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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x02 Mamma Mia

- by sweetondean

Oh my moment we're waiting and waiting and WAITING for the first episode of the new season, next we're talking about episode 2! Which is exciting, because I need stuff to happen! Quickly! Like Sam finding out Dean is alive, and then his mum, and then getting the hell out of dodge and back to the safety of the bunker! And I really hope Cas fixes Sam's foot!

I loved the premiere episode - LOVED IT! This was basically me all week.... this week's awesomeness!


Sam is trapped and alone and tortured and he thinks Dean is dead and and and 

Mary is back and Dean can't stop saying "mum", and he's searching for Sam and and and



Here's the synopsis!

SUPERNATURAL 12.02 “Mamma Mia”

Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) have a lead on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and set out to rescue him. Dean is uncomfortable with putting Mary in danger but she insists on going along. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) is tipped off that Lucifer has taken over the body of rock star Vince Vicente (guest star Rick Springfield). Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming.

So we're going to get to see Rick Springfield as Lucifer! Woohoo! I'm so looking forward to that. And we're going to see Dean starting to fret over his mum. Yup, that didn't take long! And Sam's gunna be rescued. Praise be to Chuck!

Thomas J. Wright's most recent episodes were season 11's Baby, and The Devil in the Details - both great episodes! Brad and Eugenie wrote 4 episodes in season 11, the last one being All in the Family.

Okay - here's the promo!

So Lady Toni has stepped into Ms Watt's role with the torturing stuff... She's really not endearing herself to....anyone! Rowena's back, and it looks like she's helping her boy out, conjuring the Devil maybe? And Dean and Mary are going to save Sam.....or Mary...because I think she saves them both! 

Okay the promo below is another combo one, covering more than one episode.

There are a couple scenes from the rescue, so at least some of this promo is in this week's episode. I wonder when the adorable family dinner takes place? Maybe after the Sam rescue? Yes I'm slightly obsessed with the saving of Sam!

Look at this adorable idiot though - oh my gosh, I think this scene is going to kill me....

I mean 

In other news....

This promo pic cracks me up so much, because Shackles! 

Also, hubba hubba

In other other news... this week will be our first look at Rick Springfield as Lucifer. I'm pretty excited to see rockstar Lucifer!

Here's a little grab from the TV Insider interview with Rick...

How do you handle portraying both a washed-up rock star and the devil?

When Lucifer takes Vince over, the guy becomes a completely different animal, which is a blast to play. Lucifer is very taken with the whole fame thing. He’s been hated all his life, and suddenly he’s in a vessel who has fans who admire him! People will be very pleased with the take on this.

So is Crowley trying to overthrow him or team up to reclaim heaven? I think the former. He's a sassy bastard though - check him out sassing Lucifer!

I'm still pitching for Rick to come to Vegas SNS to sing Jessie's Girl! 

Okay - no sneak peek clip yet....but if we get one, I WILL BE BACK WITH MORE SQUEE!

I guess awesome things come to those that wait! Sneak Peek!

Oh my. Give Jared all the awards. The discomfort and fear just rolling off him. He made me feel all of that in my guts, all nervous like.

So...maybe Lady Toni isn't gunna survive this....because how do you come  back from this? 


Enjoy the ep, guys!


Sweetondean's Review: Supernatural Season 12 Premiere - Keep Calm and Carry On

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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - Keep Calm and Carry On

Season 12 here we come! I've got to tell you how proud I am of our show. While the season premiere aired they were already filming mid-season finale which in this case is also the 250th episode of the show. How amazing is that? And believe me, even for a tough girl gunslinger like me, the premiere was a tear jerker. Oh who am I kidding? I cried at the start! Welcome to the 1st! Leylin Vixen's quick draw recap of season 12!


Title         Keep Calm and Carry On
Episode         12.01
First aired October 13, 2016
Directed by Phil Sgriccia
Written by Andrew Dabb
Monster         Men of Letters
Timeline Immediately after 11.23 Alpha and Omega
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
                Aldrich, Missouri 


We start right where we left off.

The grittier colouring already hits the right notes with me. We follow three stories in the first episode. Dean, Mary and Cas trying to find Sam, while Mary and Dean try to cope with their current situation. Crowley is on the hunt for Lucifer, and Sam is "having fun" with the Men of letters.

The best part from these three story points is the first one because it worked on all levels. Next I will explain why.

Dean and Mary's meeting at the start was very emotional. Ackles and Smith made everything work, as did Collins with Castiel. We learnt more about Mary and her being a hunter subtly throughout the episode. Cas also has his mojo back, and did anyone else notice the Mystery Spot sign Cas crash landed through? Our show remembers! Dean was taking charge and he was smart and strong in this episode. Dean often belittles himself, but we know that Sam is having none of it. He knows his brother is smart! Mary's memories about Baby and Dean's reaction made me giggle. It would be so fitting if Dean and Sam "came to be" on the backseat of the Impala!

While they go in search of where ever Sam is being kept, Cas offers some understanding to Mary, and Dean gets his Taken movie moment with the British Men of Letters, while snapping the phone in two, which Ackles actually did for real without help! I really wouldn't want to be the person who he thought that phone was!

Ms. Watt hurts Baby and beats the living daylights out of Cas and Dean. Did I tell you I want those magical brass knuckles? Some people thought it was weird how she could win against both of them, and in reality she shouldn't have. She cheated. She was a good fighter but if I needed to guess, I'd say the magic on the knuckles gave her a warding against everything Supernatural and also the strength to fight against both Dean and Cas. Anyway, she gave them a good fight. Too bad she had to go.

