Monday, 22 August 2016

Supernatural Season 11 - Our Favourite Bits!

by sweetondean and Anna

If you followed our season 11 write ups last season, here at sweetondean, I think you would have been able to tell that both Anna and I dug the season. We may have approached it from different directions, but we both enjoyed the journey we were taken on and where we ended up.

So we thought we'd put together a bit of a list of our favourite moments of the season, some poignant, some funny, some completely whacky! It took a while to bring the list down to something manageable - there were so many things we wanted to talk about! And there are so many other favourite bits we could talk about! But we settled on a list that we think covered all aspects of the show we love so much.

So without further adoo doo - here are some of mine and Anna's favourite bits of Supernatural Season 11!

Let us know your favourite bits in the comments!

We look forward to this being the first of many more joint projects!

Favourite episode

ANNA: Tie - Red Meat/Just My Imagination

SWEETONDEAN: Baby - though I love Red Meat in that extremely painful Supernatural way, and Don’t Call Me Shurley was really beautiful. But Baby really was something special and I find that I have watched it many, many times.

Favourite brother moment

ANNA: Dean sucking in poison so he can go with Sam, and then the glowing of the Samulet in Sam's pocket.

SWEETONDEAN:  So many! I feel like saying, the whole of season 11! Certainly the moment that Anna mentioned was amazing, but also, simple moments like Dean rushing from Baby to grab Sam and help him back to the car at the end of the episode. I loved the moment Dean came clean about Amara and how Sam supported him with out blinking. And the moment Dean realised Sam was alive in Red Meat and just breathed out “oh God”. Lying in the back of the car, talking about their dreams and fears. Oh and of course, when they went to watch the wrestling! Season 11 was thick with amazing brother moments.

Favourite Sam moment   

ANNA: The entire episode of Red Meat was just one awesome Sam moment for me. 

SWEETONDEAN: Sam was truly remarkable in Red Meat. And I loved that Sam had Dean’s back with the Amara thing, and already knew about Dean’s Amara connections. Legend. I loved that. There was just no judgement which really spoke to how the brothers' relationship has changed and grown.

Favourite Dean moment  

ANNA: Tie - Dean's priceless reaction to Sam having the amulet...his face said it all...and his verbal confession to Amara that Dean needs Sam and Sam needs him.

SWEETONDEAN: His reaction to winning Rock Paper Scissors, and his honesty with his brother when he needed to be honest the most. Also, his speech to Amara - he's a smart one, and knew exactly how to reach her, but speaking from the heart about the thing most important to him; family.

Favourite Cas moment  

ANNA: Casifer outing himself in the Vessel.

SWEETONDEAN: I really loved Cas on the phone in Baby - while Dean is fighting and he’s just talking and talking! I loved that! It cracks me up every time I hear it.

Favourite Crowley moment 

ANNA: Every single scene with his mom!

SWEETONDEAN: Hmmmm I think it was when he escaped Lucifer’s clutches and nearly zapped Lucifer just about taking him out. I also loved when Crowley went into to Cas’ vessel to try to confront Lucifer and free Cas. 

Biggest WTF moment

ANNA: Dean with Sam and Crowley and Rowena plotting a plan then all of a sudden, without any explanation, and any way of knowing about the church, Dean leaves Sam.  

SWEETONDEAN: The whole of Red Meat. I think I screamed WTF at my TV about 100 times! That was damn stressful! The most stressful episode ever for me. Sam getting shot, then smothered, and Dean frothing at the mouth. WTF! Argh, such an amazingly, painful episode!

Favourite recurring character   

ANNA: Tie: Chuck/Rowena

SWEETONDEAN: I love them all - Rowena, Mark P’s Lucifer, Chuck, Metatron. Don't make me choose!

Favourite new character

ANNA: Sully

SWEETONEAN: Ditto - Sully. I also loved Eileen Leahy and Cesar and Jesse. I love meeting new hunters, and I love Eileen was a Women of Letters.

Favourite monster

ANNA: Lucifer

SWEETONDEAN: Yeah, Lucifer. He was pretty heinous in season 11 and he’s always pretty damn awful. I also enjoyed the Soul Eater in Safe House.

Funniest moment

ANNA: The Sparkle crime scene in Just My Imagination.

