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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on 12x12 Stuck In The Middle (With You)

My brother made me watch all of Quentin Tarantino's movies.  I had never really heard of him or seen anything he's ever done.  The first one I think I watched was From Dusk Til Dawn.  That movie was sick and I kinda liked it.  I was introduced to True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. I've yet to see the Hateful Eight.  Tarantino certainly has a certain style of film making that's for sure and he's not short on his use of killing either.  For me, watching a Tarantino movie is never dull and I quite enjoyed this episode's homage to a couple of Tarantino's finest, the most prominent being Reservoir Dogs.

I loved the whole time jumping, going back and forth, seeing the events of what happened through different perspectives. I got a kick out of the slo mo walk and the planning at the diner scene.  I giggled at the prospect of trying to figure out which one of them at the table was supposed to be Mr. Pink. 😁 The entire episode felt like I was watching a movie and it had my attention from beginning to end.  Intense would be the word I 'd use to describe this ep, intense and illuminating. 

I love when show explores it's history and answers questions that we wondered about, but never got an answer to, and all the while in doing so introduces new canon.  What a talented group that write for this show. Kudos Davey Perez for such an awesome, if at times infuriating, (Mary W) script.

What Did We  Learn at School Today?

First off we learnt that the reason Azazel was such a loyalist to Lucifer was because he, in fact, was a Prince of Hell, ordained by the Morning Star himself.  He was created by Lucifer to command demon armies.  When Lucifer was cast into the cage, it was Azazel that spent years trying to find a way to free him.  He was the one who sought that special child.  He was the one who killed Mary Winchester and went after Sam. Needless to say, Dean Winchester was the first Winchester to kill a Prince of Hell. Apparently though, he didn't kill the last of them as there were at least three more that we now know of.

Secondly, we learned that Ramiel was next in line to become the new King of Hell, a role he had no desire to fill. Crowley had come to Ramiel bearing gifts, most likely to get on the good side of the one who was technically supposed to be the next King.  Crowley brought Ramiel the Lance of Michael and I would so love to know how he got his hands on that.  He also brought Ramiel the Colt.  So now we know where it went after Dean tried to kill Lucifer with it in Abandon All Hope.  Seems that when Dean dropped the gun after Luci tossed him into a tree, and Sam was a bit preoccupied with his brother and the fact that Luci was summoning Death himself, everyone forgot about the Colt. Cas secretly took Sam and Dean away and Lucifer was busy with the summoning ritual and lo and behold there it lie, just for the taking.  Guess who did the taking.  Seems Crowley got hold of the gun...again and then offered it up to Ramiel.  That little offer Ramiel did take Crowley up on, I mean that's a mighty powerful weapon.  I can see why the BMOL want it....after all, whoever dies with the most powerful toys wins right?

We also learned that dear Mama Winchester is secretly working for the BMOL and is lying to her children.  She also stole the Colt and gave it to Mr. Ketch.  I can't tell you how wrong this feels on so many levels and how dangerous a game Mary is playing right now.

There's Something About Mary....😝

I find it unsettling that Rowena has been looking out for Sam and Dean more than their own mother has.  Hell Rowena has even been more affectionate to them than their own's like bizarro world.  I understood that Mary needed time and space.  I totally supported that idea.  The way Mary is with her sons, it's just not right. She hasn't been in contact with them other than what, a few texts and Words with Friends?  They were missing for months and she hasn't had the time to spend even an hour with them?  When she is with them, she treats them like she does any other hunter.  Did it bother anyone else that when Sam reached out to her and asked if she was ok, that he knew that this isn't the life she wanted, all she did in return was tell him "since when is life about getting what you want".  Here he is reaching out to her and she walks away from him. 😥 I'm sorry but in that moment I kind of lost respect for Mary Winchester.   I'm trying really hard to figure out what her deal might be?  I mean she got an innocent hunter killed, she almost got her sons killed and she just stood by while the stopwatch was ticking away.  She had the weapon that could've disposed of Ramiel, but keeping her secret was more important than saving her sons.  Was she going to step at all?

