Thursday, 16 October 2014

Review - Supernatural 10x02 "Reichenbach" - Pick a Side.

You know I love Supernatural, I always love it, it’s always fantastic fun to watch, even when it’s breaking my heart. I love it. But you know that. 

Then every so often an episode comes along that reinforces for me exactly why I love this show so much. An episode that makes my heart keep racing for long after its finished. That makes me yell stuff at my TV. Talk in caps on Twitter. Clap my hands and yell out “OH MY GOD!” randomly to my empty lounge room. Yep, you know those episodes? Reichenbach was one of those episodes. Reichenbach was our show at the top of its game.

Last week, I mentioned how I didn’t feel engaged with the angel arc that was introduced in episode one of the season. Well scratch that. This week I damn well loved it. 

I love Hannah and the lessons she’s learning as she watches Castiel and how he so affectionately deals with humanity. As my friend said to me, she’s like season four Cas, baffled by the surprise in three-bean surprise, taken aback by the kindness of a stranger, touched by the interaction of someone fast becoming a friend and a hilariously precocious child. She stuck with Cas because she likes him, he’s in trouble and she wants to make sure he’s okay. As Cas said, it was a very human thing to do. Last week she was exposed to what humanity meant to some angels, this week she was slowly starting down a path of understanding. I loved every second of it. 

Just as I loved every second with Cas. Misha Collins has such a way of making me care deeply for his character. Cas has made monumental mistakes in the past. He’s made deals to serve his own best interests under the misconception of the greater good. He’s seen what such foolish deals can do, the devastation they can cause to his life and those around him. He doesn’t want to go down that path again. He doesn’t want to trade his survival on a bad decision. Just as he won’t let another angel die so he can live. He’s sad and tired and running out of time. But the options are not options for Cas, and I liked how steadfast he was in that decision. Of course, part of it is about him thinking he must pay pennants for his past digressions. He, like his friends the Winchesters, carries an incredible amount of guilt. I don’t see him as being a martyr, I see him as understanding that the paths open to him that would fix his problem, are paths that he’s no longer willing to take. Once he may have, but he has learnt that nothing good would come of it. He’s come a long way. I’m liking the hell out of this Cas.

Castiel’s interaction with the little girl was a delight. Very special snot maybe one of my favourite things he’s every said! And having Hannah watch him, having the helpful stranger point out to Hannah what a great guy he is, was lovely. Both these angels are on a path of discovery and I’m already enjoying their journey. I wonder where this will go? What will their relationship become? How will Castiel be saved? I’m interested. For the first time in a long time, I’m genuinely interested in the angel arc.

Seeing Metatron was a joy too. As much as I detest him for killing Dean, he is so fun to watch and Curtis Armstrong obviously has a blast portraying him. I’m glad that Cas managed to stop Hannah before she took Metatron at his very doubtful word. The fact that she was willing to go to such lengths was a clear indication of how much she cares for Cas. And now we know there is some of Cas’ Grace left around somewhere. Do you think Grace regenerates? Like if there’s only a little of Cas’ Grace, but when it gets inside him it repairs itself? Like how Salamander can grow back a leg! Somehow someone is going to have to come up with a plan to find that Grace and get it back into our fading angel. I love how Metatron was in a straight jacket by the way!

We found out more about Cole’s story. He’s a vet who has not only been damaged by what he went through at war, but also by what he went through as a child when Dean Winchester killed his father. Ever since he was 13 he dreamed of hunting Dean down. He took Sam in the hope he would lead him to Dean. Sam tried to connect with him, tried to tell him the truth about what’s out there in the dark…well now he knows, because he met it and had his ass kicked by it. 

I think the actor portraying Cole, Travis Aaron Wade, is doing a bang up job with this character. I’m interested in him. I want to know why Dean killed Cole's dad. Was he a monster and Cole didn’t know? How will this whole scenario work itself out? I mean, surely Dean won’t kill the son too…down the track somewhere. I can’t imagine that happening. Cole’s studying up on demons now, but somehow I feel like next time he meets Dean, that information may no longer be relevant to the problem at hand.

