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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on The British Invasion

This is one of those episodes where there really isn't much to write about because it's basically about every other character except Sam and Dean.  Unfortunately when it comes to the heart of the story, Sam and Dean are the beats that keep the story pumping, so when we have an episode that is Sam and Dean light, well, it's just a bit of a weaker heart beat....kind of like we're in need of pacemaker.  Lucky though this episode did have a pacemaker.  Her name was Eileen and she brought heart to the story.💗🍀

You know when you know a character so well, that your faith in them is endless and you try and try to convince others to trust in that character.  Well that's how I feel about Sam.  I have a faith and a belief in him that I've never really had for a character before.  Weird I know, to have such faith in someone who isn't even real, but it is so.  I've written this over and over and this will be the last time, I promise, but I knew, I just knew that Sam had told Dean everything regarding the events of the Raid. Sam did tell Dean everything as I knew he would have.  I really enjoyed Dean's reunion with the Colt and I loved that there was no drama regarding this gun, other than what happened when Eileen used it.   I don't see it as any kind of missed angsty opportunity.  I so would've preferred to have seen Sam and Dean's talk instead of it happening off screen, but I will admit to really being happy with the end result.  I love that Dean's reunion with the gun didn't involve drama, it was just a sweet reunion...a special moment and I really appreciated it.  Really when one thinks about it why should it be?  The Colt was in the hands of a POH.  Mary stole it back,  ensured Sam see it and Sam got the gun back and gave it to Dean, where it should be. I actually found that part of the story to be very well handled indeed. 🔫


This back and forth between who's got the bigger pitchfork is getting somewhat confusing.   So who's 10 steps ahead now?  Is it still Crowley, who was smart enough to kill the demon did all the research and helped Crowley ward Luci's vessel?  Is Luci gaining steps?  Does he have a way out in mind that just hasn't happened yet?  As of right now he's using telepathy with Dagon and he's got Crowley's minions working for him on the supposed down low.  Are we to believe Crowley is totally unaware of what's going on here?  I find that unlikely given how Crowley is consistently playing at chess while everyone else seems to be playing tic tac toe.  Still this back and forth regarding who's playing who is keeping my attention. I do so enjoy every scene Mark P is in.  I love Mark S too. I do wish though they would stop having him preach endlessly to Lucifer about having him right where he wants him. That part is getting a bit tedious, as much as I love to hear Crowley go on. 


I like this girl.  She's so great with Sam.  They are as Dean noted, cute. It's nice to see Eileen/Sam share a similar bond that Dean had with Charlie.  I just hope Eileen gets to survive.  I loved the entire scene in the car with Sam and Dean face timing Eileen.  It's great how all these hunters are working together to find Kelly Kline.   Eileen is tough and smart and a good addition to the Winchester family.  I love that Sam had learnt to sign just so he can communicate with her.  I felt bad for her when Dagon had teleported and she accidentally shot BMOL expendable #2.  For just a slight second I feared for her safety when Mick drew on her.  Now I fear for her safety because Mick is no longer around to protect her. I do so hope she doesn't meet the same fate as Charlie did.  I would love for her to come back again.  I really thought that heartfelt talk between her and Sam the most poignant moment of the episode....there's that heartbeat.  


When I think about Mick one word seems to come to mind....."brainwashed"

I will admit that I was very sad to see him go, he was really beginning to grow on me and he had such potential as a great ally for the boys.  His was truly a tragic story and just as he was beginning to see things in a different light, to think for himself, the BMOL has him killed.  Kind of makes me wonder..... and conspiracy theory ensues:

IMHO, what got Mick killed was thinking for himself.  I'm not really buying into some silly code that was placed on these children at the school and I'm not really buying into the fact that all BMOL are under such a code.  Have you noticed that this code is without any morality?   I don't know about you guys, but I've noticed the comparison to Hogwarts mentioned a few times now in show.   Well if we examine Hogwarts a little more closely we would find that it was basically a good school that taught magic to all.  Unfortunately, there were factions within the school.  If you are familiar with the story or the movies, you would know that each child was split into a different group.  Slytherin being the most disreputable, took students who had a penchant for the dark, hence Harry Potter's split.  Harry's choice was  to be in Gryffindor. Another theme in the story is that Hogwarts also had some teachers that swayed and took their own dark path.  I think this is the BMOL.   I believe the point of the test at the beginning of the ep was to see what Mick was made of and see if he would fit in with this particular faction that I believe has someone or something in power that is trying to rid the world of not only powerful monsters, but now as the monsters get to be less and less, wants to get rid of the powerful hunters deemed a danger to this individuals power.  As we got a glimpse back in Mick's history, we see that he was willing to kill his best friend.  With that, Mick was thus chosen to be trained as one of the leaders of the BMOL hierarchy, living by some ridiculous, sometimes, amoral code which he deemed viable while following orders blindly.  Mick was given the task to bring in the Winchesters and whatever other American hunter he could find who would blindly follow such orders....or not.   You see, my conspiracy ridden brain believes that someone wanted the Winchesters because they know what's going on within the BMOL and the Winchesters could stop it.  I think this particular BMOL is deep undercover...  much like Snape had been.  While, seemingly the villain or part of the villain plot, this individual is really on the side of good here.  Now who do I think is playing the true role of evil here?  Wanting to gain power by ridding the world of anything and everything that could possibly get in his/her way?  My guess....Asmodeus. 


