Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Is there anything as joyful as a Supernatural gag-reel?

Nothing says the new season is nearly upon us like the YouTube sneak peak of the previous season's gag-reel!

I was literally just thinking about this the other day. I was thinking, geeze the season 6 DVD is about to be released and season 7 is about to begin and still no leaked gag-reel? As Jensen would say.... "COME ON!"

Well blow me down and colour me ecstatic....look what dropped this morning!

One thing's for sure....the Supernatural gag-reels are getting dirtier! They're also playing up to the fan's...errr...little quirks a lot more!

I thought there would be more Sebastian in this. For some reason I thought he'd be cracking up left and right. I'm assuming The French Mistake out-takes will be a separate feature on the DVD release, because the bad acting scene doesn't get a look-in. I'm very excited to see more of that.

It really does seem like a great set to work on. We know they all do hideously long hours, but at least it looks like they're having fun. I also dig that they close these reels with behind the scenes shots of the crew at work. No wonder the guys are happy to keep making the show, apart from having a good solid job, they're obviously having a ball. They look like a family.

Favourite bits? The way it starts, with a hug/not hug montage. Jensen's casual use of the words vagina and erection, this really shouldn't please me as much as it does, I giggled like a schoolgirl. Jared's touchy-feelyness in the French Mistake out-take, he can't keep his hands off Jensen or Misha! Jensen boogeying in his tracky-daks and t-shirt (hubba hubba and did someone say perky nipples). Jared having a Star Wars Tusken Raiders geek moment and CHUCK NORRIS!

Yep, another grin inducing, giggle making, love-fest also known as the Supernatural Gag-Reel.

How I adore these two boys.....

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