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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 13x02 The Rising Son

I'd just like to note, since this is a site that is very sensitive about Dean Winchester, that the following diatribe is in no way a slam on Dean's character.  Like I've said, when I write my articles I usually will touch on something that hits me the hardest, that I notice most and expand on it.  As I watched this episode, one line from a very funny movie kept ringing in my ears.......It comes from Mr. Mom, as Jack, the newly out of work and now stay at home dad is dropping the kids off at school.  Let's just say that Jack has no idea of the correct procedure, as he goes in through the out....and in the immortal words of Ann Jillian comes one of the most famous lines in movie history....."Jack, you're doing it wrong".  And with that all these thoughts came flooding into my head.

Dean.....You're Doing It Wrong

Let me start out by saying that I'm not oblivious to Dean's hurt right now. I get it. We all do and even if not everyone could understand Dean's treatment of Jack, Sam explained it all in enlightening detail when he was trying to reassure Jack that Dean didn't hate him.  Regardless of the pain Dean is feeling right now,  I do believe that Dean's current treatment of Jack is both unfair and misguided. I also believe that if Dean doesn't change his approach he can very well end up, in part,  being responsible for Jack turning towards a dark path.

Even without Sam explaining to Jack what's going on with Dean, it's still pretty obvious to see.  Dean is hurt and angry, but please let us not forget  that he's not the only one who's suffering from loss.  While Dean's attitude is understandable, it doesn't necessarily mean he's right.  Huh, you know it's usually  Sam who's always been on the receiving end of Dean's hurt/anger.  Maybe that's one of the reasons Sam has displayed such empathy with Jack. Though Sam is dealing with his loss differently, by focusing on Jack and holding onto hope that Mom is alive, it doesn't make his observations about Jack or his belief in him any more wrong than Dean believing the opposite.  Here's the thing, there's more likely a chance of Jack becoming the very thing Dean believes he'll be because Dean keeps telling him that he will.

Dean doesn't believe Jack can be saved, or maybe it's more that Dean's afraid to believe that Jack could be saved.  If he believes as Sam does and something happens where it ends up they're wrong, I guess the pain would be  worse than having to have never believed in Jack in the first place.  Whatever the reason, Dean doesn't believe in Jack's innate goodness, his human side, his mother's side, the same way Sam does.  Then Sam was always more about faith than Dean.  Dean's prejudice against Jack because of who his father is mixed in with his misguided anger towards him for actions he never committed nor was ever really responsible for, has Dean sending out hate vibes to Jack. How my heart broke for this boy as he questioned Sam as to why Dean hated him so much?  Dean's attitude towards Jack for something he hasn't even yet done or even considered.  I feel sorry for Jack right now.  He has no understanding of what his powers are and is yet able to control them. He knows he's different and feels out of place and alone.  Reminds me a little of how ET must've felt when he got left behind.  He's literally new to everything and all he's getting from Dean is negativity, a constant reminder that he is destined to be evil and he will have to be stopped. I fear this constant negativity he keeps putting on Jack will slowly but surely end up convincing Jack that he is in fact bad, so why be anything else?

I think Dean is acting very much like his father where Jack is concerned, and that is not a compliment.  Think about the way the boys perceive themselves, or how they've perceived themselves all these years.  Much of the self loathing these boys feel towards themselves was in part due to how John treated them. Think about this.  Dean has Jack believing that he hates him. Dean hasn't been very nice to him. Jack may be new to this world, but he can tell when someone harbours anger towards him.  The poor kid just doesn't understand why, since he's done nothing wrong. Dean's made it clear that Jack's powers and who his father happens to be are what will destine him to be evil.  How many times does one have to be told that they're no good and never will be before they start to believe it? Isn't Dean following in his own father's footsteps here? Didn't Dean feel like a disappointment to his father, especially after he'd almost gotten Sam killed as we saw in Something Wicked. Didn't Dad's disappointment in Dean affect him so profoundly that Dean followed his fathers orders without question.  What about Sam?  John never accepted Sam for being different, at least that's what Sam has always believed.  Why?  Because Sam didn't want to bow hunt?  Because Sam wanted to play soccer and be a normal kid?  John told Sam to never come back when Sam got a full ride to Stanford.  What about Sam's ability?  John knew more than he let on.  He knew what Azazel had done and why.  John's last words to Dean were an order, an order to kill Sam if he couldn't save him. John couldn't deal with Sam or his differences on any level, so John pushed Sam away.  Sam was lucky that when it came to his brother, Dean disobeyed his father regardless of those orders.  Sam was lucky too in that Dean didn't believe in Sam's so called destiny, as far as Dean was concerned..."nobody can control you but you. "  Still even though Dean always had Sam believing in him and never seeing him as a disappointment, and Sam had Dean, those negative reactions from their father had them each believing the worst about themselves. Those we look up to can imprint us for the rest of our lives both in a positive and negative way.  