Crowley, as usual was delicious to watch and if it weren’t for Jensen Ackles’ masterful performance as Demon Dean, he would have stolen every scene. I don’t trust Crowley. Not one little bit. Has he really been put on the back foot by Dean’s unabashed disregard for the King of Hell? I had to wonder if this using Dean as his personal assassin was really what Crowley was keeping Dean around for…or was there more. Well, he obviously likes Dean a hell of a lot. I think he was more hurt/angry than angry/angry when Dean failed his first mission for his supposed King/buddy. But I can’t help but feel that maybe the landing on his ass and whatnot was all part of some elaborate ruse. Remember how he faked scared in front of Cain? Yeah, I don’t trust him.

Crowley now has the First Blade. I’m glad it’s out of Dean’s hands…but we know that man is going to be jonesing for it something shocking, and Crowley has it. I wonder if he’ll make a play with it to try and get Dean in line? Because with Dean retaining the Mark, the Blade will always be a threat to his humanity. I feel like it all went down way to easy. Way too easy. I feel like everything here was some kind of manipulation for another one of Crowley’s nefarious plans. He was keeping tabs on Sam. He knew he was close. Yeah, I don’t trust the bastard. Seriously though, “Lonely Girl” was the perfect music cue for a heartbroken Crowley! I laughed out loud. I’m laughing as I write this! Crowley gazing longingly at his old bestie and him having a grand old time, wearing cowboy hats…man, so funny. What this demon has up his sleeve will make me lose sleep…and what was the “something else” he needed to share with Dean? What was that? Troubling.

Which brings me to Dean. 

Where do I start! Let’s start with; I think this may have been some of Jensen Ackles’ best work. Simply outstanding. Out. Standing. His Demon Dean is everything I want and don’t want him to be. If we had any doubt as to how far down the demon track Dean has gone, we don’t anymore. He was calculating and cruel. Every little half smile, every smirk, every hollow laugh hammered home how twisted inside Dean is. He was magnificent in the best and worst possible way. I’m in love with him, and I absolutely do not want him to stay. Because the more damage Dean does now, the more he has to live with down the track.

But I’m so torn! Because everything about Demon Dean is so compelling I could watch him tearing up the place for hours. He toys with everyone like a kitten with a moth. Seeing how he was with the ill-fated Lester. Seeing him kill him like that, with that slight smile. It was chilling and wonderful all in one! That sounds so wrong, but it was such an amazing scene with such brilliant dialogue. Gosh. Tip for new comers…never call Dean Winchester a freak, whether he’s human or demon he will give you a beat down…or you know, stab you! Demon Dean smiles a lot more than Dean, but there’s nothing behind it but brutality. 

I loved when Dean turned on Crowley. Just pushed that bit too far. As he slowly spun around…his face! Dear Lord, that face. And then BAM! Crowley’s on his butt. Once again, Jensen…so good. Crowley was spot on with his assessment of Dean not knowing where he fits. Jensen did another fabulous job of making us not sure where Dean ends and Demon Dean begins. You can see Dean in there, even if it’s only in the way he talks. He is after all, still Dean. But he’s not wholly Dean, and he’s not wholly Demon. At least he wasn’t. But I definitely got the feeling that by the end, Dean did what Crowley suggested and picked a side. “I’m a demon.” That’s the first time we’ve heard him say it out loud. 

His face off with Sam may go down as one of my favourite scenes ever. Dean ice cold laughing at Sam passionate telling Dean that he will save him, that they will fix it. And Dean making fun of the puppy eyes! Stop! I can’t even imagine how hard that would’ve been for Sam to hear. I know how hard it was for me to hear. And then to learn that this was all Dean's choice. He wasn’t forced into the demon life by Crowley. He chose to go. He chose to embrace it. Ouch all around. And Jared's face. He killed it in this scene. Like Jensen, he's rocking it so hard this season. Every one of Sam's emotions dance elegantly on Jared's face. No words need. We understand the pain through his silence.

But the kicker was in the car, when Dean told Sam about how letting Cole live was the worst thing that he could’ve done to Cole. Icy. And then…just to make sure none of us could sleep that night, he said the Impala is “just a car” and implied at the horrors he will inflict on Sam. He will show Sam no mercy. I can’t help it, I love every single moment Demon Dean's on screen. Jensen Ackles is a master. He’s plays bad so good.

