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Supernatural Light on Spoilers, Heavy on OMG IT'S THE SEASON FINALE *RUNS AROUND SCREAMING* Preview of Episode 11x23 - Alpha and Omega

-by sweetondean


So here we are, my friends...the end of another season. Season 11. I would never have thought that when I started writing about this show in season 5, that 6 years later I'd still be writing about it! But here I am, still with the needing to say stuff about the show I love. And I love it even more now than I did back then. With a passion. I am so committed to all the characters in this show, that the finale instills in me feelings of deep anxiety! Because when they hurt, I hurt. The pain of season 5's Swan Song and season 9's Do You Believe in Miracles is still etched into my heart...kinda like those little marks the cupids leave.

This season has been one of my favourites. Which is some kind a of amazing achievement for a show in its 11th season! I've loved all the various arcs and intersecting arcs. Amara's arc built around a sibling conflict and based on betrayal and hurt - like we've seen happening way closer to home in the past, I've loved how Dean fought the bond between him and the Darkness, and how Sam stood by him, willing to take on the fight for his brother. The Lucifer into Cas thing was super surprising, as was God's actual appearance, and hanging about in the bunker! I've loved the monster of the week episodes and the old school hunt vibe they've had. But most of all, I've loved where the brothers have been at this season. LOVED. The brothers brought me into this show, and they're the characters I'm most profoundly bonded to, and to have ridden out so many bad times, and see them finally find some peace and harmony in their relationship has been incredibly rewarding. They've had to face a lot of their own personal demons to get here, experience the same things, see the story from the other side, be put through the mill so that they can see their brother's perspective, and come out the other side with a better understanding of each other, and how they've hurt each other in the past. Faced with losing that relationship and each other brought them closer together. They admit they will both do anything to save each other. It's also brought them back to where they started, saving people - all the people... 

I've loved every moment of Sam and Dean this season. They've been a steadfast team, they've talked about how they feel, or how they don't want to talk about how they feel. Their secrets have been few and far between...and when they do come out, aren't judged. Their confidence in each other has opened up a new found honesty. I'm so proud of them!

Of course this makes me even more terrified for the finale! Because I feel like they've worked so hard to get to this place, We all have! And I don't want them ripped apart! Again! ARGH! I considered last season a happy ending! Darkness be damned, the boys were together in the Impala, side by side, and they weren't pissed off at each other! HAPPY ENDING! I feel like we won't get that 2 years in a row. And with so many of our characters in play, and all appearing in the finale...will everyone get out alive(ish)? Meep!

Me watching the show. Basically.

Let's get straight to the synopsis...pretty sure you know where we've been!

“Alpha and Omega”

GOD VS. AMARA – God (guest star Rob Benedict) comes to a decision about Amara (guest star Emily Swallows) that has direct repercussions for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1123).

A synopsis that officially says pretty much nothing! Well, that's no surprise. Finale synopses always give us nothing!

This episode is written by our new show runner, Andrew Dabb and directed by long time director/EP of the show, Phil Sgriccia.

And even though it doesn't say so...these guys are also in the episode! 

I'm extremely interested to see what Billie's roll is going to end up being She's been this shadowy creature, popping in and out of the season, giving information while putting forth ultimatums. I've not been sure of her purpose (other than to make me fret), from the get go...and I've always felt like that's how we're supposed to feel. I've wondered what part she'll play in the big picture. I'm guessing as there are souls involved in the finale, she may have something to do with that. But I wonder if there will be anything more?  A deal maybe? That if they rid the world of the empty - neither bro dies in the process? AM I WISHFUL THINKING? She's been an alluring mystery since we first met her in episode 2 (also written by Dabb).

To get us finale ready - the show released another gorgeous trailer - with vocals by Emily, Ruth and Briana - that reminds us what we're fighting for...the title scares the bejeebus out of me though! 

Don't you just love our show when you see it played out like that? Isn't it the most beautiful story? And it looks damn amazing. I think going back and starting at the beginning with Dean holding Sam, really does reflect the theme of this season being around the brothers fighting together. I will forever say that the real arc of season 11 was Sam and Dean's relationship.

But yeah...focusing on them like me real, full blown, fear! Because we know there's reasons! we got 2 promos, a short cut and an extended version.


Okay, so Dean's da bomb! We all knew that and twitter sure as hell went crazy with that when the first promo dropped! " are the bomb". Yes...yes he is. (Please don't die, please don't die, please don't die.)

I love the look of the top of this promo with the EMF and old school ghosts and the brothers hunting (for souls). It's team free everyone in this episode...I wonder what all their roles will be. And can I just point out AGAIN, EVERY ONE IS IN THE SECRET BUNKER!