Besides, all this hostility towards Jack isn't due to anything he's personally done. Dean is blaming Jack for what Lucifer has done. He blames Jack for Cas' death, probably because Cas was trying to protect Jack.  Dean seems to have forgotten that they were all trying to protect Jack.  Jack isn't responsible for Lucifer's actions....and Luci wouldn't even be free if it weren't for Crowley. If Crowley hadn't messed with the spell to re-cage Lucifer out of his own pride and need for revenge, Jack wouldn't exist. Dean's hostility towards Jack is misplaced. If Dean doesn't stop taking his anger out on Jack, I fear that Jack will end up taking off and possibly end up in the wrong hands.
I get that Dean needs time.  I can understand why Dean doesn't want to believe Jack can be saved.    The problem is Dean  telling Jack that he can't be saved and warning him that if he does turn he'll kill him. I don't think this was the most tactful or even smart approach. Dean needs to keep his negativity to himself, or between him and Sam. Dean's already convinced Jack that he hates him. Dean is undermining everything Sam is doing here, whether he's aware of it or not, whether he means to or not. Sam is trying to save this kid and Dean is making that all the more difficult for him to do. I'm not saying Dean needs to trust Jack, that trust  needs to be earned ...all I'm saying is that Jack deserves Dean's civility, after all, he's just a kid, new to this world, all alone, with powers he doesn't understand and a destiny that seems to be decided for him....Jack could use a friend, and he's lucky to have that in Sam, but it would be even better if he can have that from both Winchesters. At least until he does something that is no longer deserving of their friendship.

I'm glad Dean is going off on his own in the next ep. I think it's for the best. I don't want Dean around Jack right now.  It's not good for either of them.  I think it would be better if Jack were with Sam alone. Perhaps Dean going off and interacting with people with powers will open Dean's eyes to the realisation that he's tried, judged and is ready to hang Jack before he even committed a crime. I think Dean needs to be with people( who aren't his brother) and who aren't so quick to see the worst in others, and are willing to give them a Jody for instance, who  has done that with Alex and Claire.   I really hope that this next episode gives Dean something to think about in regards to his opinion and treatment of Jack.......because right now......"Dean, you're doing it wrong". 


What I really love about Sam is his endless supply of hope and his willingness to see the good in people, or not people.  He's got a gentleness and a kindness about him that enables him to reach people and in turn they open up to him.  I am so proud of the way he's handling Jack right now.  I feel for Jack.  I don't necessarily see him destined to be like his father.  I think Jack has just as much of a chance to be like his mom.  Jack has shown that he cares about others and even cares about what others think of him.  He saved the boys and Donatello from Asmodeus.  He called them his friends and became angry that they were being hurt.    While Dean might not fall into the friend category as of this moment, Sam certainly does.  I have to say Sam is a very good person to have on your side. 

