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Looking Back at the First Ever Supernatural DenverCon

-by Elizabeth

I am so excited to write this recap for Supernatural DenverCon. I am a born and raised Wyomingite (from Wyoming USA, for our international readers) but all of my family is from Denver, Colorado. I grew up going to Denver frequently and currently live very close. I have always wanted a Supernatural convention in Denver and had asked (maybe begged) for one for years. You can imagine my excitement last September when they announced a convention for Denver! I bought tickets that same day. 14 months later it was FINALLY here!! 

All of the other conventions that I have done are the larger ones that Creation holds. Denver, in comparison, was much smaller and much more intimate. Even Richard and Rob mentioned that the first day. Also, because it was the first time on the convention circuit, Denver had a majority of first-time con attendees. The excitement and anticipation was high and tangible the whole weekend. 

A neat feature at the hotel was that the vendor area sat in the middle of an indoor courtyard that the hotel room balconies looked down into. Creative fans decorated their balconies so that you could see it from the floor.
photo by Elizabeth


Friday had one of the latest start times I’ve had at a convention. We didn’t kick off until 2pm. It was because there was a smaller guest list so we only had two panels. Rich and Louden Swain kicked the weekend off with their normal intros. This time the two running jokes were the extremely high elevation of Denver which made all of them short of breath. And then Colorado is one of two states in the U.S. who has legalised marijuana and so, of course, that was a very popular running joke. They even did Rules and Regulations in a “high” state of mind, LOL. 

Gil McKinney was the first panel up. It struck me again during this panel how cool it is to see how much this show has impacted the actor’s lives as well as the fans. Gil did 2 episodes of Supernatural (not even an arc) and yet I can’t even imagine what our SPNFamily would be like without him. He rediscovered his love of singing and even moved to New York to try and pursue a career with it. Gil promised us a “PG....13 panel” as he put it. He said he appreciated the SPN crowds at convention because they got his jokes and even took it a step further! He said at other show’s conventions nobody gets his jokes! 

Osric was up next with his “tall man” shoes. Apparently after cosplaying as Jared a couple cons before, he was so in love with the feeling of being tall that he googled “tall man shoes” and found a whole store! He quickly bought a pair and is wearing them all the time. Rob was sad because he was now shorter than Osric. 

As per tradition, my friend Tara and I did a photo op with Louden Swain on Friday. These are quickly becoming one of my favourite con traditions. We wanted to do a band picture with us popping out from behind them. The guys in Louden Swain are so relaxed and unrushed in their photo ops. They visit with you and they are all so huggable. We told them our idea for the picture and they loved it. I happened to be behind Billy when we lined up and he kept leaning backwards towards me. I had no idea what he was doing until he found my head and leaned against it. Chris snapped the pic and we all did another round of hugs. When we picked up our photo op later we just laughed and laughed! It was such a great photo :D

photo by Chris Schmelke
We went to karaoke that night. It was a bunch of fun. My favourite part of karaoke is watching how much other people enjoy it. I was sitting with Tara and my friend Kristen who was volunteering for the weekend and so we chatted and caught up while watching all the fun shenanigans. 


Saturday morning opened bright and early with an excellent back to back panel set. First up was Sebastian Roche. Sebastian’s panels are always a screaming hoot and wildly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. He came on stage all dressed up nicely in a handsome sweater and by the end of the panel he was down to his v-neck t-shirt with his sweater stuck on his head like an Egyptian headdress. He did manage to answer 3 questions this time!

Tahmoh was up next. His first question out of the gate was a guy asking if he could help him propose to his girlfriend. Tahmoh was SO giddy about it. He brought the guy up on stage and had him propose there. It was rather sweet. Throughout the rest of the panel, Tahmoh just kept bringing it back up. Tahmoh talked a lot about his new passion of meditation and his work with Zen4Minds.

Tahmoh reacting to a fan proposing to his girlfriend
picture by Elizabeth

Gil & Osric were up next with their duo panel but we left because we had photo ops with Clif! FUN STORY: In Vancouver this summer, Clif was chatting with us in an autograph line and people kept coming up to him to take pictures. After about the third or fourth person, I said “Clif! You need your own photo op!” He laughed at me and said “Nobody really wants a photo op with me.” I chuckled, saying “Obviously that isn’t true.” When I got to Denver and they had added a Clif photo op I said “This was my idea!!” When I walked up for my photo, I said “Clif, I told you that you needed your own photo op in Vancouver this summer and you laughed at me!” He threw back his head laughing and said “I KNOW!! I thought of that when they came up with this idea!” 