Sam's story was the second best part of the episode. Poor Sam, he always seems to get the short end of the stick, but Sam was tough and smart and pretty great in this episode wasn't he? Now, what lowered my grade was the British Men of Letters. I have an issue with torture images, and also, they got on my nerves. If they're going to be the bad guys, then good luck redeeming Toni. That will take a lot of work. The fact is, they are usually the good guys, but this is the wrong way to do things. I am glad that the writers made it clear that Sam has been tortured by the worst so what can they do? Also the mind games and hallucinations he had from Lucifer, so I knew the drug was a bust. He cut his hand to know what reality is, and I couldn't help but remember Dean's words: "You've gotta make it stone number one and build on it." Nice continuity. Sam knows his worth already so when he tricked Toni it was great.

The weakest was the demons and Crowley. I love Crowley and him offing the worthless demons was the best part. Demons are menacing. Well, they used to be! They are servants of Lucifer. They should act like it too! Otherwise I hope Crowley finishes all of them and moves along.


What can I say about the main players? I am all aboard with Mary. She reminds me of Imperator Furiosa - Mad Max: Fury Road, Marion Ravenwood - Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Charlene Elizabeth Baltimore - The Long Kiss Goodnight, Sarah Connor - The Terminator, and Ellen Ripley - Alien. Even Ms. Watt fits the bill, but only as the bad guy. I hope Mary continues on this path because it works.

I told you a lot about how Sam and Dean kicked it out of the park in this episode in the story section so I will keep this short....They were spine-tingling, and ass kicking!

Castiel or should I call him "Casteroid" and Crowley are back like they should be. It was nice to see what actually happens when an angel is banished. No wonder they're never in a great mood after that. Bad Crowley is also the best Crowley in my book. I hope he stays and continues to be evil and not Lucifer's pet.

From the rest of the cast I can say that Ms. Watt was a worthy adversary, and the poor veterinarian was clueless enough. Bronagh Waugh was deadly and chilling as Ms Watt. I am reserving my judgement about Toni and the demons. I do hope something will change or be revealed as we head forward in the season. My personal preference is that I don’t like silly demons, like at all. Once they were great but now. Watt could have been, if not a Men of Letters, actually a good demon or bad angel!

The most interesting bit was a name Toni uttered who she thinks is a psychopath, one Mr. Ketch. Usually we can say he would just be fictitious character but there is real life information about Ketch.

"John Ketch (died November 1686), generally known as Jack Ketch, was an infamous English executioner employed by King Charles II. He became famous through the way he performed his duties during the tumults of the 1680s, when he was often mentioned in broadsheet accounts that circulated throughout the Kingdom of England. He is thought to have been appointed in 1663. He executed the death sentences against William Russell, Lord Russell, in Lincoln's Inn Fields on 21 July 1683, and James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth, on 15 July 1685, after the Monmouth Rebellion. Ketch's notoriety stems from "his barbarity at the execution of Lord Russell, the Duke of Monmouth, and other political offenders." Because of his botched executions, the name "Jack Ketch" is used as a proverbial name for death, Satan, and executioner."

This opens up a whole lot of possibilities. Maybe we will have another Cuthbert Sinclair on our hands. Creepy ain't it?

We got to see more of the bunker again and especially the garage, which is always a treat.

The place where they're holding Sam is genuinely creepy, an old abandoned house or cabin. Castiel's crash-landing site gave vibes of Superman, and the road trip sites of the cavalry were also very different from the others. All in all we got a lot of different looking locations in this episode!


There was not much to talk about costumes in this episode so I will talk about those that were different or new. I think the whole hunter gear on Mary Winchester fits her well. It was subtle and well, it made me think about Ellen Harvelle, which is not a bad thing. Of course I hope Mary will get her own flare to her outfit when she settles in.

This is my bias but I truly love well designed black attire. Ms. Watt’s outfit was simple and it reminded me of Fringe, Matrix, Salt and costumes in Jason Bourne movies. You could call it modern hired hand or assassin attire! I am a bit sceptical about the British Men of Letters, still Watt could have been a good nemesis. Oh well.

What I liked the most was the brass knuckles Watt had. What I liked about them was that they were similar to a long line of other magical weapons on the show. Who could forget Ruby’s knife or the colt or warded shackles, cuffs and bullets. Maybe I have been a goth in past life but I dug the knuckles!  


The music for this episode was, Bad Boys by April Wine, Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves by Tom Powder and Solitude by Black Sabbath. It is a matter of individual tastes, but for me the opening montage music worked. Castiel’s crash landing music was quirky but not my cup of tea. Still it fit. My favourite though was Solitude. My heart broke for Sam who was left alone, only his pretty sad thoughts keeping him company.

“My name it means nothing 
my fortune is less
. My future is shrouded in dark wilderness. 
Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on. 
Everything I possessed - Now they are gone”

Here is the short +/- rundown for the Keep Calm and Carry On:

+ Mary Winchester the reluctant hunter
+ Sam Winchester
+ Dean Winchester breaking the phone with his bare hands
+ Castiel & Crowley being a Badass
+ Ms. Watt - Bronagh Waugh
+ Brass knuckles
+ Baby is a Sweetheart now by its one name
+ Borrowing Amy... Dean was so made on the backseat, at least in fanon.
+ Solitude by Black Sabbath

- British Men of Letters
- Silly demons
- Torture/hurting Sam ;’( (Blowtorch, foot, SERIOUSLY?!)
- Damaging Baby

-/+ British Men of Letters

Trickster stamp, Sam f***ing Winchester

Keep calm and carry on onwards to episode 2!

