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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's thoughts on Supernatural 13x04 "The Big Empty"

The Big Empty.....Not

I find the title ironic because this episode was anything but.  On the contrary, this episode was filled with honesty, insight, grief, anger, love and compassion.  It filled me up with an array of emotion and left me totally satisfied in a way that has me reeking of contentment.

Perhaps the title refers not only to where Cas is, but to the emptying of some of that anger and grief and replacing it with hope.

Don't Knock Therapy

The Winchesters talking to a professional counsellor about how they're feeling is quite a novel notion.  These boys have been in need of therapy for a long, long time and I was tickled pink that they've finally gotten to talk to someone, with an objective opinion, monster or not, about what's going on inside of them.  This was long overdue and I think it helped them all more than they possibly know.  We've seen Sam talk to a therapist, well not exactly seen, but he did get to talk to one off screen back in S1, Asylum.  Dean was theraped in Sam, Interrupted, but as we discovered, the Dr. wasn't real and he'd been talking to himself.  The boys faked the whole abstinence thing when they pretended they wanted to be virgins again. For the most part, the boys never really were much about talking to anyone about their feelings, especially strangers.  Once in a while Dean opened up to Sam, Bobby and Cas, but those moments were often far and few between and it was often the really big stuff that Dean didn't want to talk about.  Sam opened up to Dean once in awhile, but that was usually under circumstances when Sam was sick or drunk or angered to the point where he just burst.  We haven't really seen much of that from Sam in quite some time. The boys clearing the air in front of the counsellor the way they did was both refreshing and cathartic, not only for the boys, but I think for many of us fans out here.  Dean finally opening up to someone even though it was mostly about his brother and the denial Sam was in, said a lot about his own state of mind.  Dean's open hostility with Jack inside the Dr.'s house was also transparent., so much so that the Dr. called Dean out on it.   She also made it clear to point out to Dean that Sam was so upset that he had to leave the room. The Dr. finally said out loud what so many of us have been saying all along.

"You're angry Dean and if you don't want to do anything about it, it's your business, but you're aiming it at everyone in your life".

Can I just say how happy I was that Dean got to hear these words from a neutral party.  Dean needed  to hear that and Sam and Jack needed him to hear that, oh hell, we all needed for him to hear that.  I really do think it finally sunk in, especially when Dean found out that Sam went out on his own to find the shifter and he didn't call Dean.  The Dr.'s  "Do you blame him?" seemed to finally hit home for Dean and I believe that the counsellor helped him......a lot.

I really liked the shape shifter Dr.   She truly wants to help people.  It was very important to her to do good and make up for the bad that she had done with her ex.  From a genetic standpoint she was a monster, but she lived by the code of humanity and did a lot of good for a lot of people.  She lived by the same motto as Sam and reiterated to Jack the very words that Sam used all the way back in S4,

"It's doesn't matter who you are, it only matters what you do".

When Jack asked her if she believed that, she told him yes, that she had to.  The Dr. believed in Jack's goodness much the way Sam does.  She believes that it's possible to control the monster inside and not let the monster control you.  This was something Jack needed to hear again.  She confirmed what Sam has been telling Jack.  I also loved that she was able to give Jack the one thing he needed so badly, a chance to be with his mother.  All Jack had was his mom on a computer screen. The poor kid never had the chance to have any kind of contact with her.  The Dr. gave Jack a moment that he'll never get from his actual mother, but it was a moment that was true to it's core, one of love and faith for who Jack is.  I think this moment will have great significance for when the time comes when Jack decides to choose which path he'll take.