Okay so we have a sneak peek... It don't give us much!

So it looks like the show is leaving the door open on Lucifer. They're not saying he's dead, we just don't know where he that means (unless his death is made certain), at some point somewhere down the track if they needed to they could return to that character. Cas is back and I'm super happy about that. I've enjoyed Misha's take on Lucifer, but in recent outings, it's just made me miss Cas more! God feels like a bug...but at least he's alive! It'll be interesting to see if Amara's whammy had the affect she was going for. I have to say that I adore that the last few episodes have picked up where they've left the final four episodes a one great big finale feel! 

If anything else drops for the finale I'll be back.

Until then, stay strong...we're stronger together remember! Be nice to each other...we all get a bit cranky around this time of year! And no matter what happens, remember, the boys will be back...we have a season they will (eventually) be (sorta) okay. I do think this is going to be big though, I think whatever happens is going to set off something for Season 12 that's going to be big! I just don't want anyone to die...'k? Seriously though...NO TO THE DYING!


I leave you with feels....


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Supernatural Review: "We Happy Few" - Episode 11x22

-by sweetondean

Sooooo there was a moment in “We Happy Few” where I literally thought, SHOW, IF YOU DO THIS TO US I CAN’T EVEN WITH MY HORROR! Yep, that would be the moment that Chuck/God looked at Sam and Sam nodded and I was just like, NO JUST NO NO NO NO NO. I was screaming that at the TV by the way. NOOOOOOO. The thought of that damn Mark of Cain torturing another Winchester brother was too much. I think my heart stopped. Seriously. I couldn’t bear the thought of Sammy having that ugly assed thing on his arm, not after all he’d been through with Dean, and of course all Dean had been through. JUSTTTTT NOOOOO. Then the plan failed and I thought, oh thank God, or Chuck or Amara or whomever I need to send the fruit basket to! No Mark of Cain on Sam. Phew! This show has had me screaming at my TV this season more than any other season, in sheer terror, and overwhelming feels!

Oh, and then there’s that moment where you’re sitting there thinking…wait, did my show just kill God? Well. Ohhhhhkay. Oh Supernatural, how I love you (and your great big balls).

“We Happy Few” was a jammed packed episode, so much was going on I found myself looking at the time and freaking out, wondering how they were going to get through everything! I started to wonder if the finale was a 2 parter…and then I realised, it was kind of a 4 parter, starting off with “Don’t Call Me Shurley”. So before this week’s big episode, I’ll be watching 20-22 again to prepare…at least mentally, I’m pretty sure nothing is going to prepare me emotionally.

I loved that when it came down to it God turned to the Winchesters to structure a plan – “What’d you got?” Oh they’ve got a lot, because as weird as it is, they have pretty good relationships with the ex King of Hell, an angel inside an angel and a powerful witch. It was Supernatural Avengers ASSEMBLE! 

I loved the way the plan coming together played out on screen. It was like a caper movie! I later saw Bob Berens mention Ocean’s 11 and I thought, YES, that’s what it was, it was Ocean’s 11! All the elements coming together, with each ‘persons’ special skills being roped in to get the job done. It was a cool idea, even if in the end it didn’t quite work out.

I’m never going to be comfortable with everyone hanging out in the bunker. I’m just not! This is Sam and Dean’s safe place, their home now, and it seems to be that any old anything can just wander in and make hotcakes! Okay, God is kind of a different kettle of fish I guess, but I still don’t like him hanging out in the bunker! And I really don’t like Lucifer hanging out there…it made me super nervous. Except God was there, so I knew everything was going to be okay, and everyone was going to be safe. But remember that time when the boys still thought he was Cas, and he went through their stuff? Ewww. He squicks me out! And of course Lucifer picked Sam’s room to brood in, because even if he can no longer actually torture Sam, and even if Sam brings his A game of Sam fucking Winchesterness strength when facing down the Devil these days, Lucifer sure can still screw with Sam…by taking over his room. Sam basically needs to fumigate that room when he gets back to the bunker. 

And don’t even start me with Amara burning off all the warding. DAMN IT. It used to be their secret batcave type place! And then she’s going through Dean’s stuff! They need to re-ward that joint and then some.