And Sam…I love this Sam so much. He will not give up on his brother and I love him for it. Passionately. He looks broken and tired and a physical wreck (helped in part by Jared’s actual injury and resulting weight loss), but he will not give up. And he stands toe to toe with his demon brother and comes out on the winning side…for now, because he’s got a bomb riding in the backseat of the car that's primed to go off as soon as it can slip the cuffs! It’s so scary. Way scarier than monsters of the week. This is downright terrifying! 

I can’t wait to see Sam cure Dean. I hope it’s him that does it. I’m looking forward to that a hell of a lot. I know some people are hoping Demon Dean stays around for a long time. Personally, I think we’ve got 1, maybe 2 episodes left with this character (though of course, I could be totally wrong). And even though I'm enjoying the hell out of Demon Dean, I think that will be okay. Because what do you do with this story? Have Dean as a full-blown demon roaming the country killing and maiming as Sam tries to save his soul? How does either of them live with the aftermath of that? Demon Dean is brilliant and I’m having a blast watching him, but really, the interesting thing is what comes after this. How will Dean deal with what he’s done? But more importantly, how will he live with the Mark of Cain. Will still need that kill? Will it have forever changed him? And how will Sammy deal with what he did to rescue his brother? How will they both deal with that? How will that effect them personally and their relationship? Will this be a fresh start for them as brothers – having now both experienced what it’s like to see the other side of the coin? These are the stories that I’m looking forward to seeing and having Dean being a demon for an ongoing period of time is not going to get us to the really juicy, deep, relationship stuff. So yes, I love the demon, I love every, single second of him, but it’s the story beyond him that’s going to be deeply satisfying.

I wanted to also mention a couple of technical things, beyond the amazing performances by the entire cast. The two fight scenes that bookended this episode were a masterclass in direction, choreography and editing. The way the scene with Dean at the bar and Sam and Cole in the barn were intercut. How the music was used. It was bloody brilliant stuff. The direction of this episode was stellar. The final fight scene between Cole and Dean was more like watching a dance than a brawl, it was so beautiful. And every lingering shot on Demon Dean’s face as his expression subtly shifted revealing his hand sent chills. I was particularly struck by Cole’s scream in frustration – that was a lovely touch from the actor.

The script was beyond delicious, with some of the sharpest dialogue we’ve seen in a while. Whether it was Dean’s cavalier and menacing comments or Crowley’s one liner retorts, it was sassy and packed a punch in all the right places. And it had the best pop culture reference I think the show has ever done… “What did you think was going to happen, huh? You just stroll up here and say, 'My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.' And I'd just roll over?” Quoting The Princess Bride. FOR THE WIN! Andrew Dabb gets all the awards for that one!

Reichenbach was Supernatural at its triumphant best. Everything about it sung. Every moment hammered home the dilemma of all the characters. Every harsh line out of Dean’s mouth cut us to the quick. Everything hurt so good! It packed so much into its 40 something minutes, but never once felt rushed. I think it was one of the best the series has done and for me, became an instant favourite. I couldn’t wait to watch it again…and again…and again. Bravo, Show. Bravo. I am so proud of you and so proud to be your fan.

Now, I can’t leave you on such a serious note…I mean, you must all be wondering…why hasn’t she talked about how hot Demon Dean was! It’s pretty much the talk of the town at the moment, right? People whose allegiance lies with other characters are even wobbling under the steely gaze of Demon Dean’s green/black eyes. Well, I’ll sum it up like this. After the episode, I asked the fandom on twitter if anyone else felt like they needed a cold shower after watching Reichenbach, and I wasn’t even being factious! Seriously, if I smoked, I would have lit one up! Personally I think this may have been the sexiest episode the show has ever done, and there was no sex and everyone was fully layered up! But hot damn! This episode smoked off the screen. Some of the dialogue and the way it was delivered…well, I could see the fan fiction writing itself. (Not by me though). And Demon Dean… Demon Dean. Yeah so, Demon Dean maybe the hottest creature ever to grace this earth. Pretty sure. Pretty damn sure. Yep, just when you think Dean can’t get hotter…Demon Dean comes along *fans self*. Thank you Jensen Ackles, you are a gift.

