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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - 12x18 The Memory Remains

The Memory Remains

Opening words

Here we are are again. The Memory Remains was a myth arc filled MOTW that felt very old school. I got to hand it to them, the broment in the end was great. No, it was more than that. It was awesome! The story was simple at a first glance but in the end it turned out to be pretty complex. It was also an ominous episode. The BMoL, Ketch, and the boys thinking about their legacy gave me goosebumps. It is not unusual to feel like this when the finale is closing in but I feel like some huge trouble is ahead. I fear for the Winchesters and everyone they hold dear. I hope they and we will survive what ever is coming!

Now, lets move on.


Title:                The Memory Remains
Episode:           12.18
First aired:       April 13, 2017
Directed by:     Phil Sgriccia
Written by:      John Bring
Monster:           Moloch
Location(s):      Tomahawk, Wisconsin, Lebanon, Kansas


Remember how how it ends in horror movies for teenager/s out in the woods alone/with someone at night? Yup, same happens here. A bunch of teenagers are spending the night outside by a campfire. Among them are Jared and Daryn. Of course with couples being there - the situation continues to heat up so Jared chooses to bail. He finds a backpack full of money and when he falls for the trap, he gets tied to a tree. A goat headed monster arrives and hits him with a wooden sledgehammer. Daryn sees it all.

Castiel is still MIA when Dean walks the corridors of the bunker and trying to contact him. Sam has had no luck with the Prince of Hell research. They get an email from "Mick" about the case in Wisconsin. The town has a dark history because for 20 years one person went missing each year until 1997. It seems what ever monster did it is now back.

We find out that all this was a plan though to get the boys out of the bunker by Mr. Ketch. So, when the boys leave in come the BMoL. Ketch orders them to find out everything about the boys so they go through the bunker. They totally invaded the privacy of the boy's home and items. That freaked me out. And hands off The Colt ya'll, it belongs with the boys. Ketch's team also plant a listening device in the bunker. Ketch finds Dean's old photo of Dean and Mary and steals it. RUDE! And the creep factor went to 100 with that.

And in Wisconsin the creep factor continues when the sheriff is stuffing animals. (Yes, I have seen Psycho. I see what you did there show). He is not being helpful at all and suggests that the kid Jared probably ran away. The Winchesters leave empty handed until they go to question Daryn and he has another story to tell to them about the monster he calls "Black Bill" who took Jared.

They head out to a diner and while Dean checks out the waitress the brothers talk about the local urban legend of Black Bill. Dean leaves Sam to his research, as he already has worked out how to kill it -  The Colt. Dean hooks up with the waitress. The next morning, after Dean has eaten Sam's healthy breakfast, the boys head off to investigate as they discover Daryn is also now missing. 

The Winchesters head to the meat plant. The boss seems mighty friendly when he tells them that the plant is owned by Sheriff Bishop and his family, who run the whole show in town. It is creepy that Daryn was fighting for his life close by and Sam and Dean never knew it. He is in the freezer and whatever is after the people in their town is in there with him. When we get back to the boys it seems that every victim has worked for the meat plant. They head out to the Bishop house.

You know, I was afraid of the dark when I was young and this episode hit it out of the park with the old school darkness and mood. They find a locked basement door, Yikes! And of course they need to open it to check it out. They head down the butterfly filled stairs to a sunny and beautiful meadow. I'm kidding of course because the cellar is dark and gloomy murder nightmare with old blood stains.

The sheriff arrives and Dean "asks" him kindly to tell the whole story. His family is rich because they made a literal deal with a god they starved in the basement, feeding it for reward. Only thing the God of Sacrifice Moloch wanted was blood, ick... Black Bill was just a disguise for their father murdering people which ended when he died. The sheriff tried to make amends after that and he locked Moloch in the basement. But of course, the god is missing and the hunt continues. They hear some noise upstairs and Dean checks it out. Pete is there and he knocks Dean over the railing, and knocks him out, and locks Sam and the sheriff in the basement.

Pete is half brother to Barry and he decided to continue the family "legacy". Pete had simpler and rougher life so he sounds jealous and resentful against Barry and the rest of his family. Pete didn't like his half-brother, the sheriff selling all their wealth and was looking for things to take in the manor. When he was there he found Moloch. Dean is his next victim and he locks him up in the freezer with the beast. Sam and Barry are not far behind and they get Pete down. Sam saves Dean with The Colt while he played cat and mouse with Moloch in the freezer. The sheriff says he will clean up the mess and the brothers leave.

