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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - 12x16 Ladies Drink Free

Ladies Drink Free

Opening words

Welcome back everyone! After the mini hiatus my articles are back and with a new name. Well, half new. Amy thought that my articles are way deeper than a mere "recap" name could describe them so she suggested me to change the name. I am honoured that she thinks that about my articles and I thought it was also a good idea. So, we clapped our hands together and got to work to invent a new name for the article. It was FUN and actually harder than you might think. So here you have the first Leylin Vixen's quick draw SPN ROUNDUP!

Let's head forward.


Title: Ladies Drink Free
Episode:  12.16
First aired: March 30, 2017
Director: Amyn Kaderali
Writer: Meredith Glynn
Monster: Werewolves
Location(s): Lawrence, Kansas, Wisconsin


It seems Mick has taken a liking to the Winchesters but he has no trouble being late from their meeting. Dean is still sceptical when they get a new case and they head out to Wisconsin, where a young boy had his heart ripped out and his sister is now in critical condition. The ride is not pleasant at least for Dean who has to listen to Sam and Mick geek out over listening to a "podcast". Of course Sam is enjoying the situation because of the bookworm that he is.

The discussion gets heated when Sam's and Dean's opinion about monsters clash against the strict policy the BMOL are up keeping. That black and white thinking doesn't fit Sam and Dean at all.

They finally arrive at the Wild Elk Lodge which is a three start hotel. I LOVED the comedy that Sam and Dean got out of that. The BMOL is paying so Dean indulges himself with the free candy and the luxurious pool, but us fans were cheated of that scene! Sam was funny when he heard they would have separate rooms. Sam is Sam and he spends his night nose deep in the books

The trio head out to the hospital where the victim is being treated. Sam and Dean have no luck with the mother, but then Mick enters the scene as a doctor and asks all of them to go outside. Sam and Dean talk with the mother outside while Mick checks the wounds of the girl, and he finds out that she was bitten. When he comes out and the mother leaves them he tells that she was not bitten. The boys on the other hand find out that someone they know might be on the case.

Next we see Claire Novak take a call and it is none other than Dean pretending to be Yogi-bear. At least I think he that's what he was trying. They meet up at the hotel and Mick takes an early leave to "write reports" which means he returns to the hospital and kills the werewolf girl Hayden. Claire joins the hunting group.

Next day Dean and Mick head out to interrogate the 2 bartenders at the bar where Hayden was last seen in. Dean has been suspicious about Mick this whole time so he interrogates him at the same time and had his hunch confirmed, Mick had been lying. Also protective Dean threatens the grabby bartender to not to touch Claire again. He also, in a totally badass and hot scene, confronts Mick to tell the truth. We see flashbacks about Magda. If Dean only knew he would have killed Mick right there where he stood.

Sam finds out from Jody that Claire had not told her that she was hunting. She explains that Jody didn't let her do anything in the hunts they did together. (Claire, that is called a mom. They usually care.) And Sam calls her on it. If she doesn't want to treated like a dumb kid she should stop acting like one. I agree with Sam. Of course Claire storms off and she is attacked and bitten. Sam arrives to the scene just a moment too late.

Claire decides she rather die than a be a werewolf even though Dean is trying to tell her she can do it. Sam bring's up for the second time the plasma therapy he found in the BMoL books. Mick says that only human it was tried on died. But there is hope so Claire decides to try out the cure to lycanthropy. They need the blood of the werewolf and suspect it was bartender number two. They are wrong though even if it gave me great satisfaction that Dean punched the guy.

Meanwhile Claire is turning for the first time when she and Mick are attacked by the real werewolf. They try to fight him but Claire still gets kidnapped by dun dun duuun bartender number one! We again hear that the BMOL is the cause of this werewolf attacking, because they killed his pack. A werewolf needs a pack so that is why he is doing this. The trio follow Mick's tracker while Claire finally admits she has a family and she will not be his. He tries to force her to eat a heart.

She almost turns when a fight breaks out. Mick prepares the cure and Dean stabs Claire with the syringe. The cure is painful and for a moment they thought that she died. Luckily she turns back to woman and she opens her tired eyes. They give Mick a second chance but they promis there will not be a third one. Claire heads out and calls Jody to tell her where she is and what she's doing. She comes clean but she still heads out on her own. We have not seen the last of her but I sense also trouble coming her way again.


