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Supernatural News: The Week That Was - January 26 Edition

This week the news was all about RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS!

Episode 9.11 "First Born" was the most watched episode of Supernatural since the season 6 premiere!

Supernatural got a 1.1 and 2.70 million viewers. But not only that, the show got a 1.6 in the coveted female teen demographic. 1.6! That's a 5 year high!

Add to this the news that the combination of The Originals and Supernatural gave the CW their most-watched Tuesday night since October 2008!

For a show in its 9th season, it is almost unheard of to have these kind of increases in ratings. But Supernatural, the little show that could, has!

You can read more about our ratings slam dunk in my article here which also looks at how Supernatural is the only returning drama on the CW to grow its audience and more on the bumper Tuesday night in the Variety article here.

Helloooooo early pickup? Come on down season 10!


In a nonspoilery interview, Jared spoke of the brother's relationship to Vlada Gelman at TV|Line.

Jared predicts that, "it’s going to take something big” to bridge the gulf between them.

“They’re handling it as you expect them to,” Padalecki adds of the conflict. “Sam kind of goes introverted and Dean goes forward. Sam is more the kind of guy that thinks something out and says, ‘Well, you know, this is where you messed up [and] this is why I’m upset.’… It’s nice dichotomy to catch on camera and, hopefully, Jensen [Ackles] and I get a chance to do a good job with it.”

Oh course the guys will do a great job! (Just wish they didn't have to. GAH)

And this from E Online:

"We're definitely at odds. The show has built on nine years on the relationship between the boys, as we call them on the set," Padalecki spills. "Obviously, they got to work it ‘cause they got to continue making things better in the world."

But the road to reunion (and one of those beloved Winchester brothers hug) will be a long and arduous one, Padalecki says. "There will certainly be a long road to travel and even as we shoot today, Sam and Dean aren't 100 percent."

"One of the things that I don't like in TV or movies is when someone is hurt and it's like, Oh, no that's okay, let's carry on,'" he explains. "I like to see, as in reality, people working through things. Like you know what, that messed me up so I'm going to hurt you back and then they kind of figure out what's what. Like you are with your family, your friends, your bosses, people you work with. You know, it's difficult to just have someone just go, ‘Okay, give me a hug.'" So I like that the writers are having a chance to really delve into the disagreements Sam and Dean have."

Ack. We know he's right about it having to be realistic... BUT GAH TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.  (P.S. "Okay, give me a hug" are now the words I want to hear most! Thanks Jared!)

Jared was also in the news when he finally revealed the name of 1 month old son number 2; the baby formally known as Welco. Well actually Gen revealed the name! Nawwwww.

Jared also chatted to People (in the Moms and Babies section!!) about fatherhood.

“For grown men who are used to playing sports, babies are tough,” the actor, 31, who welcomed his second son,Shepherd, in late December, told PEOPLE on Thursday at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

This article had some words from Jensen too, in what was probably one of the most fabulously miswritten sentences ever! Jensen was talking about how supportive the fans are that both he and Jared are married men and fathers...

Although he and fellow costar Jensen Ackles — dad to daughter Justice Jay7 months — are considered heartthrobs of their TV network, they find fans appreciative that they are happily off-limits.
“I think it’s the opposite,” Ackles, 35, told PEOPLE when asked if his admirers are upset that he and Padalecki are married. “They’re super supportive. They love it.”
Oh if only the author of this article knew the giggles that one line sent through the Supernatural fandom.
Anyhooooo moving right along.

Friday saw the first day for none other than Misha Collins to step up to the director's chair, when he started prepping his episode - 9.17
Somehow, I think he's in for a world of pain and I can't wait to hear all about it at Vegascon!
Here's Misha looking like a crazed director...or you know, Misha.
The photo was posted by Tara Larsen.

Speaking of Misha... Random Acts made Ellen's The Good News blog this week! How cool is that?

Read the blog entry here, because it will make you all googey inside with the goodness. Does this mean Misha is one step closer to guesting on Ellen? Lord knows his Minions have been campaigning long enough!

For Adam lovers...well there was some good/not so good news from The Carver:
In an article over at TV Guide's Mega Buzz a fan asked the question many fans have asked about Adam. Is he ever getting out of Hell? With the talk of more familiar faces heading our way, The Carver put a bit of an end to any speculation regarding that other brother reappearing on our show anytime soon...

"As long as he's in the cage, there's always a chance," showrunner Jeremy Carver says. "He's not coming out tomorrow, but there's always a chance."

Oh dear. (P.S. let it gooooo.)

Speaking of familiar faces... Look who flew to Vancouver this week to start shooting their episode! Can anyone sing, Ghost Ghostfacers!

God even got a mention this week, with Jensen and Jeremy both weighing into the will He/won't He ever show up argument.
Selfishly, Jensen would love to have Rob Benedict come back to the show because he's one of my favorites of all time," Ackles tells "I mean, God would not be too happy at the disarray that has become his creation, so to speak. It's utter chaos. It's everything but the Apocalypse."
Showrunner Jeremy Carver admits that the God debate is a constant topic in the Supernatural writers room, but the timing just isn't right. "We talk about it all the time," Carver says of Chuck's return. "And I think we have all determined that up until this point at least, God has always served our story best as an absent father. It's a very understandable characterization."
What other show has these kind of discussions around God?! You can read the whole, fun and interesting article here.

Speaking of God...or someone angling for the job!

Want to know Curtis Armstrong a bit better? Here's a great Q&A with Metatron, our favourite-love-to-hate-really-not-favourite-bad-nasty-bastard-killed-Kevin-what-the-hell-is-he-going-to-do-next-so-awful-he's-awesome angel.

Find out what song was playing during his first kiss, what posters he had on the wall as a kid and what guilty pleassure is on his DVR in the article here!

Matt Cohen held another UStream chat.

He's going to do these weekly (where he can I guess) and he's recording them, so even if you miss watching him live, you can got back and watch the recorded session! 

Matt answers questions and tells you his news - like how he's going to be designing some limited edition t-shirts, so keep an eye out for those. He's going to have some friends dropping in you never know who'll be joining him!

Check out episode 1 and 2 already recorded and keep an eye on Matt's twitter @mattcohen4real.

Here's Matt's UStream Channel link.

And of course, let's not forget a very important day... 


I celebrated with 35 reasons why I love Dean! Hard to get it down to 35!

Happy birthday, baby. I hope you got lots of pie and maybe a hug (we know how you secretly love them.)

Another busy week of news in the Supernatural week that was!

If you missed my review of this week's episode, here is a link. Also Jules from Superwiki and I recorded a new Women of Letters podcast, discussing the first two episodes of the year.

That's it for now! Enjoy another Supernaturally awesome week!

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