Sam and Dean return to the bunker and then we get a scene of the ages when they think about their legacy and what they will leave behind. Lets not think about how ominous and foreboding this scene might be too! It felt like a series finale last scene talk. They decide to carve their initials on the table and I am crying goo on the floor while we get that moment and flashbacks as they carved same initials on the Impala as children.

After that they call to Mick to report back but he's not the one that answers. Ketch is in charge and Mick has been sent back to London. When they end the call Ketch is still listening and he doesn't seem to like Dean's opinion about him. He also stares that picture on Mary he stole, and cue for creeping me out again!


For the characters there was not one that particularly stood. The brothers outdid themselves like usual. but even more so with the last scene!  Even though I think Ketch is a creep the actor who plays him and the character are both great. One is hilarious on twitter and the other cold hearted bad guy...and pretty great as that. I just wonder if there is more to Ketch than him to be a psychopathic serial killer. Maybe he is Asmodeus that is still hiding somewhere? Or maybe Asmodeus is one of the "Old men" we are told about.

The rest of the characters were all good in the short amount of time they were on screen. The sheriff was good as good guy - bad guy - good guy, and his brother was, well, the real monster of the story. His lunacy just added to the story of Moloch. I really did feel for the victims even if we got even smaller glimpse at them. The panic with both was tangible when their end came. Black Bill itself was just a decoy to blind us from the real monster/s.

Here is the full list of characters:

Arthur Ketch
Pete Garfinkle
Sheriff Barrett Bishop Jr.
Daryn Boston
Jared Hayes
British Men of Letters Spy
Black Bill
Sacrifice Kid

Set design

With the glimpses of the familiar bunker and BMoL headquarters we also got a few nice Set designs and few creepy ones. First one that was new is the small sheriff department room with the stuffed animals. Otherwise it would have been cosy but stuffed animals give me the creeps. Luckily we got to see the diner next and that was colourful and had a warmth about it. The diner also had the familiar sunburst-clock on the wall that has been on Supernatural many years. Only thing I don't really like about it is the hospital green painted walls.

The meat plant also gave me the shivers. I mean usually it wouldn't have, but this is Supernatural and well the victim is soon seen in the meat fridge with his dead friend! There is always something unusual with plants and how they are after dark. Supernatural has had its fair share of plants so there must be a reason for it. The meat plant was very fitting in that sense. The rooms with hanging meat and the machines that enable their production. Also the suits the plant workers wear to keep it clean reminds me a lot about the Leviathans.

The best and the creepiest was the Bishop house or should we call it a manor? Or was it big enough to be a manor? We even got a Shaving People Punting Things video showing the creepiness of the house. All the furniture is mostly covered in white sheets and there is dust everywhere. Also downstairs is the creepy torture dungeon that actually looks cleaner than it is supposed to. Old houses like that have history and a presence of their own. The most I loved about that set was the wooden stairwell.

Monster of the week

I decided to discuss something new from the last episode as the props and costumes were not that significant this time. The second monster we had in this episode is already known by me from the TV show Sleepy Hollow. Moloch was one scary monster even in it. We also had Black Bill, and Sam suspected the monster to be satyrs. That would have been messy if what Sam told about them was true and btw ew.This is what wikipedia had about the god.

Moloch is the Biblical name relating to a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. The name of this deity is also sometimes spelled Molech, Milcom, or Malcam. The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk "king". There are a number of Canaanite gods with names based on this root, which became summarily associated with Moloch, including Biblical  Malkam "great king" which appears to refer to a god of the Ammonites, as well as Tyrian Melqart and others.

Rabbinical tradition depicted Moloch as a bronze statue heated with fire into which the victims were thrown. This has been associated with reports by Greco-Roman authors on the child sacrifices in Carthage to Baal Hammon, especially since archaeological excavations since the 1920s have produced evidence for child sacrifice in Carthage as well as inscriptions including the term MLK, either a theonym or a technical term associated with sacrifice. In interpretatio graeca, the Phoenician god was identified with Cronus, due to the parallel mytheme of Cronus devouring his children.