SWEETONDEAN: Oh yes Sparkle and the blood on the womens face, and Dean's awkward conversation - that whole scene is absolute gold.

Weirdest/Wackiest moment 

ANNA: The severed head on the windshield in Baby!

SWEETONDEAN: Yep that head on the windscreen was freakin’ hilarious - and in the Green Cooler. Too funny! I also loved the whole of Just My Imagination. The mermaid, Weems…all so out there. Oh and the freaky bunny in Plush.

Moment that made you cry the most

ANNA: Tie - Reappearance of the Samulet/Sully telling Sam he was a hero.

SWEETONDEAN: Red Meat when Dean thinks Sam is dead, Dean confronting God, it was so surprising to see him that raw, and the moment in the graveyard in Alpha and Omega, when Sam and Dean say goodbye and can’t even look at each other.

Moment that made you most proud - can be show or character moment

ANNA: Sam never giving up during any moment of this season...most especially saying no to Lucifer, and his defiance when telling Lucifer that his brother would come walking through that door and his unwavering belief in Dean, even when being questioned by Lucifer.  

SWEETONDEAN: Sam’s strength up against Lucifer. Dean telling the truth to his brother about Amara, and also telling Sam that everything is in the past - all that every mattered is that they’re together - in fact Dean’s openness and vulnerability throughout the season was special, and surprising, and amazing. I feel like he learnt a lot in seasons 8- 10. And generally, the way the brothers have come through such hard times and have become even closer because of it.

From a show point of view - the whole of season 11, but especially Baby.

Favourite line/quote  

ANNA: “He needs me, I need him”, and Dean calling Sam a sinner/rebel and Sam responding by calling Dean an idiot! 

SWEETONDEAN: “All that matters, all that’s ever mattered is that we’re together”

Favourite music cue 

ANNA: Night Moves.

SWEETONDEAN: Night Moves. Just so perfect.

Moment that required a damn fruit basket

ANNA: The return of the Samulet.

SWEETONDEAN: Night Moves scene with the boys singing and laughing in Baby.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Supernatural at San Diego Comic Com 2016

-by sweetondean

Welcome to sweetondean's 2016 San Diego Comic Con coverage...and no, I'm not there...I'm basically Ariel in this scenario! But even though I'm home in Sydney, I will be keeping an eye on goings on and trying to collate as much Supernatural news as I can, right here!

This year, in addition to the Supernatural panel on Sunday in Hall H, press interviews and Nerd HQ panels, a whole host of Supernatural alumni will be there with new shows and comics and cool stuff!

Past showrunners Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver will be there with their shows - Timeless, The Magicians and Frequency; Writers Ben Edlund, Robbie Thompson and Adam Glass will also be there with their projects, The Tick, Spiderverse/Marvel and Brik.

Felicia Day will be doing panels at Geek and Sundry, Nerdist and NerdHQ, and the Gishbus will be in attendance, with Misha doing a special panel on Saturday.

And Big Daddy John Winchester - AKA JDM will be in attendance with a nasty baseball bat for The Walking Dead!

There will also be other past cast members attending panels with their new shows. So lots of stuff to look forward to!

So I'll be pulling together, photos, panel videos, press interviews and all sorts of goodies!

Let's kick off the coverage of a huge 4 days!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Writing on the Wall - A Study of God's Role in Supernatural Season 11... Part 2 - The Redemption Angle: Metatron, Gabriel, Gadreel, Cas and Lucifer

- by Anna

I had postulated in part 1 that if Chuck/God had been the one to send Sam's vision in Baby, then why didn't he warn Sam about Lucifer as well?  My belief is that not only did God want to save his sister, but he wanted to save his children as well, to offer them a shot at redemption.  Family, that's what this show has always been about and it's my belief that Chuck/God wanted to save his family, and at what point did God put his plan to do that into effect?  My guess, the moment Heaven was commanded that Sam and Dean Winchester be born.  Chuck/God kept talking about the Chosen and it got me thinking of who that could possibly include, other than the obvious, so I went back and compiled a short list of those of God's children who redeemed themselves.  I can't help but believe that God had known all along that all of these children would eventually seek redemption.  Perhaps God had known this to be the case all along, and why He chose them to begin with.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Writing on the Wall - A Study of God's Role in Supernatural Season 11 - Part 1

