Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SPOILERS SWEETIES! Promo Pics for 10x04 "Paper Moon"

WELL! As we are about to see 10x03 "Soul Survivor" these promo pics for 10x04 "Paper Moon" dropped...and they are spoilery in that stuff is happening that implies stuff happens in this week's ep! OMG! I just became Jeremy Carver for a moment! Stuff happens!

Anyhoo... check it out for yourself... I squee'd here and there.

Remember this one involves werewolf Kate. The wouldbe monster Sam and Dean let walk, hoping she stays true to her word of not being all werewolfy and monsterous. I really hope she stayed true to her word. we go!

I freaked out a little when I saw this one. Dean driving baby! But Sam's in the back! GULP!

Then I saw this and...PHEW!  Sam's face tho....

Hey, Sam's being strangled...must be Tuesday!

Where's Dean's demon when you need it!

Sammy trying to defuse the situation? 

That face. Scary. (And scary hot). Been a while since anyone's knocked him on his pretty ass!

Kate the werewolf and other.

Okay...this is when I squeed! REALLY LOUD! How great is this pic! SQUEEEEEEEE!

And this one! SQUEEEEEEEEE!

That dude's hair is an absolute shocker.

You can see Jared's mark on the floor! Also, seriously dude, your hair.

Dean's face...I so can't wait to see how much of what's happened to him lingers and informs who he comes out the otherside as. So excited!

Werewolf Kate and other injured person.

So there you go. Particularly interesting set of pics because of where we currently are for this week's episode. 

I'm so excited! About everything!


  1. I LOVE this season...and I LOVE your optimism...x0x00x0x

  2. Sam's being strangled and is Dean unconscious or does he just have his eyes closed for a moment? So is Dean cured? partially cured? somewhat human? He definitely still had some demon stare/glare down going on. He is right by Sam's side (where he belongs). But what happens tonight? I need to know now dam it! I hope they edit out Jared's mark on the floor..... too funny

  3. The 8th and 9th picture in this set leaves me with all kinds of SQUEE and excitement about our boys. I just find it interesting that they released these photos before Episode 3 even aired. You would think they would want to keep the lid on as far as what MIGHT happen in tonight's episode, but the huge speculation begins because of these pictures. I just hope that whatever the outcome that the negative nellies don't come out in full force.

  4. I really loved the last episode with Kate the little werewolf! It was a great, experimental format. It'll be fun to see her back.

  5. I'll be happy to see Kate again. The way Sam & Dean are acting around her, it looks like she stayed true to her oath of not harming humans.

    By the by, I love your continued enthusiasm for our "little" show. Other blogs that I follow (and that I STILL love) are getting a little negative and it bums me out. So I want to thank you for always being faithfully happy about this wonderful show. :)

  6. Same here. Can't wait for your review!

    Can't wait for the next episode and the next and the next... Well, you get the point. ;)

    - Lilah