Saturday, 10 September 2011

Jensen the director, the actor, the..... everything.

He's a talented guy Jensen, there's no denying it. Watching his growth as an actor over the past six seasons of Supernatural has been one of the highlights of the show. He's transformed Dean from a cocky-one-liner kinda guy into a deep, passionate, troubled, sexy and yes still sometime, cocky-one-liner kind of guy. As Dean has matured and developed, I've fallen more and more in love with him and alongside that, I've fallen more and more in love with Jensen. I've got to a place where I feel like I can see a little of who Jensen really is and to me, he looks like a beautiful man. I'm not talking about the physical, though his outer beauty is undeniable, I'm talking about the inner Jensen, that inner beauty which simply shines through.

When I met Jensen at LACon, one of the words I used to describe him was 'gracious' because he really is incredibly gracious in all his interactions with the fans. There's an aura of peace around him which calms the nerves (a little). He has a lovely gracious and generous nature that fills the heart, my heart, to over flowing. Yes, the relationship between the fans and the show is symbiotic, but to be treated with such respect by someone you respect so much really is a defining moment, at least it was for me.

Supernatural fans all know how much Jensen is interested in, not just his own art as an actor, but the art of making television, the creative and technical aspects of how a show comes together. He had a hankering to direct and when he was given that chance, the fandom let out a hearty cheer.

Weekend At Bobby's is one of the highlight episodes from season 6 and it was Jensen's directorial debut. It was a wonderful feeling to see his name come up with the director credit, knowing how important that is to him. It was an even more wonderful feeling to watch the episode unfold and see what a truly excellent job he'd done. In that moment, I seriously couldn't have been prouder for him.

The season 6 DVD special feature, "Jensen Ackles: A Director's Journey",  shows Jensen the director (and a little of the actor) at work. Watching this was so happy making. Seeing how Jensen interacts with the crew and how they all obviously trust and respect him is a pure delight. He may say he's nervous, but he looks calm and in control and you know what else he looks? Gracious. I thought it was interesting that the costume supervisor Daevina used that word. My word. Gracious. For a man that has so much going on in the talent and looks departments, he continually comes across as thoughtful and humble. It's hard to express how that makes me feel.

I'm so happy that the Supernatural 'Powers That Be' gave Jensen another chance to direct. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Jensen did with episode 7.03. He said the experience was far more difficult the 2nd time round, because he knew more, so he couldn't just innocently be naive about anything. He had no excuses. I sure am excited for it, I mean, he got to direct his bestie! 

It is a true fact that I love Jensen, as ridiculous as some people in my life may think that is, I do, I can't damn well help it ok? Seeing him here, in these videos, being candid, being professional, being calm, being honest, being humble, being gracious, being's pretty damn near perfect.

This may sound weird, but I'm so very proud of Jensen. I'm proud of who he is, or appears to be to me and I'm proud of what he's achieved and the way he's gone about achieving it. I want nothing but good things for Jensen. I want him to be happy in his personal life. I want him to be happy in his professional life. I want him to be hugely successful in a way that's meaningful to him. I want the best for him because, well, I think he deserves it.

Oh...and....if you thought for one second I was going to be able to get to the end of this without  objectifying....ummmm....seeing him walk? I dunno why, but seeing Jensen just walking around. DAMN. Seriously....D-AMN! (Sorry I tried not to say this, but some things are beyond my control)!

Enjoy the videos....

P.S. Thank you Jensen for being you...

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