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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - Supernatural 12x17 The British Invasion

The British Invasion

Opening words

This episode made my head spin. I mean look at how many characters were in it. The plot kept jumping around. But that doesn't matter. The episode had a lot of good things in it and also few things that didn't quite sit well for me. But they are telling a complex story with many elements so not liking something is common. One thing that hit me pretty bad was that Mary Winchester took off her wedding ring from her neck that she got from John. That was a gut moment.

So, here we go.

Let's head forward.


Title: The British Invasion
Episode: 12.17
First aired: April 6, 2017
Directed by:  John Showalter
Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner
Monster: Dagon
Location(s):  Outside London, England (1987); Lebanon, Kansas; Fall River, Massachusetts 


Sooo, where do we start. Mick is having a nightmare about his youth and time at Kendricks Academy. The place is pretty close to Harry Potter's Hogwarts, but still furthest from. It really was more like Hunger Games than Hogwarts and it made me little uncomfortable as a Harry Potter fan! The headmistress calls Michael and Timothy to a room and orders them to have a death match because BMOL code demands it. Mick wins and comes out alive to tell her. It was a big deal for Mick if he is still having nightmares about it.

The boys catch up with Eileen Leahy and the Nephilim case while they are driving back to bunker. There they head down the bunker stairs and are greeted by Mick who is sipping a drink at the table. Mick finds out about Kelly, LOTUS and her devil baby issue and they catch him up on the situation. He is not happy and he would have shot Kelly right where she stood to prevent the Nephilim being born. He brings up that code again.

Dr. Hess calls Mick and it sounds like an ultimatum. Mick needs to get the situation to work or they will close done the experiment. Time seems to be up on that front and they will be handed over to Ketch. The situation with the American hunters did not work well for BMoL and if they really will try to exterminate them I can imagine it will get much worse.

It seems like the boys had a rough drinking night with Mick, so he is quite of a drinker! He tells them his back story of pickpocketing and how he was picked up by the BMOL. He doesn't seem to be too happy about it anymore. Plus, he suggests that they should drink again and Dean slowly tumbles down on the table. I think having seconds is not on his mind!

Meanwhile with Kelly and Dagon, Kelly is having some trouble with the little Luci. He/she is causing her pain. She wants to go to a doctor who Dagon mind controls that he would not see the truth. That ultra sound seriously crept me out. Meanwhile Crowley has his own game with Luci and it seems he has submitted to Crowley (as if!) And that licking of the floor made me woozy. I hope it was melted chocolate or something. Gross, brrr! Lucifer promises to do whatever Crowley wants while BIG BROTHER Michael is still a drooling mess in the cage.

Mary and Ketch have had a successful hunt and they take a drink to it. At the BMOL lair Renny arrives for much of Mick's displacement. Hess send him to him to keep an eye on him probably. What an annoying man by the way. Will not miss him.

Dagon sends her own minion to kill the doctor and cover her tracks but that is where Eileen catches up to the demon. She kills him but not before she gets Kelly's phone number which they will use to trap her later. Dagon is out and Sam calls Kelly. He says that the doctor still needs to check up something and even though Kelly resists Sam is able to convince her. Dean snatches her up. Meanwhile Crowley makes Lucifer to speak to his subjects that doesn't go well for him even though he doesn't seem to notice it. I hope he does because he would be a fool if he didn't.

Dean takes Kelly to Sam, Eileen, Mick and Renny but before they can talk more Dagon shows up. She blasts everyone away and grabs Kelly. Eileen tries to shoot her before they vanish but she hits Renny instead and he dies. Mick says by his code she needs to die because she killed a BMoL, but Sam talks him out of it. We jump to Mary and she has done the deed with Ketch, EW! and moving on! It didn't mean anything for her. Then we jump to Lucifer who is having a check up and he threatens the demon minion to find out who can take the safe guard away from his vessel. The boys and Eileen head to the bunker where Sam comforts Eileen with a warm hug. Dagon tells Kelly she will die in the childbirth.

Sam gives Dean the Colt and it is good to have it back with the boys! Castiel is still MIA and Dean is worried. Eileen returns to Ireland but she is not safe. Hess has come to visit to the BMOL headquarters in America and she orders Eileen to be killed. Same goes for the Winchesters if they're found guilty. Luckily, Mick has fallen to the charm of the Winchesters and he defends them to Hess. Ketch is listening. He decides to do the right thing aaaaand Ketch shoots Mick in the back of his head, execution style. Hess orders every hunter in America to be exterminated.


Sam and Dean stayed on the sidelines for the most of the episode but the time they were on screen was great. Those scenes were pretty awesome actually. Now, as we got that covered lets head up to the others. I really do hope that Crowley is not an idjit and he knows what Lucifer is doing. Crowley is smart like they showed in earlier episodes so it would be silly for him to think that Lucifer bows to anyone. And Lucifer licking that floor... Yuck. The dog analogy is not one of my favourites. Both actors did what they had to do though and brilliantly.

