Friday, 3 November 2017

sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 13x04 The Big Empty

I wasn't going to write this preview - I'm beyond disappointed in what has happened over this week and the thought of having to generate or manufacture some squee seemed impossible - spoiler alert, it still is. I ache in my bones from the carelessness of dialogue that has been communicated in such a way that good men's reputations are now being sullied in the media. There is a lack of responsibility being taken for words being cast into the twitterverse, even with the knowledge of audience and fandom reaction style, that is grossly disappointing. Being disappointed in one of your favourites, wanting to make them aware that something they said is simply not acceptable is one thing, causing unwarranted damage to their reputation, especially when you are aware of who they really are, is thoughtless, and unendingly cruel. I'm frankly more disgusted than I have ever been by anything that has occurred in this fandom in the seven years I've been associated with it. Our words have power too, and once in the Universe, they can not be taken back, and if you don't choose them wisely, they can careen out of control, and careen they have. People need to consider the power of their words before they toss them around with no consciousness of, or perceived responsibility for the shit-storm that may follow and unwarranted ongoing damage they may cause. In this case, the punishment is so fucking out of whack with the crime, it's outrageous and completely heartbreaking. If I were Jensen and Jared, I would never trust us again.

I've pulled away from fandom before, out of self protection, that's protection of what I love, who I love and how I feel about it all. It's very difficult not to be affected by the amount of crap we have to wade through. I have made many friends in this community who no longer go on Twitter because they can't bear the toxicity of the dialogue there, whether about the show and those who create it, or the actors themselves. I miss them. I miss our fun, happy interactions around the thing we love. But I understand how they feel. Fandom likes to say their fave has become "problematic", for me it's fandom that's become problematic, and the lack of self-awareness and continued double standard is mind-boggling.

So how do I move forward? Where do I go from here? How do I forgive what I feel is unforgivable? How do I overcome these feelings of intense shame and embarrassment because others' behaviours have caused pain where it really didn't belong, and I feel tarred with the brush that caused it. How do I find that joy again in something that gave me so much, brought me so much friendship, helped me feel embraced and accepted in a way I never have before. I'm not sure if I can, because this disgrace feels too great. I'm mortified.

In two weeks time I get to see Jensen and Jared in Hawaii - and I'm hoping I can look them in the eyes. I'm hoping that they understand that the bulk of us love them, and understand that sometimes they make mistakes. That the bulk of us will continue to respect them because we have seen over and over again, that they deserve it. I hope I don't look in their eyes and see a change, a curtain drawn, because we misused our unique access and pushed them into a corner one too many times. I hope I don't see a wariness in how they approach us, and what they share with us because they now fear putting a foot wrong and the retribution that may follow. I hope that the trust built up over so many years is not broken beyond repair. But mostly I hope they forgive us... that they forgive us for publicly shaming them instead of treating them like the friends they continually tell us we are, and communicating our concerns directly with them, or the people who represent them. 

We have unknown before power to reach millions of voices, it's time as a fandom that we stood up, and lived up to the expectations we place on others.

I love Supernatural, this show is special. It's lightning in a bottle that I feel blessed to still be able to enjoy. I will continue to love Supernatural because it deserves it, I will continue to support and respect Jensen and Jared, because they've earned it. Fandom? The jury is still out on that one. But I know so many are thoughtful, considerate, understanding, tolerant, reasonable humans, so maybe, just maybe there is still some hope...

Today is the saddest I've ever been on Supernatural day - but my show, and the people who create it for us, still deserve to be celebrated.


Welcome to the preview for episode 4

Sam tried to work with Jack to help him control his powers
Dean when on a hunt with Jody to help Missouri Mosely - who died....but died well
Patience got the talk from Jody and is heading in a Wayward direction
Sam and Dean really had it out and said some stuff - this is actually a good thing
Cas woke up in a very minimalist space! Lucky he doesn't dress in all black!

More Sam and Dean and Jack on the road on a case - awkward family road trip anyone?!
And though he's not mentioned in the synopsis - Cas in The Empty

Couples therapy

Let's look at that synopsis

“The Big Empty” 

THE LONG WAY HOME – When multiple patients of grief counsellor Mia Vallens (guest star Rukiya Bernard) turn up dead, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) investigate the mystery surrounding the murders and, each inadvertently, are forced to deal with unresolved grief of their own. John Badham directed the episode written by Meredith Glynn (#1304). 

Sounds like grief is going to be discussed and acknowledge, and hopefully addressed for all concerned. Please, lets get into the grief stuff. For all of us. Pleasssssse!

Director John Badham is awesome, we're so luck to have him - he last directed We Happy Few. Meredith Glynn came on board in season 12 and last wrote Ladies Drink Free!

Okay, here's the promo

Oh hey there's Cas....and apparently something or someone coming out of the blackness in The Empty! I'm looking forward to seeing what's happening there, what that space is like and all of the stuff. It's exciting that we have a new plain to discover! And who's in there with him - Misha talked about a very powerful being being in there with Cas, but who!?

As for Sam, Dean and Jack... well, I'm sure I'll enjoy all the story and all the interactions as usual. I hope their combined and individual grief is addressed (and allowed). I'm sure there will be tense, angsty moments, and I'm sure some awkward ones too!