Sam's Confession

My initial feeling to why Sam has such unwavering faith that his mother is still alive had more to do with him never wanting to make the same mistake he did with Dean when he believed he died back in S7.  Sam was so despondent and drowning in his own grief, that he broke.  He stopped everything.  Sam was unable to deal with all his loss and as such ran away from his life. He couldn't do it without his brother, or maybe he didn't want to do it without his brother.  Sam could no longer bear living the life that took away his family.  He was done, and there was no one else around to support him or to have the faith he no longer had, to keep going.  He drove aimlessly for months swimming in his own grief, alone in his darkest despair, until divine intervention put a dog in front of his car and gave him a purpose.  Sam had a reason to go on, even if it was just to take care of a dog and eventually the woman who helped save this dog's life.  Sam then found a new someone to save.  He couldn't save his brother, but he could save this girl, by saving this girl,  she in turn saved him.  When Sam found out that he'd made a mistake and Dean wasn't dead, Sam bore the burden of guilt for giving up.  He'd believed his brother died and gave up on everything.  Bound by a promise to not bring his brother back if he'd died, Sam accepted Dean's death without ever looking for a way to bring him back.  Because Sam didn't go back on their promise, he never discovered the truth that his brother wasn't dead.  I don't know if Sam would've ever found out where Dean was or if he'd ever been able to rescue him from there, but in Sam's mind, his guilt lies with never trying in the first place.  His guilt lies with accepting his brother's death without a fight.  Now, with Mary trapped in another realm, my assumption was that Sam wasn't going to make the same mistake with Mary that he had with Dean.   Sam wasn't going to give up on trying to get her back. He was going to do it for her and for his brother.

I still think there is validity to my assumption and this that it is in part true. It seems though that Sam has another reason why he both wants and needs to save his mother so much.  I must admit I wasn't expecting this at all, but I  must admit to it be most gratifying.  I don't know about you, but I've seen many a complaint last season by a lot of people noting that Sam didn't get to have the same kind of personal connection with his mom that Dean did.  I felt that neither of them got much in the way of a connection as she did bolt on them, and I thought each brother had equal amount of screen time.  The fans kept saying that even with her gone, she contacted Dean more, which I had to agree with.  She did call Dean more.  Mary did speak to both of them through her contact with Dean. While the fans were not quiet about this, Sam certainly was.  I was totally blown out of the water, when Sam shared the very same feelings that the fans have had all last season.  I guess maybe the writers do, on occasion, acknowledge what's bothering the fans.

Sam's revelation was both surprising to hear and heartbreaking.  The fact that Sam felt left out all last season, after getting his mother back for the first time ever.  His hopes of a relationship were dashed when she left them, and how his heart must've ached inside every time Dean got a call from her and he got nothing.  I can only imagine what might've been going through his head each time he didn't hear from his mom and Dean did.  Of course Sam learns the truth as to why Mary was so distant from him. Mary's guilt was more than she could bear.  It was one thing to know that she started it all.  She made the deal and gave up her child to a demon.  Mary seeing the life they were leading, living the very life she tried to escape and never wanted for them was hard enough, but then to get the actual play by play from Dean as to what that deal truly did to her sons, to Sam.  It's a burden of guilt I'll wonder if she can ever be free of, even with Sam's forgiveness.  I do understand how hard it was for her to face Sam.  I do understand why she was so afraid.  Yet Sam never blamed her for anything and promised her that she never had to be afraid of him.  Sam not only set his mother free of all that guilt, or at least offered her the freedom, as I'm not sure it's so easy to get rid of, but welcomed her into his heart with open arms.  Just when Sam and Mary were able to have the relationship he's always wanted, she ends up in another universe.  Sam is not ready to have the opportunity of having a mom taken from him again.  It's apparent that he won't stop fighting to get that chance again.

Hearing this truth from Sam was so cathartic.  It just feels so good to hear Sam expressing his feelings, because as we all know, he tends to keep everything to himself.  He needed to let all of this out and we and Dean so needed to hear it.   Sam has known all along where Dean was coming from and where his head is at.  It means so much that Dean now knows where Sam is coming from and what is motivating him.  The more the boys know and understand about each other, the stronger their bond becomes.

