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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 13x02 "The Rising Son"

Welcome to the second preview of season 13!

Yes, we got through the first episode of season 13...we probably cried...but we MADE IT! Unlike Cas, Crowley and Rowena. Too soon?

Okay...where did the premiere episode leave us?


The devil's kid is a streaker.
The angels want him.
God's not listening.
Dean's sad.
Sam's optimistic.
That sheriff is never going to sleep again.
Hash browns are basically fries.


Parenting Satan's Child: How to Raise the Devil's Spawn and Survive.

Yes...Jack Morningstar has moved into the bunker with Sam and Dean... who are now insta-parents...sorta.

Let's check out the synopsis...

The Rising Son

WHAT EVIL THIS WAY COMES… — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) begin to explore what Jack (Alexander Calvert) is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello (guest star Keith Szarbajka) alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. There is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus (guest star Jeffrey Vincent Parise), and with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack. The episode was directed by Thomas J. Wright and written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (#1302).

Wow. A lot is going to happen in this episode! We have the Jack story, we have the Apocalypse world story, and we have the new Prince of Hell story. Crikey! It looks like it's full steam ahead into all the arcs of the first part of the season!

And everyone is after Jack. I wonder how long he will stay with the brothers before he moves on, or out, or gets nabbed.

Let's check out the promo...

So Jack gets inked up with some protection symbols - interesting. I wonder if Sam got reinked, is this when we see him get reinked?

(Tattoos are very much on my mind today...because Jensen got a freakin' tattoo and I lost my mind...but I digress...)

I'm interested to find out how the prophet Donatello recovered from Amara sucking out his soul - I'm guessing maybe Amara released the souls? I read somewhere that this question is answered in this episode, so yay!

It's also going to interesting to hear Donatello's take on Jack and what advise he gives to the brothers. I figure Dean will be in a he's evil frame of mind until such a time as Jack proves he's not...if he indeed does do that. But so far I like how the brothers are dealing with their disagreement, for want of a better word. So far I like it a lot. It's like they said at Comic Con, they don't agree, but they work through it from different places. ❤

We get to meet the last Prince of he going to be pissed that the Winchesters are responsible for the death of all 3 of his siblings, or will he not care? Will he end up getting his mitts on Jack? Will he be after revenge. How will he change up hell?

And we visit the Apocalypse world - though that isn't in the promo.... these are promo pics for 13x02... plus one other which is a spoiler if you don't know, so I'm not including it!

I love the pointed headed demons.

Entertainment Weekly is continuing the Supernatural love fest, and an article today discussed Dean's mood...

Dean is going to be throwing himself into the job now more than ever. “He’s essentially grieving by burying himself in work,” Jensen Ackles says. But don’t expect him to be enthusiastic about it. “He’s still going to fight the fight, but there’s less passion there because of the loss that he’s dealing with,” Ackles continues.

While Sam continues to look for ways to potentially save mom or maybe get Castiel back, Dean is focusing on the task at hand. His attitude, as Ackles puts it, is, “I’m not going to think about what I’ve lost. In turn, I’m just going to focus on what I can fix.” That leads Dean down what Ackles calls a “hopeless road.”

However, don’t expect the show to get too caught up in the darkness of it all. “The boys certainly aren’t mopey,” Padalecki says. Ackles adds, “That’s not interesting to me. What’s more interesting is the person who looks like everything’s fine when you are fully aware that everything is not fine.” And, considering this is Supernatural, fans can always expect humor to find its way into just about any situation. “One of my favorite things about the series is that it can bring levity to situations,” Ackles says. “And I think that’s one of the reasons why this season we’re not going full-mope.” Padalecki chimes in, “Never go full-mope.”

No full-mope sounds good! I'm standing by for a sneak peek clip...and when it will be...



Oh my gosh the copying Dean, and Sam's face when he realises what's happening! That's pretty adorable. I love it. I love when Dean starts to notice it - the eye rolls! Dean will end up liking him against his better judgement - you can see it, he won't be able to help it, Jack is essentially a kid, and Dean is essentially a softey.

I'm going to admit I never considered the fact that Jack is God's grandson. That's interesting. Could be interesting later? Would love it to be interesting later! 

Look how pissed Dean is at God again...wounded again, fed-up again that he and Sam have been deserted and left to deal with all this biblical shit alone. Sigh. 