I had a Meet&Greet with Tahmoh again in Denver. Anyone who knows me knows that I was (and still am) a HUGE Battlestar Galactica fan. Helo (Tahmoh’s character on BG) was my all-time favourite. I literally ran around the house SCREAMING when he was cast on Supernatural. It was like the best of both worlds! Many BG alumni have had roles on SPN but this one was by far my favourite. Anywho...I digress. Tahmoh talked about skiing (he is from the Yukon in Canada) and delved more into his Zen4Minds connection. He also told us many of the neat things to do if we ever were around his hometown in Canada. Tahmoh is a big history buff so he always laces his stories with the historical significance of people and places. As a history major and a librarian myself, I always eat those stories up.

We had three more panels in the afternoon. R2M (Richard, Rob and Matt Cohen) was unusually serious this time. There was still laughter and shenanigans but the highlight of the panel was Richard’s story about his character on Band of Brothers. He was doing research on him and his family for the role and ended up making this huge impact and connection with the real life family. If you can find a video of Richard telling this story, please do it. It is so beautiful and heartwarming and will make you reach for tissues, I guarantee it. 

Mark S. panel is a great time as always. Mark wanders the audience and speaks with fans in the back of the room and with kids and generally gives everyone a hard time. But Mark has serious love and respect for the fandom family of Supernatural. He always ends his panel with a shout out to us and the passion that we display that keeps them going and enjoying what they do. 

Misha’s panel was craziness as always. He normally gets fun, out-of-the-box questions from the audience. Misha is a very smart guy and I love when he gets questions that bring that out in him. This time, he was asked the question “Why do you think this is a male dominated show and why when a woman does gets on the show she is usually killed off?” Misha has such a well thought out answer. He said that from the beginning this show has been about a brotherhood. Not many shows attempt (or successfully achieve) this kind of storyline. Starting with the actual Winchester brothers, this storyline envelopes characters along the way that weave themselves in with the brotherhood narrative. Key examples being Castiel, Crowley, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, Kevin, Garth, Benny, Jody, Donna etc. This isn’t a romantic tale (in the dramatic sense). The story has never resonated correctly when that has been the focus (i.e. Lisa & Amelia). Misha said that our storyline almost rises above the male/female line and exerts the theme of a brotherhood regardless of gender. Beings fighting for a cause and for the good of themselves and others. Plus everyone dies on the show, male or female :D 

Tara and I had 5 autographs lines to get through before heading to dinner with some of my family in the area. As the autographs started, we had 40 minutes before we needed to be at the restaurant. Luckily we were in Row B so with that, and some creative line finagling, we did 5 auto lines in 35 minutes. We were mighty impressed with ourselves as we headed to dinner.


As always, this is my favourite part of a Supernatural convention. (well besides J hugs...duh!) But this night truly embodies what it is like to be apart of the Supernatural family. It is pure love, talent, inclusion, openness and honesty with some damn good music thrown in. Louden Swain is so talented and they bring out the best of talent from the SPN cast, family & friends as well as Creation event staff. I love the moment each time when Chris Schmelke hops up on stage to play the bass. 

A couple highlights: • Gil and Osric singing “When I See You Again” from Furious 7. That song is so raw. • Robbie singing “She Waits” written about his mother. I will never not cry when he sings that song. • “Seven Bridges Road” with Louden Swain and Richard. • And the end when every person comes out on stage and sings “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends” It gives me chills every time.

Mark Sheppard on the drums during SNS
picture by Elizabeth


Sunday opened early with the J2 Gold panel. Jared and Jensen laughed that they were already winded when they got on stage because of the altitude and the day hadn’t even started yet! LOL! Jared said they had been asking to come to Denver for years and were very excited to finally be here (ME TOO!). This was the first convention after the episode Baby (11.04) had aired so they immediately wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts. The boys just gushed about the episode. It was obvious that this episode had a really special place in their hearts.