Dean, I Needed This

I will admit that I was getting a bit tired of Dean being so hostile to Jack in this episode.  It went a little too far.  He berated the kid for every little thing and was openly hostile to the point where I wanted Sam to kick him or something.  Sam tried so hard to get Dean to give Jack a chance.  Hell he even went for the ace up his sleeve to get Dean to let Jack come on the hunt with them.  Yes, Sammy brought out his most lethal weapon when it comes to his brother,  the puppy dog eyes. 🐶  Then you add the "please, for me" and Dean Winchester never had a chance. 😍  Still, Dean didn't make it easy for Jack at all and yet still Jack tried.  Sam did tell him after all that Dean respects effort.  So Jack took all that Dean dished out, until Dean was finally called out by the Dr.  Then the moment came that so many of us  have been waiting for, that recognition in Dean's eyes where he finally acknowledges what he's been doing.   I knew from that moment on that all would be right in world again.

Dean made me cry last week.  It just gutted me emotionally when Dean told Sam that he was pretending to care for Jack.  I couldn't fathom Dean truly believing that...of all people....that he would actually believe that to be the case.  I had to vent. In a way, that was my therapy and I had to let it out.  I was assured that it was simply deflection on the part of Dean, and deep down I knew that to be true.  Still though I needed to hear that from Dean.  I needed him to say it out loud, and he did.  He said exactly what Sam, Jack and I needed to hear and it made me do this.....

Dean told Jack that Sam believed in him.  Dean apologised to Sam for being a dick lately, and he told Sam that maybe he was right about the kid, that he did try and he saved their lives.  The icing on top of the delicious cake, Dean told Sam not to give up on their Mom being alive. When Sam was ready to concede, Dean told him no.  Dean is dependent on Sam's faith because he doesn't have any of his own right now.  I think angry Dean has finally left the building.  Though Dean has admitted to being without hope, the silver lining here is that it's only temporary.  He's said that he doesn't have any of his own right now.  He also pleads with Sam not to lose any of his faith indicating that he needs it because he too wants to believe Mary is alive, even if he can't just yet. I also love that Dean admittedly looks to Sam for strength as much as Sam looks to Dean for it.  💕

To Be Cas or Not To Be Cas....That is the Question

I liked the entire concept of the Empty.  I think it's fascinating that this is where angels and demons go when they die.  I love that the Empty predates everything, including God, Amara and Leviathans.  It was really cool how the Entity took it's form  Great visual effects.  I really enjoyed how much the Entity was annoyed at having been awoken after all this time.  Cas heard Jack.  I wonder if that will be significant in the future.  See I kind of think that the real Cas is still in the Empty and that the Entity is the one who decided to take a sabbatical into the waking world.   Did anyone else notice that Cas had a striped tie in the Empty but the Cas who ended up back on Earth had a blue tie?  I think maybe this might not be the real Cas and perhaps Jack will rescue Cas at some point in the future....HMMM.


Jared was freaking awesome.  Jensen was masterful.  Alex was touching.  The girl who played the counsellor was wonderful.  I'm so glad that she got to return and play a deeper role.  I liked her in The Mentalists, but enjoyed her even more this time around.  The visual effects were cool.  I liked Misha's take on the Entity.  The writing was perfection.  It was touching, honest and cathartic. This has been the best episode of the season so far, and that's in a season where every episode has been awesomely good.

Can't wait for next week.  Til then.


  1. I think I remember some people thought that Sam didn't care last season that his mother was ignoring him because he didn't have any memories or a connection to her like Dean had. I'm sorry, but Dean was only 4 when she died, so Dean must have one heck of a memory to remember time with his mom that well. I don't remember going to Kindergarten, let alone what was happening when I was four. Regardless of Dean's memories, she was still Sam's mother and he did want to connect with her and was hurt when she only contacted Dean. He was so careful not to spook her, but she ran away, anyway. I try to understand her motivations, but I can't help thinking that it was just a bone-headed choice by the writing staff to promote drama. Thankfully, this season we're finally getting some real emotions that make sense. I might not have enjoyed Dean's angry grieving, but now that it's hopefully over, I do appreciate that Dean reacts to things in his own way and Sam and us viewers can still keep loving him, no matter what.