Sam doesn't believe, the way Dean does that Mom is dead.  In fact, he has resolved himself to believe that she is very much alive and in need of a rescue, which is actually to be the case right now.  Instead of focusing on his loss, Sam has decided to put his focus on what can be this case, his mom. Sam doesn't believe that Jack is necessarily destined to be evil because Lucifer is his father.  Sam realises that Kelly was his mom who loved Jack very much.  Sam sees the human side of Jack, though he is not oblivious to his powerful side.  It seems to me that Sam also sees a lot of himself in Jack. After all, Sam had powers not so very long ago and they made Sam feel different, apart from everyone else, not normal. Sam couldn't control those powers either, not in the beginning anyway.  Sam's father isn't Lucifer, but Sam has demon blood in him, which was apparently meant to doom him to a life of evil.  Despite the evil that flowed through Sam's blood, Sam was always good.  Sure he made some bad choices, but he's never been evil.  As a matter of fact, the more Sam had been told he was destined to be evil, the more defiant he became.  Defiance, that is a trait I've often felt a gift from his father.  The more John wanted Sam to be a certain way the more Sam defied him.  I've always been grateful to Daddy Winchester for bringing out that quality in Sam, it's part of what makes up Sam's inner strength. Sam is the only positive reinforcement Jack has right now, and what Sam is doing is so very important.  Sam's kindness and faith that Jack could be good, could very well go a long way to making that a reality. At the very most, if circumstance arises where Jack does end up going down a darker path, it'll be the kindness that Sam has shown Jack that will end up saving the Winchesters. 


I like him. He's wearing the same suit that Sam wore when he was Lucifer in "The End". I dig that southern drawl and the whole "fire and brimstone" way of thinking.  He's most definitely old school and I think he wants to make Hell, a real Hell again.  He's very interesting too. The way he was able to shape shift like that.  I don't think I've ever seen any other demon do that.  This leads me to one of my theories.  Isn't Asmodeus the Prince that had his hobbies.  My theory is the same that it was last season.  I think that  Asmodeus was in fact one of the "old men" in the BMOL.  I think that perhaps Asmodeus' hobby was to take humans and turn them into his own personal killers, killing monsters and hunters alike.  My guess is when the BMOL got wiped out by Sam and his crew, Asmodeus decided on a new hobby.....Jack.  Asmodeus knew everything that was going on and he'd likely know that Crowley was dead.  He doesn't know where Lucifer is and I'm wondering if he even cares.  Lucifer is the one who locked up the Shedim, so why is it that Asmodeus wants them out?  Does he want them out so he can use them as a weapon against Luci, against everyone?  Does he want to befriend Jack so that he is seen in Jack's eyes as a father figure?  Does he want to be able to control Jack by ingratiating himself into Jack's life and convincing him that he's the only one who truly cares about him? Is Asmodeus' goal to rule Hell permanently and not just until Lucifer returns?  I do wonder about such things.


I'm not getting why Lucifer needs Mary.  He doesn't need a bargaining chip.  Lucifer could snap his fingers and the boys would be history. He could just take Jack, unless Lucifer fears that he won't have the hold over his son that Dean and some others think he'll have?  Perhaps Jack's human side will be stronger than his angel side (not in the physical sense)?  Maybe he needs Mary alive to show Jack he's not so bad as everyone makes him out to be.  Or maybe Lucifer just doesn't want to be alone. Whatever the case, it'll be interesting to see how they both manage in the A/U world. It'll also be interesting to see what part Michael will play in all this.

I really liked this episode.   It was amusing to see Donatello again and quite interesting to see how he's handling being soullessness.  Alexander Calvert continues to pluck at heartstrings.   Jared stole my heart I must say.  I love how well  he knows his brother and tries to explain to Jack what's going on with Dean right now.  I also love the fact that Sam is willing to believe the best in Jack and is doing all that he could to make sure that Jack understands that he's not alone.  Jensen as well put on a wonderful performance.  Everyone did a great job.  I'm really like the actor playing Asmodeus and I can't help but even like the character.  I always enjoy seeing Mark as Lucifer.  I look forward to seeing what's in store for both him and Mary in the A/U.   Haven't seen much with Michael, but I am curious as to what role he'll play.  

That's it for now.  Til next time.


  1. Lucifer probably wants Mary as an audience. He likes having someone around to regale with his wit and to act scared of him. Being alone isn't any fun.