Otto Eissfeldt in 1935  argued that mlk was not to be taken as a theonym at all but as a term for a type of fire sacrifice, and that *lฤ•mลlek "as a molk-sacrifice" had been reinterpreted as the name of a Canaanite idol following the Deuteronomic reform under Josiah (r. 640–609 BC). According to Eissfeldt, this 7th-century reform abolished the child sacrifice that had been happening, despite being unacceptable in the Jewish religion."


This week we had a treat of three songs, Prohibition (4th Amendment) by Bongzilla, Music to Watch Girls By by Tony Hatch and Burgers and Fries by Charley Pride and the first one is the one I chose lyrics from.

Officer, leave the room

Skunk #1
White rhino
Purple kush
Black domina
Durban poison
Master kush
Super skunk

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects
Against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrant shall issue
But upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation
And particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized

Here is the short +/- rundown for The Memory Remains:

+ Moloch
+ The Colt
+ Cinematography
+ Creepy!
+ Dean vs Moloch
+ Sam saves the day
+ Story
+ Old school

- BMOL going through the bunker
- Ketch took Dean's Mary&Son picture!
- Cas is missing! ;´(
- Foreshadowing (The season finale will kill us)

-/+ Mr. Ketch

 DW & SW

Now, we will have one week hiatus but see you after that!


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Review: Supernatural 12x18 "The Memory Remains" - by sweetondean

Oh how I loved The Memory Remains. It was like a little horror movie! Creepy and cool and super fun. It was a fantastic monster hunt where once again, the monster was not only a monster, but a human - basically we got a two for one, a monstrous human and the monster he controlled. Yep, who is the greatest monster in this situation - a powerful theme of Supernatural through the seasons, and one so relevant to this year's arc with the British Men of Letters, and the devil baby. I ended up feeling sorry for the poor old god, being locked up and starved so that it would grant its captures wishes. The monstrous human turning the monster into more of a monster than it may have been if left to its own devices. Kinda like that werewolf that Claire came across. 

There was so much to love in this episode, from the super fun dialogue-which was so on point with the brothers' banter, to the creepy sheriff stuffing a ferret (was that a ferret?). The hunt scenes with the torches, which were so much like the early seasons…creeping through a building, torchlight shining into camera lenses. I loved the shot through the goat eyes, the flapping painting plastic, which for some reason will never not make me feel like something awful is about to happen! The slaughterhouse and the meat hanging on hooks in the cool room that Dean had to look around as the god hid from and stalked him. So many familiar and awesome horror tropes! John Bring did such a great job with both the story and the script, giving us tingles in all the right places…both from the scares and from the feels!

ALL OF THE FEELS! This was a broment-a-palooza episode!

I loved that Dean hooked up with the waitress in the diner, and  I loved that she flirted hard back at him, because, um, YEAH! And really - how happy he looked that she finally noticed him! I’ll never quite recover from the loved up, smooshing up against the girl, tie all askew, morning after Dean. Never. Ever. I bet he was all warm and…. oops sorry!

I adored the affection Sam showed Dean, praying his big brother wouldn’t use the worst pickup line in history, and his face when Dean did! Brilliant work by Jared in that scene - saying so damn much whilst saying nothing at all. It’s these little nods to how well the brothers know each other and how they are equal parts amused and exasperated by each other that give me life! I swear Sam, head resting on his hand, grinning like crazy as he looked at Dean’s girl, and happily putting up with hungry as a bear Dean beaming with contentment, made my heart go zing-a-ling. Sam genuinely happy to see his brother genuinely happy made me so, well, genuinely happy! 

