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SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Theories and Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 11x06 "Our Little World"

-by Anna

This has been quite an epic season so far.  In the past, by the time we get to this time of year we've had a few Monster of the Week episodes before we're hit by the big midseason finale.  I have to say, the way this season is going, I'm already in awe of the midseason finale and all we really know about it is that Jared has voted these eps his favourite so far this year. The year we're having so far, I'm utterly peaked with excitement at the mere mention of "mid season" finale.  Thank you Carver for you certainly have been reading the fandom's Holiday wish list.  We fans must have been very good boys and girls this year. 

I really enjoyed this episode.  My twitter response pretty much said it all....WOW.  I will take a minute to salute Beren's and his fantastic script.  I will take this moment to bask in the glory that is Jared and Jensen.  I will hail the director, cast and crew for a beautifully shot episode.  There, I will ramble on as this ep has indeed filled my head with thinky thoughts.

So, Amara is God's sister.  That was one hell of a discovery and it makes perfect sense.  It really kind of ties into the whole concept of Supernatural.  God/Amara, Michael/Lucifer, Cain/Abel, all dysfunctional siblings.  They all betrayed each other and in one form or another they all harmed each other.   So it got me to thinking....Sam and Dean Winchester.  These two brothers who's very existence was mandated by Heaven, by God.  These two dysfunctional brothers, who unlike their predecessors, in fact have proved time and time again that , their bond, their brother bond,, their family bond is stronger than even God's own bond with his own sister.  It kind of makes me wonder,  do you think that part of the reason for Sam and Dean's existence is God's way of redeeming himself?  Of proving that he was right in believing that humans are worth saving, worth loving...that we are not necessarily his folly, but in fact his success?  Could it be that God finds pride in the fact that these two brothers have constantly saved this world, our little world, and they saved it not from our actions, but by the actions of deities?  Kind of had me thinking about it.

The Dean/Amara connection.  I find it curious.  In no way do I find it sexual, neither in her teenage form or in her adult form.  I don't think it's intended to be that way either.  She told Dean he was basically a curiosity. He is the first person she saw when she was freed.  It seems that's where the connection originates.  I think also, especially now knowing she is God's sister, that she finds this human, God's folly as she called him, to be the one who freed her. I can't help but think that Amara wants to use God's creation against him. I think Dean could be in big trouble....which is why as of this point, I can no longer rationalise Dean's secrecy.  Disclaimer:  I really like Dean.  That being said, I'm going to rip into him a tiny bit. 

I I totally understand why he's kept his whole Amara/Dean connection secret from Sam. He doesn't fully understand it and it's something that worries him but still he doesn't have enough information so in Dean's head...what's he going to say?  I got it.  I rationalised right along with Dean.  I gave him a pass. (I gave Sam a pass too) Now though, I'm afraid I cannot justify his keeping this information from Sam. Here's why.  Dean,  unaware that he's doing it, is putting Sam, Cas and himself in danger.  I get that Dean doesn't fully understand this hold she has over him.  I totally get he can't wrap his head around it and it's scaring it should.  But in this case, that doesn't matter. He doesn't need to know what it means.  He doesn't need to know whether or not it's going to get stronger  in order to tell Sam the truth.  He only needs to tell Sam that a connection exists.  Dean does know enough at this point that this hold she has over him is preventing him from doing his job.  This hold over him also put Sam in danger.  Dean was in a trance like state...hypnotic really.  He had the same reaction to the blade back in Bladerunners.   It was Sam's voice that broke the connection then and what did it again, but here's the thing.  Amara flung Sam into a wall before Dean was physically able to react.  Yes, his brother with Sam is stronger, of course it is.  But what if Amara had flung Sam and he landed against some kind of sharp object and got impaled? Sam would've died.  See Sam was lucky it was a wall.  The point I'm getting at is, Dean was unable to react until after Amara hurt Sam.  Dean needs to be able to react before Amara hurts Sam or Cas or even himself.  How long do you suppose Amara's curiosity with Dean will last?  How long before she decides Dean is no longer a curiosity she's interested in or needs anymore?  He's putting himself at risk.  Dean can't defend himself if he's in some kind of hypnotic trance, and if Sam and Cas are unaware of Dean's inability to protect himself then how can they know to back him up?  If they don't know that Dean is vulnerable to Amara, how can they assure his safety, at least as much as they can?  How can Cas and Sam help Dean to find a way to break the connection if they are unaware of it's existence?  We know both boys are imperative to stopping the Darkness, but how can Dean do that if he's vulnerable to her?  The time for secrets is over.  This is not a need to know basis, and if it is...then Sam and Cas need to know.  The fate of the world rests with them.  They need to all be on the same page, one unit, team free will if they are to succeed.    So that being said, Dean needs to start talking like now.  On the bright side, Cas and Sam both seem on the same page regarding Dean and they both can sense something isn't right.  Hopefully by midseason Dean will spill the beans, or at the very most Sam/Cas will find out some way what's up with Dean....and when Sam does find out...however that may be, he so better give Dean a second dose of the we gotta change our crap stuff....and that goes for both of them.   There...had to be said....Disclaimer:  still love Dean....but my heart will always belong to my Moose.