    I do like your take on Dean and maybe he'll soon see that taking a hard line with Jack (and Sam in the past) isn't the right way. Some have speculated that Missouri will help Dean with that. She knew John in the early days so hopefully she'll have some wisdom to share. I've always been interested in thinking how John went from that sweet boy he was when he first met Mary to that extremely hard man who treated his sons like cadets in the world's toughest military academy. I know that John did show his sons some love, because that sure was an epic hug when Dean first saw John after he went missing. Sam said that he hated John, in the early days, but then later he came to understand him. John mostly pushed Sam out of his life and away to college, Dean pushed Sam further into Ruby's grip by telling Sam to stop using them at all- instead of possibility getting control and using them for good, and now Dean might push Jack into evil deeds. Like you, I don't blame or dislike Dean in any way, he just needs to rethink some of his ingrained responses. Dean is a wonderfully complex man and I love him -
    imperfections and all.

    1. By them...I mean his powers. Dean didn't like him using them, at all.

  2. Thanks Mallena. It is his approach that I feel needs to change. I'm not looking at this from a "fan" pov. I'm looking at it from a "Jack" pov. Regardless of the fact that Jack has come out a walking and talking teen, the reality of it is that Jack is three days old. Jack has the outlook of a small child. Jack doesn't know the intricacies as we do, as Sam does, of Dean Winchester. As you noted, Dean is a very complex person. Right now, Jack only knows what he sees...what he feels...Jack's mindset as of now is simple, just like a child's. this is obvious in most of what he says and does. Jack is impressionable right now. So constant negative feedback can imprint him towards a negative outlook of himself and lead him towards a darker path.

    I think if anyone can understand that it's this fandom. I think this fandom is the biggest supporter of the AKF movement, which is one of the most positive movements out there.

    It's not that I believe Dean could be wrong...I do really hope he is though. I just think his approach is wrong. I think it would be wiser to keep his doubts between him and Sam. I think he should work with Sam on keeping Jack on the side of right without Jack feeling the true doubt below the surface. Kids can sense when their parents are mad at them. I think he's got to stop taking his anger out on the kid. Help Sam help Jack. I'm not saying not to find a way to stop Jack if need be....but don't tell Jack that you're planning on killing him if he ever hurts someone. I'm not sure if Jack understands the "I'll scare you straight" tactic and all Dean could've done right there is simply make Jack see him as a threat. Jack cannot control his powers right now and any threat that comes at him...his body automatically protects him from. Dean should've stopped at I'm going to make sure you don't hurt anyone....and kept the killing part to himself. We would've understood what Dean meant without Jack feeling like Dean is now a threat to him.

    I just don't feel Dean's approach is the right a hunter dealing with a powerful entity he has no idea how to kill, it would be best to take the "honey" approach and not the "vinegar" one. It's never a good idea to tell what could possibly end up as the most powerful bad guy that the Winchesters have ever faced that you plan on killing him. I just think that's best to keep between Sam and Dean so that Jack doesn't kill them before they can get the job done...if it ever comes to that.

  3. I think saying that because Dean is handling Jack wrong is going to be the reason he goes dark. Right there I have to disagree. Sam and Dean are handling Jack the way each would handle him even if Dean wasn't in the state he was in right now he would not handle him with kid gloves. He would be very cautious not knowing what he can and cannot do. So to put that on Dean have to disagree. Dean knows what it is like to go dark remember mark of cain. and he asked Cas should he go down that path will you be the one to take me out because he knew Sam could not do it. Just like here. He knows Sam would not take Jack out because Sam is bonding with Jack. But to say Dean might be reason two episodes in that is a lot to put on Dean. Dean does not handle anything with kid gloves. He didn't with Cas when they first met. And Cas threatened him several times he would send him back to hell. But Cas came around to Dean. Like Dean will come around to Jack. Just wait and see. Two episodes in you can't judge how Dean is going to be with Jack the rest of the season. yes he is pissed he is depressed he is everything he can't take loosing people he cares about anymore. He lost mom, Cas and Crowley. And try to figure out how Crowley of all people and look what Crowley did to them and Dean still wanted Crowley back. So Dean does have a heart of gold just wait Jack will see it to; just will take a bit. But two episodes in that is jumping on Dean harshly especially since both have been down that dark path and I think he is afraid with Sam getting close to Jack he wouldn't be able to take Jack out and right now there is no way to get rid of jack. But since both have been down the dark road and dean has been there to that he doesn't want to see Jack go there because he doesn't want to be the one take him out he will but he won't want to. If Dean really wanted to handle Jack differently would Jack be at the bunker? Would Dean have taken away the knife?? I mean come on fans are again over reacting because Dean is not treating the new and pretty toy like Sam. Give it time. Two episodes Dean maybe will surprise you. And that is what makes him a really great complex character. You never know where he will come from and what will change his mind about jack. But I think he will be surprised like the rest of us which way Jack goes. Maybe good maybe bad who knows but I can't wait to see Jack and dean start bonding.