Okay, here's the sneak peek....


There is this though - some fan video of a scene being shot...which is fun!

Here's what the show's fearless leader has to say about the episode...

It's out tears, right?

Okay... okay, it's glass half empty/full...OF OUR TEARS!

Enjoy the episode. Sending you all lots of love.



  1. Dang wish had a gif to give virtual hug from where I live to you Amy. Again powerful words girl that is why you are a writer and I just enjoy reading what you write. Thanks again for such a powerful opening statement there. And please yes when you see the boys in Hawaii let them know that there are fans that #IStandByJ2 that will forever be my motto. I wish there was a way we could let them know at the studio that we fans do care about them. Looking forward to tonight's episode just patiently waiting to get out of work. that is why keep checking for some kind of preview some kind of little nugget. Thanks again you words speak volume when you do speak for those of us who believe in Jared and Jensen :) I hope this is all blown over by time you get to Hawaii and can have a good time and so can they.

  2. I couldn't agree more with your disappointment and disgust at the way some in the fandom have behaved this week. I am also getting more than a little impatient with the well meaning but in their own way equally destructive attempts to 'help'. Online petitions, endless attempts to get 'we love you' or whatever hashtags trending, pressure being brought to bear on other actors to 'speak up' in support of them. All of that, albeit well intentioned, effort is just having the effect of giving this non story more legs. I just want it to die!

    Like you I fear that they will (and who could blame them) be much more guarded in future. But fans abused the incredibly accessible, informal, way the boys have come to interact with us. If they do pull back the fans that did this - mostly to advance their own favourite actor and ship (yes Misha / Destiel fans - we know it was you) - have no one to blame but themselves.

  3. Powerful words Amy and I agree with everything you said. I am disappointed, embarrassed, and totally disgusted in how this week has gone. I watched that panel live (well on Stage It) and heard nothing but laughter after the irrelavant question was asked. They guys were in such a happy place this weekend at the con and it was great to see them so happy and engaged with the fandom. I like you, can only hope that this has not ruined their trust in us because I have to say I sure have lost some and just really worry about what the repercussions just might be. At least you get to see them in 2 weeks and show them the love, I have to wait until Feb but please let them know we are all there for them if you feel so inclined to do so. Yeah a new ep tonight, lets focus on that now and look forward to seeing them on our screens tonight.

  4. It was during the gold panel when joke was told and truthfully I didn’t hear Jensen’s response so I didn’t get the joke yes over my head until I saw article about it and I was like what the like I said audio and didn’t get i

  5. Wonderful words once again Amy. I was at the con but not gold panel. This was never even brought up at the con. I never heard anyone complain. All I saw were happy faces. I agree it scares me that J2 might pull back from us and I wouldn't blame them. I hope they realize it's only a small percentage of so called fans. Enjoy Hawaii

  6. I was there at the panel and had no idea that there was even an issue until I checked twitter and instagram this afternoon. Go figure, you miss so much when you have to go back into the real world of work and and real life. I'll be going to DC con next weekend and it will be interesting to see how the panels go. Maybe I'm ignorant but I didn't find anything any more offensive than what I've heard on some show's on TV. Some people are just looking for something to get upset over.

  7. Amen, Amy! What a bunch of self righteous BS. I hope the boys have the good sense to stay off twitter, but obviously this is hard to ignore. Thank you for your preview, even though the squee is rolled up in a ball sobbing. Your site always gives me great joy and your previews always make me laugh. Fandom would be better off to just stop giving this legs and let it go.Say hello to the boys for the rest of us and just carry on as usual. Life is short and things that give us joy should be nurtured and not dragged through the mud because they fail to meet some impossible standard. Give the squee a bottle of tequila and enjoy the hell out of the show. Since I'm writing this after the show has aired, I have to say - THAT WAS AWESOME! Thanks for all your writing.

  8. I do avoid Twitter most of the time, and missed most of the Twitter reactions, I did however end up doing a bit of research and found some gossip-rag articles which had obviously picked up on the overblown outrage on social media and decided to add some oil to the flames. I too sincerely hope that this does not sour our boys view of us, the majority of their fans who judge them on their actions not on a few (probably ill advised) words, squeezed out under pressure at a convention. We actually need more men like J2 in this sorry world, and should be thanking them for being such gentlemen, not vilifying them. #bemoreJ2

  9. Excellent post - even if it is on such an awful subject. I was horrified by the whole thing and how it has been blown out of proportion and the repercussions of it. I am still angry and devastated and I hope that you will get the chance to tell the boys how much we love and appreciate them.

  10. Don't let all the vitriol out there bring you down! There are a lot of us who think this whole mess is just one big overblown cloud of noise, and it doesn't deserve all the attention that it's gotten. I also hope that you won't let it stop you from enjoying the thing you love, which is this awesome, awesome show. Speaking of which, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been looking forward to seeing your review of Episode 4. Have you gotten a chance to watch it yet? Based on your reactions to this season so far, I have a feeling that it's one you would really enjoy. And I hope that you won't let the drama-llamas win by not putting your positivity out there. Regardless, take care and be well. :)