I keep trying to figure out if she's working with the BMOL or playing them? I really want to believe there's more to Mary than what we are seeing because what we are seeing isn't very flattering.  Is she working with the BMOL because she wants her children to live in a world without monsters and she thinks the BMOL have the wherewithal to make that a reality?  Does she trust them?  I'm not so sure she does, but how far is she willing to go to see that kind of life become a reality?  Is that even possible?  Do the ends justify the means to get to that world?  Her children almost died, what good is working with the BMOL to rid the world of monsters if her sons end up dead in process of getting there?
Or is there something else going on here?  Those Brits sure did want that Colt.  They do like weapons of power and the Colt is most certainly one of those.  Is her infiltrating the BMOL more to do with her "unfinished business".  What about these "old men" who seem to be pulling the strings.  Where is the power within the BMOL and who wants it?  Is Mary after someone or something else? 

I just really hope there's a reason, a legitimately good reason as to why Mary is treating her children, like......non children.   

 (Just a side note.... Did anyone notice that Ramiel seemed to know who Mary was?  He called her sweetheart and was acting like he'd known her for years...perhaps he has? Did he know about Mary/Sam and the whole Boy King stuff?  Do his other siblings?  Will it even be relevant? ) 🤔

What the Hell Was With the Music?😵
I'm kind of missing the classic rock this season. The music for this episode was a bit  out of left field for me until of course I realised what was going on.  Though the episode was most definitely an homage to Reservoir Dogs, if we didn't know that , this episode was most reminiscent of those old cowboy movies, like the Magnificent 7 or something.  You have the villain in the town and the good guys coming together in a posse going after him.  There's always one or two of the heroes that get killed before the "black hat" gets it in the end.  The whole episode was kind of like a western.  The music also preluded the reintroduction of the Colt.  A gun designed by Samuel Colt back in 1842. 

Ramiel's tune he was whistling was basically a shout out to Kill Bill, right before the big showdown.

Best Quotes

Crowley:  What's up with Feathers?
Crowley:  I make deals with those I can use.
Crowley: Every Armageddon, every bloody this is the end of all things, a Winchester stopped it, like it or not, they're an asset we can't afford to lose.
Crowley: Ramiel, the Prince of Hell, it rhymes.
Crowley:  Shut up, Dog

Sam: We are fighting, we're fighting for you.

Dean: We don't leave family behind.

Dean's homage to Reservoir Dogs
Ok ramblers let's start rambling

Dean(re waitresses):  They always smell like food. 
The girl who smells like this 🍰 would certainly get Dean's full attention.

Dean(to Mandy): When do you get off?
Mandy:  Whenever I can. 😆

Lucifer:  I can't believe you work for the Dukes of Half Hazard😈

The Rest

So I'd like to start with some of the stuff I loved.  Sam.  Dean.  Crowley. Colt. Lucifer.

I loved that Dean stayed behind with his brother and killed that demon.
I liked Wally and was sorry to see him go. 
I loved that Sam got to kill the second Prince of Hell, with the freakin Lance of Michael no less. 
I loved watching the boys walking in sync...slo mo style.
I love that Sam never stops trying with his Mom.
I love Dean's askew getting Cas laid in the middle of a strategy meeting.
I loved that the Colt was hidden behind the picture of Michael, the same picture used in Houses of the Holy.
I love that the Colt is back.🔫
I love that Lucifer is Crowley's new pet. (How is it that Lucifer is in the visage of Nick?)

Some stuff that for me could've been a little less.....syrupy.
I just didn't care that much for the sticky syrupiness of the end scene with Cas.  I'm sorry.  I know a lot of people loved that.  I didn't hate it.  I just thought it was too much🍯.  I don't think that Cas should've used the L word.  Hell the only one to have used that word to Dean's face, was Sam and one of those times Sam was totally medicated.  (not that he didn't mean it of course).  It just was a bit much for my taste.  I thought the scene should've just included Cas telling them that they were his family. The whole I love you, I love you all was just a bit overdone.  At least for me. 