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For more on the season premiere read sweetondean's review HERE and Anna's Think Tank HERE

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Sweetondean's Review: Supernatural Season 12 Premiere - Keep Calm and Carry On

It’s always such a relief to get our show back. It’s a long hiatus, and though this year we were treated to slew of amazing articles and photos during our 5 month dearth, nothing takes the place of the show and brand new episodes - time spent with our favourite characters in brand new situations.

The fact that Supernatural has made it to season 12, is one hell of an achievement; the fact that it can still turn out season premiere episode like Keep Calm and Carry On is why it has made it to 12 seasons!

Written by our new show runner, Andrew Dabb, Keep Calm and Carry on deftly juggled 3 storylines, changing from scene to scene with perfect pacing and allowing us to understand what was happening, and what was being set up for the future, with minimal exposition.

With an episode so rooted in the Winchester family mythology, Dabb brought into focus series and character history through Sam’s hallucinations, and introduced us to new history, stories we hadn’t heard about John and Mary, giving us tantalising snippets for our imaginations to run wild with, while filling out the Winchester family lore. it was beyond perfect.

I freely admit I sobbed in the opening scene with Dean and Mary, I know I’m not the only one, because you all told me you did too! The idea of John telling his boys how he met their mum was equal parts heart lifting and heart breaking. I pictured, as most did, Sam and Dean as children, pestering their dad to tell them the story one more time. Maybe to fill long drives, maybe as a comforting bedtime story. Keeping them in touch with their mother, making sure she stayed alive in their minds, “Tell us how you met mum, dad, please, just one more time.” Can’t you just hear it? Can’t you just see it? John acquiescing and relaying the, much told, story to his young sons. Sam and Dean hanging on every word, even though they knew the words by heart. The picture Andrew Dabb painted in that small scene was incredibly vivid, and it totally hit me right in the feels. 

As did Dean repeating those stories to Mary, like a wide eyed child, words almost tumbling over each other. Then telling Mary how long she’d been gone, “33 years”, without hesitation, not even a beat, like that number is on his mind every day, like the death of his mum and the length of time he has had to live without her, is a constant he endures. It was an incredibly moving and telling scene. 

I honestly can’t think of a more perfect way for that scene to have played out. Dean looked so small as he stared at Mary. Standing in front of his mum as a grown man, but still so much the little boy who lost her so many years ago. Every emotion danced across Dean’s awe-struck face. His eyes filling up as he relayed the stories of Mary and John. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Dean as a son, but in this moment, that was who he was. Even just hearing him say, “Dad told me” was like a punch to the gut, and he seemed to, at every opportunity, say ‘Mum”, like he’s been waiting to do that for 33 years. I felt the loss that Sam and Dean suffered so profoundly in these moments. 

I wasn’t sure how the whole reintroduction of Mary was going to play out, but certainly this first taste was beyond wonderful. Samantha Smith did such a amazing job of portraying Mary’s confusion, her fear… Realising that this grown man standing in front of her was her 4 year old son! I kept thinking, wait until she sees Sam! I can not wait for that moment. Lord, she even remembered burning on the ceiling, as her final moments came flooding back to her. The sadness. 

As Mary said “Dean” and Dean said “Hi mum”, his voice so small, the beautiful Winchester theme accompanying them as they hugged, Dean’s face framed by his mother, I was completely lost to this episode - and that was just the teaser! Argh. I loved it so much.

Yep, I totally loved Keep Calm and Carry on. It was one of those episodes where I suddenly realised it was nearly over and I wanted to cry, because I didn’t want it to end, ever! Every element, from all of Dean and Mary’s heart wrenching interactions, to Cas, to Crowley and the sassy (now dead), demons, to Sam displaying that Sam “fucking” Winchester strength of mind, body and soul, to Dean’s contained intensity as he searched for clues to his brother’s whereabouts, to Mary’s separateness as she tried to understand this world she’d been pulled back into. The pace built beautifully, slowly ratcheting up until I was on the edge of my seat screaming violent instructions at the television! Amazing storytelling from a show that can tell the big biblical stories as easily as the small personal stories; characters as comfortable in quiet, personal moments as they are kicking asses all across the screen.

The season 12 opener, brought the story of the Winchesters out of the lofty realms of heaven and hell and back down to earth. Family has always been the corner stone of Supernatural, and no one is more important to the roots of that story than Mary Winchester, the jumping off point of the mythology of the Winchester boys; the reason for all that followed. She’s pretty much a myth to them - a story told by their dad - a photo by the bed. Dean barely remembers her, Sam has no memory of her at all. They have created her in their minds through 33 years of loss, and longing. Bringing her back forces Sam and Dean into a long forgotten role - that of son. We will get to see them in a new light, and through the eyes of an outsider (which, regardless of her connection, Mary currently is and surely feels), showing us a different side to the brothers, as well as reflecting them back on themselves. The promise of all this is fascinating, from how the reintroduction of their mother in their lives affects the dynamic between Sam and Dean, as well as their individual relationships with their mum, to having her in the mix of a hunt - an additional worry of another person to care about and endeavour keep alive - another Achilles heel. How will all this impact Sam and Dean? 

This is all outside of the story of Mary herself, and her struggle to fit into a world 33 years further along than when she left it, without the husband she loved and with two very large, self sufficient, capable, hunter sons, regardless of how long she is a physical part of the story.

The promise of all of this was deftly set up by the season opener…we’re in for a good ride!

I loved seeing the aftermath of the angel banishing spell. Who hasn’t wondered where the hell the angels went when they’re zapped off like that. Apparently they don’t go all that far and apparently they get there at a great rate of knots! Cas (Castiroid - as Kevin Parks dubbed him), landed like a meteor in a field some 300 miles from Lebanon, Kansas, burning through a Mystery Spot billboard, crashing to earth in front of a gob smacked local, and promptly steeling his car - well I guess he learnt from the best, though the Winchester’s way is more hot wire than send to sleep! I laughed out loud! Poor dude!