I keep reading people saying that they just want more of the brothers, more about the brothers, they just want to see the brothers doing the brotherly feels thing, and I am baffled by this. For me, the strongest part of season 12, a season which I think has been consistently delivering great story, is the brothers and their glorious relationship! We have never before seen them so stronger together, so unified, so trusting of each other, so harmonious. They are talking, sharing, joking, smiling, open and obviously loving and affectionate with each other. This is a season with no big lie (Sam’s brief deception forgiven as I always felt he was working up to being honest), no sword of Damocles hanging over them as one brother prepares to give the ultimate sacrifice, no one brother wanting to get out of the life, no supernatural compulsion threatening them from the inside. This season has been 2 grown men, 2 brothers who have learnt through mistakes and experience that no matter what, their brother always has their back. They’ve learnt and now understand, that this life forced upon them is a life they are both okay with - even if maybe they dream of one day hanging up their guns, they now dream of doing it together. They’ve figured out their place in the world, it may not be about legacy, but it is about saving people and leaving everything a little better for having been here. It’s about 2 brothers sharing in something no one else will ever really understand, a history that has joined them forever in a quest, and created a bond that no matter what happens, no matter who tries, it cannot be broken. It’s about 2 brothers, doing the work, looking out for each other, being emotionally open and available, being respectful, being comfortable enough to let the other call the shots. It’s about small smiles, eye-rolls, teasing, little moments of joy and exasperation that come with knowing someone better than anyone but you could. It’s about walking instep, sitting shoulder to shoulder, talking in “us” and “we”. It’s about remembering who they are and what they mean to each other, and carving that out to leave a mark that means something to them, even if no-one else knows or understands or remembers.

Personally, I don’t need hugs, I need all of this. Thank you Show, for giving me the brothers I’ve always hoped they’d become, for letting them grow up and into their relationship in a real and truthful way. Now please refrain from ripping my heart out because we can’t, and the Winchesters certainly can’t, ever be this happy! Lord…I feel something awful brewing in the wind.

The British Men of Letters infiltration and bugging of the Bunker gave me the weebs. That invasion into the Winchester’s private, personal, safe space felt like the ultimate deception. Jokes aside - and there were some crackers - going through Dean’s draws, stealing his prized photo of Mary, which we know he’s carried with him for so long…all the the nopes in the world can’t cover it. I found myself wondering how long until Dean would notice - or would they notice the bug when Dean goes to put the gun back in its under table holster - because it looked like Ketch put that bug right in front of where Dean pulled the gun from. 

Either way - it will happen, and when it does, the British Men of Letters’ future will be sealed…and I wondered if the Bunker will also be sealed? No longer the haven they once felt it to be, no longer a place they are safe from the world, will the brothers turn off the lights and close the doors? Will they be back on the road, possibly on the run? I couldn’t help but feel like there will be a change of relationship between Sam and Dean and the only home they’ve ever really know outside of Baby. I was filled with sadness at this invasion and what I feel it will mean to the boys. It will go beyond the anger of being spied on. I started to wonder if the homey tones in the Bunker, and all the gorgeous domestic moments this season have been purposefully setting something up. We’ve enjoyed this space since season 8. Will we be saying farewell at the end of season 12? Will the only U.S. Men of Letters left alive, do what the Men of Letters did back in the 50’s and abandon the Bunker, leaving it just as a storage place, but no longer a home? Baby, the Bunker, the Colt, John’s Journal, Dean's amulet have all become objects that have been given personality and a real emotional position in the Winchester’s history. We place importance on them because of what they mean to our boys. The Bunker... has been compromised.

The final scene with the boys discussing their legacy and then carving their initials into the table, just like they did when they were children in Baby - their only other home…lord, how I cried…I have those initials carved into my leg in ink! I love that Dean thought to do this - their history together has always meant so much to Dean - and I love Sam’s soft smile and truly touched face as he watched his big brother etch out those letters, and then hand him the knife for him to do the same. All the feels and all the tears. It was beautiful and amazing and such a great recognition of something so important to those of us that love the Winchesters. But it also felt so horribly ominous…almost like a goodbye…the talk of dying, their legacy, whether any other hunter would live in the Bunker when Sam and Dean are gone. A-Wah! Why can’t we ever have (and keep) nice things! Or maybe I should say, why when we get nice things do we automatically start thinking that not nice things are coming? BECAUSE SUPERNATURAL, THAT’S WHY!

We’ve got a week off guys, then it’s full steam ahead to the finale! I still don’t know where we’re heading, which I like, but also kind of don’t like! 