  4. I'm afraid I don't agree that Dean would be handling Jack the same way if he wasn't in this state. Jack believes Dean hates him. He's getting his cues from Dean himself. Jack is three days old, but he already understands and feels the negativity coming from Dean. Sam said it...he explained in great detail what was going on in Dean's head and why Jack was getting the brunt of it. As of now Jack is simple, like a child and he understands things the way a child does. He has to have things explained to him. He doesn't understand the inner workings of Dean...all he is getting from Dean are feelings so negative that Jack used the word hate when describing them.

    Dean is angry and hurt. When he gets this way he lashes out and it's always been Sam that's been the one he's taken his hurt out on. This time he's taking it out on Jack, because it's Jack and Kelly that Cas was trying to keep safe before Lucifer killed him. Lucifer also killed Crowley and took his Mom. Dean said it. He needs to punch something and the one he truly wants to punch is out of reach. Dean's anger is towards Lucifer, his hatred if for Lucifer....Dean is taking his anger out on Lucifer's son.

    Given that Jack is so new to everything and quite impressionable as we've seen him try to emulate Dean, and given that he's utterly all alone and he too has suffered the loss of both his mother and who he considers his father, Jack could use someone on his side right now. He has powers he doesn't understand and has no idea how to control and is being told that he's going to go darkside and will likely have to be killed. There is no hope for him. That's pretty heavy.

  5. I've seen the self loathing in Sam and Dean which is in part due to the way John treated them. Whether or not John was aware of it, his reactions towards both Sam and Dean when they were kids left a negative impression on them both. One can argue as a advocate for John that he was a complicated man who was doing the best he could and wanted to protect his children....the way in which he went about doing it, his approach wasn't the best one. Both sam and dean have had years and years of self loathing issues...and these feelings they had about how they felt about themselves were in part due to John Winchester. The boys were just children, yet John's negative approach had made such an impression on them, that it affected both boys in a way that's taken them years to finally deal with and accept themselves and be proud of who they are...lucky for them they had each other.

    Jack only has Sam and Dean. It's the Winchesters that Jack will look to. Sam has already shown Jack that he believes in his goodness. You can see by the way Jack imitates Dean, why he questions sam, how much Jack wants Dean to believe in him as well. he might be an all powerful entity, but he's still half human and he's still basically a child who's craving approval.

  6. I'm not faulting Dean for his mistrust. I do think his approach to Jack is too harsh though. Prior to the moment Cas died, both Sam, Dean and Cas were trying to save Jack. Dean was so angry by Cas's death that his first reaction was to shoot at Jack without pause, a wreckless act given that Dean knew very well a bullet wouldn't kill a Nephilim. Jack's automatic response was to protect himself, but he didn't kill them. Now Dean is all we're killing this thing...a complete change from we'll find a way to protect him. I have high doubts that Dean would've shot at Jack if Cas had walked in the room with him. The entire time he's been with Jack, he's been not so nice to him, to the point where the kid believes Dean hates him.