We’ve been promised a Cas more in line with the badass we met in season 4. Cas back then, though sympathetic to humanity had a dangerous edge to him that we really haven’t seen for a long while. As he became more like people, that I’ll smite you at a moment’s notice attitude, gave way to the more confused, fish out of water Cas we’ve come to know and love, and though that Cas is adorable, I’ve always loved it when he’s kicked some ass. 

Cas is on a mission - he promised Dean he’d look after Sam, those were his parting words to his friend, and Sam got taken, and Cas is pissed off! I really love pissed off Cas! I also loved Cas practically yelling at Dean when he realised his friend was alive, "WHAT ABOUT THE BOMB, AND THE DARKNESS?", and glomping him, because that was a powerful glomp not a hug! A big, wide eyed, over excited, glomp!

Crowley is also on a mission, to regain hell, regain respect - or maybe fear might be the appropriate word - kill Lucifer or lock him up or whatever he needs to do to become the King of Hell again, and though we didn’t see a lot of him, we know what his fight is going to be. I hope he gets all that back, like Cas, I prefer my Crowley as badass!

Then there was Sam and Dean.

The two worst things you can do to Dean is hurt his brother and hurt his Baby! The British Men of Letters have really got off on the wrong foot with the elder Winchester, because they’ve done both those things!

In the midst of the weirdness of having his mother back, of having to tell her that her husband, his father, died to ensure Dean lived, of having to tell his mother that her husband, his father raised her sons as hunters, that their life was everything she didn’t want for them… in the midst of all that Dean must have been feeling in those moments, his little brother had disappeared, and he was thrown into a search for Sam. 

Driving back to the Bunker with his mum in tow, Dean was expecting to be reunited with his brother, instead he found pools of blood. I was impressed with the way Dean kept it all together, with so much craziness going on, he, dare I say, kept calm and carried on! He reminded me of Sam. Don’t panic, work the case, work out the answers, track down the clues - methodically but rapidly - because he had that traffic camera and car details sorted in a matter of minutes! I love when we see Dean do stuff like that, I love it when we see how damn smart he is. 

It wasn’t until Dean spoke to Lady Toni and his fury was released, Hulk smashing the phone with his bare hands (a real, solid, not pre-broken phone by the way…H-O-T), that we saw what we knew was burning through his insides. She took Sam, she hurt Sam (or worse), and she was going to pay for that. Dean can be terrifying. That quiet, seething threat of violence that permeates his body language and tone of voice, is equal parts scary and super hot! I wondered if, before this moment, he was keeping his ferocity in check around his mum - who's already pretty freaked out, I wondered if it was just him and Cas how his temperament may have differed, I wondered if he’s already protecting his mother. I remember Jensen saying that Dean worries that Mary could become another weakness for him, another chink in his armour, another tool to be used against him and Sam by those who want to destroy them. The cascade of emotions he must have been feeling, dealing with the confusion and wonderment of having his mother standing beside him, and the anger and fear of the unknown in regards to Sam. Man, I bet all he wanted to do was have Sam meet their mum…share that moment with his little brother… Yep, they’ve both gotta get put through the ringer first! Heaven forbid they have nice things!

Mary never wanted the life Sam and Dean have, for her sons. She fought against being a hunter, rebelled against the family business and got out, marrying a civilian (of course we now know John was actually a Men of Letters legacy), raising her family in what she hoped would be safely away from the supernatural. But Sam and Dean have, through years of grappling with their destiny, embraced their life’s purpose. They’ve embraced that this was what they were meant to do, to help people, to help the world. They've come to a place beyond purely acceptance, to a place of some pride in the work that they do - it’s been a struggle to get to there - for all of us (!) - but there is a peace within Sam and Dean now. This is their road, and as long as they’re travelling it together, they’re okay with it. Still, hearing Dean articulate this to his mother was deeply moving. To hear Dean utter belief in his worth in the grand scheme of things completely choked me up. It’s taken a long time for him to believe in himself like that and to believe him and Sam do more good than they do bad. A long time. I’m so proud of who this man has become.

Mary - “I spent my life running from this, from hunting. And I got out. I never wanted this for you and Sam.”

Dean - “Mom, I get it. I do. If I had kids, I wouldn't want them in this. But, Sam and me. Saving people and hunting things, this is our life. I think we make the world a better place. I know that we do.”

I think this harmony between the brothers, their belief in what they do, is also what helped Sam deal with what he was going through while being tortured by Lady Toni and Ms Watt…well that and he thought his brother was dead, what could they possibly do to him that would hurt him more than the loss of Dean...

Sam’s strength is one of his most amazing assets, and I’m not just talking about his physical strength, but his mental strength and the strength of his soul. Yep, he’s been tortured by the devil himself and is still standing, in fact, he was willing to go down that road again last season, rather than bow to Lucifer’s demands. If Sam believes in it, he will stand firm no matter what. His resilience is breathtaking. I’m not sure Sam Winchester is breakable anymore. Not mentally anyway.

When Lady Toni decided to attack Sam’s mind and release in him all the things that he’s felt guilt over in the past, well once upon a time that would have worked much better for her, but this is a different Sam. Like Dean, Sam is far more assured of his place in the world and the good that he and his brother do. He has accepted hunting as his life, and has even said that he likes his life as a hunter. Last season his brother told him he held no grudges, that the past is the past, all that matters is the they’re still together - that’s all that’s ever mattered. A fresh breeze blew through Sam and Dean’s relationship, and each openly supported the other with no judgement or finger pointing. They are stronger because of it, both as brothers and as individuals. The guilt that Sam once felt for just about everything, though probably not gone completely, is no longer as crippling as it once was. It’s baggage he can carry more easily these days. He could recognise when it was the Darkness making him say untruths to Dean in the penultimate (who says penultimate) episode of last season, just as he could recognise what he was seeing while being tortured, was not the truth of his life; that he’s not responsible for every bad thing that’s ever happened ever. His understanding of this helped him overcome those inner demons flashing before his eyes, and fight back. Sam is stronger than he’s ever been.