Next week we get more! We get to see the episode Jensen directed, including the cat and mouse scenes between Sam and Demon Dean in the hallways of bunker. I can’t wait. Whatever the outcome, I can’t wait. I really can’t. I’m wishing my life away for a new episode!

Season 10 has come at us with such power. Season 10. Season. 10. Just… This show.

Let me know your thoughts and as always, thanks for taking the time to read mine.



  1. Exactly! lol you summed it up perfectly. Loved this episode, and will be on my re-watch list. The way they did the episode so that Cas and Hannah seemed to be at the beginning and end of the Sam or Dean parts made it much more enjoyable and didn't feel like it interrupted the main storyline, so yeah I was more interested than what they did last year with interrupting the main story, hope they keep it this way, much more enjoyable. Love me some Sam and Dean! Next on my wishlist, Sam doesn't get his noggin hit on so much! Love you reviews!

    Amanda @ SPNLoveit

  2. There's a chemistry between Cole and Dean that I really liked. Travis... I love him in this role. I'd really love to see more of him and I'm a hopin' they keep him on for at least awhile.

  3. Loved your review. I feel exactly the same way! The entire episode was smokin'. DD and Sam especially just leaped off the screen they were so hot. The episode just flew by it was so good. And we got The Princess Bride!!!!!! I nearly fell off the sofa!

    For years now, we have been observing that the guest stars have chemistry with Jensen. I think it is pretty obvious that Jensen has chemistry with everyone he is on screen with. And the show is better for it.

    Can't wait for next week. Demon Dean is so much more than I imagined!!! So scarey. So sexy. So much better. SO HOT!

  4. I know now why yours is the only review I love to read (I read other reviews too but don't love them). You put into words (so beautifully I might add) just what I seem to be thinking. I felt the exact same way about the episode, about Cole, about Sam and most importantly about Dean. Jensen is absolutely rocking. His performance as DD is so nuanced and subtle. Wow he seemed scary and terrifying and yet I felt I could see the real Dean somewhere. But if you ask me to pinpoint when, it may not be possible. That is how good his performance was. You said it, can't know for sure when Dean ends and when DD beings. And you are so right Demon Dean is SMOKING HOT. Too good to be true.

    The only nitpick I had about the episode was how easily Sam trapped DD. I mean the show could have made Sam work just a little harder, set a few traps maybe. All it takes is a small bottle of holy water and demon handcuffs? I thought DD would be far more powerful than that. It seemed too easy. Maybe there's a reason behind it I don't know. But other than that it was a superb episode, so enjoyable. I'm loving season 10 so much already can't wait for the next episode or as Russ would say EPICsode. And its directed by the man himself Jensen. Did I say I can't wait for it already.

    - SPNFanForever

    1. You know, I had an icky thought as to why Sam got Dean like this.

      What if this was the "something else" that Crowley wanted to tell Dean. What if he wanted to tell Dean that Sam was on their tail again. What if this was a ruse that Crowley instigated to allow Dean to kill Sam and put an end to that threat to their partnership once and for all. That their tiff was staged for the dim demon's sake to make it all the more real. What if the plan went awry because of the unknow Cole element and Crowley simply rolled with the change, taking possession of the Blade to later have something to lord over Dean, as Dean gave him daggers through the windscreen. What if all this was instigated by Crowley and it either went not to plan or exactly to plan, either way with the outcome being Dean unwittingly captured and Crowley now with the Blade, something Dean so desperately wants and needs. Dean could have been waiting for Sam at that bar on Crowley's intel with the intent to kill Sam, just as Sam was there through the same means. Or what if the plan all along was for Dean to be captured for some reason and Crowley was taking possession of the Blade for safe keeping until Dean was done doing in Sam, or whatever was the task at hand was.

      Or what if watching Supernatural for the past nine years has made me totally paranoid! :D

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Since I'm not a writer I can't seem to come up with the right adjectives I need to describe this episode. So I will just say magnificent, riveting, gut wrenching, funny and sad. How can a show make you feel all of those things in one hour.? The boys out did themselves.

