Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x04 "Paper Moon"

I totally nearly forgot to do my preview this week! I think with the buzz from the last episode, and the live tweeting and all that stuff, ChiCon (I wasn't there, just gazing longingly online), podcasting...I forgot! *face palm*

But here I am, just in the nick of time!

So here we go, let's take a look at this week's new Supernatural!



That is all.



What I mean by this is...I have no clue where the season is heading now that the demon issue is fixed. And by fixed I mean fixed with a bandaid! We know that the Mark of Cain issue is not fixed and I think that's going to be playing on Dean's mind, like a lot! But beyond that...where we are going...IT'S A BIT OF A MYSTERY!

This week sees the first monster of the week episode, as the first three episodes of the season dealt with Sam's fight to save Dean and gave us a look at where Cas and Crowley are at.

So let's check out the synopsis for "Paper Moon".

WEREWOLF KATE RETURNS WITH TROUBLE – A recent string of werewolf attacks points to a surprising culprit – Kate (guest star Britni Sheridan), the werewolf Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) let live. Written by: Adam Glass , Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc

The last episode Jeannot directed was "#Thinman". "Paper Moon" will be the fourth episode of the show he has taken the helm for.

Adam Glass is of course, one of the Executive Producers of the show, as well as writer and has been writing since season 6. This is his 14th episode.

Adam wrote the last werewolf story we saw, "Sharp Teeth" which centred around Garth having become a werewolf and now living a clean life with a family of werewolves who no longer feed on human hearts. It was Robbie Thompson, however, who created the character of Kate, who was turned against her will in the found footage episode "Bitten".

I know for a fact some people haven't even watched "Bitten", put off by lesser Winchester time on screen. It was a divisive episode. Personally, I liked it a lot. I liked the origin story, I liked the characters and I particularly liked getting an outsiders view of the brothers going about their job.

Sam and Dean let Kate walk, on the hope that she would stay true to her word and not become a killer of humans, tying very much into the theme of the season, and certainly what we've been looking at in relation to Sam and Dean through the first 3 episodes, and also confronted often in the show's history, what constitutes a monster. Interestingly, as has happened with Sam and now Dean, Kate became a monster not through any choice of her own. Parallels baby, this show loves them!

So here we are... let's hope Kate stayed true to her word, (I bet she did.)

Let's take a look at the promo...

Well, that doesn't tell us any more than the synopsis! So let's look at the sneak peek!

All I can say about this, is that they look super cute in those uniforms!

So the boys are back to the family business...and I gotta say, this scene made me feel good. I love clashing Winchesters and I loved the hunt for Dean, and all that happened in the last three episodes was awesome. Amazingly awesome. AWESOMELY AWESOME. (Do I say awesome too much?) But I won't lie, seeing the bros doing what they do best, side by side, gives me a huge happy!

It'll be interesting to see how the boy's issues and what they went through last week - and since the end of seaon 9 - is dealt with. I know that Adam has said there are broments in his episode that will give us feels, and I do know that he truly loves the Winchesters, so around the case I expect there will be conversations to be had. Yay!

I wonder where we'll pick up? I wonder how Sam will be feeling about all the things his brother said to him while still blackeyeing it, and all the lines he crossed to get Dean back. I wonder how Dean will feel about having all his feels back. How will he deal with what he said to Sam, what he did as a demon etc. I hope we start to touch on all of this stuff and I hope that this begins a journey back to a tiny weeny bit of harmony...for at least second.

But we shall see! I'm pretty sure "Paper Moon" is going to be way more emotional than the promo and sneak peek indicate. It's the stuff they're keeping secret from us that I can't wait to see!

By the way Paper Moon was a 1973 film starring father and daughter, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. Tatum won an Oscar or her performance. It's also the title of a song; It's Only a Paper Moon, orginally released in 1933 and later rerecorded for the movie of the same title. You can read the lyrics here. I have no idea if any of that is relevant!

So there we are. The boys are working together, looking hunky in new uniforms (I love it when they dress up), and revisiting an old case that may or may not be about to bite them on their pretty butts...though not literally...though with those uniform shirts tucked in like that their butts will be on display for the biting! Just sayin! ;D

I'm so looking forward to this one, because I'm busting to know where we go now!

Enjoy, everyone!


  1. Wow, that's a great preview! And it contains all my thoughts and feelings!! Thank you for this!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing Kate again, I enjoyed Bitten very much. And yes, what can I say about those uniforms but yum!

  3. I'm staying here. I love your reviews, previews and podcasts. I love your ATTITUDE!!!! Thank you. This is a haven for me.

    I wish I could figure out how to really be part of this, though. I'm not quite bright enough to know what the things in the drop-down list are. Oh well! [smile]

    Jill (love2boys)