- by Anna

When Season 11 came to its conclusion it became clear to me what its true meaning was all about, what Show has always been about really, and that's family.  Sam and Dean Winchester, created by Heaven, at God's command, who would come to represent what Chuck/God wanted for himself. It is through Sam and Dean Winchester that God finally achieves his goal. From the moment Chuck appeared in Don't Call Me Shurley, I started to believe I understood what He was really doing, how he had carefully orchestrated the situation so that it came to the conclusion he so desperately desired. As I watched the final four episodes, it occurred to me what Chuck/God had been trying to achieve, what he wanted to achieve all along. He wanted his family. Personally, I think the writing on the wall has been there long before the beginning of Season 11. I can honestly go back to the Pilot, when it all began, but that would be more of a novel than an article! I thought it would be fun and a nice time killer during hiatus to go through the episodes of this season where I found evidence to present to you all examples that would go toward proving my theory, that Sam and Dean were in fact Chuck's/God's weapon for not only saving the world, but for saving Chuck's/God's family. I hope that as we go through the eps that you might be able to see, as I do, that the writing has been on the wall all along and it's at the conclusion of the finale that one might see the big picture.

As this is a bit of a length study - it will be presented in 2 parts!  So I will now take you on the first part of a journey through Season 11 and what were the moments for me, that provided evidence of the big picture, of not only what Alpha & Omega was all about, but what Show has always been all about since the day it began going on 12 years ago.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

SUPERNATURAL HIATUS HAPPINESS! Jensen and Jared do the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards In Honour of Eric Kripke.

- by sweetondean

This really has been the hiatus that just keeps giving! On top of all the sightings of the Js hanging out in Austin, this week we got to see Jensen and Jared hit the red carpet. It's a rare thing. Seriously. How often do we get to see them suit up and do this kind of thing? I could probably count the occasions on one hand! Or maybe one and a half hands. Tops. But still! It's rare!

The Saturn Awards are held in Los Angeles, and the boys had the honour of awarding Eric Kripke with the Dan Curtis Legacy Award, which meant Jensen and Jared headed to town the day before the awards, and we were blessed with photos of them out and about being selfied with various fans!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Convention Report - Purgatory Con 2016

-by guest writer, Anne

Anne attended Purgatory Con in Germany and offered to write up a report on her experience. Purcon was Anne’s first con, and this reflects her personal experiences and views. So if you've ever wondered how this convention is run and what happens throughout the day, this might help you out. I hope you enjoy her report on this, Anne's first convention adventure (she's already booked her next one!). Make sure you say hi to her in the comments. 


Hey guys, so this is my view of the Purgatory Convention!


First of all when we arrived at the hotel I was really excited because it was my first Convention! Because of the well organised registration, everything was really fast. 

At 9 am the opening panel started. This year’s guests were Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Osric Chau, Tahmoh Penikett, Timothy Omundson and Travis Aaron Wade. 

After the Opening they started with the photo ops.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Thinky Thoughts and Theories on the Supernatural Season 11 Finale

-by Anna

I liked this season finale, granted, for me it wasn't as emotionally intense as other season finales have been, but what it lacked in intensity, it totally made up for in emotional satisfaction. There were awesome brother moments, awesome Sam moments, awesome Dean moments and of course there's Crowley. He is delicious. Most importantly it was a fitting end to a story that began all the way in Season 5. 

If you all don't mind, I would like to elaborate on the emotional satisfaction I felt by the hour's end. I have posted for years now how I had always believed that God had not abandoned his creation, but had been around this entire time. I've also postulated time and time again, ever since learning that Heaven commanded Sam and Dean be born in My Bloody Valentine, that God not only was still around, but that he created the Winchesters as a gift to all of humanity. While God was no longer hands on, he still gave the world Sam and Dean and has often saved them and provided for them when they needed it the most. God created angels. He created Castiel, the apparent spanner in the works, yet who turned out to be an ally to the Winchesters, betraying the angels, to help Sam and Dean stop the Apocalypse. Cas has been the Winchester's guardian angel, and if one were to think about it, it was Chuck/God who created Castiel in the first place. The square peg in the round hole.