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sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 13x05 "Advanced Thanatology"

Welcome to the preview for the fifth episode of season 13! Five already! 

And it looks like it might be a bit creepy...because....this guy!



Sam and Dean cleared the air, owned some of their emotions and talked a bunch.
Jack saved Sam, which went a long way to finally making headway with Dean.
Cas woke up in The Empty.
A Cas came back to earth.... but which Cas is it!?


The boys go on an old school ghost hunt together! Weeeeeee!

Okay - here's the synopsis

“Advanced Thanatology”
While working on a case involving the ghost of a demented doctor, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) get assistance from an unexpected source – Billie (guest star Lisa Berry). Castiel (Misha Collins) finds his way back to the Winchesters. John Showalter directed the episode written by Steve Yockey (#1305).

Oooo good synopsis, and a bit spoilery really. Lots of surprises! Or not so surprising anymore surprises. Like Billie...that'd be dead Billie the Reaper. Or not so dead Billie. And Cas gets back to the boys...which I predict will be the end of the episode - like they get back to the bunker after the hunt, walking down the bunker stairs chatting, and BOOM there's Cas standing there in the middle of the room. Cut to black. Maybe. But which Cas is it who has returned? Real Cas or Empty Cas? Hmmmmm.... And I wonder where Jack is in all of this? Binging Clone Wars? 

Thanatology, by the way, is... the scientific study of death. It investigates the mechanisms and forensic aspects of death, such as bodily changes that accompany death and the post-mortem period, as well as wider psychological and social aspects related to death.  Hmmmmmm

Steve Yockey joined the writing team in season 12 and last season wrote a couple of crackers, 12x06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox and 12x10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets.

John Showalter has been directing the show since season 5.

I do love an old school hunt with torches and ghosts and the brothers together getting down to the family business.

Okay, let's check out the promo...

That ghost doc with the drill looks super freaky! What's a bet one of the brothers ends up moments away from being lobotomised before being rescued by the other brother! Or maybe not, but if we're going to go old school, let's go all the way! Someone needs to get tied to a chair!

It'll be interesting to see where Sam and Dean are at after the airing of their feels last week, and coming to a place where they both now know exactly just how broken their brother is by everything that's will there be more conversations about that...about Jack? Or will it all be put on the back burner as we focus on a job.

Just some....
pretty... last week we weirdly didn't get a sneak peek...but this week...YAY!

Bros. Bless. Just, BLESS! I love them so much. Okay, so I guess Sam's trying to cheer Dean up, after Dean confessing last week that he's basically lost faith in everything (except Sam who he trusts to keep the faith for both of them)? Is that what's here, Sam giving Dean all of his favourite things, to try to make him feel better! Awwwww. I love this kind of scene, the boys being the boys we love. Brother moments are my favourite thing ever! Probably in life! 🤣 And I guffawed at the end - Sam trying to talk the stripper into going to nursing school. Too damn funny and too damn Sam. The writing this season is so spot on! I figure this conversation goes a different direction after the why are you being so nice humour. I just love how much these guys are talking...and I love getting these wee insights into their lives, and I always love a little history. Weeeee! I can't wait!


Okay...what did the obtuse Mr Dabb have to say this week?

This is a lyric from the Grateful Dead song - Greatest Story Ever Told

Abraham and Issac is a biblical reference - in case you couldn't guess! 

According to the Hebrew Bible, God commands Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering sacrifice. After Isaac is bound to an altar, a messenger from God stops Abraham at the last minute, saying "now I know you fear God." Abraham looks up and sees a ram and sacrifices it instead of Isaac.

Looking for a left-hand monkey wrench is a fools errand, because no such thing exists.

So pop those two together and go crazy!

I'm so looking forward to this episode, the brothers on a hunt together, doing their thing, all Fed'ed up, with the most obvious aliases ever, hopefully this will do both their hearts some good!

Enjoy the episode everyone, have fun...and above all....


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