  6. What an amazing thing, ten years on, to witness the electrifying chemistry between Jensen and Jared. There is never an episode, when these two are together, that isn't magic. It is an honour to be a fan when you can say after a decade the two leads can still tap into the magic every single time. They are such a team and something to cherish. I absolutely loved them this episode. They both knocked it out to orbit last night. What a ride. Thank you Jensen and Jared.

  7. That was such a spot on review. My jaw just hit the floor with this episode. Actually my initial reaction was "Holy F***!!!! We all knew how great Jensen and Jared were, but, man alive, they deserve an award for that episode. I am enjoying Demon Dean so much, but I would not want to meet him in a dark alley... or maybe I would. :)

    Andrew Dabb, that was incredible, and he managed to insert a quote from the most quotable money ever, Princess Bride. So many, many thanks for that. If Metatron continues acting the way he does, he will indeed be a great villain. He sent chills down my spine when he told Castiel that eventually he would get out from his prison cell and he would kill eveybody. And I was right about the writers not letting me down with Castiel, I loved his story here. I want him to get his grace back, just like I want Dean to become human again. And I hope it's soon, because I don't think Lester was the only "innocent" (and I use that term loosely here) that Demon Dean probably offed. What this is going to do to Dean when he is Dean again is going to break my heart, I just know it. :(

  8. Dudette, you got skills with words! My fave moment was when Dean was sitting in the stripper-joint and Warrant was playing at the background, love 'Cherry Pie' so much and that was some brilliant editing right there when Cole was hitting Sam and Dean was hitting the bouncer. I love Demon Dean and his evil smirk, being guilt-free and doing as he pleases, he needs to stick around more than just 3 or 4 episodes, this plot line has so much possibilities where it could go. I fear that when Human-Dean is back, he's such a wreck, all the guilt and the weight is on his shoulders, it will be a sad thing to watch, again. Couple of things happened way too easy though: Sam's escape from Cole, him capturing Dean and Crowley taking the Blade away. I really don't believe that Crowley would get rid of the weapon that can kill anything, though I felt a wee bit sorry for him when he was looking at the pic about him and Dean.

    1. Cole said he staged Sam's escape so he could follow Sam, knowing he would lead him to Dean. He dropped those keys and went outside on purpose. I agree capturing Dean was too easy, though he's so damn cockey, he probably thought he couldn't be caught! And I agree, Crowley has other plans for that Blade!

    2. Ouuuh of course! Makes sense, the staging I mean. Clearly wasn't following properly, or then I just "blame" Demon Dean, he's just BADASS. A couple more things I forgot to say: Crowley and Sam may be running straight into the snake pit regarding Dean, I too want to see Cole vs. Dean to unfold and the angel-stuff really needs to pick up some more speed, showing Metatron was a good bit, but Hannah isn't quite selling it to me and Cas needs to find a solution to his Grace-problem. Grace generating itself doesn't seem so far-fetched.


  9. This episode was quite simply AMAZING! Andrew Dabb out did himself!! I didn't even dare get up from my seat for the commercials! I was that glued! I never even thought about the pie (I have for every episode) until 2 hours later for the West Coast viewing! As far as live tweeting? I could not even form words during the episode (though I did manage a few SQUEEEs out loud) and after the episode.. well between trying to pick my jaw up off the floor and my heart beating outta my chest I still have trouble putting my words together!
    Another reason I am so thankful for your reviews! We may have fallen ever so slightly in the ratings this past week.. but we were 2.2 Million of the luckiest SOB's in the world! Anyone that doubts what this show is capable of needs to have Demon Dean kick the Super Snot outta them.
    Now for my 2 parting thoughts...
    1) I would like to see the Cole T story backplay to Season 1 pilot. (The Voodoo thing Dean was working in New Orleans)
    2) I would LOVE someone anyone hell a whole group of people sing Lonely Boy to Mark Sheppard at a Con.. SOON!


  10. Great review Amy… I also loved every moment of this episode. Like you, I wasn’t sure about the angel arc last week, but I really loved seeing the contrast between Hannah and Cas… and remembering back to how Cas was when he first came in contact with Dean and Sam. It made for some very poignant scenes.

