Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Can Jimmy contain the souls of Purgatory?

When I first saw the 'In Cas We Fear' trailer for season 7, I assumed bloodied, stumbly Cas had just had some kind of beat down, or that maybe he'd had a tangle with Death, or, I don't know. In the quick, flashy, bright shots we saw, I just assumed that the blood and whatnot on Cas' face was exactly that, blood....then I saw this screengrab.....

(warning: my vague spoiler assumptions ahead)

Now this looks to me like the souls of Purgatory are burning through Castiel's vessel, Jimmy. Sorta like Lucifer burnt through Nick right? Which got me thinking...Jimmy was built to be the vessel of an Angel, not the vessel of 1 million black and twisted souls from Purgatory. Cas said to Crowley, if this Purgatory deal went wrong, he could go the way of Lucifer....he was probably talking about being all evil, but maybe he was talking about this? And then there is that spoiler we've heard drifting around in vagaries for a while now, about a certain set being raised to the ground, about cast members pilfering props from said set because they'd never be on that set again, about the boys not having their usually tools and support methods to lean on as the traverse the new dark highways of season 7. I've assumed, ever since I heard this vague spoiler, that the set in question is going to go up with a bang and I assumed it had something to do with Dean's warning to Cas that he's "full of nuke".....

This screengrab, well....are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Of course I could be wrong. You never know what's in store when it comes to Supernatural! But one thing is certain, all this is going to make for one explosive season opening! BRING.IT.ON.


  1. I like your theory. It's going to be an explosive start of the season. The whole 'without their tools' thing is making me nervous.. Surely they still need my Colt & Wooby's knife! May be we will see new tools.. like... ninja stars?


  2. I really hope we see ninja stars....and I know the Js hope so too!