Here is some crew info on the ep from Mary on the post production crew...

                     (Director is Thomas J Wright)

Okie dokie! Enjoy the episode, everyone! How good is it to have our show back!


Monday, 16 October 2017

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 13x01 "Lost and Found"


First off I'd like to start out by saying...Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a safe and fun Hellatus.   If you are reading this, I'd secondly like to thank you for that as well. I very much appreciate that Amy has allowed me the honour of sharing my thoughts with all of you, even if sometimes we all don't necessarily agree on them.  I very much appreciate the time you take out of your day to read them, whether for sheer enjoyment and interest or simply for the opportunity to comment and share your thoughts, either they be positive or negative.  I am just honoured that you made the effort. πŸ˜€  As you may or may not  know, I don't review the eps.  I will rave about it and I will gush with the love and admiration of our characters and the awesome work by both Jared and Jensen, but I leave the actual reviewing to Amy.  She's brilliant at reviewing and she doesn't need any assistance at all in that department.   What I tend to do is share my wandering thoughts with all of you when I find a certain aspect or aspects of the show compelling.  Of course one thing leads to another and before you know it I'm off on tangents as my thoughts simply wander and wonder in all sorts of directions.   I can only hope that some of these thoughts might be something that is as interesting to you as well and thoughts that you might have opinions on that you too would be willing to share.

All that being said, I hope you find the first of my ramblings regarding this season to be at the very most......interesting.😜 

An Interesting Observation in an Interestingly Observational Kind of Way

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Review: Supernatural Season 13 Premiere - 13x01 Lost and Found


So close, no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they say
Never cared for games they play
Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know
And I know, yeah!

My goodness…13 seasons in and my anticipation for this show’s return continues to increase season on season! I was super pumped for Supernatural’s epic season 13 premiere, on what for me was Friday the 13th! I had to wait way too damn long to watch Lost and Found though…having to work of course (stupid work getting in the way of fangirl stuff), but then also having to go out at night! So I didn’t end up watching the first episode of the new season until about 1am in the morning! It didn’t matter that I was exhausted, there was no way in the world I was going to sleep without watching my boys…they had been on my mind for hours (oh who am I kidding, they are always on my mind!) So I got some cookies - nothing like a long past midnight snack - and settled in….

The Road So Far was a really interesting precursor to what we were about to see and feel. It one hundred percent focused on the people Sam and Dean had lost, and I loved that. There were all the hugs, hands helping each other up, everything that represented the family Sam and Dean had clawed back into their lives - yes, even Crowley - all of whom have now been torn away from them, yet again. It wasn’t so much a montage of what happened last season, as a montage pointing to the brothers’ new painful reality. Of what they fought for, and have lost. Of course they have each other, and when push shoves, that’s what is the most important thing and what always gets them through no matter what, which the amazing Metallica song we had accompanying The Road So Far perfectly captured… “Forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters”, but that doesn’t mean this series of losses isn't absolutely cataclysmic...

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Honestly, I meant to write up the season 12 finale straight after it happened, I truly did, but then I got busy, and then it got further and further behind me, and then I started my EPIC HELLATUS REWATCH, and then I thought… ”well hell, let’s write it up just before season 13…like my very own ROAD SO FAR!” Heh. So here I am!

For the first time in a quite a while, this hiatus I did a full series rewatch. I used to do a full rewatch every hiatus, but then the show kept going and going and going and there were more and more episodes and it got more and more daunting! I’d watch full seasons, favourite eps, lots and lots of Supernatural, but the full season rewatch, I probably hadn’t done since METATRON KILLED DEAN AND I WAS CATATONIC FOR 3 MONTHS! I still can’t write this without excessive use of caps.

As always, it was super interesting going back and watching the Supernatural story unfold, being privy to all that would happen to the Winchesters further down the track. But what really interested me was how some of the seasons that had always been my go-to seasons, when watching them this time around as part of today’s big picture, now made me feel REALLY BIG FEELS! 