Even though on an emotional level I want all the deities and super powerful evil angels out of Sam and Dean’s place, it was pretty enjoyable seeing God and Lucifer nut out their dysfunctional father son issues as Sam and Dean watched on. As much as there was a lot of humour in this scene, there was also a lot of depth and a lot of the daddy issues that have been in this show from the beginning. Lucifer just wants his dad to admit that he hurt him by tossing him out and locking him up. He just wants an, I’m sorry. It made me think of the brothers and their relationship with John. Dean’s confrontation with God last week was rooted in his complicated feelings around his dad and how he was raised. John also kicked Sam out of the house when Sam refused to live by his father’s ways and rules. I’m pretty sure both the boys would love to have the opportunity to have a sit down with their dad for oh so many reasons, none the least being to have John hear how they feel and how his decisions for their lives have hurt them. I’m sure Dean would love an I’m sorry for taking your childhood away, and I’m sure Sam would love an I’m sorry for kicking you out for wanting something different in your life. What an emotion charged, complicated conversation that would be, full of love and hurt. I dearly hope we see that one day. Bottom line, the boys love their dad and that’s why sometimes their history hurts…and we saw that mirrored as it play out between Lucifer and God.

And make no mistake… God is very much the father figure image here. From the heartfelt and wounded discussions with his children, to his World’s Greatest Dad mug that you know he gave to himself, to him cooking for the brothers. He’s like the dad that’s been away and is now back, trying to make up for lost time with the kids. I was half expecting him to pop out and come back with some cool new toys for Lucifer and the boys! Or suggest a trip to the zoo or something. Dean was right it was like a weird Full House episode – except not a really bad one, a really funny one!

I love how Crowley and Dean still have this whacky relationship. You can tell the bromance is done, but you can also tell the person who knows Crowley the best, weirdly is Dean…and he can get under Crowley’s skin. He can show Crowley his failings and his folly, and for whatever reason, Crowley listens. Crowley wants his position of power back, a good way to get it would be part of the whole destroying the Darkness thing – to be king again, he needs to remember how to be a soldier – nice one Dean. Dean appeals to his ego, and Crowley’s ego wants to be great again.

Rowena and Sam just flirt…in that angry hateful way! It’s pretty hot. I love them together; they look hilarious if nothing else! And I love all the nicknames Rowena comes up with for Sam! I really hope Rowena makes it through this season. I don’t need to see her all the time by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d like to think she’s still out there.

The plan played out well…until the end bit...then it didn’t. I thought Rowena was still playing both sides when she found Amara, but of course that was her part in the scheme. I loved Crowley smoking out red and joining the fight. Dean’s horror at Sam taking the mark, and Sam rightly pointing out that Dean said Sam would have to be the one to take Amara down because Dean said wouldn’t be able to. The conflict of knowing Sam was right while not wanting it to happen and having zero time to discuss it or come up with another option and so having to agree with something he would never normally agree to, was etched all over Dean’s face! These boys and their being heroes left and right business! I have a feeling that might not be the end of that conversation – even if we are party to seeing it. 

And when everything went pearshaped, Lucifer being yanked out of Cas and briefly becoming Mark Pellegrino in Nick’s clothes and all, was bloody brilliant. I’m not sure if Lucifer is dead or back in the cage, but I’m glad Cas is back.

I’m still super suspicious of God (maybe that’s just me!), in that I think this plan of his may have all been part of a bigger plan. Telling Dean humanity would have to step up, that he and Sam are the firewall between dark and light, couldn’t have been for no reason. Maybe God knew all along he couldn’t defeat Amara – or maybe he just didn’t want to. 

Interestingly, when Dean says he can’t kill Amara God says, maybe that’s because he didn’t want to. But if Dean wants to, could he? What if all of this was to get Dean to a place where he was full force focused on getting rid of her one way or another. I think he’s in a very different mind set now, and if it’s about saving the world and everyone he loves – now that Amara has put the end game well and truly on the table – well we all know how the Winchesters roll. The show has been pointing towards Dean all season, no matter what he believes his abilities around her are, he can resist her, he has proven that. Maybe now, with no other choices at hand, he’ll realise that he can do it, because that’s the only option and the Winchesters are used to being the only option

So we’re set up for a pretty big showdown. Amara vs The Winchesters and their raggedy bunch of supernatural Avenger misfits! If Amara’s brother dies, she dies and takes all of Creation with her; I don’t think she cares anymore… 

I’m pretty terrified by the overarching storyline around sacrifice, as well as the rebirth of the saving people, all the people, above all and anyone else thing. And of course, there was that respecting each other’s decisions thing…which I’m pretty sure, push shove, neither brother is onboard with.

