Friday, 16 September 2011

Supernatural makes MTV's 10 On Top...again.

I love this clip. I love it for 2 reasons, well probably a million reasons but anyhoo...

I love how Jensen is so thoughtful when he discusses his directing duties and I love how supportive Jared is with him.

Their friendship is one of the true joys of this show. Knowing that they're as close as Sam & Dean, but in a way more functional way, is a delight. They're always talking about having each others back and you just know that they do, in all aspects of their lives. These are two really great guys....

I also love that MTV keep doing these 10 On Top segments with the Supernatural cast!  Speaks volumes don't you think? It's funny how the longer this show is on the more attention it seems to garner. Usually it's the other way around. Usually a show going into its seventh season is starting to get overlooked. But in the last couple of years, Supernatural has been receiving more and more coverage in the press, both blogger and mainstream. It's like...FINALLY...finally they're all seeing what we have been seeing since day one!

The other thing I love about this clip is Jared and his spoilery ways. He drops a couple of things in this interview that made me go, whoa WHAT? He's just so candid. What he says sure makes me excited for season 7. It sounds like it's going to be edge of your seat, white knuckle fun.

Also, Jared and the man on man thing... oh my gosh! He looks so awkward! Oh how I laughed. How they were able to come back from that so quickly is beyond me. I would've lost it! I'm expecting to see that part of the clip in high rotation on tumblr!

Anyway, here's 2 clips - edited together - from the latest MTV 10 On Top segment. When you see the 2nd opener come up....that's where the spoilery bits happen (also the man on man action), so be warned.

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