Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Supernatural 7.02 preview! I'm excited and here's why.....

Ooo ooo a preview clip and a new promo for episode 7.02! I'm super excited about this for a couple of reasons.

I'm just excited for a new episode. After the long hellatus, getting Supernatural back is like taking air into my lungs again. I know I miss it, but I just don't realise how much until I watch a new episode. It's like I suddenly can let out this breath I was holding, or draw a big breath in, usually a gasp!

This episode is directed by Guy Bee. Guy has definitely become one of my favourite Supernatural directors. He obviously knows what he's doing, he's a highly experience director and can tell a great story. His episodes are always very taught but he's also great with delivering the humour. Guy's episodes are some of the strongest of the series. But also, Guy is very friendly with us fans and consequently I think we all feel that little bit more connected to the episodes he directs. He popped by a live podcast I was attending the other day and was nice enough to tell us that episode 2 picks up where the premiere episode left off. I literally can't wait to see this happen!

I'm extremely interested in seeing how this crumbling great wall of Sam thing will play out. How is it going to be resolved? How much impact on the story arc for season 7 will it have? Will it go all season? Will he get fixed? Will he start to be able to manage his hallucinations?

More importantly, how will Dean cope with it all? He's not fine, not fine at all. How will he cope with his brother being in dire straights yet again and how will he talk Sam into believing that the world he is in now is the real world and Lucifer's world is just a lie Sam's brain is telling him? How will he cope with losing his friend Cas? How? How!??

The season opener was so freakin' awesome I am desperate to see where it goes next. The cliffhanger was a doozey and I'm literally champing at the bit to see how Dean and Bobby get out of this predicament with the Leviathan, in the guise of Cas, maniacally laughing at them and tossing them about like rag dolls. And now we find out the Leviathan are traveling through the water!? Oh this is going to be awesome! This is really creepy and I love it when Supernatural gets creepy.

But the big thing for me is 7.02 is written by Ben Edlund. Ben is a bit of a hero of mine. I think he is a truly gifted writer. He can write crazy Supernatural craic and the turn around and deliver powerful, emotional brother moments. He's an amazing creative with one of those brains that you just wish you a tiny bit of (and I don't mean in a jar, though that could be cool). I find him incredibly inspirational to listen to. He's sharp as a tack, but his thought processes are so random, his tangents so deliciously bizarre. As someone who can't get through a conversation with out digressing off into some peculiar territory, I relate to his oddly fracture method of communication. I recently listened to him on The Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast and apart from howling with laughter, I marveled at his wonderful journey to where he is now but also at how you think he has completely gone off on another point and will never come back to where he was supposed to be and yet he manages to wrap it all up and return to the point he started out on! I think the man is brilliant. He makes me want to write. In fact he makes me what to write and write. He inspires me to be better. I think I'm a little in love with him. 
Anyway! I am very excited (obviously) by this new clip and the new episode coming our way!

Man I love Supernatural.

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