But he’s so alone - or at least he thinks he is - as he sat on the stairs, trapped, injured, angry…seriously, with Black Sabbath’s Solitude playing, that was one of the saddest images the show has ever jabbed into my heart! I can not wait until Sam sees Dean. Can not wait.

I think we’re going to find there is more to Lady Toni than meets the eye. She’s being set up as a potential rebel, and shown to have a softer side as a mum - which also parallels to Mary. She didn’t necessarily agree with the old men preventing the Men of Letters from getting involved in the first round of the Apocalypse, she watched Sam on the monitor with a mix of curiosity and what looked like admiration, she seemed genuinely horrified when she thought her drugging him had cost him his life, thought that might have just been because she wasn't finished with him - and of course, she now knows, given the opportunity, Sam did not in fact kill her as he had promised he would, he let her live. I think she could be being positioned to come around and become an ally in whatever is coming. Maybe. Currently though, the accent in a pantsuit is enemy number 1. You do not shoot, water torture, burn, or in anyway hurt Sammy and not pay for it. She’s got a lot of looking over her shoulder in her future!

I’m so fascinated by whatever lies ahead in relation to Mary, and how long she'll be part of the season. Samantha Smith did an amazing job at portraying Mary’s sense of bewilderment at the world she’d been thrown back into. The astonishment of Dean, the overwhelming information crashing down upon her, the isolation and strangeness that she felt. She looked so lost in the back of the Impala, as Dean drove; he tried to say something, but at that point, what was to be said. She must have been reeling, husband dead, grown up sons hunters, an alien world, and she’s back on this earth less than a day and already dragged into the life she fought so hard to leave; her first kill as tough to stomach as it should have been - even if it was to save her son’s life. Mary is obviously a kickass, accomplished, savvy hunter, but that’s not who she wants to be. Or at least it wasn’t. So it’ll be super interesting to find out who she becomes now, and how she fits in - if she indeed does. I’m looking forward to not just her interactions with her sons, but also with Castiel - they connected over the strangeness of a world that neither really belongs in. I’m looking forward to discovering how Mary chooses to use this second chance. 

For the most part, Keep Calm and Carry On was pretty serious stuff, there was some very serious shit going down, what with the torture and heavy family discussions, and phone rage and all, but like Supernatural does so well, Andrew Dabb in particular, there were still some light moments. 

I’m pretty sure we found out that Dean was conceived in the back seat of his precious Baby! That look Mary had, as she reminisced over whatever took place back there, and Dean’s face as he realised what his MUM was thinking about… SCARRED FOR LIFE - let’s face it, no one wants to think about that stuff about their parents - and Cas’ confused face as he tried to figure out what the hell just went on… It was all delightful! It makes perfect sense to me that Dean would have been conceived in that car, perfect sense! That car’s backseat has seen a lot of Winchester action!

I loved Dean’s pride when his mum said that John’s car was still beautiful, “Hell yeah she is”, I loved the whole moment with Mary gently running her fingers over Baby’s body, as she remembered her husband. I loved that she said, “Hey sweetheart, remember me?”, just like when Dean came back from hell; “Hey, sweetheart, did you miss me?” The synergy was beautiful. There was just so much history in this episode - which was sooooo perfect!

Yep…I loved Keep Calm and Carry On, can you tell? It was a particularly strong season opener. It felt fresh and exciting, a mean feat for a show starting its 12th season. Jensen was amazing, Jared was amazing, Samantha was amazing - their performances were all so powerful. I’m so excited for them all to be together and see how that pans out! Andrew Dabb wrote a script that pack an emotional punch, and was rich in the family ties that make this series so special. He touched on so much history, he set up teases for the season, without hitting us over the head with it, and gave us enough little treats to set our over imaginative minds racing. I cried, I laughed, I cried again, I screamed expletives - all signs of a damn good ep! I’m excited for what’s to come.

I’m so sorry this was so long, I know I rambled a bit - but I had a lot to say…and you know, 5 months of waiting to say it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. As always, thanks for reading! WE’RE BACK!


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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On

Preface:   I just wanted to start out by saying that I'm really excited about Season 12.  I honestly believe it's the start of something new.  I've always seen Supernatural as not merely episodic TV, but as a whole story.  I always compare Supernatural to a novel, and each episode as a chapter.  When I first started watching Supernatural I saw it as one story, the life of Sam and Dean Winchester and all of their trials and tribulations thus far.  Of course their story doesn't only include them, on the contrary their story includes many.  Friends, family, monsters, angels, demons and whatever else might go bump in the night.  It's an exciting, heartwarming, scary, funny, endearing story that indeed has it all. It's by far in this girl's opinion, the greatest story ever told.  As the years went by though, I've always felt that there was more. I was convinced of it ever since Cupid told Sam and Dean that they had to be born.  Heaven commanded it. I knew from that moment there was a much bigger picture, but it wasn't until Season 11 that I realised there was always another story.