    I think also, that Sam's been determined to save his family since the events of season eight. He got derailed by the Gladreel possession, but came back more determined after the tragic ending to season nine. It's funny to me when people say that they don't like season nine. Except for a few episodes, I loved it.

  2. The memories Dean had of Mary were not exactly true which he found out when he found out she ordered the food out. That is why he was sitting on the floor looking at the pics after they got Sam back from the Brits. Any memory he had as a four year old and thinking here she cooked and was like a regular mom was not exactly true. I never got where Sam seems to think Dean and mary were close. The only time Mary contacted Dean was when they had that fight over her working with the brits and then when he wouldn't answer she contacted Sam and it was more like SOS so Sam could come out and see the Brits quarters. So I am confused on why Sam seems to think that Dean and Mary have this connection. Yes he texted her to make sure she was fine and if alright to call her mom. And maybe did words with friends with her but I didn't see any closer relationship then she had with Sam. Apparently while Dean was a youth she still kept hunting. And John was away so not sure who was watching Sam. My feeling was she was so worried that her and Sam would not connect because of the deal she made. But Sam was reaching out to her. I think yes maybe some truth to what Sam said but Sam needed to get up and leave the room to go through the house. I think it was more so Dean could sit there and distract the therapist. Because before coming in the door he said follow my lead. Maybe there is truth to what he said but I think it was more for Dean opening up. I always thought that I mean mary wanted to get to know Sam. And if Sam would forgive her for the deal she made. And I wish people would just let Dean get to know Jack on his own. I mean Sam is force feeding him to dean. And Dean will make friends if he wants in his own time. If you notice it took him awhile to be friends with Ellen, Jo, Benny, Cas, Kevin etc. When he lets you in the door to be part of the family its a big step and Jack will get there. I mean small step on hunt. And Jack saved Sam that says a lot to Dean.

    1. They didn't plan anything before they walked through the door. The "follow my lead" was going in as potential patients. That phrase alone signifies improvisation and no preplanned scenario. Sam initiated the entire pretext by telling Mia they lost their mother and jack was their brother. So they followed Sam's lead by going with that story. It was during the session that Sam started to ask questions, to try to gather intel. Dean was a bit more hard lined in the interrogation and notably hostile. The Dr. then starting probing the boys about what brought them there. That's when Dean brought up Sam's denial about their mother. This was not staged. This was an unexpected strike from Dean and Sam retaliated in kind, which was also unexpected. Sam then stormed out of the room. Sam didn't go searching the house. He stopped to get a drink of water and try to calm himself down. The only reason he started snooping upstairs was, as lilah pointed out, he saw the blood. Sam was genuinely hurt and angry at what Dean said, it's why he went off on his own without calling Dean. This bothered Dean more than Sam storming out of the room. He was hurt when he told the dr. that Sam didn't even call to tell him, which she replied...."do you blame him?". it was here that I believe that Dean recognized that he's taking his anger out on everyone. It's why he apologized for being a dick at the end. I don't think Dean would've realized how he was behaving and told Sam he was sorry for it if the whole thing was staged in the first place.

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  4. As for the Dean/Mary connection....I think part of it goes back to Dean having a normal life with her for the first four years of his life. Though Dean's memories of that were of his own making, Sam didn't know this, Dean didn't know this, so over the years whenever Dean brought up Mom to Sam that was all real. Dean is Mary's first contact, so they did have some time together when sam was kidnapped by Toni. Then she leaves, but he does see that Mary and Dean are playing Word with friends together. That might not seem like a big deal, but she made contact with Sam once she left, so he likely was hurt by this. Though we didn't know it at the time. We've seen Sam inquire about Mary a few times as they were texting ea. other. when Sam went off to take down the BMOL, Dean was the one who stayed behind to save Mary. He's the one that got through to her. As much as I know Sam was happy about that, I can't help but think a part of him could envy that connection Dean had to save Mary and I wonder if he questioned would he have been able to save her the way Dean did?