I also wasn't too thrilled with Mary and her standoffish behaviour towards her children.  It makes no sense to me that the only contact she has with them is when a job is involved and she uses someone else to get them to work on it because she doesn't want them asking the "wrong questions".  She got a "green" hunter killed and she almost got Cas and her sons killed.  In some ways, Mary reminds me of Samuel.  Samuel was working with Crowley much the way Mary is working with the BMOL. Both lied to Sam and Dean and both nearly got them killed.  Look how it ended for Gramps. 🔫

What's the deal with Ketch?  Was he really afraid of Mary's threat? Did he know that Ramiel was a Prince of Hell and just not care, or did the BMOL truly not know and were just after the gun.  I like Ketch.  I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. 

Crowley left the Lance of Michael.  Is it powerless now that it's in two pieces?  Could it be repaired?  Will it be a weapon that might come in handy when dealing with Luci's spawn?  The Colt couldn't kill Luci, could it kill a Nephilim, especially when this Nephilim is the offspring of one of the most powerful arch angels?

This was a fantastic episode and everyone did such an incredible job.  Twelve years in and this show still manages to keep me at the edge of my seat. 

That's it for this one.

Til next week.


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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x12 - Stuck in the Middle with You

It's time for another new episode of Supernatural, and this one is directed by our favourite Trickster/Archangel/Con Maestro - Mr Richard Speight, Jnr.!!!

This is Rich's second episode, after directing last season's wonderful Just My Imagination - he is slated for one more this season.

Okay.... now where were we.


Ermmmm.... anyhoo....

After an episode pretty much all about the brothers, we're back with Cas and Mary...and Wally! The hunter we met in the diner with Mick in the First Blood episode!

Okie dokie... let's look at the synopsis!

SUPERNATURAL 12.12 “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) asks Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) for help on a case she’s working but neglects to mention the British Men of Letters are involved. When Mary is double crossed, everything is revealed. Richard Speight Jr directed the episode written by Davy Perez.

This is Davy Perez's second episode -the first being American Nightmare. I'm so excited to see another episode directed by Rich! Yay!

Okay - let's look at the promo!

Whoa. This looks like a heavy episode! A double cross, Cas looking seriously unwell, and the Winchesters in the firing line - again. Look stressful!

Here's the sneak peek.

Oh my gosh I love this scene - and I love the camera work, all swirling around as everyone talks over each other. And I swear Jensen takes over with the snoring when Sam is talking about his files - how many times have we seen Jensen do this to Jared at a panel! Then Mary uses her mum voice!

Now Shaving People, Punting Things put out another awesome trailer...

A-hem. One more thing....

If there's another Producer's Preview I will try to add it to this preview - but I AM GOING TO HARRY POTTER WORLD TOMORROW so I may not have time! 

So enjoy the episode everyone!

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - 12x11 Regarding Dean

Regarding Dean

Opening words

The episode last week was already a treat for my sweet tooth so that makes Regarding Dean a three layered chocolate cake or a pile of waffles with strawberries and cream. (See what I did there?) It is horrible to see anyone forgetting who they are or the people around them. I have a relative with Alzheimer's and it is a horrible disease. What I watched was sad and humorous and Jared and Jensen hit it out of the park again. They carried the show on their shoulders. Every week I can repeat how phenomenal performances they give us. We are pretty lucky. Don’t you think?

Let’s get on with the show!   


Title         Regarding Dean
Episode         12.11
First aired February 9, 2017
Directed by John Badham
Written by Meredith Glynn
Monster         Witches
Location(s) Eureka Springs, Arkansas


A man is running through the woods and we find out that he is chased by Dean. It looks like he caught him but that couldn't be further from the truth. That man had painted a hex on a tree and when Dean is close enough he blasts the spell on Dean. After the title card it is next morning and Dean wakes up with a bunny. He calls Sam from a borrowed phone. There seems to be nothing wrong with him until he gets to a diner and Sam arrives there. Dean seems to have a major hangover where he forgets words and a girl slaps him because he doesn't remember her.