Hang in there! Thanks for reading

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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 12x18 "The Memory Remains"

Human vs. Monster

There has been a recurrent theme this season and we see it once again in this episode.  The question of the human monster vs. the actual monster.  The MOTW is  Black Bill, who in this case, is actually a god.  This particular god offers one what they want and in return it desires human blood.  We've seen a god similar to this before, back in s1.  In Scarecrow, the Vanir also required sacrifice and in return the town's crops thrived. I do really like the old school feel of our little show this season. I enjoy the blending of the past with the present and I enjoy the call backs to past episodes.  We got that twice in this ep.  Anyhoo, as I was saying before I digressed.....the theme of the human monster.  I think this theme will play a role in how the boys ultimately handle Luci's baby.   The question is somewhat raised again though, as Pete gave his monologue about his family's legacy of hunting people  and killing things, the family business.  The god killed yes, but this was based on it's own survival.  Pete on the other hand was a human, who chose to kill just so he can be rich, for him the basis was greed.  So one can ask, who is the real monster here?   This could also relate to the BMOL as well, or to some of them, like Hess and possibly Ketch as well. The BMOL preach about ridding the world of monsters to make the world a better place.  For some though, this doesn't seem to be the case at all.  For some of them, they kill to retain power.   So who is more the monster in this case?  The BMOL or the monsters they claim they want to rid the world of?  When Sam and Dean discover the truth in regards to the BMOL and their true intent, will they not fight to destroy the human monster just as they would any actual monster?  Unless of course it turns out that an actual monster is in charge of the BMOL.๐Ÿ‘น

The Winchester Legacy vs. Sheriff Legacy

There was a lot of talk between the boys regarding what they believe their legacy to be.  I love that they care enough to want to leave one.  I am so thrilled and in squee mode๐ŸŒ‹ right now  that the boys finally acknowledge all the good that they have done and actually are proud of it.  Long gone are the days of the boys looking at themselves in a negative light, and I'm so very happy about that.๐Ÿ˜  It's about damn time. ๐Ÿ•›  I really liked the parallel of the sheriff's legacy vs. Sam and Dean's.  The sheriff, like Sam and Dean, wants to do right.  He wants to clean up the mistakes and the horror  that his family caused.  He was getting rid of everything, except for the house, which he kept because well, he does have a monster god locked away in his basement.  He even tried to do right by his half brother by leaving him the plant. The sheriff just wants to help people now.  He wants to follow the law, not break it.  He desires to save people, not kill them. The sheriff's legacy, is to try to eradicate his family's legacy.  Sam and Dean on the other hand have always lived by the same credo.  Their legacy has always been hunting things and saving people.  This is their family business.  A business not based on greed, like the sheriff's family, but a business based on love.  I know, they started hunting because Dad needed revenge on the thing that killed their mother.  Still with that, this revenge was based on love.  As much as John sought revenge, he saved every innocent he could along the way.  That legacy now belongs to Sam and Dean.  These boys no longer hunt out of revenge.  They hunt to make the world a safer place.  Their fight is for humanity.  There is no monetary award coming their way.  They will never be wealthy. They will never have parades thrown in their honour.  Still, they will always be rich, rich in love, rich in friends and rich in the knowledge that they meant a lot to so many, even if eventually all those they saved fade away one day.


So many people saw the BMOL bugging the bunker and cataloguing all the inventory as ominous.  Is this show's way of telling us that the bunker might not be long for the world?  Did the BMOL take photos and catalogue that knowledge because they wanted backup for when they torch the joint?๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ”ฅIf this happened, would the table be the one thing that remains?  Would the destruction of the bunker ensure the boys keep hunting?  I kind of like that bunker.  I like that the boys have a place where they can just be.  I also like that they have access to all that knowledge.  Of course when the boys find the bug, and we know they will, cuz someone will notice the picture missing, will the boys be comfortable in a place where anyone with a MOL key can just walk in?  If show decides to go the way of getting rid of the bunker, I do hope that Sam gets his hands on all that back up data.  The BMOL wouldn't be stupid enough to destroy all that information would they?  I would hope that they would take all the books before they destroyed the place....that is of course if that's where this story might be not saying that's the case.   I did find it a bit humorous, you know, Ketch snooping around Dean's room.  I do wonder though, regarding him stealing the pic of Mary and Dean.  What's that truly about?  It just looked like Ketch kind of tuned out when he was looking at the pic, like he was thinking of something else. Ketch is a creepy dude for sure.  I don't trust him one iota.  But the bastard is cool as all get out and he makes me laugh sometimes.  Damn another bad guy in the awesome list. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The Broments