This was an interesting turn of events though not surprising.  My only real question here is, did Mary have sex with Ketch because the poor woman hasn't really gotten any for the last 35 years?😮  Or is Mary playing him?  Ketch does seem to have a fondness for her, so it will make for an interesting state of events when he's ordered to  kill her along with all the other Winchesters.  I do wonder if it'll be so easy for him.  Ketch didn't seem all too thrilled with the order to kill Mick.  Ketch has noted on a couple of occasions to view the BMOL as his having to execute his own "brother" of sorts...I do so wonder how much longer Ketch will be able to follow these orders with a blind eye. 👁


Looks like the BMOL do end up being the big bad just as predicted.  Does Miss Hess speak on behalf of all the elders?  Is this her own decision that the American recruitment has failed so all of them must be killed.  Pretty extreme don't you think?  Too extreme if you ask me. Kind of makes me wonder who she really is and was the plan always to kill all American hunters?  If the BMOL cause is to kill monsters than how does killing all American hunters help in such cause...unless this was never truly the case in the first place.  It's not only the American hunters though is it. Miss Hess is using some lame code to have Eileen killed.  She isn't an American hunter, she's Irish.  So are the BMOL after all hunters all over?  Was that the goal all along?  Is there someone in power who's endgame it is to eliminate  all the hunters who might be able to fight the BMOL and whoever is truly behind them?


I'm afraid there's not much interesting going on here.  I do wonder how Dagon had originally let Luci down.   It makes sense that the birth of a Nephilim might have some fatal repercussions on the host mother.  I don't think Kelly Kline will be around much longer.  Did anyone get a really good look at the sonogram?  Someone in another thread had posted a pic and it looks an angel wing is in the pic, just above the baby's head, the fringy, feathery part of the wing.  I thought it was really cool, I just wish that they showed the sonogram long enough to get a better look....whatever it was, the Dr. got killed for it.  

Sweetest Reunion

Is it horrible of me to say that I enjoyed the reunion of the Colt and Dean more than I did Dean and Mary?  It was a sweet moment to offshoot the horrible moment that happened just before.  The Colt is home.  ðŸ”«ðŸ ðŸ˜„

Most Heartfelt Moment

Sam hugging Eileen after she accidentally shoots BMOL what's his  name.  
Sam  talking Mick down, telling him that the only code he needs to follow is his own.   Yay Sam👏

Best Quotes

“That guy can drink. I mean, we can drink, but he’s got, like, the Can Drink gold medal.”
-Dean to Sam about Mick

"This is my voice mail.  Make your voice a mail. "
-Cas voicemail mssg.

"Dude, don't compliment the bad guys."
-Dean to Sam

"I didn't just beat the Devil, I tamed him."
-Crowley to demons

"No one cares."
-Eileen to Hess henchman

"Got any vodka?"
-Mick to the boys after waking from a night of drinking

Awesome last words......
“When I was a child, I had nothing. I owed you everything. And I obeyed. But I’m a man now, Dr. Hess, and I can see the choices. And I choose to do the right thing.”

-Mick to Dr Hess before she whacks him.

"Hello Sweetheart"
-Dean to Colt

I really enjoyed all the Sam and Dean moments in this ep, though there weren't that many.  Shoshana Stern did an incredible job as Eileen.  Adam Fergus gave us a great run as Mick.  I am sad to see him go.  All in all not a bad outing.

That's it for this week.  Looking forward to a nice MOTW next week. 

Enjoy the week folks...hope to hear what you all thought of the ep.

Thanks for reading....


  1. Took me a while to come over and comment but I am going on the fact Dean doesn't know the whole story on the colt and how the brits got their hands on it sorry. Otherwise that would hurt the relationship when mom showed up again at the bunker. He was maybe told something but I am hoping something that big that the writers would not keep it off screen. That would be taking it away from me the viewer who wants to see how Dean reacts to the truth of mom stealing it for the men of letters. mary doesn't know really a lot about the colt or history of it with the boys and Dean's reaction to it means that the colt is where it should be which I said it has a history with the boys and should be with the boys. So it would surprise me if Sam would tell him that oh by the way mom stole it almost got us all killed and cas almost died so the brits could have it sorry no going with and you have said it he wouldn't hurt the relationship between Dean and mom still to fragile. So hoping the truth comes out soon. Going to miss Mick turned into a descent guy. And storylines were boring hopefully Eileen can hide from Ketch and not end up on the list of dead people be sad to see her go. boring Lucifer and Crowley. and ketch and mary. enjoyed the boys and still waiting my talk for the colt sorry JMO

  2. i wonder though if he couldn't figure that out for himself though...Ramiel had told them all that he wanted what they stole...and the only ones there was sam, dean, cas and mom....power of deduction and Dean could figure it all out. I think maybe he does know, but we haven't had mary and the boys together yet, so i'm hoping for a bit of chat...fingers crossed on that.