They follow his steps through a case where a witch is involved and a man was killed. It doesn't take long until Dean crashes Baby and he doesn't even know his own name. Sam's irritation turns to worried in matter of seconds. They now know that a spell has been cast on him. Sam asks Rowena about the spell, interrupting her card game swindle. She thinks it should be cured by killing the witch that did the hexing who unfortunately is already dead. Sam continues to tell Dean the information needed and all about their lives. Also he adorably puts post-it notes everywhere. 

Jared and Jensen continue to awe me with their talent. Sam's emotions and frantic reaction when Dean vanishes and his sadness when his brother slips away is pure gold. Jensen also gives us different characters with Dean, from the innocent and child like to someone that is loosing themselves bit by bit. If Dean and Sam would not have gone through all that they have we would have very different Sam and Dean now.

Rowena also shows up and she tells about the witch family that has a druidic spell book, dark grimoire that has the cure. The victim Gideon belongs to the family with two siblings. We also find out that Rowena has had a run in with the British Men Of Letters. Dean has already forgotten himself when Sam heads out on what Rowena told but he gets captured. Rowena heads out to save Sam (Yes, I was surprised at this too) but she is also overcome by Catriona. Dean wakes up and with the help of post it notes he follows Rowena and saves her and Sam. Rowena undoes the spell and Dean is back to normal. Sam gives him the epic bitch face of annoyance and relief when he jokes about his amnesia.

In the end Dean says that it was nice to be happy but loosing himself and who he is and his family is not worth the prize. The episode ends with a montage of Dean riding a mechanical bull. He sees his happy moments but he has no trouble now remembering also the bad. Of course the fans can also enjoy the montage and the end to one hell of a emotional story.


I think I have written it already few times but Sam and Dean were the star characters in Regarding Dean.  But I don't grow tired of repeating that. Both were front and centre of the story and Jared and Jensen was amazing and the heart. Now, that is out of the way we can focus on the other characters. Rowena showed some new colours to her persona and she finally might have found the ultimate power to follow, the Winchesters of course. I have not been a fan of her character but she has been slowly turning to a complex character and also doing some self learning at the same time.

The monsters on the other hand, aka the other witches, were not to my liking. The last surviving brother was better than the real bad guy, Catriona. We did not get to know the dead brother and all the siblings were pretty shallow. I was cheering at Rowena to win because Catriona just annoyed me.

Here is the full list of characters:

Catriona Loughlin
Boyd Loughlin
Gideon Loughlin

Set design

I don't have much to write about the sets. It is not that they were not amazing like usual. The bar with the bull ride, the waffle diner, the motel and the room, the workplace of the victim, morgue and the old decor witch house were great. They were showered with details and it is hard to tell which of it might have been a build set. I would say maybe the motel room and the witch house but maybe the latter was too detailed to not be genuine. Who knows. For the diner I liked the interior colour scheme. The bar was cosy and the bull ride took the cake from that one. We also got a pretty good roundabout with the walking waiter. And I do love the old decor of the witch manor/house.


As with sets there was loads of props in this episode. So, I decided to take the extraordinary prop route for this one. The props that really stood out in this episode. Nothing was more openly and in big way presented than, you guessed it, the post-it notes! We had notes saying "Lamp", "Witch killing bullets", "Stay", "Ice bucket", "art" and many more. They were at the same time the presentation and worry of how Sam was feeling about the whole situation.

That was the biggest one. Next we can focus to some of the other props that stood out in the episode. If you like something sweet those waffles at the start were to die for. Do they count as props? We also have the focus on Dean's car keys twice. Baby will not be happy about that one. Rowena also had a pretty weird looking voodoo doll with her. I don't know who it presented but was I the only one that was repeating "owowow" when Dean was playing with that thing? Some poor guy was truly tortured by him. I was also creeped out by the dead butterfly frame. That is not a hobby for me.