After the J panel it is always a rush of photos. Watching people come in and out of photo lines and in and out of the theatre as their numbers are called is so special. The effect that Jared and Jensen have is like no other. They are touchstones. All my photo ops were wonderful, unique moments. I rarely share what happens because it is something that I like to keep close. But I will share one moment. 

We had a Meet and Greet with Jensen so we were in the very front of the line for Jared’s photo ops. I find myself being very time conscious when in J ops because they have so many people to get through. I had two ops with Jared so when I walked up I told him that (so I wouldn’t just walk away after one...I have done that before!) He chuckled and said “We will get to that. First, it is good to see you again! How are you??” I never assume to be remembered from con to con, there are so many faces that they see so I was rather shocked (and very pleased!) I said “I am well! So glad you are here in Denver! This is my hometown so it was nice not to have to travel far this time.” He said he was excited and said that is why he likes DallasCon so much too. He grabbed me close for a hug and Chris took the picture. I went to tell him my pose idea for the second picture and he interrupted me and “OH! I want your opinion on this new AKF design! What do you think??” (He was wearing the hoodie with the design.) I said I absolutely LOVED it and it was my favourite design so far. He got all giddy and bounced saying “I know!! It is my favourite too! I am so excited for this one!” The volunteer was like “Jared...” He winked and said “Okay babe, what’s your pose?” I told him and we did it. As I thanked him and walked away he grabbed my arm and pulled me back for a hug. 

This was the first time that I had the opportunity to do Jensen’s Meet & Greet. I was over the moon excited! Jensen talked all about the show so I will share some bits and pieces from it. He spoke a lot about Baby. He said that he knew the short shorts weren’t going to be in the shot during the car wash scene but the script said Dean was wearing them so he dug up a pair of very short shorts (he got up and demonstrated how short they were LOL). He said after they got the shots they needed it turned into a big water fight and they were all dancing around soaking wet (Please Chuck let that be on the gag reel). 

Somebody asked if they would ever really take SPN on the road and actually film them solving cases. Jensen said that is really just a pie in the sky dream as that would be much too expensive to actually pull off. Someone else mentioned getting the car across the border. Jensen mentioned the car is coming across the border eventually because he will be driving it home to his garage at some point. Then he demonstrated “fleeing the border” in Baby with a devilish grin. 

At one point he was talking about his reverse-180 stunt in Baby. He had taken her on two test runs during lunch with Todd (his stunt double) to kind of get used to the feel of doing that spin. Then after lunch he and the actress got in the car for take 1 (she didn't know he had practised) and she looks over at him and said "Uh, you have done this before, right?" Jensen said he looked over and with a completely straight face said "Now is not the time to be asking me that." The whole room burst out laughing and without even thinking I said "You’re a big meany!" He grinned at me and said "I KNOW!!!"

He also asked if we could tell which shots were Sam & Dean and which shots were he and Jared in the Night Moves scene in Baby. We guessed that the whole “hands off the wheel/you’re not looking at the road” was he and Jared. He said yes the whole shot from that angle was all Jared and Jensen. Which kind of gave me warm fuzzies that Jared and Jensen driving in Baby is identical to Sam and Dean driving around in Baby. *FEELS*

Mark Pellegrino was up next in the theatre. Mark is such a joy to watch on stage. He has a remarkable presence. For all the characters that he plays in television who usually have deep, dark sides, Mark is just a loveable guy. He has this fun habit of bringing people up on stage with them while they ask their question. 

Jared and Jensen’s main panel followed Mark. It is really hard for me to remember things that they talked about in their panels. I think I just get so enthralled watching them and listening to them that I forget to actually pay attention to what they are saying. I am so very grateful for fans who record their panels because I always have to go back and rewatch them to remember.
photo by Elizabeth
All in all, DenverCon lived up to my amazing expectations. To see all of my SPNFamily recharges me. We have truly found something magical in this that I hope we never forget. 

Thank you for joining me for another convention recap. I really enjoy being able to relive the weekend through these posts. Thanks to Tara for being my con buddy for the weekend. Thanks to Amy for giving me an outlet to squee :D See you all on the flipside!

P.S. Special shout out to Chris Schmelke, without whom all of the greatest moments of the conventions would only live in our minds. Chris gives us a way to treasure the moments time and time again. He is an invaluable member of our Supernatural family. I would encourage you to make a point to thank him for all he does if you ever attend a Creation SPN convention.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review - Supernatural Episode 11x07 "Plush" - Count on us.