Mick Davies was the most front and centre character in The British Invasion. We got to see and hear his troubled background as an orphan and in the BMOL. He is having nightmares and drinking a lot which seems like a Dean Winchester trait. Mick is actually mix of both Sam and Dean. It is usual though when a character takes the side of the Winchesters and free will their days are numbered! And unfortunately that is the case with Davies too. He has a change of heart and he defends the Winchesters and BOOM he is dead. We should never like nor root for a character now should we?

Mary and Ketch sitting in a tree is so NO! Ketch is a complex character and so is Mary. To set the record straight, I like Mary. I think she has been written well because of the shock and trauma she went through. Do I like her choices? No, but do I need to? No, so I like her character because she is complex and she wants to find her place in the world. Many in the fandom want her to be the perfect mom. The perfect mom to the boys they want her to be. So they wish the character to die already or die for her boys. I have a different mentality. Any fan who cares for the boys would want her to live. She does love her boys and she is their mom. So wishing the only relative that is actually now alive that the boys have is not caring about the boys in my book. And I hope the show will not kill her and let her live her own life out there. She does not need to be perfect and she isn't. I was sad though that she removed her wedding ring necklace from her neck.

I liked Eileen last season when she appeared in 11x11 Into the Mystic and she continued to be great in this episode. She has nice chemistry with Sam and Dean. Also I like that a deaf character is represented so well in Supernatural. The character can take care of herself but she also has vulnerability that I like. I hope the show will not let the BMOL kill her because she should be resourceful even if she is on the run.

I still feel detached from Kelly and don't know why. Dagon I liked more in this episode but she still doesn't have the menace that Ramiel had, but then Ramiel WAS awesome. The fight scene with Dagon was great and I hope she can amp it up next time we see her.

Dr. Hess and Renny joins the group of very despicable characters. I have seen Harry Potter and Dolores Umbridge and Draco Malfoy came to my mind from these two. Except that Malfoy did feel likeable even if he was bad. Hess is very stern and unemotional and I suspect I will hate her dearly. There are bad guys though that I hate to love but she will drop to the box of plain hate if the things she ordered go through. 

Here is the full list of characters:

Mick Davies
Mary Winchester
Arthur Ketch
Kelly Kline
Eileen Leahy
Dr. Hess
Young Mick Davies
Renny Rawlings
Dr. Turner

Set design

We had a lot of normal sets again. I have covered a lot the temporary base of the BMOL so will not focus  on that. It was present here as was the bunker. We also did get a tiny glimpse of a doctor's practise but it was brief. We also had few new hotel rooms/flats and a raggedy house where Dagon is keeping Kelly. Where Eileen was seen during their conference seemed like her flat, but I am not sure. Here are few images of the sets galore. As you can see the hotel/flat sets were elegant and vintage. The house where Kelly stayed in was homey.

The biggest set though was the Kendricks academy with the wooden floors, long corridors, very elegant and traditional design. Wood colour is quite often seen on these kind of sets. The school looked like a castle from outside. The only thing I liked about the place was the set. We get a darker brown view when we get glimpses of Hess's office. I think the blood code and the on the phone scene were from the same room. I loved the bookshelves and the weird demon head. I wonder if it is foreboding, as I thought I saw some horns on Kelly's belly. The chess board on the table was great and the office was pretty James Bond 007 M like. Red brown colour and black makes the room pretty dark.


As we didn't have that many curious costumes or props this week I thought I would talk about a thing that has bothered me with the BMOL. For me I know someone is British from their accent and I am fine with that but I don't think every Brit is a stuck up pole eater or tea drinking maniac. We have had references to Harry Potter, James Bond, "British Invasion", Spice Girls or every other English show that we have seen on TV. I just feel like I would want to see a normal Englishman and woman than what we have seen on the show. 


Well, no music with lyrics in this episode folks so I guess I can toss some lyrics that came to mind for me about this episode. Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen sounds like a good one.

There's no time for us,
There's no place for us,
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us.

Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever.....?
There's no chance for us,
It's all decided for us,
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us.

Here is the short +/- rundown for The British Invasion

+ Sam and Eileen, hear tears
+ Eileen
+ The cute Impala talk
+ Mick Davies
+ Dagon
+ Colt is back with the boys!
+ Dean and the colt, isn't that a lovely sight?
+ Sammy's comfort hug

- Mick dies FFS
- They better not kill Eileen
- A lot was happening in one episode
- Mary and Ketch sitting in a tree (My eyes!)
- I was not fond of the Kendricks Academy storyline, like at all
- Not my favourite writers
- Lucifer IS and ALWAYS will be the little brother (Epic fail)

-/+ Nephilim

 Eileen Leahy

We are in a homestretch for season 12 people! Brace yourselves.


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