Monday, 2 November 2015

SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Theories and Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 11x04 "Baby"

-by Anna

I've never used or referred to an episode of Supernatural as "filler".  Whether or not an episode was related to the mythology or the MOTW, each moment the boys share I see as a day in their lives.  It's their story.  It's their journey and if any episode epitomised that notion more it's Baby.  I don't have to go into how wonderful this episode was as that has been done by nearly every reviewer out there. I don't have to go into how brilliant a concept it was both technically or from a story point of view; again it's already been done.  I can go on and on about the sheer awesomeness of Jared and Jensen, of the brilliance of the directors, cast and most especially Robbie Thompson, but there's no need as it's been done and will likely continue.  So I decided to take a different angle this week. 

I'm going to go out there first and foremost and say I'm not a religious person. I do however have faith, I do believe in God and I am an everything happens for a reason type. I try to see the big picture and I most definitely find myself doing that with this show. That being said, I just want to clarify that this week's thinky thoughts aren't meant to be religious or a debate on religion.  It was simply a thought that occurred to me when I got up this morning, which might have been brewing in my head after reading all of the discussion going on, and actually participating in that discussion myself.  So here goes. noted by Chuck/God to be the most important object in the world. At the time we heard that quip it wasn't only Sam and Dean's world but the entire world as well. I found it very significant that Baby started with the voice of God. The entire way that the episode was shot, through her perspective got me to thinking... is Baby more than simply a car? Can Baby be symbolic of God?  God has been seemingly absent in the world of Supernatural...but I don't and never thought that to be the case. No I'm not saying Baby is God...although wouldn't that be the coolest thing, as noted by a post in another thread, Baby sure has Godlike powers when it comes to getting from one place to another. :)  My thoughts are more along the lines of Baby being more symbolic that God is ever present in the boys lives and has always been there to guide them and help when they needed it most.

When they lost their mother in the pilot, we see John and the boys sitting on the car.  This car that would indeed become home to all three in a way and be with them as they begin their new journey.  There are many moments of importance over the last ten plus years that happened in this car.  There are a few that come to mind that give me cause to believe that there is more to Baby then what we might think.  Sam's visions happened in the car. Though we know the cause of the visions were demonic in nature, the result has always led to the boys saving someone. Baby brought Dean to Sam in AHBL and she brought him to the crossroads where Dean sold his soul.  Now one might think that none of that is a good thing...but I'm a big picture girl...and every step the boys have taken had led to them inevitably saving the world. Baby was there in Swan Song, at the cemetery. She not only brought Dean to his brother, but she held inside her the very objects that enabled Sam to recall his love for his brother and regain control of Lucifer, thus enabling him to jump in the pit and stop the Apocalypse. Baby was with the boys in heaven when they met up with Joshua. Now while Joshua's message was that God didn't think it was his problem....I don't think the boys quite got what the message was truly about. The Winchester's having to be born was because of orders from Heaven, I believe of course from God.  I do believe that all life created is because of God. The Winchesters being the true vessels of Michael and Lucifer is exactly what God wanted because God knew that only the Winchesters and their devotion to each other and the notion of free will would be necessary to stop the showdown between those angelic brothers.  It's always been my feeling that God's gift to humans and our world has been Sam and Dean . Baby was there when they beat Dick Roman, Sam was in Baby when he hit the dog (which I still believed saved his life), Baby brought Sam to the cabin where he met up with Dean.  Sam brought Dean back to the bunker in Baby.  Baby was there waiting outside for Sam and Dean in Sacrifice, as well as by their side outside the saloon when  Sam offered to sacrifice his life to his brother and his brother could not and would not ever be able to take his brother's life. 

As I was watching Baby and watching the moments the boys share that we don't always get to see, I realised how significant this car is. As we watched the boys through the perspective of the car, it dawned on me  what she could possibly represent, if of course we choose to see her that way.  Baby gave us all the moments we fans have long desired and asked to see. Many of the fandom's prayers were answered. Of course they were answered by the writer. The writers who one can say work for the actual God of the show. So through the episode Baby, the fans come to understand that the powers that be do hear our prayers and do in fact answer them. Baby is symbolic here. This leads me to bring up Sam's vision, which in fact has been the hot topic of discussion since the first episode of the season. Who is providing Sam with these visions?