I had always said that seasons 4 and 5 were my favourite seasons. I loved the story that rolled out, the standalone episodes and the mytharc, and the brothers' epic fight against Lucifer and the apocalypse. But what I found interesting as I tackled my epic rewatch, was how traumatic I now found these seasons to be! Yes, sure, they were always traumatic, I knew they were chockerblock full of pain, yes they always hurt, these were the seasons where the fractures between the brothers really started, and some of the worst conflicts between the boys and some of the most feely moments live in seasons 4 and 5…but, oh my gosh…MY HEART! I was actually shocked at how devastating I found these two seasons, and how hard I found them to watch! I had been watching a few episodes each night, but half way through season 5, I took a little hiatus of my own… FROM THE PAIN!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Supernatural Season 13 Episodes 1 - 9 Titles Revealed! Weeee! (Includes Spoilers for titles...obvs!)

Sooooooo are we all surviving the Hellatus? It's really not that long now until the new season kicks off! Woohooo! The show is already onto shooting episode 4, and with convention season in full flight, we're starting to hear bits and pieces of what to expect from the season!

One of the exciting things that happens before the season starts is we start to hear some episode titles. Well, this year we have the first 9 titles for season 13 released! Of course these can change, we've seen that happen, and the order can change, we've seen that happen too, but it's a start for all of us getting real hungry for the new season! And definitely something to chew on!

So here they are, let's look at them and see if we can work out what they're about! Come at me with your theories!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Women of Letters Podcast talk 2017 San Diego Comic Con!

Jules from the SuperWiki, and Amy AKA sweetondean, talk all the shenanigans, and awesomeness that was this year's San Diego Comic Con. 

They discuss all the Supernatural appearances, from Conan on Wednesday, through to the big Kansas epicness at Sunday's panel! All the news, spoilers, and everything Supernatural and Supernatural adjacent! 

It's a Supernatural-a-palooza! 

Supernatural at Comic Con on the Women of Letters Podcast.
Listen via soundcloud 

Thursday, 20 July 2017


As per every year, we'll be bringing together all the news, photos and videos from the Supernatural team at San Diego Comic Con. This post will be updated regularly across the Comic Con weekend. Follow @AmyinSydney on twitter and subscribe to this blog for updates! 

Jensen and Jared headed to Comic Con early this year for a pre-con appearance, and it looks like they will be there right through to their main panel on Sunday, so here's hoping for plenty of shenanigans! 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - All Along the Watchtower

All Along the Watchtower

OMG! It is finale time. I am excited and terrified as I should. You never know what will happen and if our heart will be ripped out and stomped on in Supernatural and it was, but at the same time it was stabbed, shot and blown to bits. I have no words. When I watched it I was speechless and bawling my eyes out. Don't get me wrong. I am truly excited about the AU world and what it can bring to us. BUT we did lose one character for good. After the finale Mark Sheppard said Crowley is gone for good and he is not coming back to the show. I am so sad that he is gone. But many episodes in this season felt that Crowley's story got closure and his "Bye boys" will be forever remembered. Also Castiel and Rowena bite the dust and Mary ended up in the AU world. So, was I fine after the finale? Hardly, ice cream and whiskey sounds about it for me.

So, here is the last Roundup for season 12!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 12x23 "All Along the Watchtower"

I don't think we've ever had a two-hour episode of Supernatural before.  I mean, we've had two-parters of course, but never an actual episode that was two hours long.  This show is going on thirteen years old and we still have never had a two-hour episode.  For some reason I just find that odd.  Last week we had back to back episodes, which is something we've experienced before, I mean TNT runs marathons of Supernatural, although it was the first time we've had back to back episodes on "finale" day.  As much as I can watch Supernatural all day long, and actually have, I felt that a disservice was done by having a back to back with the last two episodes of the season.   I actually felt that a week in between would've better.  Let me explain.  First I will start by saying that I really liked this finale.  It was an exciting hour with an ending that has led to a myriad of possibilities heading into Season 13.   I'm very excited to see where the story will take us.  With that being said, I must confess that "Who We Are", in the way of emotional satisfaction, has provided me with so much joy and contentment,  it was so well done, dare I use the word...."perfect" that in all honesty, any episode that followed, no matter how good, could never compare.  I look at "Who We Are" as the J2 panels at conventions.   The finale was more along the lines of whoever follows J2.   Don't get me wrong,  whoever follows J2 could be awesome and enjoyable and even if you'd never seen them before, you would end up loving them.  Still no matter how awesome that person might be and how glad you were you got to see them, it's Jared and Jensen's panel that you remember the most.  It's they that filled your heart with such happiness.  It's seeing them that has made your life complete.  I know of what I speak, because I speak from personal experience. (I know it's not the same for everyone, but I think the majority understand where I'm coming from).   This is how I look at the last two episodes.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - Who We Are