    We all know Dean is grieving and hurting, but Sam lost the same people Dean did. Just because Sam isn't showing his grief through anger, it doesn't mean it's not there.

  5. I don't think Sam is force feeding Jack to Dean. You said that Dean needs to get to know Jack on his own. Problem is he doesn't want to get to know Jack. How can that happen if all Dean does is constantly berate him, scold him, and scare him. Not to mention promise him that he will kill him if he turns bad. Dean's anger is preventing him from getting to know Jack, that's why Sam keeps trying to get Dean to give the kid a chance first. That's why the Dr. pointed out that Dean's anger is hurting everyone in his life. I think Sam is just trying to get Dean to give the kid a break, he's not asking Dean to be best buds with Jack. Dean has been hostile towards Jack from the moment he laid eyes on him and he confessed to Sam that when he sees Jack he sees everyone he's lost, even though Jack had nothing to do with it. The Dr, in the few short minutes she got to spend with them also recognized Dean's anger and how he was taking it out on everyone in his life. While Dean's anger is legit, the people he's taking it out on are not responsible. Jack wouldn't exist if it weren't for Crowley. Cas is capable of making his own decisions, even if Dean doesn't like could his mother. Lucifer is the one who killed everyone...but Lucifer isn't within striking distance, so Dean is taking it out on Jack. I'm not saying Dean has to trust Jack...He doesn't even have to like him, but constantly berating him, taking his anger out on the most powerful being on the planet is not the smartest move, especially since they don't have a way to get rid of Jack if they have to. I don't like it, but I'd rather see Dean take his anger out on Sam. Sam could take it. He understands where that anger is coming from and he knows that Dean just needs time. Jack otoh doesn't know Dean the way Sam does, and perceives Dean's anger as hatred leaving him sometimes terrified and sometimes doing whatever it takes to please Dean. Dean should take his anger out on the real monsters, not the ones he assumes is going to be one someday because that's the kind of luck they have. I was grateful that the Dr. offered Dean an objective viewpoint that he'd been blinded to because of his grief and anger. She never told him not to be angry. She simply pointed out that he was taking his anger out on all of those in his life. I think Dean recognizing this would help him. Look how hurt he was when Sam went off on his own and didn't even call Dean. The Dr. noted.."do you blame him"? I think it was this moment that it really hit Dean, that he realized what he'd been doing and it was perhaps time stop and perhaps handle things a little differently. I just thought Dean apologizing at the end proved that. Jack saving Sam was definitely an "A" for effort in Dean's book.

  6. If and when Dean wants to get to know Jack he will but remember dean did think safer to have Jack at the bunker then out in the world not knowing about his powers. Dean didn't have to do that. Dean again protecting the world from Jack. Because he doesn't know what Jack is capable of. And yes Dean has his reasons for not getting to know Jack. But in a way last week instead of going on the hunt and helping Missouri what did sam want Dean to do oh stay and help him with jack. And this week what did sam want to do bring jack on a hunt. That is force feeding jack on someone who when he wants to will get to know jack. Yes he can't look at him and Sam should be respecting dean's wishes instead what is sam doing trying to force something that won't happen until dean is ready to let Jack in. And what did sam say to Dean to get Jack to go along on hunt oh yea 'do it for me' and we know that dean cannot resist that. So you and I are seeing things differently. Sam has to let Jack and Dean happen when it happens not to keep insisting go on hunt or stay and help me with figuring out his powers. Dean needs time to let Jack in and when that happens it will be a good thing we will all enjoy watching. until then first step happened yes saving sam's life. and he saw him use his powers for good and he did believe in what sam said about jack. and that was dean ready to start believing in jack.