    1. You are faulting Dean - but that's okay Anna, you're not alone in the fandom! Dean has been roundly blasted. And I do understand and even though I don't agree, and I see your point - to a point...

      I would like to iterate two things - yes Jack is just a kid essentially, but he's a kid whose powers are unknown and who does not know himself if he is able to control them, and is concerned that he will hurt someone - like he nearly did with the boys, like he nearly did with the sheriff, so if he's concerned, so should those around him be. Especially if they are hunters. To not consider that would be foolhardy, and I think this is what is so mature about how the brothers are dealing with each other, because you know they both see each other's side, and are respecting it, but are going with what they individually believe or is in their gut, with no judgement of the other I might add. Sam and Dean's guts have always been different. That's what makes them so interesting!

      The other thing I would like to point out is that, Dean hasn't locked the kid up, hasn't relegated him to the dungeon, hasn't tried warding in his room, hasn't tried warded handcuffs - whether those things would work or not who knows, but Dean isn't trying them or insisting on them or even suggesting them. Sam and Dean are quietly having a beer together in the kitchen, while Jack is in his very own bedroom in their home. If you don't think Dean is already conflicted in his feelings for Jack and all that has happened, all the kid might be and all the kid is right in front of're not seeing the whole picture that is the complexity of Dean Winchester in this situation. And that conflict is, well conflicting for him! It was obvious in his horror at Jack's self harming. Dean's already compromised, even if he hasn't acknowledge it yet.

      There was a reason we had a conversation with the fake barmaids about daddys, and don't think for a second Dean didn't register it.

      Thanks for an awesome thoughtful write up as usual!

    2. I'm not faulting Dean, just his approach. I don't feel like I've blasted him, I've tried very hard to reiterate how much I do understand Dean. Trust me I see the big picture. I understand Dean Winchester. I've been defending Dean Winchester in posts for years now. I get him. I totally get the complexity of the situation.... It's because I get him that I feel comfortable enough to say that I just think he needs to get rid of his anger in another way. I'm not saying Dean is abusing him in any physical way. But words hurt. It's not just words... It's Dean snapping at him. It's his harsh tone. It's his whole attitude towards him. Jack asked why Dean hated him based on Dean's actions towards him. That's a very human quality. His concern about his powers, also a very human quality. His wanting Dean to like him....human. His love for candy....human. you see Sam sees the human side, but hasn't forgotten the Nephilim side. Dean is focused on the Nephilim side, but because of his grief/pain/fear, he's forgetting that Jack has a human side. Yes, both Sam and Dean balance each other out in this regard. Sam keeps reminding Dean of Jack's human side. Dean reminds Sam of Jack's not so human side.

      I'm not discounting Dean at all here. You see, Jack doesn't understand, like we do, that when Dean snaps at him to shut the tv it's likely because he doesn't want to share a common enjoyment of a silly cartoon. When he snaps at jack to cut it out when jack copies him, it's really because it's exactly what sam used to do when he was a kid...(if you recall Sam's speech to Dean in Fresh blood). Dean gets all huffy when Jack lightens the mood by walking out the door when asked how to get somewhere else. All of these are human reactions by jack and Dean is totally aware of this. Dean can't afford to acknowledge Jack's human side, for fear that he might like him and if he does end up turning it'll hurt all the more. See I know Dean.

      Regardless, jack doesn't understand Dean the way we do , thus Dean's anger all the time can lead to jack taking off which is not good. so I still believe a little less vinegar and a little touch of honey would be the better approach.

    3. They have only been together a day, maybe two full days tops? I think it's way early to be judging Dean on any of this. If he keeps going, sure thing - but he won't. While he's trying to understand what the hell just happened to his life, what the hell they're dealing with, what they hell they're going to do if it all goes pear-shapped...nup. I don't think Dean is being unreasonable in being incredibly wary of the kid, hes' being Dean Winchester, hunter. He's looking at their past mistakes and what it's cost them. And I like seeing the two sides of the Winchester coin and how the brothers are dealing with it all, and the hurt, differently. I'm glad Dean is standing his ground and saying...we don't know. Should those conversations happen in front of Jack, no, but he wasn't the only one talking!