Whether planned from the start or it's organic evolution, I realised with the introduction of Amara and the return of God/Chuck, that this show wasn't only telling one story, it was telling two. I had already written the article about how the writing had always been on the wall, and my belief still stands.  The moment it was canon that the boys had to be born and every event that followed, both good and bad, I just knew it all  happened for a reason, happened the way it was supposed to, the way Chuck/God had hoped and perhaps even already knew it would. Serendipity or not, Supernatural is not only the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, but the story of the original siblings, the first to exist, the story of Chuck/God and Amara and it is through Sam and Dean Winchester that their story is told. Sam and Dean represent what Chuck/God wanted for himself.  They are his success story.  They are what He had aspired to be.  It is why Chuck/God commanded their creation in the first place.  The trials and tribulations these boys have been through, the tests they have passed, always in the end choosing each other, choosing family.  Chuck/God creating the Winchesters, the tools he would use to save his own family was God's way of choosing His family. By the time Alpha & Omega ended it became clear to me  that this was the conclusion of Chuck/God's and Amara's part of the story. This is the end of their chapter.  Now Chuck/God has left the rest of the story, to the Winchesters, much like Supernatural has been left to a new showrunner with new and fresh ideas for the years to come.

Now we come to Book Two of the Winchester saga, the continuing story of their lives and oh what a beginning.  I absolutely loved the premiere.  Everyone did an amazing job. I was completely floored by Jared's portrayal of Sam in this episode.  This man's talent knows no bounds.  I am constantly in awe at this man's abilities to not only tug at the heart strings but to play a damn concerto with them. I loved Sam in this episode. He was badass and I always love me some badass Sam.  His unbending resolve as he went toe to toe with his torturers, never giving in to their demands and never giving up in the fight, no matter what they did to him. I wish Sam still didn't hold himself responsible for Jessica's death, Kevin's death and Dean's death back in s3.  I don't know if he'll ever forgive himself, which breaks my heart to no end, especially since none of those deaths were his fault. I so loved how he didn't let that guilt break him.  I find Sam's smarts so sexy and squeed just a bit when he got the best of Lady Bevel.  Badass Sam.  Still as badass as Sam is, I couldn't help but want to hug the hell out of him as he sat on those steps feeling so alone, and I got to tell you I got a sense that Lady Toni just might have felt the same way.  The way she looked at him at the end.  The fact that she bandaged his foot and made sure he saw a dr. to get the bullet out of his leg.  Lady B might be a smug righteous ass, but I also got the feeling that she didn't enjoy hurting Sam.  I figured that's why she kept leaving the room, because she couldn't be in there while Bunhead tortured Sam.  I even got the sense out of her that she respected Sam for enduring all that torture.  She was willing to kill him, but I still got the sense she respected him.  Anyway I have a feeling that not even Lady Bevel is immune to Sam's puppy dog eyes and that soon enough the Winchesters might break through her armour, we shall see I guess. I don't think she knows as much as she thinks she knows.

I really enjoyed Cas in this episode.  I've missed this Cas, the smite first ask questions later. I loved that Cas had to be talked down by Dean and I loved it even more that his fury resulted because his friend was missing. Sam and Cas's relationship has evolved into a true friendship and I love this aspect because unfortunately the boys don't have many friends in their line of work. Once upon a time Cas saw Sam as the boy with the demon blood, and now Sam is just as important to him as Dean is. I am also looking forward to Cas's quest to find Lucifer.  I think his pairing up with Crowley will be hysterical and I can't wait to see them on the road together.  Here's hoping we get the true King of Hell back this season. I'm all about the snark don't get me wrong, but I also like my Crowley with a touch of evil, something that's been missing for awhile. I also look forward to Luci jumping from vessel to vessel, I mean if we can't get Pellegrino then I say keep Luci jumping around, it should keep things interesting.

I liked the reintroduction of Mary Winchester.  I like how they've written her thus far.  Her return and her reunion with Dean is believable. It's going to take awhile for everyone to get used to everyone else.  The relationship between mother and sons is practically nonexistent, so it makes sense that there will be a lot of awkwardness and uncertainty. They most certainly all will need time to adjust as it's new for all of them.  She hasn't been a mother and they haven't been mother's sons for 33 years.  I can't wait to see how the boys will relate to their mom after all these years.  Sam Smith is doing a marvelous job so far.  I really like that she's no one to mess with, without portraying her as some kind of Wonder Woman.  She's still a capable and well trained hunter, something she most likely will never forget, even if she wanted out of that life.

Jensen did an incredible job as well, but I gotta admit that at first,  I was a little at sea regarding Dean's behavior. Dean was way too calm in this episode.  We have seen Dean freak out over Sam for much less.  Remember how panicked he was when Sam/Meg took off in BUABS?  He was frantic with Ellen, when Sam just disappeared.  Again, remember how freaked out he was when Sam disappeared from the diner in All Hell Breaks Loose or when Sam disappeared from the bar in The Benders?  The minute Dean saw the blood, I expected a bit more of a stronger reaction.  When he found out from Cas that a woman was waiting and he didn't know where Sam was, I thought for sure Dean would go into freakout mode.  I was even a bit stunned that they took their time in the garage, admiring the car.  It was a funny moment for sure, but it just didn't seem to be the appropriate time for such a moment. I get that Dean hadn't learnt what happened to Sam yet, but still I expected more of an intense reaction.  Then he got on the phone with Lady B and all that rage finally came out in it's glory, especially when he broke the phone in half.  Dean is just as much a badass as Sam.  I then figured it was just that Dean was putting on a calm facade for his mom's sake.  In that moment, when he was alone, his fear and his anger came shining through and Badass Dean had made is appearance...finally.  Just a side note, but has anybody ever kept tally on how many times Dean has gotten his ass kicked by a woman?  It just makes me giggle especially given that Dean once chided Sam for having a woman come to his rescue back in the Magnificent Seven. In both Dean and Cas's defence, she was a bit of a manly woman. LOL