So now on we go with more ramblings.   Sister, you have a sister?....anyone else suddenly hear James Earl Jones ringing through their head when Metatron told Cas that Amara was God's sister...and one with an axe to grind no less...YIKES.  So let's see:

God =Light    Amara= Dark
Sam=Light    Demon Dean/MOC Dean =Dark
Dean + Amara's hold =Dim
Sam + Dean free from hold =Light
Light crushes Dark

that sound about right to you guys?

Sam's visions.  I still feel like those visions are help from God, especially given what we know now regarding Amara being his pissed off sis. Whether or not Sam's visions are of him in the cage and those are his hands we saw, or his visions are of Michael and Lucifer and it's likely Michael's hands we saw...all roads seem to be leading to the cage....and how cool was seeing the cage...very reminiscent of Dean's time in hell....suspended by chains in mid air like that....cooooool!!!! I still don't see Luci giving a rat's ass that the D is free.  Again, I imagine him laughing his ass off at that notion.  Plus we saw a hand, and when Luci landed in the cage, it was in Sam's body, so I really don't see him having a meat suit...Michael on the other hand is in Adam?  Michael would be upset at the release of the D...fought against it...and might offer the assistance the boys need.   So does anyone else think we might actually see Adam again?   Wrestling fans rejoice....Do you think if Sam's visions do lead to the cage, that we will get a tag team cage match .....brothers vs brothers....Somebody needs to get a hold of Vince McMann.....this has got pay per view written all over it. 

Miscellaneous thoughts:

Was sorry to hear about Len. Was happy as I always am to see Metatron.  You think with all the books he's read, he would've remembered some self help book or how to become a millionaire that would've made his life a little less.....slimy.  Maybe this is Metatron's purgatory for all the sins he committed in heaven. Totally get now why Amara is targeting dysfunctional families.  Do wonder though...will her hold on dean grow stronger as she ages?  I mean Sam broke through her hold on Dean, but she was just a teen.  I have no doubt that Sam and Dean's bond is stronger than her hold, as a matter of fact, it's why I think God has tested Sam and Dean so often.....but I do wonder if it'll be more difficult for dean to break away when Amara is full grown and up to full power.
Loved the whole music cue at the end...for a minute I thought it was a commercial....
poor Crowley...wonder if he'll try reconnecting with dear old mum or will he once again be forced to team up with the Winchesters....gee right after he just found closure after his breakup with dean too.

Loved the call to Changing Channels-Flowered wallpaper....again.
Loved Sam kicking Demon Ass, trying to save them, and then yeah...just kicking demon ass.....well as he so eloquently pointed out in a meat loaf song....two out of three ain't bad. Loved the snark.....especially Sam's comment about Dean and Crowley's summer of bromance.
Everyone was at the top of their game.

And oh the pretty.........

So after a very intense 6 eps, i'm looking forward to the next two eps of levity and fun....

Congrats to all involved.

An incredible episode this week...look out they're hunting wabbits.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great thinky thoughts as always. There was so much to take in during this episode. At the end I said out loud. "It's only episode 6!!"

    One comment on the Adam thing. The other day Jim Michaels was answering fan questions on twitter. He got several Adam questions, as he has in the past when he takes questions. He said "Not currently on our radar." Then in reply to another fan he said it was the LAST time he was going to comment on the matter. He seemed a bit annoyed. Yikes.
    Just thought I'd throw that in.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. hey Kathy,

    I read that tweet after I had sent in this article. So I kind of have to wonder this the actual cage? If so, the hands we saw, who do they belong to? How can it be Lucifer when luci was in Sam? Where did he get the meatsuit? If it's Michael and he was in Adam when he jumped...then shouldn't we be seeing Michael in Adam's form if all roads lead to the cage? Are they only going to show luci? how can Michael not be seen or heard, it's not a very big cage...

    is it even the cage? was amara kept in a cage? If so, and she was, who is it in there now?

    so many questions.....can't wait to find out the answers.

    Thanks for reading.