    4. I'm sorry if I'm coming across argumentative - I just really like the way the brothers grief and attitude to their situation is being portrayed. I like it a lot - Dean as well, because it's damn interesting.

    5. not at all, I just want to explain that I'm not being negative on Dean or his's about his current approach.

      Did you ever watch Charmed? If so, do you remember when they introduced Chris at the end of s5 and s6? Chris came back because he was trying to save his brother, from turning evil. do you recall the ep where I believe a demon was after the baby. chris wanted to protect Wyatt, but Wyatt didn't understand, he was just a baby and he put his force up every time Chris came close. He couldn't touch him. Wyatt was too little to understand Chris wanted to help him, he only felt the negativity from Chris and it was enough to find the need to protect himself. This is what I'm reminded of as Dean promised Jack that he would be the one to kill him if he couldn't be saved. It's more than Jack having a simple mind, childlike mind. It's as we have all mentioned above. Jack has some serious mojo that he cannot control. What we have seen though is every time Jack's in danger, his body automatically reacts to it...he's not the one in control, his "force" is protecting him. It's a spontaneous reaction to a threat, to fear. I just fear that if Jack sees Dean as a threat, even if he himself doesn't want to hurt Dean, his body might react to that threat as an intuitive response to protect himself. Do you see why I think it's better if Dean refocuses his anger? That it would be more prudent to ease up on his negative feelings right now and not have Jack feel like he's the most hated person in the world....

      1. if Dean keeps acting angry around Jack all the time, than Jack might see it for the best to simply run away. if he runs away, then he goes unprotected. There are a lot of different entities after Jack right I'm not saying they can likely destroy Jack, but what can happen is collateral damage on Jack's part if he cannot control his powers when his "force" automatically protects him.

      b) Asmodeus can get to Jack, and behave the opposite of Dean. Jack is gullible which leaves him vulnerable. Jack wants and needs someone he can count on and if Asmodeus makes Jack believe that he's the one who can do that...make him believe that he appreciates him and cares for him...that leaves jack in the hands of someone who as of right now is not very unlike Lucifer.

      2) Because Jack cannot control his powers as of yet, if Dean keeps his trajectory of always sniping, always picking on Jack, giving off such negative feelings...and then topping it off with making promises of destroying him...then Jack's powers will instinctively come out to protect him if he's feeling threatened, whether he wants them to or not. I think it would be better for everyone if Dean eased least until Jack can get a handle on his powers and learn how to control them.

    6. a little quip from an article I just found

      It takes a long time for him to get to a point where he actually has full control,” said Buckner. “Right now he is at the mercy of impulse, he senses something or feels something and wham, a power that he didn’t even know he had emerges. He’s this tremendously powerful figure… and all that stuff is bottled up, he just doesn’t know how to access it on a conscious level....this is what I was trying to say but seem unable to use as eloquent a term. LOL

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  8. So yes, I fear that if Dean doesn't take it down a notch, take a different approach, then he most definitely can push Jack in a negative direction, given that Jack seems to want to please Dean. Jack is childlike yes, he's half human yes, but as we all know he's also a very powerful being and I think it's important to be careful with Jack. I don't think alienating Jack is the best way to go about things.....

    I do think Dean needs to ease up on Jack. If he's angry then punch a bag, kill a vamp, go have some angry sex....he's needs to tone down the anger. I'm not saying Dean needs to trust Jack. I'm not saying Dean needs to like Jack. I think it would be more prudent if Dean kept his doubts between just him and Sam. I don't think Dean should be threatening or promising to kill Jack if need be....i'm not really sure jack gets the whole scare him straight tactic and now he just might consider Dean a threat.

    I know Dean is going to lighten up. I know he's even going to start liking the kid. I have no doubt about it. But until that starts happening, I think it would be in everyone's best interests for Dean to stop taking his anger out on Jack, otherwise it's likely that Jack would run away, and if that happens Asmodeus can easily get his hands on him.

  9. oh and thanks for reading and commenting.

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