    The performances all-round were phenomenal, but particularly Jensen and Jared. How they manage to keep taking their portrayals of Dean and Sam to new levels is truly astonishing.

    Jensen has been brilliant as Demon Dean – his interactions with Crowley, Cole and Sam were flawless... and I’m so terrified of him right now. I can’t imagine what next week will bring. That scene you mentioned, where he made fun of Sam’s puppy eyes, just killed me. It just hurt like hell because that has always been used so affectionately, not cruelly, and seeing Sam’s face as he heard those words just made me cry (and I just wanted to give him a huge hug) :(

    Jared is doing an amazing job, showing Sam’s courage and fear beautifully. I think you summed it up so well with “every one of Sam’s emotions dance elegantly on Jared’s face”. I love that :)

    There were so many highlights in this episode. Like you, I adored the way they intercut the scene with Dean in the bar and Sam & Cole in the barn. They did a similar thing last week with Sam watching the video of Dean killing the guy in the shop, intercut with Dean fighting another demon. It is so effective.

    But I think my favourite moment of the episode was when Cole and Sam discussing monsters. It was so intense and these two guys have both seen terrible things – from monsters and humans that behave like monsters. It really reinforced the ongoing theme for Supernatural of “what makes a monster?”… and I loved it so much.

    Season 10 is off to a great start and I’m really enjoying the ride (even though I’m also shit-scared, lol).

  11. I forgot to say – I think you’re right about Demon Dean only lasting another episode or two, but I suspect we will get flashbacks and see more of Demon Dean… and also what Sam went through in the early days of their separation (and just how dark Sam went). I think they will both be doing a lot of soul-searching in the aftermath… and hopefully they’ll help one another through it. It will certainly be fascinating to watch.

    Also, just to address what people are saying about the ease of Sam catching Dean. What if Dean hadn’t ever had holy water thrown at him until this moment? Might the shock of feeling this pain – that he has never experienced before and that they’ve inflicted on demons at a method of torture over the last nine years – have taken him by surprise? Couldn’t it have been just a long enough distraction to give Sam the time to snap on the handcuffs?

    I guess I’m just more accepting of Sam’s ability to capture Dean than some people are, but particularly in this instance as Dean was preoccupied with Cole and really didn’t see Sam coming. It’s good enough for me :)

    1. Thanks Karen, and you know, I'm with you. I think Dean was caught on the hop. Cockily taking care of Cole and not considering Sam. I didn't see it as easy, just really well timed! Sam smartly took advantage of the moment. :)

    2. It is possible that the holy water overwhelmed him but it still felt too easy for me... esp becos the MoC makes Dean the 2nd most powerful demon on earth (after Cain). Kevin had so many traps and a bucket full of holy water dumped on Crowley and he still couldn't get him (season 8 premiere).
      I don't doubt Sam's abilities in fact I felt they could have used this opportunity to show his smartness by setting a trap and using some intelligent technique to blindside Dean before taking him down. The way it happened currently made me feel the show did not take the chance to show both brothers potential. Anyway like I said its just a small nitpick in an otherwise great episode.

      @sweetondean - I agree it was well timed. I didn't mean easy in that sense, I felt holy water shouldn't work on him. For eg it had no impact on Alistair, it also had little impact on Abaddon. Like I explained above I'm not questioning Sam's abilities here. Show keeps saying DD is too powerful (even for Crowley) and then we see that it only takes such a small amount of holy water to capture DD. Anyway its not important :) just a nitpick. I'm happy Sam got to DD and next week we are going to see how he cures him. And I'm totally excited about it.

      - SPNFanForver

    3. oops I meant holy water didn't work on Azazel not Abaddon. Sorry. I remember the YED saying "you think something like that will work on someone like me" and it was scary. It meant you had to work just a little harder to defeat him. Wanted something similar with DD I guess.

  12. Yep. Nailed it again.

    Also, I'm with Karen in thinking that Dean got just a little too cocky while fighting Cole and Sam took him by surprise. That last scene with Sam and Dean in the car was absolutely chilling. I mean it when I say Sam truly has a tiger by the tail. I'm so scared for Sam right now! And even I, a certified Sam-girl, felt I needed a cold shower watching Jensen playing Demon Dean.