I'd say this episode was loaded full to the rim with broments and this brought smiles to my face for most of the hour.  I love Sam and Dean episodes, they truly are the heart and soul of this show.  While I don't mind when our other guest characters appear for one of our ensemble episodes, myself personally, well I always desire the Sam and Dean eps the most.  These are the ones, even when they are your simple MOTW eps, that captivate and bring the most smiles,๐Ÿ˜„ or sometimes tears,๐Ÿ˜ญ and often both. ๐Ÿ˜…  These are the episodes where we see the boys at their best.  You know,  I'm trying to remember the last time we had an episode that felt like one continuous 42 min long broment.  The boys shared scenes for most of the hour and every scene they shared felt like a momentous broment occasion. I wanted to lock each one up in my own little treasure box.๐ŸŽ  I don't know, it just really stood out this time.  Since there were so many of them, how I love saying that, instead of paragraph form, I thought this time I would just list them.  In all honesty the broments  started as soon as show began (between Jarrod and Darren) and pretty much continued throughout.  Did I mention that I loved this ep?๐Ÿ˜  I will do my best to try to list every moment of why. 

1.  Sam and Dean chatting about Cas and looking for a case.
2.  Sam and Dean questioning the sheriff, with the same look of dismay, as he went about his business of finishing his little side project. (What was that thing...was that an otter?  French Mistake Gen would be all over that guy....just saying)
3. Every second of Sam and Dean at the diner. 
4. Sam rescuing Dean. Sam bending down asking Dean how he was feeling.  Holy Hell๐Ÿ’ž.
5. The talk about leaving their legacy, carving their initials in the table, while flashbacking to the them as children doing the same thing inside Baby.  ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ 

The boys were so in sync with each other.  They know so much about the other it's sometimes scary.  I loved the teasing and the faux exasperation each had with the other.  The joy each of them share at having the colt back.  Although I must say....."Dean, as awesome as that gun is, it's not as reliable as your brother. " This was most definitely a feel good episode, despite the actual horror of the story itself.


“I stayed up all night going through every book we have on demons, and it turns out we have a lot of books on demons.”
-Sam to Dean

"Would it kill you to order pancakes, once?"
-Dean to Sam

"What about you , you got anything reading rainbow?"
-Dean to Sam

"Don't do the coffee thing."
-Embarrassed Sam to himself about Dean

"This coffee is kinda"☕
-Dean to Waitress

“We’ve got a goat dude with a name like a pirate which is a little insane even for us, and that bar is super high.”
-Dean to Sam   

“The Colt, it dusts anything. Work smarter, Sammy, not harder.”
-Dean to Sam

“Dr. Hess wants to know everything about our friends, the Winchesters. Their allies, their habits, how does Sam get his hair so shiny, how many ratty flannels does Dean own.”
-Mr. Ketch to his team

" A goat, like naaah, goat?๐Ÿ
-Dean to Sam

“Why is it always the rich ones? I mean, what are they, like, ‘Croquet’s alright, but do you know what would be great? Murder.’”
-Dean to Sam

“I’m a Bishop. That’s what we do, right? Hunting people, killing them, the family business.”
-Pete to Dean and of course Dean's priceless reaction

“Sam: “How are you feeling?"
Dean: “Like I just went 12 rounds with a god, so, you know, normal."

-Sam asking how Dean is after he saved him

“The next time you hear me say that our family is messed up, remind me that we could be psycho goat people.”
-Dean to Sam 

“Guys like us, we’re not the type of people they write about in history books. But the people we saved, they’re our legacy. And they’ll remember us, and then we’ll eventually fade away too. That’s fine, because we left the world better than we found it.”
-Sam to Dean

Jared and Jensen just knocked it out of the park with this one.  They were a well oiled machine.  They looked gorgeous as always and their banter...perfection.  I loved the creepiness of the ep too.  The goat monster get up on the coat rack, yikes, I was just as creeped out as Dean.  I loved the whole red room where all the murders took place.  I guess the red light signified blood?  given that this monster fed on it.  It was very reminiscent of the scene where Sam was trapped in the dark with Gordon, in Fresh Blood.  The guests did a good job.  The sheriff made me laugh and oddly enough he reminded me of the guy who collected all the guts in Dog Dean Afternoon.  That and a bit of Ranger Rick.  This was an amazing hour with lots of brother moments, a bit of the creepy and questions were raised. All in all a must see in my book...yep a must see like most definitely more than once.๐Ÿ˜‰  

We have a rerun next until the next one.

Have a Happy Holiday all.๐Ÿ‡

Thanks for reading.