  7. DEAN
    What, you ready to ditch Damien? What do you wanna do? Leave him in a ring of holy oil with some Netflix and a frozen pizza?
    (sarcastic) Ha. No. Actually… I thought we’d, uh, bring him along.
    Uh, hell, no. What, “Adventures in Babysitting” the Antichrist? No, thank you.
    Dean, we can’t hide him forever. And, you know, just keeping him cooped up here isn’t working.
    Yeah, it is, actually. You wanna know why? Because as long as he’s here, he’s not out there doing God knows what. So what, does this mean that your plan for bringing Mom back isn’t working? ‘Cause I’ll say it again—Mom’s dead, Sam. Lucifer ripped out her freakin’ heart. Now, the sooner you can wrap your head around that, the sooner we can all move on.
    So you’re saying you want to move on, from Mom?
    [They stare at each other.]
    Right now, I wanna kill some dead guy’s dead wife.
    Dean, that isn’t what this is about. Jack needs to get out. He needs to get some air. We all do. He’s a good kid. He is, just… give him a chance, please. For me.

    I didn't see this as Sam forcing Jack on Dean. I saw this as Sam pleading with Dean to let Jack out of the bunker as he's basically their prisoner. The "please for me" wasn't about getting Dean to hang out with Jack. It was about trying to convince Dean that Jack is a good kid and he doesn't deserve to be imprisoned. He wanted Dean to give Jack a chance to prove he can be outside and not cause a catastrophe. I also think Sam wanted Jack to be part of a hunt, to help in guiding him on the path of good. Being the good guy. Sam wanted them all to get out and get some air. To get back to work. To get back into their normal routine. Sam wasn't asking Dean to like Jack. he was just asking Dean to let Jack outside and allow Jack the chance to be normal...see what they do and why.

    1. I get that but again the Dean and Jack has to happen at its own time. Dean didn't want Jack to go; Dean found a case him and Sam could work on. Sam knew that Dean was not budging in letting Jack come so he did use the 'for me'. I just think that Dean and Jack had to happen on its own I mean Dean was going to check on something Jack did want to go and oh yea sam gave Dean a look to let him come along. I liked that Jack volunteered to go with Dean but again. To me sam should have let dean had his space until he was ready to start getting use to jack at the bunker and around but to me he didn't like I said my opinion in the end yes worked out dean did see the good in jack and he saved sam but sam needs to respect deans wishes at times.

  8. This was never about Dean/Jack...This was about Jack. This was about Sam wanting to teach/guide Jack. It's about wanting Jack to not feel like a prisoner or unwanted houseguest. It was Sam's attempt to get Jack to believe in himself by being a part of what the Winchesters do. Helping others. Saving lives. It's about helping Jack learn to trust in himself, by offering him trust. Sam wasn't asking Dean to trust jack. Sam has his own trust to offer. None of that can happen with Jack on lockdown. Even prisoners get rec time and get to go outside. How long do you suppose Jack would take being imprisoned before he cut himself loose? Who's to say who's hands he would end up in then? Sam felt dean acted like their Dad, and while Dean obeyed and followed orders, it pushed Sam far that Sam bolted. Sam sees a lot of himself in Jack and he likely fears that Jack will end up bolting. If he leaves with the impression that Dean Winchester is his enemy.....again, I think this about the softer, smarter approach to take with Jack rather than the harsher one, which I don't think would bode well for anyone.