-by sweetondean

Creepy. Creeeeeeeepy. C.R.E.E.P.Y! YIKES! Don’t cha just love it when Supernatural reminds you that it’s a horror show!

“Plush” was an honest to goodness, old school ghost hunt, complete with creeptastic masks and a nice amount of gore…and being Supernatural, an underlying message about the damage lack of trust and crippling fear can do. It was no coincidence the camera lingered a little on Dean during the sister’s speech…and not just for the pretty…though the pretty was OFF THE CHARTS. Really Sam and Dean, do you have to get better looking with EACH episode? Oh, you do? Okay then. I’ll try and cope! The sacrifices I make! 

We had a murderous bunny, a killer school mascot and a clown pulled straight from Sam Winchester’s nightmares. I love that Sam is scared of clowns. Love it. Clowns are indeed horrific, but it’s more that this tough assed hunter, who has taken down Lucifer and all manner of freakishly terrifying things, is frightened of…clowns. It’s kind of adorable! Jared did such a great job at looking completely wigged out when that clown came into the lift! And even though this was the first traditional monster of the week episode of the season, it was still bookended with scenes that tied through to the season mythology, and was laced with a message that reflects where the brothers are at with their individual trails and tribulations, something that has haunted their relationship in the past; those old chestnuts, trust and fear. 

You know, I think I sigh a little every time we have a scene that reflects how the bunker has become a true home to Sam and Dean. I’m so glad they have this space, which is relatively safe from outside influences and where they can relax, or bone up on lore, or watch Speed 2, or whatever.

I loved opening after the teaser on Sam praying…though close the door sweetie if you don’t want your brother to see! I do love that Sam has this faith and that this faith has been a constant for him since we found out he prayed in season 2’s “Houses of the Holy. I do love that Sam has held on to his faith through everything that he’s been put through, and is reaching out, trying to make sense of the messages he’s receiving. But I can’t say I’m sold on the whole this is God speaking thing just yet. Not yet.

I’m guess I’m sceptical like Dean. In fact, I’m of the Dean Winchester, screw destiny right in the face, school. I don’t look at the long list of amazing achievements that the Winchesters have accomplished and see God’s hand in every little bit of them, guiding them, or assisting them. I see the Winchester’s hands in all these things, and I feel like attributing God to having been there in all things, looking out for them somehow diminishes their whopping achievements. 

Dean is pissed at God. He feels that God turned His back on humanity when He let the inmates from upstairs, run the damn asylum. He doesn’t think God gives a damn anymore, and unless God makes His presence truly known somehow, I can’t see how that opinion will change. The fact that God has not shown Himself when the Apocalypse raged, or those pesky Leviathan ran riot, or any of the angel crap that the Winchesters have been knee deep in for seasons now… well, I think Dean feels well and truly let down.

He told the priest in the confessional in “Paint it Black, “I believe there is a God. But I'm not sure He believes in us.” That smacked of such disappointment. And I think that’s what a lot of Dean’s hostility towards God is rooted in. Where as Sam still has faith, Dean is just plain disappointed. Ever since Joshua told them that God didn’t think the Apocalypse was His problem, Dean has felt disappointed and more importantly, abandoned by The Man Upstairs. 

I do think Dean would like to believe God cares. He’s angry, and that anger demonstrates one thing for sure, Dean cares that apparently God doesn’t. So I don’t think he’d turn his back on God if it became clear God was helping the brothers. I think that’s an important distinction and important to note. 

So maybe if we find out that these messages are from God that will change Dean’s perspective. But having the story definitively tell us that the visions are from God, bringing God into the story in such a visible way, would be a massive play on behalf of the show. They’ve always steered away from clearly showing God’s involvement, cleverly putting Him on a permanent vacay, so they don’t have to write The Big Guy. Hinting at His involvement, allowing characters to speculate, but never confirming it outright. If they do go down the God road, it’ll be a ballsy move for sure! Until then, I sit on the fence. I don’t know who or what these visions are coming from, God or someone representing God, or someone less benevolent… I’m still stuck on the “I never could fool you, could I?” line from Not!John I really don’t think those words were coming from God or a God representative. I wish Sam would ponder those words a bit… One thing I do know though; Dean’s “Don’t count of God, count on us.” is right on the money. That’s where the Winchesters’ strength always lies. With each other.

