Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Little Chat to "Lester" AKA David Nykl - Possible Supernatural Spoiler Tidbit for 10x03

This weekend in Melbourne, Australia I attended the Armageddon Expo convention. Armageddon is  a multi-fandom convention with the usual panels, photos and autos with various TV/Movie/Animation guests, but it also offers a couple of pretty cool events to get up close and personal with the stars in attendance.

I was specifically going this year to see Alaina Huffman, and The Ghostfacers AKA Travis Wester and AJ Buckley. I actually had dinner with these guys last night as part of a dinner experience Armageddon offers. I attended the Supernatural guests dinner along with 7 other fans (including my buddy Jules, from the Superwiki, who put me up for the weekend!) and Alaina, Travis and AJ. It was a super fun night with chats about the state of TV, Broadcast vs Cable, kids, grand-kids (Alaina wants to build a compound for her 4 kids and all their kids to live near her!), the history of Culver City (Travis is a bit of an expert), the public transport system in LA (Travis is a bit of an expert), Koala chlamydia (it's a problem - look it up), the glamorous life of an actor lying around in a pool of blood in below freezing conditions and various other assorted and random topics! It was a fabulous and entertaining night! Alaina, AJ and Travis are lovely, lovely people.

The previous night I attended the VIP drinks party. This is an event in a bar, where a number of the guests from the convention come and mingle with the fans who bought a Gold pass to the con. It's super casual and always a lot of fun.

I chatted to AJ for a bit - who bought me a beer, bless his very jet-lagged heart - and I also chatted to David Nykl, who played Lester in last week's episode, "Reichenbach".


I was standing at the bar, and I looked to my left and saw this guy and thought, wait, is that freakin' death-by-Demon-Dean Lester? I quickly pulled out my phone to double check the convention guest list and sure enough, there he was! He was in attendance as part of the Stargate guests.

He was wandering around chatting to people and I was just kind of perusing the scene - I was on my own so feeling a bit like a shag on a rock - when I suddenly noticed he was alone, so I casually walked over to where he was and kicked off a very brief, but interesting conversation.

It started something like this:

"Hi David, I really enjoyed you turn in Supernatural"
"Thanks, what?"
"Um. Supernatural?" (I suddenly felt awkward).
"Oh! Right! Did that go to air already?"
"Yes, it was this week's episode!"
"Oh! How was it?"

I told him it was a fantastic episode. That it'd been pretty much Universally embraced as one of the best the fans had seen for a while, and for many of us, a series standout. I told him it's become an instant fan favourite. I said, "You were in an episode that was pretty much the show at the top of its game...a truly great representation of how brilliant this show can be." He was kind of beaming!

I told him the scene in the Impala with Dean was super fun to watch. He laughed and said it was a lot of fun to do.

He asked how he came across. I said, "Really sleazy!" He said, "Oh great! That's exactly what I was going for!" At which we both laughed! Job well done, David!

I asked if anyone else had spoken to him about the show yet and he said, "No! You're the first person I've spoken to about it! You're the first person I know who's seen it!"

We then spoke about how he couldn't believe how big Supernatural was. That he had no idea. But after the episode he got people talking to him on twitter about it and he now knows that show and the fandom is huge. He said, "You guys are everywhere!" I nodded my head thinking, "Yes. Yes we are."

He said he also didn't realise it'd aired in Australia so soon and I told him that it airs on Monday *insert shifty eyes*  He was all, "Oh really? Well then how did you see it?" *insert smirk* I said, "I'm magical." He laughed. Seriously, awkward downloading questions are the worst!

Then he said...and here is the possible spoiler nugget... "What scenes did you see?" I said, "In the car and in the house with Lester's wife." David laughed and said,  "Oh yeah, the wife scene, that was fun."


"So not the bar scene?"
"No, just the two scenes...maybe the bar scene didn't make the ep?"
"No I think that's a different ep."
Me..stepping forward...
"So, you're in more than one ep?!"
"Yes, the bar scene must be the next episode."
Me...leaning in closer...
"Yes, I did two different episodes."

He then went on to say, that the first scenes he shot included one in a bar and he was directed in them by Jensen. Then he came back and shot more scenes - the car scene and the wife scene - with a different director. I was desperate to ask about being directed by Jensen, but we'd already had a chat about the fandom (he may think we're a little crazy),  and I didn't want to come across all uber fangirly - which happens when I talk about Jensen!