Now to the speculation portion of my article. So here's the thing, Lady Bevel kept mentioning the Old Man. Here is what was significant to me and got my wheels spinning. When Lady B was chastising Sam for the Apocalypse, the Darkness, the Leviathans, Lucifer and everything else under the sun, Sam asked if they knew why didn't they do anything? Lady B told Sam that some of them did want to get involved, but the Old Man said not to. So that got me thinking....who is the Old Man?   The way I see it, since I believe that everything the boys have been through happened for a reason, had always God's plan, it's understandable that no one be allowed to interfere with the Winchesters or the many tests that they were given. That being said, if God/Chuck didn't want anyone to stop the boys, then it stands to reason that there might be at least one other being working for Chuck/God. Someone who has assisted the boys, possibly even been part of their test and who's always, even if it was against his will, helped the boys out. Who do we know that is British and might be referred to as "OLD MAN".  If I were to throw out a guess, I'd say Death. Before you shoot me down, let's just remember that there have been others who have been known to moonlight.  Lest we forget, God/Chuck did a bit of moonlighting as a writer/prophet. Gabriel did a bit of moonlighting himself, as the Trickster.  So is it that far off base to presume that the Old Man who is moonlighting as a British Men of Letters bigwig might very well be our old friend Death?

The things that make you go hmmmm.

That's all for this one.  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and I hope all of you have a wonderful Supernatural year.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on OH MY GOSH, FINALLY! SEASON 12 IS HERE Preview

IT'S BACK!!!!!

Our show is back for its 12th season! 12. 12.12! 12 12 12 12 12 12 12!
I'm so excited for this season!

Right let's get into the preview...or should we say...MEGA PREVIEW!

Pretty and grimy!

Mary, MARY! Dean saving Sam. Sam seeing the assumed dead Dean AND his dead mum! I MEAN...WHAT IS THAT GOING TO BE LIKE....THE FEEEEEELS! I really can't wait for that moment.

Sam and Dean being bros with a new mum...I totally see them sitting in one of their bedrooms talking about their mum and how to deal with it all!

Rick Springfield as Lucifer...RICK SPRINGFIELD! I totally see him coming to a con and singing Jessie's Girl with Rob at the Saturday Night Special! YES/YES?

The brothers are both without any supernatural afflictions for the first time since the beginning of season 8, when  briefly, they were both supernatural free....until Sam undertook the trials. This is amazing in itself! No mark, no angel possession, no soullessness, no weird chick wanting Dean inside her...well...that's pretty understandable..... wait...what? Heh.

Plus Sam and Dean are on the same page and getting along like never before. They even laughed a bit last season for heaven's sake!


So where did we leave things?


Lucifer is in the wind
Cas is in the outfield
Sam thinks Dean's dead
Dean thinks Sam's at home
Sam's not at home he's been shot and kidnapped!
Dean's not dead he's in a graveyard with their mum!

Let's have a look at the official CW press release with the synopsis shall we...which basically says what happened at the end of last episode!

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Dean (Jensen Ackles) is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester (guest star Samantha Smith). Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of Letters, shot him. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb.

Bet they've been dying to use that title! This episode is written by our brand new Showrunner. Of course, Jeremy Carver has moved on to his new show Frequency and Andrew Dabb now holds the reigns of our show, (along with Bob Singer, who has stepped back into the co-showrunner role after originally stepping away a little in season 11). Dabb is a wonderful writer. Some of the strongest episodes of the last few seasons have been his. He's passionate about the show and about our boys - you just have to see his energy when talking about Supernatural to see that passion. He's been with Supernatural since season 4, when he originally wrote with partner Dan Loflin. I feel like we're in good hands; passionate, creative and experienced hands. And we're always in good hands with director Phil Sgriccia!

Okay! Let's check out some promos! First - the first promo - and then the extended version of that first promo!

Basically all I see is Dean wanting to save Sam and Sammy being hurt!  THAT'S ALL I SEEEEEE!!

Also, Shackles - which makes me laugh every time.

Then there was this rockin' extended promo!

I love this extended promo, it made me all tingly with anticipation!

The whole Mary thing is SO intriguing. She obviously totally kicks ass as a Hunter. But how is it all going to play out? How long will she be part of the story? My initial understanding was that she's not a permanent fixture - but who knows, because stories can change. Neither Cas or Crowley were meant to be permanent fixtures... If Mary's story is for only a part of the season, how will her story wrap up (please not painfully). It's really got my brain spinning.

Then there's all that torturing of Sammy...and all the time, he thinks Dean is dead...which is HEART BREAKING! Like I said, I can't wait to see his face when he sees Dean not only alive, but with their mum in tow!
This will be Sam's face

Cas crawling out of that hole after exploding through that billboard is great. I've often wondered what happens to angels when they're fired off with that banishing sigil. Apparently they explode through the air with incredible power, and resemble a small meteor when they land! I love that we get to see that! And teaming up with Crowley is going to be endlessly amusing. I love Cas and Crowley together.

Do we think the English Men of Letters are going to end up fighting alongside the Winchesters? Or will they remain wilfully ignorant to all the good that the brothers have done.

I'm very excited to see Rick Springfield do his thing - I love Rick Springfield (Aussie boy, Sydney born!)  I love the idea of Lucifer popping from meatsuit to meatsuit - even if that means no Mark Pellegrino. And the rockstar storyline will be so fun, and has to mean interesting things for the Winchesters! Like the leather jackets!

Here is a great big season sneak peek!

And the condensed Mary only version....