This week’s story revolved around a vengeful spirit, who was wrongly accused of the worst of crimes, and then (accidentally) killed by his friends because of that. The spirit attached itself to creepy assed masks, which the ghost had used when he was kid’s performer…which gave us a bunch of fabulous visuals, bad wabbit jokes, and Sheriff Donna!

Donna is a delight. Right from the get go, when we first met her sharing messy donuts with Dean, she’s been an absolute delight. Her colloquial language and brightness is a breath of fresh air…even if she was tough on New!Doug. New!Doug…that was pretty funny. Donna’s kickass, can take care of herself and is now a fully-fledged hunter! 

What I like about Donna is that she can be all these things, but is still allowed to have insecurities and be honest and open about them without appearing weak. We know that she’s had a bad relationship, and like most people, has been scared by that. We know she worries about her weight. I think she’s a female character that a lot of us can relate to, because despite being rocking at her job, she still has a tendency to not rate herself. But that’s not written in a way that makes her seem powerless, but written in away that makes her human. She can be a sheriff and a woman, with everything that comes with both of those things. I love her and love that she’s written in such a way that I feel like I could be her. Briana does a wonderful job with Donna…and DONNA LIVES! So we get to enjoy her again down the track! And she’s a hugger…like Jodi. WHO CAN BLAME THEM.

As I said earlier, this being Supernatural, the creepy monster of the week episode, was a metaphor for what is currently going on between the brothers. Their relationship and their issues being reflected back at them is how the Winchesters often learn. They live in this little bubble…mostly just with each other, and if they need to talk something through, they’ve pretty much just got their brother to turn to…and you don’t always want to discuss everything with your brother! So having these moments, where we get to see the Winchesters hear their story, or their problems represented through the case of the week, is important for them and us.

The moral here was, the sister of the ghost Chester, was too scared to ask her brother if what was being said about him, was true. She should have trusted her brother, but also trusted herself to be able to deal with whatever the answer was. But instead she was crippled by fear of the truth and that fear and lack of all around trust, led to her brother’s accidental death at the hands of his accusers.

Dean is terrified of what’s going on between him and the Darkness. He doesn’t understand it and he’s too scared to talk about it, because not only does that make it real, but he probably thinks it will make Sam look at him differently…like a diseased killer puppy.

But I think there’s so much more than just fear going on here. The Darkness was brought about because Dean needed to be cured of the Mark of Cain, and yet here we are, Darkness on Earth, Dean Mark of Cain free…and yet it’s still ruling his world. Dean feels shame over the whole Mark of Cain, becoming a demon and hanging with Crowley thing. He’s said he wishes he could go back and make a different choice when it came to Cain. He’s said he’s embarrassed that the demon thing happened to him. He lost control and he lost himself when he had the Mark of Cain. Now here he is, after everything that Sam went through to cure him, after everything Dean went through, he still might not be able to control who he is or what he does.

Dean is frightened of what this bond means, of his inability to assert himself in the presence of the Darkness. That she can exert this kind of control over him. Is he going to go dark again? Is he going to end up helping her against his will? Will he ever be free from the effects of the Mark? Can you just imagine everything that’s swirling in his mind and his gut right now? Fear, guilt, self-doubt, shame. I want to hug him.

Of course…here’s where the crippled by fear, need to trust in your brother thing comes in. Dean’s too scared to face the truth of what this bond might mean, he no longer trusts himself to be himself around the Darkness…and he isn’t trusting in Sam enough to be open with him. Dean is a typical Dean mess. 

The Winchesters are two different men, totally different. It’s what makes them so damn compelling and what makes their relationship so damn compelling. Even though they’re each other’s most important person, they’re both epically good at keeping secrets from each other. But Sam has always been more prone to wearing his feelings on his sleeve. For the most part, he speaks about his fears and dreams and feelings. He’s more open to expressing these things and tends to externalise what’s eating him up. Where as Dean keeps everything inside, his fears, his hurt, his doubt, his guilt, his insecurities; he locks it all in until it (usually) comes out in an explosion of rage or sometimes tears…or a single tear *sigh*. These habits are hard to break, regardless of “we’re stronger together” or “count on us”. You don’t change who you are or how you were raised overnight.  No matter how much we want that change to happen... I long ago stopped judging Sam and Dean.