  9. I get what you are saying...i'm not disagreeing with this notion.  I just don't think Sam "forced" Dean.  Sam telling Dean that they all needed air, that they needed to get out implies that they've been cooped up in the bunker for quite some time.  Judging from Jack sittling alone in solitude, I'm not seeing Dean opening up to jack in any way or softening up.  You say Dean needs time with Jack, but how long does Jack have to remain imprisoned in the bunker before that happens?  How can Jack have the chance to prove himself if he feels the need to stay locked up in his room because of the hostility and hatred emanating from Dean and the conflict it's causing between Sam and Dean?  Dean needs time yes....but so does everyone's not just about Dean, it's about the three of them, all suffering.  There has to be some kind of compromise made here....Sam has been trying very hard to make Jack feel less hated, less alone, less frightened, which he was even before Dean started aiming all of his misplaced anger on the kid.  I'm sorry but I think Dean needs to bend ever so slightly in this situation.  If he's not going to stop his hostility towards Jack, then he should at least let the kid get some air. 

    Sam is very aware that Jack can go either way here.  He's not blind to what Dean fears Jack can become, nor is he in denial of that fact. As a matter of fact, I believe Sam's feelings and his approach towards Jack is in part due to Dean's belief in the worst as much as it's in part due to Sam's belief that Jack can choose the path of good.   It seems to me that Sam is doing everything he can though to steer Jack in the right direction.  I think Sam's approach is a smart one, because even if at some point it all goes wiggy, Jack will always remember the kindness and the faith Sam showed in him.  You keep saying Dean needs time, but how much will Jack allow himself to take before he bolts or before he gives up on himself and believes the worst?  if he takes off seeing the Winchesters as his enemies how would that bode well for anyone? There are so many people after Jack right now and all for their own personal gain. Trust me, Jack has no friends out there and trust me it's not helping that Jack feels he has no friends where he is right now. I'm just so glad that Jack brought up what Dean said and sam could be honest with Jack. At least Jack knows he has someone on his side right now, which I believe he sorely needs. Sam could very well be the only reason Jack hasn't split but how much longer can Sam keep Jack from running? There might not be enough time...Dean is stubborn and he's not doing anything else to release his anger....he just keeps aiming it at the same person, a person by the way that is the most powerful being in the world and that they have no idea how to kill if they had to.  Someone who can most likely kill the Winchesters with a snap of his finger if he so wanted.   So while Sam has the patience and understanding to take Dean's hits during his time of grief, Jack doesn't.  If Dean were taking his anger out on Sam, I'd doubt Sam would feel the pressure to get Dean to warm up to Jack.  But I don't think Sam has the luxury to wait on Dean in this case.  Dean has to bend a little here for everyone's sake.  Sam's trying to help everyone here. 

  10. Thank you so much for the conversation....I get the feeling that my difference of opinion may very well be angering you.  That of course is not my intention.  I do appreciate that you even read at all.  Most of the time we don't agree, but you still take time out of your day to read my thoughts and I thank you.  

    I promise you I'm not Dean's enemy.  I love Dean, I really do.  Just because I disagree with the way Dean handles something, it doesn't mean I don't understand where he's coming from or that I don't realize that he eventually does come around.  it's just in this case, I think eventually might be too late. 

    I do hope you continue to read though...I do enjoy chatting with you all about our show. 

    1. But Dean has always handled everyone he has met that way take example again Benny he is a vampire not someone he would make friends with but he did. cas saved dean's life from hell god commanded yes but dean kept the angels at arms length but cas and him became friends. Jack he would do the same the fandom just does not want to give dean the time to do that because of how Sam is handling it and way dean is and since dean is mean to jack well then dean is in the wrong. no dean is in mourning but fandom won't let him do that either. whatever dean says to jack he is in the wrong he should be nice to him. when dean is ready to let jack in he would have; but we are all to rushed because we are four or five episodes into the season and dean and jack should be getting along. no when dean wants to be able to sit down on his own terms and talk to jack he will he does let people in. he kept ellen and jo at arms length. kevin he wasn't nice with at the beginning. good lord look at everyone dean has met and let in to be part of the family it doesn't happen quickly with him. you have to earn dean's trust. and when jack had done that dean will let him in. I have faith in him I know dean doesn't have any faith but cas being back will help a lot more.