How are the brothers going to react to Mary, how will they fit her in their lives, will they have family dinners? Will she tell them to pick up after themselves? Will she use her mum voice? Oh! She must meet Jody, because there were set photos of Kim and Samantha mucking about! I just made myself super excited!

Okay - Shaving People Punting Things posted a video produced in reverse - there's a lot of stuff from many episodes...but I'll post it anyway because it's so much goodness.

And in case you want to see the reversed reversed..... fandom delivers.

You know the thing that blew me away from this...Mary reading John's journal. I'd just never contemplated that. What thoughts of his are in there? We know Mary's going to be heartbroken that her boys were raised in the life, but imagine the heartbreak when she reads John's journal...sees what his life became, his obsession. And her death was the cause of everything...

I wonder if we'll see Mary feel the guilt of that original deal that saved John but cursed Sam, and consequently the entire family. I wonder if any of that will be explored. Because there's been a fair amount of discussion around how John raised his boys, and what that did to them, but I can't recall any discussion around the event and decision that started this nightmare rolling for the Winchesters. I wonder if we'll go there.

I wonder if the boys will tell Mary that they met her in the past. That they met John when he was a young man. Will they tell her about her dad and the cousins, and that they briefly hunted with the Campbells, and that entire nightmare? I wonder how much they'll share with her - or how much they'll protect her from, because really, she probably doesn't need to know all the horrors her boys have been through. That guilt would be unbearable. I wouldn't be surprised if the brothers get together to discuss what not to tell her.

I wonder where Mary was. Was she in Heaven? Will she remember any of it, or is burning on her ceiling going to be the last memory Mary has? Or maybe running into Sammy's room... Or maybe none of it. We do see in a clip further down this preview that she thinks no time has past, because she thinks her son Dean, is 4.... when in fact, Dean's now older than Mary was when she died....

Yep. There's a lot to play with here - and I can't wait to see how far the show takes it.

Here's a look at Cas' arc for season 12

Badass Cas is my favourite Cas. I love it when he fires up and kicks some butt. I remember in those early episodes how threatening he could be - like when Dean talked back to him and you genuinely sensed the power Cas had, and it felt like he could smite you at a moments notice if you pissed him off. 

Of course a lot has changed for Cas - as humanity has made him more human - but he's a fully loaded angel again now, bar the wings, and that will be interesting to see. Because once again it gives him incredible power, but once again that means he could be a get out of jail free card for the Winchesters. Having an all powerful angel as a friend is always going to pose a problem - because how can there be any real sense peril when Cas can get them out of anything, bring them back from the dead...all the stuff he can do, he's their deus ex machina - which is why he's either defused or in opposition or off on another mission for a lot of the time.  - hence the roadtrip with Crowley I'd say

Cas' interactions with Mary are also going to be interesting - two outsiders view on the boys' very close world. 

Here's a little bit on Crowley's arc

Booted out of Hell again! I love to watch an indignant Crowley scrambling. I also love to watch him when he's evil - to be honest, my favourite Crowley is when I'm not sure if he really could, at a moments notice, kill the boys. The scene last season where he decided he would kill Dean that day - and Amara stopped him - and the red, smoking eyes scene with Sam the season before, were two of my favourite Crowley scenes ever. He's a fenemy sure, and he's as funny as hell (no pun intended), but I do like to see him flex his evil muscles every once in a while. I hope he can take Lucifer on, I need to see this character reinstated with some power and dignity.

And finally a word from the boys about our boys!

They look so handsome in their matchy match suits!

"I've been tortured by the devil himself - what can you do to me" What a corker of a line! Blimey.

Seeing the boys being sons - seeing that dynamic - seeing how that makes them relate to each other and what that infuses into their relationship, is the thing that I'm looking forward to the most about this season and the reintroduction of Mary. How having their mum back in their lives impacts their lives, for the positive - because hey, they have their mum back guys *heart clench*, and how it may impact them in other ways. That change in their perspective is going to be fascinating. Seeing the brothers' relationship through new eyes is always one of my favourite things, but seeing their relationship through their mother's eyes is going to be super cool. What a treat that our show can play with stories like this.

Andrew Dabb did an interview with EW discussing how the show approached the Mary story and what it might mean for the Winchesters - here is an excerpt.

“At the heart, the dynamic of the show is unchanged in that it’s always going to be about the brothers, it’s always going to be about the family they’ve put together, and Mary doesn’t so much upset that as complement it. When she comes in, it’s family through another lens. She is their origin myth, her death led to everything, so when she comes back, the boys having a mother again which they really haven’t had.”

“At first, they’re really excited to have her back, but also aren’t quite sure how she’s going to respond to them because they know the last thing she wanted was for her kids to be hunters and now she’s walking into a world where her kids are hunters. So there’s a little [bit of] feeling each other out through the first part of the season before coming to a place that’s probably a little more settled.”

 “We never want to shift the focus of the show off Sam and Dean, so by bringing Mary in, it’s more along the lines of: How does she affect Sam? How does she affect Dean? She and Castiel form a really interesting friendship and we think she’s a nice pivot point around which we can spin our characters.”

You can read the whole article here.

So we're back! Back with 23 brand new episodes. By the way, there's only 8 in this first half of the season, episode 8 being the midseason finale - an ep earlier than last season - which means the back end of the season is going to be a big one.

I'm so damn ready for my show to be back. So damn ready to have my favourite brothers back on my screen. I'm so ready for Sam to find out Dean is alive. I'm so ready to see how the brothers deal with being sons after all this time. I'm so ready for the whole kit and caboodle! 

Oh yeah...I'm soooooooo ready.

Welcome back everyone! Have a great season premiere and an awesome season!


Hot of the press - a sneak peek clip! This Mary thing is going to be so interesting!

And the Aussie promo!