Dean is as paralysed by his fear of what this bond with the Darkness means. That is the art of what she’s done to him, she’s got into his head as much as anything else. But like so many before her, she’s underestimated Dean and more importantly, Sam and Dean. Don't you dare think, Darkness, that there is anything, past or present, that Dean would put in front of Sam! Dean pulled himself out of her grasp once because of Sam…and that’s going to happen again, and then it’ll all come out…my bet is in 2 episodes time.

Oh my gosh, my stomach is all churny now! It’s such an epic season.

And then we had the final scene in the car. After what was a super creepy, gory, kind of fun, in that horribly dark Supernatural way, episode, we get that big THE CAGE clanger, when Sam shares with Dean what he thinks his visions are showing him. Close your ears/eyes if you don’t like language, but I came off my high so quick and landed with such a thud that I actually said out loud to absolutely no one “WELL FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, SHOW!” I was suddenly feeling sick to my stomach at where this is all going. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so onboard with the whole cage thing, I’m so onboard with the whole Lucifer and Michael thing…especially Lucifer… but like Dean, it’s a big HELL NO from me to Sam going back to the pit! No Sammy. Just nope.

Dean…channelling me: “Sam, no. No, okay? I don't know if these visions are coming from God or PBS or what. But we been down that road. Anything having to do with that cage is-it's suicide, you of all people know that. So no. Just... not gonna happen.”

It’s so going to happen though isn’t it…my bet is in 2 episodes time. Lucifer is coming. Eeeeeee! LIKE SERIOUSLY… EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Maybe he wants to hang out with his aunty. They could both talk about how mad they are with God… 

Oh my gosh I have a feeling this mid-season finale is going to be a HUM DINGER! I feel sick and excited all in one. How very Supernatural.

“Plush” fit so well into this season’s family business vibe. It was funny and icky and nightmarish and had enough foreboding to freak me out entirely. And if someone doesn’t cosplay as that bloodied bunny at an upcoming con, I’ll be so disappointed! Get on that one for me, fandom…preferably at Vegas, so I can get a photo with the killer wabbit!

Oh my gosh I love this show!


Saturday, 21 November 2015

SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Theories and Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 11x07 "Plush"

-by Anna

When compared to the rest of the season so far, which has been pretty much intense and dare I use the word epic, this episode didn't have that same intensity we've been seeing for the past two months....and I must admit, I was glad. It may not have been exciting, but I found my self to have enjoyed my hour with both the boys and the very refreshing, offbeat Sheriff Donna. I appreciated the lame jokes by both brothers, was in awe of the psychotic rabbit which also amused me in a kind of sick way, and I appreciated the Monster of the Week episode overall for it's original take, daring to touch on a not so pleasant but let's face it, it's out there social/criminal act, with a touch of humour mixed in with a bit of the creepiness. Who could not help but laugh at and feel sympathy at the same time for Sam, stuck in an elevator with a psychotic clown.....Let's just admit folks....clowns are downright creepy...and apparently, clowns kill.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 11x07 "Plush"

-by sweetondean


I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GUY FOR SO LONG! Ever since he popped up in that 2 minute trailer the show released! Look how creepy and awesome he his! I loves him! He's all levels of wrong!

Anyhoo...welcome to the preview for episode 7 of season 11....ONLY 2 EPISODES TO THE MID SEASON FINALE! *whelp*

But before I freak myself out, where are we at in this epic season of epicness!


Dean came face to face with the Darkness again and it did not go well! Will he be able to break the bond thingy? How long before he tells Sam? Could he be a worse liar?! No. Is Dean shitting himself? Yes.

Sam had another vision and it looked like the cage and someone was whispering "Deeeeean"! Was it a Hell memory? Was that Sam's voice. Was it the cage now? Whose fingers were they? Who is sending the visions? Will he tell Dean about this vision? Who knows with these two. Is Sam freaked out? Sure looked that way!

Crowley is over his bromance and is ready to kill Dean whenevs. He also lost the Darkness and now has to listen to boring Hell analysis stats all day. What will be his next move?