I’m getting ready for end of season 9 level feels – but you never know with this show what they’re going to pull out at the last moment. I saw that the Js said that the finale was written after everyone knew they were locked for a season 12, and it sets up something cool and interesting for the new season. But I’ve learned in the past that their cool and interesting is generally my heartbreak! Yeah real cool and interesting guys, *rocks back and forth in the corner*.

So…is God truly mostly dead? Will Amara be locked up or killed. If God and Amara both die, what does that mean for all of us? If Amara gets locked up, where will the Mark of Cain go (NOT ON SAM) and if she does get locked up, will she be alone? Will there be anyone else in this fight that we don’t see coming (my money is on, yes), will all our players survive (not counting the Winchesters because we know they’ll survive eventually), where does Billie fit into all this – because you know she does, will we have the brothers separated again (noooooo please nooooo). Will I be able to stop crying at the end? OH SHIT…GUYS…IT’S THE FINALE NEXT WEEK!


In memory of Donatello’s soul…we never got to know ya!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Thinky Thoughts and Theories on 11x22 "We Happy Few"

-by Anna

As I began reading posts, I had begun to notice that the title of this episode seems to describe the fandom more than it does the episode.  I've been reading a lot of negativity towards this episode, more than I would've thought to be honest. Now of course this is a safe zone, one where we come to read about the positive, especially after swimming in all the negativity and my post is a positive one. I will say this much coming from a neutral standpoint, I can understand and see where most of their frustrations lie. As much as my perspective is positive, I will admit that I had higher expectations given where we are at and who penned it. We didn't get half the amount of emotion that I truly had expected and in all honesty, the episode was rather confusing. Then again, I have a different way of looking at things, so the things that bothered so many didn't really bother me. I guess the way I see it, is from an entirely different perspective....but then again, that's pretty much standard.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on the OMG IT'S THE PENULTIMATE (who says penultimate) EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL SEASON 11 - 11x22 "We Happy Few"

-by sweetondean

dem bow legs!

Yep. We have just 2 episodes left in season 11....

(Me basically. For the next week!)

Only 2 episodes...count 'em...

I repeat.

Yes...we have 2 episodes left this season and SO MUCH TO GET DONE! There are so many characters in play. We have God (who is now an actual, physical character in this whack-a-do show!), Lucifer, the Darkness - AKA Amara, Crowley, Crowley's mum Rowena, and of course our dynamic duo, the wonderful Winchester brothers.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Supernatural Think Tank - Thinky Thoughts on 11x21 All in the Family

 -by Anna 

I have always seen Supernatural as "the big picture" type of story.  I've postulated on many a post that everything happens for a reason.  I've most recently noted that Chuck/God is not disappointed and disillusioned with humanity, that He, on the contrary, has always been about protecting it.

I remember writing a post in the recent past which I had theorised that God had known, since the moment Lucifer betrayed him and the Mark was transferred to a human, to Cain, that Amara's release was inevitable. God couldn't or wouldn't  kill his sister, so trapping her was his only other option. He'd entrusted Lucifer with the key, but Lucifer betrayed God and was corrupted by the Mark.  Lucifer then gave the Mark to Cain.  Still God tried to protect his creation, by declaring Cain not to be killed, as a matter of fact, Cain had become immortal. Yet still, this wasn't foolproof that Amara would stay locked away.  So Chuck/God came up with Plan W....the Winchesters.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Supernatural Review - 11x21 All in the Family

- by sweetondean

First up, I'd like to apologise as this is probably going to be a bit brief – as some of you know I had a little bit of an accident the other day and got conked on the head by a big lump of tree and ended up getting a few stitches in my noggin! Last night my eye started swelling and is now all swollen and black! Yay me! So it’s all a bit uncomfortable and weird… But it was an important episode, so I did want to write something…


I was commenting on my Facebook today that as I see show after show cancelled after 2 or 3 seasons, I marvel at the fact that our show is about to head into its 12th season. But then, I really don’t…because of the complex stories, and mind blowing performances that we are privileged to share in, like those in All in the Family. What show has God show up? A God that doesn’t seem to have all the answers and a God whose grand plan for fixing things is most definitely flawed. What show has one of its lead characters confront God and question his judgement and commitment to the human race with a powerfully, heartbreaking speech? Our show, our show does that! 

Okay…obviously I’m jumping right to Dean and Jensen!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 11x21 "All in the Family"

-by sweetondean

3 episodes left in the season and shit is getting extremely real! Like really, real! Really, really real! Are we scared or excited? Or scarcited? Or excscared?



Also Amara wants to destroy the world and everything and everyone on it...except for Dean...she just wants to live happily ever after with Dean. Just the two of them...forever...I mean we know...Dean Winchester...sure...BUT STILL!