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SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Theories and Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 11x07 "Plush"

-by Anna

When compared to the rest of the season so far, which has been pretty much intense and dare I use the word epic, this episode didn't have that same intensity we've been seeing for the past two months....and I must admit, I was glad. It may not have been exciting, but I found my self to have enjoyed my hour with both the boys and the very refreshing, offbeat Sheriff Donna. I appreciated the lame jokes by both brothers, was in awe of the psychotic rabbit which also amused me in a kind of sick way, and I appreciated the Monster of the Week episode overall for it's original take, daring to touch on a not so pleasant but let's face it, it's out there social/criminal act, with a touch of humour mixed in with a bit of the creepiness. Who could not help but laugh at and feel sympathy at the same time for Sam, stuck in an elevator with a psychotic clown.....Let's just admit folks....clowns are downright creepy...and apparently, clowns kill.

I really enjoy the interactions between Sheriff Donna and the boys. Now granted, there will never be another Charlie, but I like the lightness she brings when she's with them. It's different than Sheriff Jody Mills. Jody has more of that Ellen-like relationship with the boys...I guess it's because she's a mom, and she actually used her mom voice with Sam. I find that when show kills off a character we like, they try to, not replace that character, but bring on a similar type to ease the blow for us. I feel like that's Sheriff Donna's role. She can't replace Charlie, but she kind of has a similar ambiance that Charlie had. She's kind of quirky, she's kind of funny and she still is seen as a strong female character....and the boys have an inner lightness when with her....she makes them smile and even brings out the brother in the boys offering her advice about Doug and playing matchmaker. Sheriff Donna brings a bit of levity and it's something I appreciate and enjoy. 

I enjoyed the continuity of the ep and I really liked the tie in to the current myth arc. Sometimes people look at it as anvils when a Monster of the Week ends up reminding us about the boys current situation, but I love when show acknowledges what's going on with the boys...because not only does it lay out the basic problems but it allows the fan to realise that the writers are fully aware that they do exist, and they will address's going to happen, just give it time. This episode totally satisfied my concerns regarding both boys in that regard and got me very excited for what's to come. 

Let's talk moral of the story here...which really had nothing to do with psychotic/pissed off spirits at all. The moral of the story here is represented not by Chester the pissed off ghost, but in fact his sister. She pretty much said it all when she made these two very important statement, which after is was said, camera panned to Dean's reaction.....She said "I should've trusted my brother" and she said "fear cripples you". There it is ladies and gentlemen, the true focus of this story.....fear and trust.

Fear. Well it cripples you doesn't it. That's a very true statement. Fear can prevent you from taking action. Fear can keep you from facing certain situations. If these fears aren't faced and conquered they can control you. Well that's kind of like what Amara is doing to Dean. She put this idea in his head that they are bonded. This in turn has Dean afraid. He doesn't know what it means. He doesn't know, but kind of now has an idea of what that entails. In her presence she has control over him, is part of that control based on fear? When Sam got hurt, Dean reacted, he snapped out of it. At that moment, did his concern/love for Sam overpower his fear? Dean isn't telling Sam the truth partly I think because he's afraid to face up to what it all means. Then we have the second and more important part of the message that Chester's sister gave.....I should've trusted my brother. I think the point is, that regardless of Dean's fear, or should I say in spite of them, Dean needs to trust in his brother and tell him what's going on. If they're going to handle this situation, Dean needs to reallies that it's something they need to do together. Dean needs to trust in his own statement that he made in the Werther Project, that they are stronger together. I think fear may also play a role in Dean's inability to accept the notion that God is responsible in some way for Sam's visions. Dean is frustrated that Sam prays. Dean's fear that God doesn't care has in a way crippled him. His lack of faith and trust that God could possibly be out there and does in fact help when the boys don't realise that it's happening, could very well be what attracts Amara to Dean in the first place and it could very well be his negativity/darkness towards God that she plans on using to her advantage. I think it's very possible that the part Sam might play here is to bring light into Dean, possibly change Dean's attitude towards God. Sam represents the light....Dean's fear the dark....If Sam can help to conquer Dean's darkness then perhaps it will help in breaking the hold Amara seemingly has over Dean.

Symbolism was used in this episode to represent what I feel to be Sam's fear. Did anyone else connect Sam being trapped with a killer clown in an elevator to Sam being trapped with Lucifer in the cage? Well I did. I felt like Sam afraid of that clown, momentarily crippled by fear, locked in a small box with no escape....definitely felt like Sam being trapped with Lucifer in the cage...In this case though, Sam faced his fear and beat it. In a way, Sam faced his fears with Luci in that cage for centuries, and survived. Yes, he was broken, and nearly died from exhaustion due to hallucinations which he fought and fought against, but once Cas took those hallucinations away, with time......a lot of time...years....Sam fought and survived. I think the scene with Sam and the clown is metaphorical. I think, as it seems Sam believes as well, that he needs to face his biggest fear. He's beginning to realise that these visions are leading him to the cage and possibly to Lucifer. When he confesses this to Dean, Dean's legitimate reaction is a Hell No, to which I totally understand as it would be mine as well. That's Dean's fear again as well as my own. This fear is it could very well be preventing the boys from getting the necessary information they need to stop the Darkness. Sam is afraid, but based on certain information, this fear he will face.....The question now is can Dean put his fear aside and trust in his brother enough to face it with him? 

My guess....yes.

That's my thinky thoughts this week.

We get off next week and then we get to see Richard's directorial debut.

So can't wait.

Happy Turkey Day all!



  1. Anna, you just blew my mind with that thought of fear and lack of faith in God being involved being why Amara may be focusing in on Dean. Such a good point. I am excited to see how this all plays out.

    Excellent thinky thoughts!

  2. Chester's sister also said, what if you don't know your brother, you trust him, but he's now is not what you think he is. So fear can be justified can't it?

  3. I think in this case that she admitted that she was too afraid to ask her brother or even her son for that matter if he in fact was doing harm. Those two men accused Chester of this act, but she had no confirmation. She became fearful that it could be true and instead of confronting Chester, she went behind his back....she went to the two that were his accusers. Her fear crippled her in a way...prevented her from asking her brother or her son for the truth...she just accepted without question....Cain did the same thing.....He told Dean that Lucifer was going to make Abel his puppet, so Lucifer in a trade off demanded Cain kill Abel and he'll allow Abel to go to heaven. Cain out of fear, took Lucifer's deal without question. Cain never confronted Abel, never told him what the deal was....Cain didn't trust in his brother like he perhaps should have.

    Even with Michael and Lucifer...Michael's belief that he had to kill Lucifer, because it was commanded, and he had to be a good son....even though God hasn't even been around. Michael based his decision on fear....fear of disobeying his father or at least believing he would be disobeying his father....

    I think it goes back to the basic cause of dysfunction throughout all these siblings....

    the exception here is sam and dean Winchester....even when their trust didn't come as quickly as it should have, they always trust in ea. other. This is one of the reasons, I believe that they are stronger together....and their bond unbreakable, and why they always win.....

    jmo of course.

    Thanks for reading guys.....I always appreciate it.

    Happy Holidays