My personal opinion on this is that his visions are coming from God or an emissary of God, possibly even Gabriel. (wink wink). At first it wasn't much of a stretch for me to believe that because Sam's visions appeared to him moments after he prayed. I don't think it was Michael or Lucifer because I don't think that they have access or the wherewithal to answer prayers.  I know there is noise in the cage and they are freaking out apparently, but I think at the moment it's just that.  I don't think either have the ability to send messages telepathically to Sam. I think if Lucifer could've sent telepathic messages to Sam he would've done it years ago....the moment he was rescued and would've tortured the hell out of Sam until he became a drooling mess on the floor.  I do however believe that all roads will lead to the cage.  Then we have the scene in the car where Sam has another vision, this one of his father. I can go into the symbolism of John speaking for God here, both considered absent fathers, both not wanting the life for these boys, but being chosen so it was necessary. John told Sam everything he wanted and needed to hear which sadly was once again cause for the brothers to figure out it wasn't really John. John replied, I can never fool you Sam. I don't find that comment ominous or something "only Lucifer would say to Sam". Gabriel couldn't fool Sam either and I feel it's just as likely it could be him trying to help the boys. To guide them, to teach them a lesson, as he's done in the past. The vision calls for Sam to beware of the darkness and noting that only Sam and Dean could stop it.  This goes back to my original belief that God's orders that the Winchesters be born have always been to protect the world and all of humanity.  It's a common belief that God needs to be the one to stop evil himself, that he should be the one to clean up humanity's mess.  Now God might not  feel that it's up to him to do all the work, but I do feel that there are people in this world that he's created that do the work for him. Sam and Dean being among those people. John told Sam that God helps those who help themselves. John's message is for the boys to keep on doing what they're doing, what they've always done. The boys need to take the initiative, to follow their path and with that they will succeed.  They will stop it.  It's also a message that they won't be alone in this, that God will help, as he often has in the past when they really need it the most. God did take the boys out of that church and put them on that plane. God did shine the light from the heavens onto that little green army man that ultimately help Sam regain control of Lucifer. When the boys need his help the most, I do believe God is close by. Sam will most likely have more visions, and ultimately it's going to be Sam's faith and his belief that will guide him, they will send him and Dean in the right direction.   I also felt it significant that Sam declared Baby to be "home".  Not to get all religious like, but I do believe there is  the notion out there that when one dies, they go to heaven, they are in essence going home.  So home seems to be symbolic with God. Sam sees Baby and symbolises her as "home".  Baby=Home=God?????

All of this happens in the car. The writer Robbie Thompson, a brilliant addition to show by the way, represents the fandom's prayers being heard and answered. I guess you can say Robbie is the mouthpiece of Supernatural's God, which in this case is Kripke/Carver. It's Carver that is giving us the bigger picture here....the everything that the boys have endured, they have so for a reason.....the fact that our desires have been met on the occasional episode, Baby in  season 11, that Carver is out listening and helping along where he can...guiding the story in the right direction...but it's his writers that are his mouthpiece in telling that story.....I just feel like Baby represents this idea....and that she is the most important object in the world for a reason.

Phew...I know that was a long one....but I'd love to hear your thoughts....what do you guys think.....a little much perhaps? LOL.



  1. This is so awesome!!! I love your analysis. I love that fans analyze everything. I'm a total analyzer too. I think fans overanalyze more than TPTB AND the writers. Ha. So whether they envisioned your theory I don't know. All I know is I love it. Thank you.

    I agree that I don't think it's Lucifer. He would've reached out before. And certainly Crowley would be aware if he is. Crowley seems to know and sense everything! I think the Darkness escaping sent an echo across the world and underworld and that's why the cage shook. I also agree his visions may lead to the cage. He may have to speak with Lucifer at some point. The boys can find a rogue reaper and Sam found the back door once before. So if he has to go to Hell I think he can get there. The names of episodes 9 and 10 really scare me. I think that's where it may go. Yikes.

    Anyways, great post Anna.

  2. thank you very much for reading.... I do tend to throw out theories and many thinky thoughts that the ptb probably don't even think about....this show is just so much fun to analyze...and there's so much to analyze.....I do enjoy sometimes going where most might go...just gives another perspective...another way of looking at things...and I think that in and of itself keeps the brain in motion.

    i'm having a logic problem with it being Lucifer....there's just so much we don't know regarding Lucifer and the MOC. We know Lucifer transferred it to Cain...but did he retain it? my guess is that he didn't...that he gave cain the mark and the if that's the case, i'm not getting why Lucifer would care about the darkness being released. I mean I would think Lucifer would be doing the happy dance knowing that all God's efforts to contain the darkness has been released by the very humans that God punished Lucifer for not bowing down to. So I don't see any reason even if I thought it possible to do why Lucifer would bother contacting sam.

    cain transferred the mark but yet he kept he shared the mark with dean...if this was the case with luci..then the darkness should never have been released because Lucifer is still alive and bears the mark.

    we totally don't have any info.... i'm with you though...I think someone or something else is sending sam the him clues that will likely lead to the cage.....because Lucifer was involved in the fight to banish the darkness as was Michael..

    also why I don't think it's Lucifer or Michael....I don't think they have the ability to eavesdrop on conversations....dean and sam were talking in the car when sam asked dean if he wanted more...not marriage..but maybe sharing his life with a fellow hunter....soon after dean told sam to go to sleep...then sam has the vision of john...and john said....what you were talking about with dean, about wanting more..i want that for you too...or something to that whoever sent sam the vision heard their conversation....I don't think Lucifer or Michael can hear what the boys are talking about.....

    jared mentioned at the con that eppy 9 and 10 were his favorites so excited now to see them.

    kind of looking forward to lizzie borden.....

    thanks again for taking the time to read and respond...always a pleasure...


  3. Great theory on Gabriel!!! I'm kinda ashamed to say that never crossed my mind! Can't wait to see how it plays out! Thanks so much for sharing!