous hands, she calls Dean for help and Sam tells him to go back to her.  Unfortunately for Sam, he isn’t able to handle the townspeople turned monsters as easily as he thought.  Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1103).  Original airdate 10/14/2015.

Shot third - but airing second. By episode 4 we will be in shooting/screening order - unless production make a change down the track, which they probably will!

We also got a full set of promo pics for the first episode! 

Guess Crowley survives! :P

Grenade launcher! Jensen must be so happy!

So is this the woman mentioned in the synopsis for episode 2? The Winchesters are going to have a lot of lady cops in their contact lists!

I love that Sam and Dean are wearing the same clothes as the season finale (MURDER SHIRT!). Bit stinky though! Though...I bet they smell like sunshine and happiness. (I BET THEY DON'T!....mmm sweaty Sam and Dean smell.... oops! Sorry (not sorry) )

I just totally got distracted by Jensen's tweet about being directed today by Rich... FEELS!
Anyhooo where was I before I got jenstracted? Oh right, stinky Winchesters! ��

And with Richard Speight, Jr. kicking off as director TODAY, here is a casting spoiler on that episode. Which will be episode 8 - written by Jenny Klein. 

Meet Sam's imaginary friend, who heard about at Comic Con!

This is via Variety 

Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) will get a blast from the past in “Supernatural’s” upcoming 11th season. The CW’s enduring horror series has cast Nate Torrence as Sully, Sam’s imaginary friend from childhood, Variety has learned exclusively.

Sully appears in episode 1108, titled “Just My Imagination,” because he needs Sam and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) help. The episode will be directed by “Supernatural” alum Richard Speight Jr., who memorably played the angel Gabriel (and moonlighted as The Trickster) in various episodes between seasons two and nine. 

Torrence was most recently seen in Fox’s midseason comedy “Weird Loners,” and previously appeared on HBO’s “Hello Ladies,” ABC’s “Mr. Sunshine” and NBC’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip".

I'm so excited for Richard to be directing! In Jensen's meet and greet in Dallas, he told us it was a very Ben Edlundesque episode. Sounds like it! He also told us he was excited to see what Rich does with the episode. Jensen is a big fan of Richard and his work. He has a lot of respect for Richard (which I bet doesn't mean that Jared and him don't have naughtiness up their sleeves!)

So what else do we know?

  • Cas will be afflicted by Rowena's spell for a while and the boys will try to help him.
  • Crowley survives - obviously.
  • Sam takes up praying - looks to a higher power (and I have a hunch that might be something to do with whatever is coming for Sam that isn't necessarily bad).
  • Dean washes Baby and there will be blooper reel stuff of this, and I can't wait weeeeeeeee!
  • There's a flashback scene where we see Sam shirtless and we see the anti-possession tattoo (apparently he hasn't been reinked because he's "Sam fucking Winchester" - according to Jared.
  • The boys have some kind of visions at some point - which makes them question what's real and what's not.
  • There may be reference to Sam and Dean's vessel status - and whether that has any ongoing affect on them or gives them some kind of power.
  • Dean could feel a tie/pull to the Darkness due to his lengthy exposure to the Mark of Cain.
  • The Darkness will manifest in female human form.
  • No one knows about The Darkness - due to it be pre-biblical. God is the only one with the backstory, it's even outside of angelic knowledge. So the guys are kind of on their own.
  • The boys will align themselves with people which may not seem like the best idea (what's new!)
  • There will be reappearances by past characters/fan favourites we haven't seen in a while. 

Okay... with less than 2 weeks to go until the season premiere, expect cast interviews (there was some press on set recently), sneak peeks, maybe another promo, more spoilers, before THE AWESOMENESS OF SEASON 11 KICKS OFF!

I'll be back with spoilers as they drop, and of course, I'll have my preview for the season opener soon.

I'll also have a guest report from one of my friends who attended Vancon, and I'll do a quick wrap up of Dallascon!

So...sorry for my absence! But I'm officially back!