I told him how they shot the third episode first, because of Jensen needing to prep and we chatted about that for a second, because suddenly everything started to make sense to him!

Then I said, "So you pretty much gave me a spoiler! Lester will some how be back!"

And he went, "Oh, yeah. I think I did!"

He said he'd been a bit confused as to how all the scenes were going to come together because of how they'd been shot over two episodes, but now he gets it.

I asked him if it was a flashback scene and he said he didn't really know.

At that point, much to my chagrin, another fan came over to talk Stargate and it broke up our chat. So I didn't get to ask what the scene involved - though I probably wouldn't have put him on the spot like that anyway...or maybe I would have. Yeah, I probably would have!

So I don't know what the scene is. I automatically thought it must be a flashback to when Lester made the deal with Crowley for some reason...but then David said something about how he'd just met Mark Sheppard the weekend before...we were saying what a nice guy he was.

But I didn't have a chance to backtrack and confirm any more information... Damn it!

So that's why his IMDB entry says he was in "Black". It's wrong. He WAS in episode 1 of the season - but it's episode 1 in shooting order.

So that's it. It's not a biggie, but I did go... huh! Unless the scene didn't make the cut, according to David Nykl, his character Lester will reappear in the Jensen directed, "Soul Survivor". How/why/what... well you can go ahead and speculate on that!
- sweetondean


Here's a screencap from an early season 10 promo. (Thanks @cherylmaclean4 for sharing it.)

Lester has a note in his hand - betcha that is some Latin right there - Sam's in a Devil's trap - giving Lester lessons? He has a shovel - burying a crossroad's deal box? 

Looks like Sammy is complicit in Lester's deal making. All part of his efforts to get to Dean. 

What's a bet Lester meets Sam in that bar David Nykl was talking about, and his deal springs from that conversation. Sam needs a demon, and none will come when he summons them, so he talks Lester into making a deal - to sell his soul, so Lester can bring a demon forward, which Sam can then trap and torture for info?  Well, that's my theory anyway!

We know Sam did dubious things to find Dean which we will be revisiting...this may be dubious thing number 1!

And what's a bet, that's the "something else" that Crowley told Dean. That's how Dean knows and challenges Sam on who the real monster is!

So interesting!  Feel free to add your speculations below!


  1. There is a photo of a scene from ep 3 floating around that is a huge shocker (at least for me). It's a pretty big spoiler so I don't know if I should post a link. It involves Lester and the deal.

  2. That's totally cool that you met him. I love the character Anatoly he plays on Arrow. He does a mean fake Russian accent.
    We'll just have to wait and see if he's in the next ep.

    1. I talked to him about Arrow too! :)

    2. That was my first thought after reading this, is that the 'thing' that Crowley had to tell Dean had to do with something further about the deal. I then wonder if that was behind part of the reason why Dean killed him instead of the wife. It will definitely be interesting to find out more of what Sam was up to in those 6 months.

  3. I didn't know you had a website, Sweetondean. I've missed you reviews on WFB. Great find you got there. I had heard about this picture, but couldn't find it. Well, well, well. Big surprise for me. Now I'm really looking forward to 10.03.

  4. Wow; I am totally envious of you for managing to be the first to talk to David Nykl about his role in Supernatural; I am an obsessive level fangirl of both SPN and Stargate (especially Atlantis) and David was the one who played my second favourite character of the whole show/s. (he isn't a weaselly little sleaze ball in that, of course, he's an adorkable little scientist dude instead.)

    The funny thing is I did actually get to meet him early last year (and trust me, if you thought you might have almost humiliated yourself in front of him, I know I definitely DID humiliate myself in front of him... *the shame is intense with me still.* But had I known that he was going to be in SPN (and had I already gotten really into SPN again) I'd've been all over him (not literally, of course) asking him about it long before it was even aired. Because from the moment I started re-watching Supernatural (and subsequently dubbed it "The series long game of spot the Stargate actor" I'd been hoping that David N would make an appearance in the show (granted, I'd have liked him to play a nice, or at least less unpleasant bloke, but beggars can't be choosers and all that.)

    Anywho, sorry for the fangirl gushing, it's just nice to hear what David thought of his scenes :3 I really can't wait until I can see these episodes myself.