    Crowley. I am forever waiting for the other shoe to drop with Crowley. He's so hard to read and that's what keeps us on our toes. What's real and what's faked? Crowley never does anything that doesn't benefit Crowley. I love the twists and turns. I love Crowley. If he is ever killed off I will truly cry. Probably as soon as I stop cheering. He leaves me so conflicted. To love or to hate? Or maybe i just love to hate him.

    Angels are still not doing it for me, though I was happy to see Metatron back. Sneaky, conniving little shit that he is. Still trying to weasel his way into getting what he wants. He's like the angel equivalent of Crowley, only not so loveable. He won't ever be forgiven for killing Dean.

  13. This was a most excellent episode. A true masterpiece for Supernatural and a study for the other writers' of the show of what TO DO, instead of what NOT to do. If all the other 21 episodes for this season could be this good, then Season 10 will quickly become my favorite season. Jensen's performance was a masterpiece. He was freaking brilliant in everything he said and did, and every little nuance he added to his performance, to the tilting of his palms upward after disarming Cole, to the tilt of his head when talking to Crowley about how the Mark has changed him, to the death stare he gave Crowley at the end when Sam was handing over the First Blade. Jensen was bloody brilliant and if there ever were a showcase to present to the Emmy's for outstanding performance, well, all they need to do is show this episode - and Jensen should win, hands down.

    I have, shockingly, found myself a little enchanted with DD. He is witty, smart, sarcastic and HOT! just to name a few things. He is displaying many of the characteristics that drew me to Dean way back in Season 1. BUT, the one characteristic that made me fall in love with Dean, his humanity, his soul, are most glaringly absent. As entertaining as it would be to see Dean as a demon for many more episodes, like you, I think that for storyline purposes, we can't go half the season in this manner. There is too much aftermath that can be shown that will be even more compelling in the later episodes than seeing more of Dean as a demon. I also just want our real Dean back. I miss him. As Jensen told us at VanCon, we will see a lighter Dean this season. I am really going to hold him to that, because part of why I am enjoying demon Dean is the lightness that is about him. I am enjoying not having to watch Dean weighted down so much by his troubles. I am enjoying seeing a more carefree Dean. So yes, Jensen, you better be true to your word, and we better see a more lighthearted Dean. I look forward to watching his journey as he reconciles his past with his present and finds a way to let go of things more, and get back to what he is best at, a hunter, and find the hero within him, which is the man I fell in love with back in S1.

    I also can't wait to see Sam cure Dean. It really does have to be him that does it. With all the times that Dean has saved Sam, it is about time that Sam save Dean. It was hard, though, to watch as Dean said those hurting, biting words to Sam. Dean has been his protector, his everything his whole life, and to now have Dean say such things to Sam, well, it has got to be like a knife cutting him up. My heart truly goes out to Sam. I just hope that he is able to save Dean before too many more things are said that will forever be a roadblock to healing their relationship.

    I am intrigued by Cole. I cannot wait to find out the backstory as to why Dean killed his father....or did he??? The fight between Dean and Cole was brilliant and I could watch that scene over and over again, and never tire of it.

    Lastly, I too found myself liking the angel storyline. This episode dealt with the angel problem on a more intimate level, instead of the overall mess and spoiled children story lines of Season 9. I loved it how Cas and Hannah traveled the road together and she learned more about humanity. She is like Cas was in Season 4. I am hoping she sticks around, but I am fearful that her life, and grace, will be sacrificed to save Castiel. I truly hope that is not the case, because I think it would be cool for Cas to refind himself throughput the season as he helps Hannah learn about humanity.

    This was a great episode. I have viewed it many times now, and just can't seem to get enough. Now THIS is our Supernatural.

  14. “Demon Dean smiles a lot more than Dean.” I think this was what shocked me the most. I (obviously) love Jensen smiling. I love Dean smiling. Demon Dean smiling scares the shit out of me. And that caught me off guard. It was like, oooh look he’s smiling, how lovel... terrifying. I kept flinching. I’ll be really happy when Dean’s smiles don’t make me flinch any more.