Cas got his groove back, found Metatron and beat him senseless. He also got the best ever intel and the Demon tablet. Go Cas!

GOD IS THE DARKNESS' BRO! Oh the issues these two have!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Theories and Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 11x06 "Our Little World"

-by Anna

This has been quite an epic season so far.  In the past, by the time we get to this time of year we've had a few Monster of the Week episodes before we're hit by the big midseason finale.  I have to say, the way this season is going, I'm already in awe of the midseason finale and all we really know about it is that Jared has voted these eps his favourite so far this year. The year we're having so far, I'm utterly peaked with excitement at the mere mention of "mid season" finale.  Thank you Carver for you certainly have been reading the fandom's Holiday wish list.  We fans must have been very good boys and girls this year. 

I really enjoyed this episode.  My twitter response pretty much said it all....WOW.  I will take a minute to salute Beren's and his fantastic script.  I will take this moment to bask in the glory that is Jared and Jensen.  I will hail the director, cast and crew for a beautifully shot episode.  There, done.....now I will ramble on as this ep has indeed filled my head with thinky thoughts.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Review -Supernatural 11x06 "Our Little World"

-by sweetondean

You know, I’m pretty sure a show’s not supposed to get better in its 11th season. Pretty sure. I’m also pretty sure Supernatural doesn’t know this, because the start to season 11 is the strongest start to a season we’ve had for a while. And I know I say that most seasons…but see…it’s getting better! And it’s already AMAZING!

I love every season…and pretty much every episode. But this unrelenting pace, this six episodes in and not one that hasn’t dealt squarely with the season mythology thing is so cool. Even bromantic “Baby” gave us scared monster reveals and visions staring Matt Cohen as who know what. I freakin’ love it. Love it. I’m so excited about every aspect of this season’s mythology. It’s so massively EPIC. I mean…GOD’S SISTER? That’s BIG…like big bang big!

“Our Little World” left me all twitchy and excited and wanting to talk about our show in the best possible way. Everyone was in it. We were jumping from Crowley and Amara, to the Winchesters, to Cas and Metatron and it kept ramping up and up, and the scenes got shorter and shorter, and the pace got more frenetic and that music drone got more foreboding and by the time the episode finished I was sitting, quite literally on the edge of my bed, gobsmacked and feeling, well…incredibly nervous. Yep, I’d say nervous is about how I was feeling.

I love Amara. I love the mystery of her. I love how she’s growing like a weed. I love that she looked at that older girl, Goldie and said she wanted to be like her, sucked her soul and became the same age, taking her clothes and boots. It was almost like she was thinking like a normal girl, when you’re young and you look at someone older and wish you were older just like them, or cool just like them, or had their clothes. Of course how Amara obtains all of that is nasty! But doesn’t come across as evil. She’s not outright, evil, just as she’s not good. She’s neither thing. She’s simply focused on her goal. She actually reminds me of how Supernatural wrote Lucifer. Not your typical Devil. Not all brim and firestone. Lucifer just wanted what he wanted and went about what he had to in order to get it, in a kind of calm way. He had a goal, and pursued it. That’s how Amara is coming across to me, and I like it a lot. She’s a slow burn and that’s helluva interesting.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 11x06 "Our Little World"

-by sweetondean

I feel like Dean Winchester is trying to kill me this season...please see above for evidence of my attempted murder.....

Anyhoo...hello preview! It's episode 6 of the season...IT'S ALL HAPPENING TOO FAST! Oh my gosh, we're only a few episodes away from the mid season finale! Slow down stupid time!

Okie dokie (I like me, I said okie dokie) where we at?


Sam and Dean discovered what Amara aka The Darkness aka Evil Tween, is growing like a weed...a really nasty weed, and scarfing down souls! Binge soulling you could say. Or not.


It's pay back time! 
Sam and Dean are ready to take down Amara! (Probably not)
Cas is ready to to take down Metatron! (Probably not)
Crowley is still being a creepy, weird Uncle from Hell! (Most definitely)
Dean will tell Sam about the bond! 

Here's how I think it's going to go down.

Sam's going to be like this....

While this is happening...

Okay...before I do this whole preview in memes...which would be an interesting challenge, and one I may have to attempt some time...here is this week's synopsis!