We also got another powerful spell book that Sam confiscated from Rowena. Dark grimoire sounds ominous and I am sure we might see that book again later. We got a glimpse again from the grenade launcher and mark my words. Dean must use that until the season is over or it is not fair. Last but not least we had the mechanical bull Larry that Dean so gracefully rode in full speed. We saw it in slow mo but little birdy called Jensen Ackles revealed the truth behind it. I think he was pretty proud. The montage in the end was not scripted by the writer of the episode but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


For this week we had It's All Good Lovin' to Me by Sleestak (Black Toast Music), Raggedy Ann by Tirra Dent and Broomstick Cowboy by Bobby Goldsboro. I chose a piece from the last one because it will be remembered as a part of an epic montage.

" And you'll have grown into a man,
With cowboys of your own.
And then you'll have to go to war,
To try and save your home.
And then you'll have to learn to hate;
You'll have to learn to kill.
It's always been that way, my son;
I guess it always will.”

Here is the short +/- rundown for Regarding Dean

+ Dean the Memento
+ Sam the teacher
+ Rowena 
+ Humor
+ Seriousness of the affairs 
+ Bunny!
+ Scary butterflies (Only in Supernatural)
+ Waffles! 
+ Story
+ That ending

- Nobody ate the strawberry waffles, travesty! ;’(
- Crashing Baby, wtf!
- Superficial other witches 

-/+ Hints about where the story can go makes me scared 

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester 
(Emmy deserving performance)

What was I writing? I can’t remember. Oh! That was it. See you on episode 12!

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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on Supernatural 12x11 "Regarding Dean"

Sam: and I have a soul because of you. I never thanked you for that did I?
Dean: it's all good man
Sam: thanks
Dean: you'd do the same for me
Sam: I mean it. Look we keep our heads down, keep swinging. We'll lose some, hopefully we'll win more. I don't know...anyway...for what it's worth, I got your back
Dean:  Yeah, I know (smile ensues)

These were the words I recalled as I was watching this episode,  a prime example and testament to this promise Sam made to his brother not so long ago.  "I got your back".  It's really a truth not only that these brothers live by, but one they give to us.  I really think that this should be Jared and Jensen's next campaign.   I certainly would wear this on a t-shirt.

I know this was a Dean centric episode and Jensen gave us some great stuff.  Dean made me laugh, like a lot, and he pulled at my heart string, like a lot, but IMO this episode belonged to Sam and Jared.  While Jensen pulled at my heart strings, Jared managed an entire concerto.  I will never tire from seeing the absolute devotion Sam has for his brother....and it tickles me to no end how much he knows Dean. (POST ITS IN TRUNK).😂

I loved the then.  I really am so happy that these new writers have done their homework and actually get our boys.  I also love the continuity with past canon. It's a sign of respect to the fans, that these writers know us that well to put in that effort.  So thanks for that.

You know you got a good ep coming your way when Dean Winchester wakes up next to a bunny.  So very nice to see that this one survived. 🐇
I love it when show has all the best of everyone included.  We got Smart Sexy Sam, Scared Sam, Devoted Sam, Funny Dean, Dean the Man-Child, Frightened Dean, Lost Dean and most importantly Found Dean, with a dash contentment mixed right in.  We even got Funny Rowena, Wiley Rowena and What's the Real Deal With Her Rowena.  A fantastic mix of emotion blended together that made for a delicious outing with our boys.🍦🍪🍕🌮😍

There is so much goodness going on in this ep, that I found it difficult to gather all my thoughts into anything coherent.  So instead I'm just going to throw out all my randomness in such a way that at the very least it seems like it makes sense.

Let's just start out with all the things I loved.

Here goes:.......All of it.  That about covers it I loved all of it. 💞

The Funny:  There was so much of it, and I tried to write it all down on my second watch, but I don't think I managed to get all of it.  It was all funny, until it got 😭.  What I'm going to do now is give you what I felt were the best quotes, the ones that really made me do this😅.