Who We Are

This episode was so good that I was cheering many times during it. I am so happy that Jody and Alex survived the whole episode and Garth too. I am actually so relieved that they did not die. We even got a telling glimpse to Mary's mind space and how Dean feels about his mom. I actually gasped when he said he hated his mother but that he also loves her. And the reasons were not from his behalf but from Sam's. That is how Dean is and probably always will be. And in the end Sam leading the hunters and helping Mary over her doubts and that hug. But I should have known I was too happy because it is Supernatural after all. That though, I will leave to the finale.

It's penultimate time!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Review: Supernatural 12x22 "Who We Are" - by sweetondean

I’ve taken forever to write up the final two episodes of season 12. I don’t know why, I loved them both, a hell of a lot! Maybe it’s because I kinda just wanted to savour them without over thinking them, or maybe it’s because once they’re written up the hellatus has truely started! I’ve watched both episodes many times. They were on repeat for about 8 hours I reckon on that first day…just playing as I rewatched them, and chatted on twitter, and generally soaked everything up. They were both so good, full of emotion, and shocks, and times where I literally had to stand up because I just couldn't sit anymore! There was crying, there was yelling, there was random hand clapping, and there was a lot of dropped jaw gaping! I was left feeling absolutely shattered, in the best possible way. My heart had been pounding for the full 2 hours, from love, and fear, and horror, and sadness and just everything the show throws at me. It was a grand 2 hours of epic feels, I loved it!

Warning: Ahead be Winchester-centric gushing.

Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love Sam and Dean Winchester? I feel like it may have come up once or twice…

Monday, 22 May 2017

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 12x22 "Who We Are"


I just wanted to start by saying that this is the most bromentic episode that we've had the pleasure of watching for I'd say quite some time. Now don't get me wrong, we've had our broments during this season and they've been good ones.  This episode, however, has been an emotional buffet of sheer goodness, just one brother moment after another and I was so emotionally satiated, that I believe this joy will last the entire duration of Hellatus, which has officially just begun.😬  My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to Robert Berens for providing me with more smiles than a face has a right to display.😍

Thursday, 18 May 2017

sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Preview of the Supernatural Season 12 Finale






OKAY...Let's get to it shall we... 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary

Opening words

Well, that just happened. If I am being truthful loosing Eileen hurt pretty badly for me and I have hard time to focus my thoughts because of that. Still I will try to give my plusses and minuses with an open mind but at least you understand why this roundup might be short. My mind went completely blank after that opening scene and I have not recovered. It has been a wild ride also in the fandom the week after so that has not helped me at all. It only says that I really cared about Eileen as a character like I did with Charlie. Luckily the good buzz for the last two episodes has helped a bit but Eileen will be remembered, always!

Now, let’s get on with the show…

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Review: Supernatural 12x21 "There's Something About Mary" - by sweetondean

I read Jared’s chapter the other day - his chapter, or rather essay in Fangasm’s new book Family Don’t End With Blood. It was funny, and goofy, and insightful, and powerful, and raw, and really, really scary, and it reminded me of something, it reminded me how much I too love fandom, and of what fandom means to me. It reminded me how thankful I am for all the friends I’ve made, for finding a place where I could be myself and not be judged for my passion but rather accepted and even admired for it. It reminded me how fandom helped me at my darkest time, through the loss of my dad. How fandom, the show, the conventions, the cast, helped me to understand that I could be happy even when desperately sad. Fandom and everything that comes along with it, helped me to redefine my grief, and I don’t know, I really don’t know that I would have ever got there on my own. 

Fandom is important to me, it's given me a home, it's given me a voice, it's given me an outlet, and it's given me so much love. I love fandom, I love our caring, driven, powerful, creative, focused, family. And it’s because of this love, this respect and admiration for what fandom can be and what fandom can represent, that I can get bitterly disappointed by it. Sometimes I just want to shut out the noise, the anger and negative responses that seem so out of whack with me and how I feel. I want to withdraw and just enjoy my show alone, my way, without being made to feel wrong or stupid because I don’t agree with this week’s fury raging all around me. I want to protect it, protect what I love, protect that profound sense of giddiness that my show always gives me even when it's at its bleakest. To protect what Sam and Dean mean to me, to my heart, my soul and my mind. Sometimes all this makes me want to distance myself from anywhere and anyone that might threaten the happy bubble this show has created for me, and threaten my ability to enjoy it.