For the most part in this episode my interest was focused on the growth as a character of Mick Davis. I have my own kink about Mick and Ketch as an actor level but mostly the BMOL have been very unlikable. Villains need to have some depth to them and Mick got some colour over his bones in this episode. Also the actors of Mick and Ketch are very likeable and hilarious on twitter. You should check them out if you can.

Claire is a mixed bag for me. The character has some good qualities but also some really annoying ones that I am not fond of. Mostly I am pretty neutral about her. I did like in the end that she called Jody but not that she headed out on her own again. She doesn't need to be a rebel because all I see is that she will get into trouble again and I hope the writers have something more in mind for her than a round and round she goes learning nothing.

From the victims Mrs. Foster was the best one. The ones that were portraying her children had really bad over acting going on. At least at the start. I'm not kidding. It was for me really cringe worthy. Luckily it was mostly the opening scene. We didn't get to know the other characters that much so the monster was left slightly one dimensional.

Here is the full list of characters:

Mick Davies
Claire Novak
Mrs. Foster
Hayden Foster
Ben Foster 

Set design

First  we start at a set I really like and that is the BMOL temporary base. We get a lot of roundabout shots from the conference room and it is still cool in my book. Although haven't they learnt how to get blood stains off the floor? Watch some CSI, people! That is 101 what you need to know. Who would want to see blood stains on the floor every day? It still reminds me of the first Resident Evil movie I like.

Then we had the outdoors, one room that was probably Mick's, and the lounge of the Wild Elk Lodge. It seems like a fancy place but we don't see that much of it. The lounge had a classic interior with burned wooden colours. Same with the hospital but they usually look like, well hospitals. There is not much that you can say about them that is different. And the hospital green gives me the heebie-jeebies.

We also get another bar set that the show usually gets right. Like in this episode the walls were red brown brick walls and there were no bright colours. The bar looked cozy too. Last but not least we had the messy house of the werewolf that looked pretty standard from what we could tell.


There were a few props that stood out in this episode. They were not that special but still they had character. So I will write little about them. First one that I caught my eyes was those books Sam was carrying. I love old books and those are just the kind that would fit in my library. Hogwarts came to my mind when I saw those and Sam as a teacher there. Did you know that fandom has already covered the Harry Potter universe with a few memes? Well, now you do. *Heart eyes*

Next props that struck out on me was Claire's "Baby" that was coloured wine red. It is not as cool as the real Baby, but if I tell you the truth, we all know nothing can beat Baby. We also find out that Claire reads the Batgirl comics which is cool, but she has long way to go if she wants to be like her idol, even Batgirl needs help from friends time to time. Also Claire's light bluish and green headphones caught my interest. One, it is not a colour I like much and two, it had a big contrast to the over all colouring of the episode.

Last but not least we have the two other props that were relevant to the scene or the story. Both remind me about things from a  movie or a meme that I saw online. First was actually funny and shows how imaginative the fandom really is. It makes you wonder if that thing was specifically chosen because of that. I am talking the kettle frying pan that Dean used against Claire. Oh, well tried to. There is a Supernatural meme image called Supernatural/Tangled and you can see from the image what I mean.

Like you have seen memes have been the key with these props but the last one is a movie reference. It is not exact copy but it reminded me of the scream mask. And that was the skeleton mask of the werewolf. His clothes were pretty much just to cover how he looked, black or dark.


We had three good songs in this episode, Save Me Tonight by Sonny Ellis, Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless and Real Wild Child by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Make Me Wanna Die is so my kind of music so here is a small part from it.

Take me I'm alive
Never was a girl with a wicked mind
But everything looks better when the sun goes down

I had everything
Opportunities for eternity
And I could belong to the night

Then your eyes
Your eyes
I can see in your eyes
Your eyes
You make me wanna die
I'll never be good enough
You make me wanna die
And everything you love will burn up in the light
And every time I look inside your eyes
You make me wanna die

Here is the short +/- rundown for Ladies Drink Free: 

+ Sam the nerd
+ Dean the protector
+ Mick working with the boys
+ Claire comes clean to Jody
+ Sam finding a cure
+ Smart!Dean
+ The Lodge as set

- Some really weird acting choices at the start
- Dushy and one sided werewolf
- Claire almost turned to werewolf
- Dean in a pool but did we get to see it? FAIL!

-/+ Claire

Mick Davies

See you on the next round!


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