Sam: You rode Larry? 🐂

Just loved when he sniffed Dean at the bar to see if he was still drunk. 🍺

Dean: First action in I don't know how long, like it never happened...figures.
Sam:  Now that's comedy.  😆

Sam: What's the last thing you remember?
Dean: Getting some ice.

Dean:  Now the trees are talking?🌴

Dean:  I wouldn't be freakin Dory.
Sam:  What?
Dean: I'm not going to apologise for loving that fish, not to you, not to anyone.🐡 ( c'mon who doesn't love Dory anyway!)

Rowena:  Have I got my own ringtone?📲
Rowena:  Is he smooth like a Ken doll?

I'm sorry but I had to laugh at Rowena cheating at poker.  She does have a nice wardrobe.  Gotta make that money somehow I guess. 🃏

There are more, I'm sure that I missed.  There were just so many I couldn't keep up with them all.  I would love to hear from you guys any that I might've skipped over.

Oh and lest we not forget.....Post It's.   Sam putting the post it on the light stick..oh i'm sorry....lamp💡.  So love when Sam gets to do physical comedy.   And Dean's glee at discovering he had one of these in his pocket. 🔦...Simple things can bring such joy.

Those Post It's were more than just meant to be funny.  I thought the post it's symbolised how  much Sam knows and trusts in his brother.  Sam went off on his own to get the spell to fix Dean from those witches.  Yet still, he stuck post it's on the witch killing bullets and the gun he was supposed to use🔫...and not use🚫...sorry grenade launcher, you'll have your though Sam knew that Dean would show up if he needed him.   I love the love folks. 😻

Sam: I've seen my brother die, but watching him become not him might actually be worse.  (Anna's heart smashed to pieces💔)

Sam said Dean losing who he was is worse than watching him die. If anyone has experience in losing oneself, it's Sam Winchester and there was no way in hell, he would ever let that happen to his brother.  Show did a very good job with both humour and deep emotion touching on a very serious condition.  Alzheimer's Disease is devastating to everyone.  I don't even want to imagine what it would be like to just start slipping away and forgetting everyone and everything you've ever loved.  How awful to not even remember who you are.  Then to have those who love you, just slowly watch you disappear, right in front of their eyes, helpless.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  It was really difficult watching it happen to the characters I love, I wouldn't even dare to imagine it happening to anyone real. 

That moment of hope and delicious goodness mixed in with utter heartache....Dean trying to remember who everyone is, who he is and uttering the words, I  can't remember😭 to which only moments later, upon hearing Sam's screams, he recalls his brother which sets him off running.😍   

Things they touched on that we thought they forgot.

I love that Sam had brought up being jailed and Luci's spawn before he realized that Dean was hexed.  It just provided verbal confirmation that being in that jail, in solitary like that, was more than the boys bargained for and it did affect them.  He also reminded us of how heroic these boys really are....they don't have it easy, they never do...yet they still keep on fighting and they never ask for any thanks for doing so.

The things that make us go.....hmmmmm🤔

This is like the third episode or so, maybe more that they touched on the soul.  Here it was kind of two fold. 

As we have seen with regards to Souless Sam, our soul is in part our moral compass.  It's more than that I think.  I think our soul makes us who we are.  We saw Sam both with a soul and without one, and it was without his soul that we saw Sam who he wasn't.  I think the comparison was what was happening to Dean.  He was losing himself, he was losing who he was.

Another interesting aspect of the soul in this eppy was that the witch wanted to swap out Sam's and put it in the dead brother.  All this talk of souls, I think it's all leading up to something...just have no clue as to what it is. I do wonder if it'll have anything to do with Mom though. 😮

Let's just bring up Rowena, cuz she kind of played an interesting role in all this.   Sam's desperation led him to calling on Rowena, and not the first time either.  Coincidentally enough, in both instances it was about saving Dean and they both involved a very powerful book of magic. Sam's distrust in Rowena is quite justified.  He had no reservations about calling her out on the fact that the reason she helped had more to do with the book than anything else.  His "like you care", is testament to how much he doesn't trust Rowena.  Who can blame him, she's burned him on a couple of occasions.  She is not unlike her son.  She's mostly in it for Rowena.

