Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Jensen and Jared - Rapid fire Q&A complete with total adorableness

This is why I love these boys....this....this right here....THIS!

I mean seriously, could they be any more adorable? And if I can Jensen fan-girl for a minute, damn, he's just so NICE and I mean that in every positive sense of the word. He is obviously just such a nice, nice person. Not that this is a new concept to me, it's plain as day that he's a lovely human being. Jared too of course, but my heart belongs to Jensen....

And the Skywalker/Solo answer, well I think that explains why they are such great friends, that answer right there.

I caught this right at the very tail end of my working day...and it literally made my face hurt from grinning. It made my day and my night and it'll probably make my day again tomorrow!

Oh and Jensen...you are such a stirrer...you know what that slash fiction answer would do to a large part of the Supernatural fandom.

Damn you for being so perfect (I'm so happy you're so perfect). I seriously can't wait to see him again soon in Chicago!

Anyway. This right here is why I love these two and a big part of why I love this show....

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