Then I remember. I remember that I am not alone. That if I’m feeling love for the show, even when others are loudly shouting it down, that I am not alone. Other people are also feeling that love, and that isolation, and also want to feel like they’re not alone in this noisy, angry Universe, that they’re not watching the show wrong because they enjoy something many others seem not to. And though sometimes I just want to shut the whole thing down, and just bury myself in my love of the Winchester brothers, I also don’t want my love to be silenced, for me…or for you.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on "There's Something About Mary"

Darkness and tragedy are no strangers to Supernatural and this episode is a perfect example of how well this show does sad.   You know, as with most of this pairings outings, there is quite a lot of negative discussion out there regarding this episode, but contrary to most of these negative feelings I actually liked it and all the questions it posed.  Granted now,  there were aspects of this episode that I was totally confused with, most especially the entire Lucifer/Crowley transfer of power thing, but on the whole I  thought this episode to be interesting, touching, sad, funny, infuriating.....a basic roller coaster ride of emotions that had me in a state of "Wow" when it ended.  When an episode has me running the gambit on every emotion inside me, I call that a win.  I just found this episode, even with the tragedy and darkness to be so emotionally satisfying for me although I could be very much alone in this. I thought I'd explain from where I come from.

Friday, 12 May 2017

sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x21 "There's Something About Mary"

Yep, 2 more weeks - 3 more episodes. The shit hit the proverbial fan last week, when Mary finally discovered that the BMoL were up to no good...YAY. Blimey.

Okay...where are we?

THEN me, we've got a problem.



Okay - yes, there is shooting in the bunker.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - 12x20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Opening words

I really liked this episode with the old school horror factor and creepiness. I hoped the twins would be back because I liked them the last time, but not like this! I guess I should have known because it is Supernatural we are talking about. The whole story of the hour was great and nope I still don't like the foreshadowing we are getting from the show. More and more I feel like I need a pile of tissues, whiskey and ice cream to survive the two back to back episodes!

But before that, lets check episode 20.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Review: Supernatural 12x20 "Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes" - by sweetondean

I’ll start by apologising for being so late with this review, but as many of you know, I was at the All Hell Breaks Loose convention in Melbourne this past weekend, and have only just had the time to focus on the episode! Though I did watch it straight away, in a fangirl mosh on Jules’ (of Superwiki fame) couch, along with our friends Kate and Megan. I don’t often get to watch the show with other people, so I always appreciate it when I do! I then spent the weekend hugging the holy hell out of fangirls and actors alike! As I tend to do! So, sorry I was late…but you know…I was a tad Jenstracted! And by a tad I mean completely and utterly *sighs contentedly*

“Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes” was directed by Richard Speight Jr., who is one of my favourite humans. I got the chance to tell him personally how much I enjoyed the episode, and his other episode this season, “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”. He’s had 3 cracker scripts to direct so far, for which he feels super lucky - but let’s face it, he’s done a bang up job on each, putting a lot of thought and attention to detail in each one. His action and fight sequences in particular are super exciting to watch, and you can see the care he puts into the work. He knows this show, he knows these characters, and he knows and loves the crew and the actors, and all of that shines out of the screen. I’m happy to report he said he’d be back directing again next season, so….YAY! He really is such a good guy, it’s great see him knocking it out of the park.

Okay, enough fangirling (wait, when is there ever enough fangirling!) on to the ep!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 12 x20 Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes

This was a family themed episode that only can happen on Supernatural. This one was definitely dark and gloomy and sad.πŸ˜– This ep was very reminiscent of old school Supernatural.  It's also one of those eps that really causes one to go deep, beyond what we think we know, and question what could possibly be.  When I first learned the title of this ep, I did ask myself "what is up with these names? what happened to the good old days of titles being taken from rock know like Houses of the Holy, Hammer of the Gods, What Is and What Shouldn't Be, Stairway to Heaven, or even Painted Black?  I must admit I miss those shout outs. This title, I  was clueless as to what it could possibly signify.  Now I know, and I find the title to be quite appropriate.  Good on you writers.  Good on you. ✒