Then there's that question that itches at my brain which has me asking myself....does Rowena also help because she likes the Winchesters?  or maybe it's more like, she knows she needs the Winchesters.  I mean she as well as Crowley have experienced first hand their knack for saving the world. I feel like Rowena/Crowley and Sam/Dean have a parasitic relationship.  Rowena/Crowley need the boys as host to survive, but at times these parasites eat away at the bad cells that might linger in the body. 

I do think that all her talk of power and God/Amara not being happy was delusional talk.  Rowena had not so long ago declared to Crowley that she would never be powerless again.  Her strive for power originates because of her falling victim to those who were stronger than she was.  She has been ousted out of her home on more than one occasion based on her confession by those stronger than she.  I do like the tie in to the BMOL in all of this.  It will like play out later to be important, when the boys will likely need allies against them.  Rowena survived all these years on power, power that she strived for for centuries.  I have no doubt she wanted that Black Grimoire (anyone else reminded of Charmed there) and all the power it would give her.  The very fact that she took it out of the house, leads me to believe that she likely didn't believe her own speech. Not for nothing, but she was alone with a forgetful Dean in that house while Sam went off to get the spell for Dean. Who's to say she didn't grab a black book of spells, that she so easily handed to Sam, and didn't keep the real one for herself.   Just Rowena...but don't trust her worth a damn.

Enjoyed the French Mistake moment.  (only this time it was Dean reassuring Sam)

Sam: I was actually a little jealous at first.
Dean: Of what, the curse that nearly killed me?
Sam: No, just, you know, the things we've done, we've had this weight for....forever, seeing it looked so happy
Dean: It wasn't just the crap that got lost, it was US, it was everything, it was what WE do, it was all of it. So if that's what being happy looks like, I think I'll pass. 😍

I really loved this reverse "French Mistake Moment". In the FM, Dean had pointed out to Sam he would be happy if they were stuck where they were. He was married to Ruby,  a gagillionaire... he noted how the hits kept coming since he was 6 mos. old. But Sam said no...that they weren't even brothers there. This time Sam needed that reassurance. He noted how happy and free Dean had been not remembering the bad.....and Dean came back with forgetting the crap meant forgetting the good...forgetting Sam, forgetting THEM and he didn't want it.... now I know there are a lot of people aching for that bro hug to happen, but for me, this was one of the sweetest things that Dean has ever said to his brother and for me this was better than a hug.

Sam's confession that he was jealous, indicates that despite his ability to do his job, those things still weigh heavy on him.  Solitude did in fact affect him more than we might have thought.  Luci's Spawn, Cas' consequences, it all weighs heavy on his mind, still it also exhibits his strength to carry on despite it all.

Loved the ending....getting to see what Dean did before he lost his memory and discovering that "getting food" is code for letting loose.  I listened to the song too they played at the end...kind of got the feeling it was a message for all of us...about being happy with what we have, keep the child that is still inside us alive, because soon enough real life comes bashing through and it's the happy moments, the childish moments that help get us through it. 😉

Thank you for the fan service as well.  Getting to see Jensen riding the bull was fun.  It's always nice when the cast/crew give a little something extra to us viewers.

Amazing performances by Jared and Jensen.  Ruth did a great job as well.  All around perfect hour.

Oh and I know there were some out there who didn't appreciate the little trick Dean played on Sam at the end.  Trust me, after all that they've both just been through, this was Dean's attempt to lighten the mood and make his brother smile...and when Sam smiles, Dean smiles...and when both Winchesters smile...I do this😂

Thanks for reading.  Hope to hear from you.

Til next week.